Golf Takes a Back Seat


Pete was having a hard time believing this was really happening.

He was seated on a golf cart, which was parked under a shelter’s roof, with near-torrential rain pounding down all around him. His shorts and briefs were pulled down to his knees and McKayla, his new boss, was giving him perhaps the best blow job he’d ever had.

As her raven black hair bounced up and down in his lap and Pete sensed the sperm churning in his balls, the set of actions and reactions that led them to this point flashed through his mind.

Pete was 26, single, and a low-level executive in a financial investment company. He had met McKayla just over a month ago when she was introduced as his new boss. It was quite an introduction, because McKayla was stunning — in her early 30s with straight black hair, more than a hint of Oriental in her green eyes, and a wonderful figure wrapped in a very tight dress.

He was smart enough to see that there was an immediate attraction between the two of them, but in his position he knew he’d have to tread very carefully. He liked his job and didn’t want to do anything to piss off the higher-ups, and McKayla had made no overt moves.

So he was interested, but smart enough not to push.

McKayla had been gradually getting to know the five managers under her by taking them to lunch and Pete was the last to be invited. It was a beautiful late summer day and when she asked him where they should go, he suggested a nearby golf club, which had a nice outdoor patio.

Pete was definitely into golf. He had worked at a course in maintenance while he played on his high school team and almost decided to play in college, but realized would take too much time. He played regularly with his friends now, mostly on the weekends around the region.

McKayla insisted on driving to the club and Pete steered them to a table in the shade that had a great view of the club’s 18th green.

He was very conscious of the effect McKayla’s looks had on the 15 or so people on the patio — even women took notice of the beautiful lady. She was wearing 3-inch heels and a shimmering jade green dress that accentuated all of her charms.

To Pete, she also looked very athletic, with broad shoulders for a female and arms that suggested she had spent some time in a gym.

“You brought me to a golf club; does that mean you play golf?” McKayla asked when they were seated.

“Yeah, I play a lot,” Pete answered. “This isn’t my favorite course, but I do play here sometimes.”

“Well, I play, too, when I can,” she said. “I haven’t had a chance to look around this area yet to see what courses are the best, so maybe you can help me.”

“I’d be glad to. We have some good ones around here.”

Talk soon turned to work. Pete’s impression was that McKayla was very serious about her job, but she did seem to have a fun side to her, too. By the time they finished desert, he felt comfortable with her and thought it would be enjoyable working with her.

Pete tried to take care of the check, but was firmly tuned down.

When they arrived back at the parking lot at work, McKayla said, “I should be totally settled in at my apartment by next weekend. Do you think you could take me golfing next Sunday?”

Pete was expecting to just give her information about golf; he didn’t think he’d be playing a round with her. But it sounded like something he couldn’t — and didn’t want to — turn down, so he said sure.

“I’ll find us a good place and make a tee time. How about around 2, when it won’t be so crowded?”

“Sounds good to me.”

That week crawled by for Pete. He’d made a tee time at a high-end local public course that he thought McKayla might like, but he didn’t see much of her during the week. She’d been tied up in meetings most of the time, but did email him that she was looking forward to a break Sunday.

Pete made sure to see her on Friday before he left, got directions to her place and said he’d pick her up around 1.

He did not play with his buddies that Saturday, so he had even more time to think about McKayla and how things would go. Pete did not want to jeopardize his work situation, but he believed the best thing he could do Sunday was just be himself, have fun and see what happened.

When he woke up Sunday, the first thing Pete did was check the weather report. Crap! They were calling for temperatures in the low 80s and possible storms in the afternoon, about 50% chance, so he made sure to put his umbrella with his golf bag.

When Pete pulled up to McKayla’s apartment, she had just come out of her front door with her mersin escort bag. He quickly got out and put the bag in his trunk, and he couldn’t help but see how good she looked — a bright yellow skirt that showed off her very nice legs, a flowered top and bright yellow visor. She definitely looked like a golfer; although a hot one at that.

“I saw we might get rain,” McKayla said as they headed to the course. “I hope we can get it in.”

“We’ll give it a shot — it’s 50-50.”

After paying for the round, McKayla said she’d like to hit some balls on the range. Pete said he’d go get some beers and meet her there.

As Pete drove the cart to the range, he could see McKayla hitting a couple of short-iron shots and it looked like she had a nice swing. He couldn’t help himself and set up behind her, so that after he hit a shot, he could watch as she hit a ball. He wasn’t sure what impressed him more: her nice, easy swing or the way her sweet ass looked in her tight skirt.

After they drove to the first tee, McKayla said, “Hey, let’s not do a competition today. I haven’t played for weeks and I’m rusty.”

“That’s fine,” he said, “although if your swing is rusty, it must be really smooth when it isn’t.”

“Thanks. I did play a lot of junior golf and played a lot with my dad.”

Perhaps because of the impending weather, the course was not crowded. In fact, by the time they got finished nine holes, they didn’t see anybody else.

“Do you want to stop now, or try to get it in?” Pete asked. “There are some dark clouds over that way.”

“Let’s see how many we can play. I’m having fun. It feels good to play again. Are we anywhere near the clubhouse on the back nine?”

“We come past here after 14, so if we can get that far, we’ll be OK.”

Pete hated playing in rain, but he was all for playing as much as possible with McKayla. She was a delight to be with, telling stories and laughing at jokes, having a couple of beers and being a good golf partner. Plus, Pete could not help but stare at her. She didn’t have much makeup on today, but he thought she actually looked prettier because of that. And watching her supple body hit shots was a thing of beauty. In fact, Pete was able by chance to get a glimpse up her skirt a few times when she was lining up putts and he could tell it was a real skirt, not a skort.

Unbeknownst to him, he was getting the once over by McKayla, too. Perhaps Pete was inspired, but he was having one of his best rounds, too, only two-over par after nine.

As they approached the 12th green, Pete thought he heard a rumble of thunder in the distance. It looked like they might not get to the 14th, but he did know there was a rain shelter near the 13th tee.

He parked the cart on the path, which was pretty far from the green. Unfortunately, both players had missed the green on the opposite side. And it was really unfortunate when the rain started just as they were getting ready to hit their third shots. It started as a few fat drops, then came down in a torrent.

By the time they had run back to the cart, they were both completely soaked. Pete quickly drove the cart to the shelter, and he was able to pull under the roof to get out of the rain. The shelter was surrounded on two sides by thick vegetation, and the rain was coming down so hard, they couldn’t see in any direction.

After he set the brake, he looked over at McKayla and their eyes met, and both started to laugh. And they kept laughing until both were nearly out of breath.

“Guess we didn’t time that very well, did we?” he said.

“No, not really. I should have taken your advice after nine.”

Pete simply couldn’t help looking down at McKayla’s body. Her shirt was plastered to her skin and even though it had a colorful design, he could see her sports bra underneath. And he knew it was thin, because her nipples were showing big-time.

Her legs were cocked away from the rain outside and he could take in a good 7-8 inches north of her knees. It was too much to ignore and his dick began a slow rise in his wet pants.

When he looked back up, hoping McKayla hadn’t noticed him checking her out, he saw that her eyes were fixed on his crotch. And that made his cock take another jump in size.

Trying to recover, Pete said, “Hey, this happened to me once before and the clubhouse guys forgot about us.”

So he called the pro shop and let them know where they were and that they’d come in as soon as the rain let up.

Meanwhile, Pete’s dick kept rising and he knew he couldn’t stop it. kocaeli escort He risked a look over and McKayla was looking down at him again. Oh, shit, this was going to be trouble, Pete thought.

Thankfully, McKayla broke the ice. But it was not what Pete expected.

“Pete, this is getting a little awkward. I’ve been flirting with you some today, and maybe that wasn’t fair. I’m your boss, after all. But I feel a definite attraction to you and it appears you feel the same to me. And it looks like we’ll be marooned here for a while, so, …”

With that, McKayla reached over and pulled Pete toward her for a kiss. Pete, although still stunned at the developments, was not going to let this chance get away, so he enthusiastically returned her kiss. And she was a wonderful kisser, dueling with his tongue and mashing her full lips on him.

After a couple of fevered minutes, as the rain pounded on the roof of the shelter, McKayla reached down to grip his painfully hard cock, which was at its full 7 inches. She massaged it for a while, then pulled away.

“Take your pants down,” she said.

It wasn’t easy with the roof of the cart not allowing Pete to really stand up, but with her help, he pulled his soaked shorts and briefs off. As he sat down on the passenger seat in the cart, McKayla wedged herself in front of him, leaned in and wrapped her lips around his trembling shaft with no hesitation.

He could tell right away that she was not going for style points. There was no teasing, no licking, no kissing; just raw sucking. Pete was amazed by her talents. She was able to fit most of his dick into her throat and when she bobbed back up she sucked like a vacuum.

What he really liked was that as McKayla was going up and down, she managed to keep her eyes looking up at him. And, if he was reading those eyes correctly, she was enjoying this almost as much as he was.

Other than a few times when she relaxed and stroked his dick with her hand, she showed great stamina and kept sucking. With that kind of performance, it didn’t take Pete long for his orgasm to begin.

“McKayla, I’m getting close in case you need to know.”

All he heard was a muffled, “Mmmmmm,” around his cock as she continued her feverish sucking.

And then he started shooting. It had been a while since his last time, and between that and the fabulous job she did, it was no surprise that a lot of cum spewed out.

But McKayla never missed a beat. She would let a spurt fly into her mouth, then dip down an inch or so and come back up in time for another jet of juice. Somehow in the middle of that she swallowed the load, because there was no way she could have kept all of Pete’s sperm in one mouthful.

As Pete’s groans settled down, McKayla kept sucking his cock, seemingly not wanting to miss any of his juice. Finally, she let go, licking around his balls and then the tip in case she had missed anything.

When she finally sat up, Pete had a huge smile on his face.

“I can tell you right now, that was the best blow job I’ve ever had — not even close.”

Which made her smile back at him.

“I’m happy you liked it. I don’t normally rush it like that, but I didn’t feel like being patient today.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

As the rain continued to pelt down around them, Pete tentatively leaned forward for a kiss, not really thinking about how McKayla might feel about that after she had just swallowed him. But she responded by meeting his lips and opening her mouth, allowing him to get a taste of himself.

At the same time, Pete reached out to caress her breasts and noticed right away that her nipples hadn’t gone down at all — in fact, they seemed to have grown larger. Her tits weren’t huge, but they were very firm and he couldn’t wait to taste them.

He unbuttoned her shirt down the front and helped her pull it off, along with her bra. They switched places and he immediately put his head on her chest, licking and sucking first one breast and then the other, and he could tell she was getting turned on.

But then he heard her say, “Stop.”

He sat back with a quizzical look on his face.

“I don’t mean stop as in I want to stop what we’re doing,” McKayla said. “But we can’t go any further before we talk.”

“About what?”

“Well, there is no indirect way to put this — I am, ah, a she-male … T-girl … tranny, whatever you want to call me. I have a cock.”

Pete doubted there was anything she could have said that would have surprised him more. He was sure his face samsun escort reflected that, too.

“Whoa. Didn’t expect that.”

“I’m sure you didn’t. And I know it’s a lot to process. I would really like to keep going with this, wherever it leads, because I’m very excited. But I’ll understand if you don’t. Some guys are OK with it and some aren’t. I won’t judge.”

Had Pete not looked deep into McKayla’s eyes at that moment, he might not have answered the same way he did. But he saw an intense desire in those green orbs and it carried him away.

“I’m in. I won’t know what I’m doing, but I’m in.”

“Just do what comes naturally and you’ll be fine.”

So Pete reached out and found the zipper on the side of her skirt, pulled it down and tugged on the material as she moved her butt off the seat. As she brought one leg up to step out of the skirt, Pete looked straight ahead of him.

What he saw was what he imagined he’d see if he looked at himself with a boner. Her underwear looked more like a man’s brief and it was tented with a hard-on that seemed almost as big as his. He knew if he hesitated he might think about what he was about to do, so he quickly reached out to the waistband and yanked down, enabling her dick to spring free.

He placed his hand around the uncut penis and marveled at its size. He had a misconception that most trannys had small cocks, but McKayla’s most definitely was not — it had to be about 6 inches with a well-defined curve to it. As he stroked up and down a few times, he could hear her gasp and he felt her dick grow and firm up in his hand.

Pete’s mind was in a battle. He wondered if he just kept doing what he was doing and got her off, would that be enough? After all, he’d never seriously thought about being in this situation. But there was a growing seed of thought in his mind that just doing that was not enough, especially after how well she had treated him.

So, slowly, he bent his head forward until his lips reached the tip of McKayla’s cock. He licked around the top and then brought his lips over the head as she moaned in response. Her dick was stiff and twitching and it tasted surprisingly good to Pete.

That was all he needed to reassure himself that he was doing the right thing. So he licked around some more to get the entire cock wet, then took as much as he could into his mouth. All he could do was try to emulate what girls had done to him and what he’d seen in porn, but he seemed to be getting a good response from McKayla.

He had to admit to himself that he liked it. Her dick was soft and warm, but yet stiff. As more of his saliva flowed, it became easier to slide his lips up and down her shaft. Then he remembered how strongly she had sucked on the way back up, so he started doing that.

Pete found he couldn’t stay down on her cock as much as McKayla had on his, so he took some breaks to lick the head and stroke it with his hand. She seemed to respond almost as well to that action.

McKayla had been giving him words of encouragement, but then her breathing got more ragged and she told him she was about to cum.

After what she had done for him, there was no decision to be made by Pete. He kept sucking, willing to eat whatever she sent his way. And then it was there, jetting into the back of his mouth and coating his throat as he heard her scream. He gagged a little when the cream filled his mouth and wasn’t quite sure how to swallow and still suck.

That caused her last spurt to catch his lips and drool around her dick while Pete finally swallowed his mouthful. When he was done, he licked his lips and then her cock until it was all gone. Surprisingly — again — he didn’t mind it at all; in fact, it tasted much better than he would have imagined.

When he finally let her dick fall out of his mouth, she pulled his head up and kissed him squarely on the lips, darting her tongue in to play with the remnants of her cum and sucking some back into her mouth.

She pulled away and said, “Pete, that was amazing. You were so good, and I appreciate the way you didn’t freak out.”

“Actually, it was kind of fun. Not something I had ever seriously thought much about, but I guess I liked it. You are one exciting lady.”

About that time, both noticed the rain had nearly stopped.

“Holy shit, we’d better get dressed,” she said.

“Yeah, we don’t want any of the rangers finding us like this,” he said as he chuckled.

As they were driving back to the clubhouse, Pete said, “Hey, why don’t I drop you off at your place and I’ll go home and change and then pick you up again for dinner?”

“I’d like that,” McKayla said. “But only if you come back to my place afterward. I’d like to have you when we’re both dry and I don’t have to rush. I have a few more things I’d like to do with you that you might enjoy.”

Pete could only imagine what that meant. But he was sure he’d like it.

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