Going Down?


You nervously enter the main lobby, unsure of what is to come. You spy the attendant,

“Yes I’m here to see the occupant of room 309.”

The attendant shows you where the elevators are. You approach the them and press the up arrow. Looking above to the bar of lights indicating which floor the elevator is presently on, you take a moment and brood on how crazy it is to be here, but you are too excited and too horny to miss out on anything that could possibly occur this day. Plus you’ve been waiting for this moment for some time now?

The elevator comes to a halt and the doors open. Slightly surprised, I stand before you.

“Hi there sexy, how are you?” I say, eyes twinkling.

“Hello my dear – I’m …I’m…”

eyes scanning my form( a loose black knee high skirt, cream colored button up tight ‘V’ cut top and black high hilled sandals. ) swallowing with some difficulty, that is all you reply.

I laugh a little shyly, blushing at your appraisal of me. “Oh, I’m sorry if I am late in meeting you in the lobby but, I just jumped out of the shower a few minutes ago.”

I drop my eyes and they are somehow drawn to the outline of your bulging cock. The blush deepens. Little did I know what was about to become of me.

So, throwing caution to the wind, I lean over gently wrapping my arms behind your neck and pull you close for a kiss. A little surprised, you returned my
affection quizzically at first then with an demonic intensity. I look at you, bewildered now, almost frightened, until you say,

“Close your eyes.”

After a moment of self debate, I follow your order. You gently push me back against the wall, and hold my arms. You guide my hands to the handrail just about
the height of my waist. With a flourish you take out a bandana, I had not know was in your pocket, and begin to tie it around my head.

“What are you doing?”

I breathlessly whisper adding an evil smile to my face.

“Shhhh,” your mouth close to my ear, “or you will be punished.”

I try to disguise my grin, but not to much avail. I feel your mouth on mine, as you begin to kiss me. Then your tongue eases past my lips, to my tongue and you find it willingly playful. You put your hands on my front thighs and slowly raise them to my hips, up the side of my body, over my front, my breasts, my shoulders, to my neck, you grasp tightly and kiss me deeper.

Stealthily, your hands slide down to the top of my shirt, you undo görükle escort the first button. I let out a small shivering sigh. A second and third button seemed to give away with delight to your fingers, until the shirt is open and my flesh can be observed down to my waist. The air rushes out through your teeth when you see I am not wearing a

You start to kiss and lick my neck lingering on my collar bone, as your hands dive under my shirt and grab my hips. Glistening saliva could be seen down my
neck to the center of my breasts – if I could see. Then you are forcing my left breast into your mouth, licking, sucking, and biting in wild abandonment. I begin to moan out of control only slightly hoping no one will decide to come a long and interrupt us – we ARE in the elevator with the doors open …

Then, as I’m really starting to enjoy myself, you stop and momentarily seemed to vanish. I start whining, declaring the loneliness that is welling up in front of me. Declaring that I miss your hot mouth on my body. Declaring that I want more… so much more.

The next thing I know, all of my right nipple is in your mouth, being bitten hard. I gasp and groan deeply as the shock begins to wear off. Your palms move from my hips, up to where your mouth is, on my breast. You begin to grope my breasts, molding them as if they were clay. Your fingers tweak and pinch the nipple as though it were a grain of sand, made to be played with. Deep, guttural moans emit from me, as you play with each plump stiff pink nipple. You move your marvelous mouth down so your hands can have more access, and make a sizzling trail from my breasts, to my bellybutton.

That teasing tongue darts in and out of my bellybutton sending little slivers of flame up my body. I can’t help myself and begin to take my hands off the railing to hold your head closer to me, but you sternly take my hands and replaced them on the rail. Removing your hands from my hips, you bring them down the length of my skirt and then I feel flesh at my knees.

Your hands chute up my legs, under the skirt, and caress my thighs as you move up my legs. When you get to the point where the waistband on the skirt is, you hook your fingers over my panties and yanked them down. At this point, all I can do is feel you disrobe me. The tension is coiled tightly in my body as you bring my sea green panties down to my ankles and gently pull on one leg to be able to position me to take them off. görükle escort bayan

Back from my ankles to my hips, you caress my legs and thighs. You lift my skirt a little, just enough to put your head underneath. I can feel you getting closer to my pussy, and I am starting to melt. I take my hands and put them against my skirt, where your head is, bringing your nose into my pussy. You give me a few taunting licks and then pull away quickly and stand up.

You forcefully turn me around to face the wall of the elevator, where I can feel the coolness. Then you take one hand and wrap something around it and tie it to the railing. I faintly struggle, with little resistance – I totally trust you. The other hand follows and is tied to the railing. Your body fuses against my back, you breath into my ear.

“That was for being a naughty girl” followed by that erotic chuckle of yours. “Now I’ll have to punish you and then lick you, suck you, fuck you hard. I’ll take you and treat you like my little slut, make you submit too, would you like that Dela?”

You know it drives me crazy when you talk this way to me. As I nod my head in affirmation, I no longer feel you pressed against my back and am slightly
frightened, but only to feel your hands on my hips shortly after. You grab my hips and pull me. I awkwardly take a step back and am vulnerable at this point. I can feel my skirt being lifted, I feel flesh against me , your thighs are warm as they rest against my skin. I then feel that sweet hardness against the top of my ass. I know it is your long cock and I want it so bad right now, I wiggle my ass, to get it to rest between my soft firm cheeks. There is a little crack in the air, as your hand lands against my bright posterior. With a little jump, I let out a small wailing shriek. I realize that I have done something wrong and stand still.

You gently caress my bottom again and then proceed to spank me over and over. I take my punishment with some pleasure. Then there is a wet feeling at my tail bone, and I realize it is your tongue. I croon my delight as you lick down the crack of my cheeks, to my waiting, very wet and warm pussy lips. You lick back up again, gently playing with my asshole. I begin to moan vividly, and if that was not enough, I feel a finger playing with my pussy lips. I am bent over, but still standing, and with knees shaking beginning to tire, but I can’t resist that lush feeling.

With a tongue playing bursa escort with my anal hole and multiple fingers playing with my pussy and clit, I can almost scream from such profound pleasure. The tongue leaves me, as do the fingers, and I cry in withdrawal and frustration. Exhilaration hits me when I feel a bulge at my pussy lips. I know what it is and quickly push backwards, impaling myself on your wonderfully stiff hard cock.

I push against my bondage railing, continuously impaling myself on your magnificent cock. Oh god it feels soooo good! You can hear me moan now, as I writhe against you. I smile in delight as I hear your moans as well…

You spank me a few more times while I am fucking you, but I know this was no discipline, you were giving me what we both wanted. My orgasm is coming on quickly, and so is my pace fucking you. You then withdraw from my pussy, and again I am frustrated.

I jiggle my ass in the air, as if trying to find your cock in the dark, hoping it will come home to my pussy. Once again, your hands land on my hips and I stay steady, waiting for your cock. The intense desire to have you back inside me is almost overwhelming. However, this time, it is aimed directly at my small puckered hole, and with one thrust, your shaft finds its way in!

You can hear my screech, but hopefully nobody else will. I gasp in air for a few moments, while you just stay inside me, without moving – letting me adjust to your thickness. Once I recover from the initial shock, I become so excited. You hold onto my hips and begin driving yourself into me. Just as I catch my breath, you thrust deeper into me, and faster. The intensified confection of you pumping me has a dizzying effect. I had never been so completely fucked as this. You pick up the tempo even more, and your balls can be heard slapping against the wetness of my pussy lips.

Your groans get louder and breathing more raggedly rapid – I know you are going to cum in my ass, and I love it. You fuck me wildly just like a rutting animal – hard, violent and untamed and I can’t get enough. Just as you are ragingly coming in my ass, you reach around my waist and quickly rub my clit. This surprises me, and even more so, I feel that exquisite climax hit me instantly. Mixed sighs leave our mouths in almost unison as that glorious bliss blankets our bodies. I feel empty as you removed your cock from me. I whimper my hope for your return. You release me from my bonds, turn me around and force me onto my knees in front of you. You take off the bandana and smiling down at me:

“Now time to suck my cock sweetie” your sexy tones whirling around me, “we’ll see how good you’re at it, and then I’ll cum all over your face and breast, marking you with my cum as mine.”

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