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I never thought I’d have any fun at a wedding.  The food is bad, the conversation is worse and the only thing to do is drink.  And to make matters worse, all the available good looking females were religious.  It was turning out to be a real nightmare.  At least I looked good in a tux.

I was wandering around, trying desperately to avoid a few people that I knew would launch into the whole “what are you doing these days” talk.

Then I saw her.

She was about my height, with shoulder length honey blonde hair.  She had dark eyes and a smile that could light up a room.  Her skin was flawless and smooth.  She was wearing a knee length skirt that was conservative and alluring at the same time.  It came down just to her knees, allowing me a view of her perfect legs.  I knew she was the bride’s sister, but I had not met her.  I planned to change that in a hurry.

I walked over, smiling, to where she was standing.

“Hi,” I said, suddenly feeling very nervous. “I don’t think we’ve met. I’m…”

“Damon,” she finished. “I know.”

I was a little surprised.

“I’m Jill.”

Her smile was warm and inviting.  My nerves settled down quickly and we launched into a conversation.  I learned that she was visiting from far away just for the wedding and that she would be leaving the next day.  I also learned that she had just turned nineteen.  We ended up talking for a long time and we really hit it off.  She also let it slip that her family was quite religious, which was a sore spot for me.  I wanted this girl!

I asked her to dance, but she suggested that we take a walk instead.  I happily agreed.  The wedding was at a relative’s house and the property was quite large so there was lots of places to go.  As we walked, we made small talk but I couldn’t help steal glimpses of her body.  She was flawless!

Soon we came to a guest house that was infrequently used.  Jill said her feet hurt and asked if I would mind if we sat inside for a while.
If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that this little goody-goody girl was trying to seduce me.

I walked over and half heartedly tried the door, fully expecting it to be locked.  To my surprise, however, it opened easily and we walked in.
It looked as if it hadn’t been used for a while, except maybe as storage.  The place was filled with boxes, so I cleared a few off of a sofa in the middle of the room and Jill sat down.  I made my way over to the fridge to see if there was anything to drink inside.

The fridge was emtpy so I tried the freezer.  Inside was a half box of popsicles and a can of frozen marguerita mix.  I offered Jill a popsicle, which she accepted happily.

I took a seat on the sofa with her and watched as she sucked the popsicle, secretly wishing it was my dick she had in her mouth instead. As we sat talking, I offered to massage her sore feet.  She gave me a huge smile, kicked off her shoes and swung her feet around to me.

I don’t have a foot fetish or anything, but I couldn’t help but notice that her feet were as perfect as the rest of her.  I took one into my hands and started to rub as Jill closed her eyes and sucked her popsicle.  As she relaxed, she started to sink down on the sofa.  I gazed down her smooth tanned legs and caught a few glimpses of the white fabric that comprised her panties.  I began to feel my cock grow as I continued to massage her pretty feet.  I soon noticed she was getting a little too relaxed, so I gave her baby toe a playful tug.

“Oww,” she said in mock hurt staring down at me with her gorgeous blue eyes.

“Sorry.” I smiled back her.

“Kiss it better,” she demanded, her lips forming a cute little pout.

I leaned down and touched my lips to her toe, kissing it gently.  As I did this, she closed her eyes once again and moaned softly.  She obviously loved having her toes kissed so I decided to get a little more brazen.  I closed my lips around her toe, sucking softly.  As I expected, she moaned a little louder.  I moved to the next toe, nibbling it as well.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred.

I left her toes and moved up her foot, planting soft kisses on her tender skin.  As I reached her calf, I fully expected Jill to stop me, but her moans of pleasure only increased, enticing me further.

I continued my journey, kissing and licking my way bahis firmaları up her leg.  As I reached her knee, Jill reached down and pulled the hem of her dress up out of the way, exposing more of her flesh to my eager mouth.  As I worked my way up her leg, her dress continued it’s retreat along her smooth tanned skin.  Her body started to writhe when she felt my hot breath on her inner thigh.  Her legs opened wider and I moved in on my prize.  Jill moaned around the popsicle in her mouth, as I pressed my mouth against the thin white fabric separating my lips from her sweet little pussy.

Suddenly she reached down and pushed my head away.  I knew that was coming so I wasn’t surprised.  I was, however, surprised when she stood up and started to take her dress off.  I just stared as she let her clothing fall to the cluttered floor leaving her standing there in just her bra and panties.  Jill then popped the popsicle back into her mouth and sat back of the sofa.

“It was getting hot in here,” she said smiling at me.

I smiled back before crawling up beside her and pressing my lips into hers.  She tasted so sweet, and she opened her mouth to suck my tongue between her soft lips.  I could taste the cherry popsicle on her tongue as my hands found her full round breasts and began to caress.  A few seconds later the bra was off and my hands were touching her bare flesh.

As our tongues continued their intimate dance, I dropped my hand down between her legs.  As I took one of her hands in mine, I could feel the the melting popsicle drip down onto my fingers.  As she took one of my fingers and put it into her mouth, she began to suck in gently.  My hand slipped into her panties and touched her soft folds as she stared into my eyes.

“Take them off,” she whispered.

I quickly slipped her underwear off her hips and slid them down her legs.  She had the most perfect pussy I had ever seen! Delicate, pink folds free of hair with the exception of a small tuft of blonde reaching in an inverted v above her clit.

I reached out and took the melting popsicle from her hand and let a few drops fall to the sensitive skin on her inner thighs.  She shivered, then sighed as my mouth sucked up the bright pink drops.  Tentatively I reached out and touched her clit with the popsicle, causing her to gasp from the cold.  Slowly I ran the frozen treat over her lips and even poked the tip into her hole.  As I withdrew the popsicle, I replaced it with my tongue, pushing it deep into her pussy.  The mixed sensations of hot and cold sent her over the edge and she grabbed the back of my head, clutching at my hair.

“Bend over!” I said quietly, pulling my mouth from her.

Submissively, Jill did as I asked, moving to a position on her hands and knees.  I brushed a hand over her flawless skin, then held out the popsicle, letting a few drops fall down to her ass.  I noticed her pretty little pink asshole pucker up as the cold syrupy liquid dripped down her crack.  Becoming more and more courageous, I placed the popsicle between her pussy lips and ran it up to her ass, circling her rim with the icy stick. Jill giggled and lurched forward to escape the clod feeling.

Lowering my head, I licked the sticky pink liquid as it dripped down her pussy lips.  Working my way up, I removed the popsicle from her ass and surrounded her tight pink asshole with my lips, breathing hot air onto her frozen butt hole.

“Oh my God!!!” she moaned loudly.

I smiled to myself as I pushed my tongue out against her ass, tasting more of the sweet sugary flavor.  A few minutes later the popsicle had completely melted, and Jill was ready to return the favor.

“My turn,” she said standing up. “Take off your clothes.”

I would have preferred her to undress me, but I was content stripping down as I watched her walk across the room naked.  She made her way to the fridge and retrieved another popsicle.  This time it was orange. She took it out of the paper wrapping and put it into her mouth, sucking seductively as she made her way back towards me.

I was now completely naked, sitting on the sofa with my dick fully erect.  Jill dropped to her knees in front of me and engulphed my swollen cock in her mouth.  Her mouth was cold from the popsicle, and the sensation was incredible.  As her lips closed around me, her icy tongue began kaçak iddaa to swirl around my shaft.

I almost jumped when I felt the freezing cold popsicle touch my exposed balls.  Jill let out a quiet giggle as she continued to suck my dick.  After she had coated my balls in the sticky, orange liquid she dropped her head down and took them into her mouth as her hand pumped away at my shaft.  I was ready to fuck this girl!

I gently pushed her head away, as I took the popsicle from her and tossed it across the room.  I then grabbed her and pushed her down onto the couch.  Climbing onto Jill’s prone body, I kissed her deeply as my hands roamed her body.  She moaned as I sank two fingers into her wet little pussy.

Just as I was about to slide my throbbing cock into her little wet hole, Jill stopped me.

“I can’t,” she said apologetically.

I was dumbfounded.


“I’m a virgin.  I can’t do that until I’m married. It’s against my religion.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  It was okay for me to lick her pussy and stick popsicles up her asshole, but sex was out of the question!?

I slumped back on the couch and started to get dressed.

“What are you doing?” Jill asked, cocking her head to the side.  “We can still do other stuff.”

“I think we’ve pretty much done everything without fucking,” I answered.

“Not everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I still have one hole left.”

“You mean…?”

“My ass.”

Again, I was amazed.

“So I can’t fuck your pussy, I can have your ass?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t count if it’s in the butt.  Why? Is that a problem? Do you not like it?”

“Are you kidding?! I’d love to fuck you there!”

“Well hurry up then and do it!” she said with a cute little smile.

I think my dick grew two sizes that moment, as Jill turned around and bent over, offering me her ass.

She licked her fingers and proceeded to rub them over her puckered rim, as I did the same with my cock.  I warned her that it might hurt without proper lubricant, but she dismissed it, explaining that she had done it many times.

I pressed my cock against Jill’s wet butt hole as she held her own cheeks apart.  I had always enjoyed seeing my dick as it slips inside a girl’s asshole, but this was extra special. Her tiny pink ring began to stretch around my invading cock, opening for further penetration as a quiet squeal escaped her lips.  As the head slipped in, I could feel her anus tighten reflexively.  I stopped for a brief moment before pushing my cock in further.  Soon I was up to my balls in her ass, my hands gripping her taut hips.  She started to moan louder as I began to withdraw.  I moved my cock only about an inch, back and forth as I spit down onto her ass.  I rubbed the new lubricant along my shaft, and then pushed forward again.

“Mmmm, I love it!” Jill moaned, pushing her ass back to meet my cock.

I began to build up speed, moving in and out in a steady rhythm, watching my cock disappear into her tight asshole.  As I bottomed out, I grabbed her shoulders, forcing my hips against her ass.  My balls were pressed against her wet pussy lips as my dick traveled up her ass.  I gave her a few quick little thrusts before pulling out almost all the way.  Jill gasped as I plunged back in, causing her hips to lurch forward.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Just like that! Fuck me hard!”

I gave her a few more thrusts, each one causing her body to sink down a little more until her face was pressed into the sofa.  Her moans became muffled by the cushion as I continued pounding her ass.  Reaching down I grabbed her hips, pulling her body back up to meet my cock.  When she was fully impaled, I fell onto my back, taking her with me, my dick still surrounded by her ass.  As we fell back, Jill sank down farther on my dick.  I let her body rest on mine as I reached around and grabbed her tits.  I kissed at her neck, and rotated my pelvis, working my cock around in her butt.

“Wait, stop,” she said, placing her hands on my hips.

I stopped as Jill slowly pulled herself off my dick.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“It was getting a little dry.  We need some lube.”

“But we don’t have any…”

Before I could finished, Jill took my cock and stuffed it into kaçak bahis her mouth.  I just stared in amazement as she sucked me down her throat.  When she pulled out, she started licking my shaft with abandon, coating it with saliva.  When it was nice and wet, she looked up at me and smiled.

Without a word she climbed back up and crouched over my erect cock.  I sat back as she reached down, taking my dick into her delicate hand and placing back at the entrance to her ass.  As she lowered herself down, my cock slid in easier, lubricated with Jill’s spit.  Her ass cheeks came to rest on my hips as she exhaled.

Then she began to bounce.  Up and down, her little hips rose and fell, filling, then emptying her asshole.  I looped my arms around her waist, pulling her down to me as I fucked her.  I started to go faster as she moaned and ground her ass into me.  Like a piston, my cock worked it’s way in and out.

Suddenly I rolled to the side, sending both of us to the floor. My dick remained buried inside her the entire time, and I continued fucking her as we lay there.  Harder and harder I slammed her ass.  I felt the cum rising in my balls but just continued fucking her.

I quickened the pace, as the cum began to shoot from my cock.  I was going to pull out, but it just felt too good.  The creamy jism coated Jill’s asshole.

“Oooooo, that feels good!” Jill exclaimed.  “I can feel your cum in my ass.  It’s so warm.”

I rested my body on top of hers as my dick began to shrink.   As I started to pull out, Jill reached around grabbing my ass.

“No! Keep it in. I want you to fuck me more!”

I moved back up to my knees, taking her with me.  As she sat on her hands and knees, she started to wiggle her ass back and forth on my flaccid dick.  I could feel my cum inside her, further coating my shaft.

“I can feel it inside me,” she squealed. “So hot and slippery.”

I started to get hard again.

“I want it good!” she continued. “I want you to fuck my ass really hard and then give me another load of hot cum.”

My dick inflated before my eyes, filling her anal cavity once more.  I remained still, however, as Jill bucked herself back and forth on my cock.  My dick was going in and out easier than before, sliding on a river of cum.

“Let’s change positions,” Jill offered, pulling free of my glistening cock.

She then sat back on the sofa and spread her legs wide.  She must have been a dancer or something because she was damn flexible.  I moved over and started to push my cock back into her inviting asshole.  I looked into her face as I entered her.  Her sweet lips were pursed together and her eyes were closed.  She then opened them and stared into my eyes with a lustful glare.  My dick slid on a river of cum up her sweet ass pipe as I placed my hands on her thighs, holding her legs wide open.

As I fucked her, I leaned forward and we shared a deep, wet kiss. She bit her bottom lip as I pulled my face back and pushed my cock up inside her. I looked down and saw my cum, leaking out from around my dick as I pumped her tight asshole.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned. “Fill me up. Fill my ass with your cock.”

It was a little strange hearing that sweet girl talk that way, but at that point, nothing was going to surprise me. I resumed, fucking her even harder than before.

I grabbed her ankles and pushed them up beside her head, as I slid in even deeper.  She squealed in both pain and pleasure as I fed my cock to her tight young butt hole.  Beads of sweat were forming on my head from the frantic fucking and my pulsing dick was being gripped even tighter by Jill’s ass.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I said between gasps. “Where do you want it?”

“You can cum anywhere you want.”

“I want to cum in your mouth!”

“Then do it! Cum in my mouth!”

With a wet “pop” I pulled my cock from Jill’s asshole and stepped up onto the couch.  I started jerking my cock, eager to fill her mouth with my cum, but she brushed my hand away.

“Allow me,” she said.

I almost fainted as she took my cock in her delicate hand and started stroking. After the first stream of cum fired out, Jill locked her lips around my dick and sucked down the rest.  I then fell down onto the bed in a tired sweaty heap.

Jill immediately got up and started to dress.

“I have to get going. My parents will wonder where I am.”

She gave me one last kiss before running off.  That was the last I ever saw of Jill.

The End.
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