Ginny and Jake


More than a month passed before we had any further contact with James. He called me at work one afternoon.

“Hello Jake, how are you?” he asked.

“I’m fine sir, what can I do for you?” I said.

“Two things”. “First, I’m going to be away for several days. I’m taking Mary with me. Tell her to get a passport if she doesn’t already have one.” He explained.

“I will tell her sir. May I ask where you are going?”

“France, but do not tell Mary,” he cautioned.

“And the second thing sir?” I asked.

” While we are gone, I want you to stay at my home. Enjoy the garden and the pool. I want you to relax while I am enjoying your wife” he teased. “I have made arrangements for catering so you don’t have to worry about cooking”, he added.

“You have no objections to seeing Ginny again do you?”

I stammered. “Ah, Er, Ah, no sir I have no objections.”

I didn’t say anything to James, but I had been thinking about Ginny for awhile.

“Good, because she has been pestering me about seeing you again.” He chuckled.

“You must have made more of an impression than I realized,” he said.

“That young lady knows how to get what she wants, and evidently, she wants you.” He teased.

About Ginny

Ginny is thirty-one, five foot eight, with a slender, athletic body. She is a transsexual. She is boyishly feminine, sultry, exotic and soft spoken. She has almond shaped green eyes. She was born a male and decided in her mid twenties, that she would prefer to be female. She started hormone therapy under her doctor’s care. And, to her delight, started to develop female breasts. She is now a 34B, and has stopped therapy. Her breasts are conical in shape and firm. They are topped my dark pink areolas and nipples. She has reconsidered he sexual preferences and has decided to keep her male genitals. Her penis is about four and a half inches long and she has a small, tight ball sack. She can enjoy both the male and the female aspects of sexual activity. She keeps her body shaved and wears her auburn hair either in a ponytail, or hanging free to her shoulders. Ginny is a trained chef and runs her own catering business.

Mary had arranged to take some vacation time, and the following week, James picked her up and they left for the airport. That evening, I packed a small bag and drove to James home. It wasn’t that I was anxious to see Ginny, well maybe a little. Our one and so far only encounter had been embarrassing, erotic, and very enjoyable. I could only guess at what might happen sexually, but I was fully aware that I might have to do the ‘homo’ thing again, considering Ginny’s anatomy. Since my experiences with James, I was much more comfortable with the idea. When I thought about Ginny, I was almost looking forward to our next encounter. Anything else I would just have to deal with if and when it happened.

When I arrived at James home, Ginny met me at the door. She was wearing blue jean shorts, a tee shirt, and no shoes. She was almost dancing.

“We’ve got the house to ourselves,” she said. “Are you hungry?”

“Well, maybe a sandwich, I didn’t have much of a lunch,” I answered.

I dropped my overnight bag in the living room and followed Ginny into the kitchen. Suddenly Ginny turned around to face me. She handed me a beer and asked,” Wanna eat by the pool?”

Her nipples were hard under the thin tee shirt.

“I suppose it would be ok,” I couldn’t resist teasing her a little.

We put our plates and bottles on the patio table, and Ginny turned to face me again.

“I’ve thought about the last time we were here, I’ve thought about it a lot,” she said.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t want to come.” “I really wanted to see you again.” She said.

“James told me that you were pestering him, about seeing me.” I said.

I could see her blushing.

“I want you to know that I don’t go out much, especially with work keeping me busy. James wanted me to get you aroused, but the rest was just a spontaneous thing, I don’t usually do things like that,” she said.

“I’m very glad to hear that”, I told her, and it makes it more special.

“Can I kiss you?” she asked, surprising me a little.

Instead of answering, I put my hands on her hips and pulled her to me. She lifted her head and our lips met, there in the gathering darkness by the pool. Her lips were soft and parted easily to let my tongue in to play with hers. Her hair smelled like lavender and her slender body pressed against mine. She felt good in my arms.

Sometime later, after the sandwiches and beer, I took her hand and led her to a quiet corner of the garden. The same place that James had taken Mary to, weeks earlier. We laid down in the fresh cut grass and watched the stars. I put my hand on Ginny’s slightly rounded tummy and leaned over to kiss her again. I moved my hand up until I was cupping her left breast. I heard her moan softly, deep in her throat. I pinched and teased her nipple with my fingers. Ginny inched her tee shirt up bursa escort and I bent to kiss her lovely firm breasts. My searching mouth kissed one and then the other. I felt her hand on my head, guiding me from nipple to nipple. I started to unbutton her shorts and slipped my hand inside. Ginny wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her small penis was already hard and erect. My hand closed around her shaft and I started to lightly stroke up and down. After a few moments, Ginny stopped me long enough to kick her shorts all the way off. I raised myself to one elbow and looked down at her slender body, She was trembling slightly and breathing faster. I started to lower my head towards her waiting cock when I herd her voice.

” Jake, you don’t have to do that, your hand is fine,” she whispered.

Instead of answering her, I bent down and took the head of her cock into my mouth. Because of her smaller size, I had no problems getting her entire length into my mouth. I felt her body shutter as I gently sucked the length of her cock. Slowly, moving up and down like I had with my hand a few minutes before. Ginny started thrusting her hips up and down, matching my movements. I teased her cockhead with my tongue, licking the sensitive spot under the head. I sensed that she was getting close to an orgasm by the way she was moving around. I had already made up my mind about what to do. In a way it was my first time. My first time with a transsexual, my first time with Ginny, and my first time are letting another cock cum in my mouth. I heard Ginny’s voice saying Oh My God, Oh My God, and I felt the first gush of hot cum erupt from her cock. She had four or five quick spasms, each pumping little squirts of cum into my waiting mouth. I gulped down and swallowed all she had. The taste was not at all unpleasant. Her cum was thick and slightly salty. I held her cock in my mouth until it stopped twitching, and then let it slide out.

As her breath became more normal, Ginny reached up and pulled me down next to her. She let me wrap my arms around her and she snuggled close. She put her head on my chest.

“You didn’t have to do that,” she said, but it was wonderful. “It’s been a long time.”

“Come on,” Ginny said and she grabbed my hand. She pulled me to my feet and we ran across the garden to the pool. I just had time to slip out of my clothes as we both jumped into the warm water. For the next hour, we splashed and played like two teenagers.

“I like you very much,” Ginny said as we were toweling off on the patio. “But you don’t seem like the kind of man that would accept someone like me, much less get involved sexually the way you have,” she continued.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

As we walked back to the house, I explained. “Four months ago I wouldn’t have had anything to do with anyone like you, James changed my way of thinking.” “You might say he forced me to accept new ideas.” ” I would never have participated in man to man sex, especially with my wife next to me watching,” I said. “When James told me to suck his cock, I couldn’t stop myself, it was like I was in a trance.” “I only managed to get his cockhead into my mouth, but that was enough, it changed my life.” I continued.

“Ginny, I like you too. I like you a lot. I have been thinking about trying to contact you, but I was afraid of your answer. You’re different. I think of you as a woman with something extra, an exotic, exciting woman, not as a man with tits.” ” Our first experience by the pool didn’t repulse me, it excited me, as you found out,” I said.

“What happed tonight in the garden seemed as natural to me as making love to my wife.” I confessed. “And, I managed to get more than your cockhead into my mouth.” I teased.

In the darkness, I couldn’t see her smiling, but she was.

We each took a quick shower and I crawled onto James oversized bed. When I heard Ginny at the bedroom door, I turned to look.

Ginny stood in the doorway her hands on her hips and her head tilted to the side. She had untied her ponytail and her auburn hair hung loose, framing her face. She was wearing very sheer, light pink panties. The kind with longer legs that reached halfway down her well shaped thighs. She also wore a babydoll top of the same sheer, pink material.

All I could say was “Wow.”

“I’ve only dressed up like this for one other man,” she said. “I hope you like it.”

I started stammering again. “How in the world could I not like it.” I blurted. I could see her semi-erect penis through the thin material of her panties. She glanced down at herself and said,” my little clitty likes you too.”

Ginny climbed onto the bed and melted into my arms.

With only the moon outside, coming though the windows, out lips met in a passionate kiss. The silky material felt fantastic under my hands as I explored Ginny’s body. I found one of her breasts and teased the nipple into hardness, the silky material sliding easily between my fingers. Ginny malatya escort tipped her head back and I started kissing and nuzzling the curve of her neck. I heard that same tiny little moans of pleasure that I had heard in the garden, and she started to pant very softly. I inched down the bed, and untied the single ribbon holding the babydoll closed. As the thin material fell away, my mouth found Gunny’s other nipple. I teased it into hardness and licked and kissed her breast until she was wiggling on the bed.

“Oh Jake,” she moaned, “You’ve got me so damn horny.”

“I need your cock Jake, please,” she almost begged.

As I sat up, Ginny slipped off her panties. She lay back down and raised her legs, exposing her butt hole.

“There is a bottle of lube on the nightstand,” she whispered.

I squirted a liberal about of lubrication on my fingers and gently pushed a finger down her tight hole, spreading the lube around. Her asshole sucked at my fingers, drawing them deeper.

“Condom?” I asked.

“No” was her immediate response. “There is no need, and I don’t want anything between us.”

“Old habits,” I muttered as I positioned myself to enter her waiting hole.

Ginny put her legs on my chest, and as I leaned forward, she raised her ass until the tip of my cock was touching her tender hole. As she leaned further back, I felt my cockhead penetrate the tight opening. Slowly I inched further in until I felt her muscles relax, and I slid my six and a half inches in as far as they would go.

“Oh Jake,” she cried. “You feel incredible.”

I started to stroke Ginny’s tight ass. She was squeezing my cock, making her ass feel even tighter. I wanted to be gentle, but she kept saying “harder Jake, harder.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I said.

“You’re not hurting me,” I heard her say. “You’re making me feel like a real women.” “Fuck me, just fuck me, make me cum.”

I thought about Ginny’s cock, her clitty, now between our bodies. I though about masturbating her. But when I looked down, her hand was already sliding up and down her stiff erection. I withdrew and slid my cock back in. I felt my balls slapping Ginny’s cute little ass.

Over and over, in and out, I drove into her.

Somewhere in my mind, I heard Ginny calling my name.

“Jake, Oh my God, Jake, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” The voice repeated.

I felt her tense up, her breath was ragged, and her entire body trembled as she was locked in a powerful orgasm. Her orgasm triggered mine, and I pumped load after load of cum deep inside her.

I pulled my now limp cock out of Ginny’s ass and moved next to her. I hugged her to me. I brushed her damp hair back and kissed her as softly as I could.

Ginny opened her eyes and smiled. “I’m glad I waited,” she said. “I didn’t know it would be you, but I’m glad I waited.”

I guess she could see the confused expression on my face. “You are the first,” she said.

And all of a sudden I understood.

The next morning I awoke to hear Ginny tell me that she was getting up to start breakfast and put on a pot of coffee. I felt her get out of bed.

“I’ll be back in ten minutes to make sure you’re up, sleepy head.” She cooed.

A short time later I smelled fresh coffee and sat up. I was looking around for my robe when I saw Ginny’s pink panties and babydoll lying on the floor. I picked them up, intending to put them back on the bed. The material felt soft and silky in my hands. Until James entered our lives, Mary’s underwear had always been white cotton.

On an impulse, I put the babydoll top down and stared at the long legged panties. My mind raced back twenty years. I used to enjoy putting on Mary’s underwear when I was alone. Hoping I wouldn’t get caught and secretly wishing that I would. What the hell, I thought, just for a minute to see what it was like. I stepped into the panties and pulled them up around my waist. They were a bit snug in the leg, but roomy enough. The material snagged a little on the hair on my legs, but it felt pretty good having them on. My dick woke up as the material tantalized it. I looked in the mirror to see how they looked and in the reflection I saw Ginny standing in the doorway.

“Having fun?” she asked with a small giggle in her voice.

I stammered. I was doing that a lot around her.

“I just wanted to see, I mean, I’ve never, er, oh jeez, I’m sorry,” I finally blurted out.

I started to slip the panties off when Ginny told me to show her. I little embarrassed, I turned to face her. She made a turning motion with her hand, and I turned to give her a good view.

“Jake, you look cute, no, you really do. And regardless of what you are going to say, I think you were having fun,” and she pointed. My dick was standing up.

When I started to slip the panties off again, Ginny told me to wait. She walked over and picked up the babydoll top and handed it to me.

“Might as well try this çanakkale escort on too,” she said and held it out, shaking it a little.

Ginny sat on the edge of the bed and watched as I sheepishly put on the silky top. I couldn’t get the bow tied. My hands were shaking. She came over and helped me fasten it and stepped back to look.

“Very cute.” She said. “How does it feel?”

Before I could answer, she reached out with one finger and touched the head of my cock, which was now pushing against the thin material of the panties.

“They feel great Ginny, you know damn well that they feel great.” And I pulled her close to me for our first kiss of the morning.

She pushed into me, pressing my cock between us.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” She asked, smiling. “Come on, confess.”

It was my turn to blush. “Yes, years and years ago when Mary and I were first married. Mary never had anything like these though, she liked cotton.”

“Well, my dear Jake, it seems that you still have that old urge. Come on, I’ll stop teasing you,” she said, and took my hand.

She started led me towards the kitchen. When I held back, she said, “there isn’t anyone here except you and me and I’m hungry. “A little apprehensively, I followed her to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Ginny,” I said. About last night, “I really didn’t know,” she put a finger on my lips and stopped me.

“Jake, It was wonderful, I enjoyed every second,” she said.

Ginny served breakfast and changed the conversation.

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do when Mary comes back?” She asked.

“Do you know about our arrangement with James?” I asker her.

“Just that you are letting him take Mary on his trip, I assume they will be sleeping together.” She told me.

“I think you need to know the rest.” There were certain financial matters settled between us. Part of the bargain that we made includes the stipulation that Mary and I never have sexual intercourse with each other again.” I explained. “We are still married, and we still love each other, but, well, it’s awkward now.”

“And, I don’t want to stop seeing you.” I said.

“I don’t want to stop seeing you either Jake.” Ginny replied

“Just so you know, James helped me get into cooking school and backed me when I started my catering business, so I owe him too,” she said. “And, just between us, I could get any more of his cock into my mouth than you did.”

“I though he was your father?” I asked, startled at her words.

“Step father actually,” she said, “and considering everything that you have been through with him, and everything that you and I have done. Does sucking his cock seem so weird?”

I changed the subject.

“Look Ginny, as much as I enjoy what’s happening between us, I’m more than twenty years older than you.” I told her.

Ginny said “Why don’t we just enjoy the next few days, we don’t have to make any plans further than that, at least not right this minute.”

“Now, go get dressed and sit in the sunshine. I’ve got some computer work to do and I’ve gotta check on business. I’ll join you later,” she said laughing, and pointed towards the door.

I went back to the bedroom, took a quick shower and stated to get dressed. I saw Ginny’s pink panties on the bed where I left them and thought back at how she seemed to enjoy seeing me wear them. I put them back on and finished getting dressed. Once sitting in the shade on the patio, I called work and made sure everything was running ok. Made a few more calls and settled down to a lazy morning. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember, Ginny woke me up with a kiss. She was dressed in a soft yellow sundress and wearing sandals.

Come on, let go shopping.” She suggested, and without waiting for an answer, she pulled me up and we headed for her car.

When we got to the Galleria, we walked around, holding hands, window-shopping. No one paid us any attention. We were just another couple.

While we were walking I asked Ginny, “why did you dress up last night, I would have made love to you anyway?”

“I thought it would be fun and make me seem more like a girl,” Ginny said, dropping her head. “I thought it would make you happy.”

“Ginny, you are more feminine and desirable than a lot of women that I know of,” I reassured her. “Besides, I told you that I think of you as a woman who happens to have a penis, not a man that happens to have breasts.”

“It did make me happy. Now what can I do to make you happy?” I asked.

“You’re doing it,” she said. ‘You’re doing it.” “And maybe, well, we’ll see.”

We found a small outdoor café where Ginny asked me to wait.

“I just want to pick up a few things, have a soda and I’ll be back in a little while.”

In less than a half an hour, she was back. She handed me several small bags and packages to carry and we strolled around looking in windows. We made our way back to the car, and on the way back, stopped for some burgers, which we brought with us.

Back at the house, Ginny put her packages away and suggested we eat lunch by the pool.

“I bought a new bathing suit I thought you would like.” She said.

We went back to the bedroom to change and as I was stepping out of my jeans, she saw that I was wearing her panties.

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