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Mac walks into the house where Delilah and her family lives, and shakes George’s hand. “It’s good to see you again, sir.”

Returning the handshake, George lightly shakes his head and says back to him “Ahhh, no need for that formality. Just call me ‘George’. After all, you’re not that same little kid I used to know, are ya?”

Mac chuckles as he follows George into the living room, saying “Nah, I guess not. I mean, that would be an awkward conundrum, wouldn’t it?”

George smirks, as he sits in his recliner. “Only if you want it to be. Haha, but I can see why my daughter loves you so much. She always says you’re a funny guy.”

“Ah, well… depends on who’s laughin’, I suppose.”

“Haha, right. Go on and have a seat, Mackenzie. The ladies should be ready in about 5 more minutes.”

“Ok, sounds good.”

As Mac sits down on the living room couch, he takes a look around the decor. Everything seems to still be the same as from the last time he was here before he left for college. Mac sits back onto the couch, getting comfortable. George soon breaks the silence and asks him “So, how is your music major going?”

Looking up at George, Mac replies “Oh, it’s going well. So far so good. I’ve been working on a few projects. I’m starting to expand my website portfolio so I can begin taking requests. That way, I can build up my resume for more opportunities.”

“Ah, yes. Delly was telling me how you are working on a soundtrack for a video game?”

“Haha, yes, I’m very excited for that. It’s still top secret, so I can’t really share any details yet. But this will be my first video game composition.”

“Looks like I gotta tell my boys to play it then.”

“Haha, that would definitely help. How are your sons doing, by the way?”

“They’re doing good. Jeffrey should be here to visit next month. I’m sure you and him got some catching up to do, as well.”

“Yeah, I miss him, too. I would like to see him when he gets here, that’d be nice.”

George shifts around in his recliner, sighing in disgust. Mac looks on with slight concern, and asks him “Everything okay over there?”

George laughs and says back “Oh, yeah, I’m fine. It’s just this damn chair. Finally wearing out on me. Damn back of it’s been deteriorating on me.”

“Gee, that’s unfortunate, George.”

“Ahh, it happens. Just weird… I don’t let anyone else sit in it, besides Delly, anyway. It started getting like this around… say, 3 years ago?”

“Ah, I see. Maybe it was just an accident on her part, then.” Mac softly bites his lip in guilt, as the realization hits him. He knows that he is totally responsible for George’s broken recliner. Mac chuckles as he thinks to himself Or maybe because I fucked your daughter’s feet on that chair…

“Ok, guys, we’re coming down!” Christina says as she finally heads down. “Heeeey, there, Mackenzie! It’s great to see you! You look so handsome!” Mac blushes at her compliment and replies “Aw, thank you, Chris. You’re looking radiant in that bahis firmaları outfit as well.” Christina smiles as she gives him a big hug, saying “Oh, stop! You’re just saying that. Hahaha, but thank you. Figured I’d just do a casual red combo. It’s not too much, don’t you think?”

As she asks him, she shows off the outfit: a red blouse, with black dress pants, ending with dark red boots. Mac smiles and says to her “Not at all, you look amazing.” George chuckles and adds in “Yes, you do. As lovely as ever, dear.” Christina lovingly sighs at her husband’s remark, and reaches in to kiss him on his cheek, saying “Aww… my big, strong husband. Always knowing what to say to a lady.”

Mac smiles at the joy they are both sharing with each other, and backs away to give them their moment. He enjoys how they both seem to still be in love with each other as much as they were the first day they met. As he sighs, thinking about his own parents again, a soft but affectionate voice can be heard from the stairs… “Mac?”

Mac turns around towards the voice and looks up the stairs. Delilah slowly makes her way down each step, looking directly at Mac with a delicate tenderness. Her hair is banged in the front of her forehead, and is slightly curled. Her ears are decked out with Lee Gold Oval Drop pink earrings. Her light pink polished fingernails fiddle together as she gets closer. Her smile widens more with each step. The pink lipstick shines with a inviting radiance, and her face is as smooth as a pearl. Mac watches on as she finally makes her way down to the last step. He attentively observes her outfit:

A light pink sleeveless blouse and black shorts that cut above to her thighs, showing off her exquisite smooth legs covered in sheer nude pantyhose. And as the pink cherry on top (or in this case, at the bottom), Mac subtly looks down at her feet: Eminently worn out (but still durable) pink satin ballet flats that she had her best friend Sandra purchased 3 years prior. Mac sighs softly with a pleased lust: Delilah and her outfit are just absolute.

Breaking his silence, he finally says to her “He-hey… hey, Del…”

Delilah giggles, and says back while walking towards him “Hey, there, Mac. I’m glad you made it. You look so handsome.”

Mac smiles as she reaches for a loving hug. She giggles as she feels his arms wrap around her waist, wrapping her own around his neck. Mac returns the compliment “So do you… I mean, um, not handsome, but beautiful.” Delilah laughs at his almost verbal blunder, and kisses his cheek “Aww, thank you so much.”

George shakes his head, and says “Not to cut the moment short, but we should get going. We are reserved, so we have to be at the restaurant in 20 minutes.”

Delilah stops the hug, and nods “Oh, yes, Daddy, no problem. We’re ready. Are you ready to go, Mac?”

Mac nods with a smile “I am ready.”

George heads towards the door, and opens it, holding it open for the ladies. Christina steps out, giving her husband a quick kiss kaçak iddaa on the cheek. Delilah follows, also giving her father another kiss on the cheek. Mac then follows, causing George to quip “Not gonna kiss me, too, are ya?”

Mac laughs and shakes his head “No promises.” With that, he steps out the door, and George finally closes and locks the door. They all make their way to George’s dark blue Toyota minivan. George soon drives off, heading to the restaurant.

* * * * *

“God, I’m already getting so full!” Christina boasts as she chews more of her smoked salmon. George laughs as he watches his wife, saying “I told you to not eat anything before we got here, Chris.” Looking back at her husband, she replies “Ahh, gimme a break. My sugar was getting low. I needed those cookies. Hahaha!”

Sitting at a squared table on the outer right of the restaurant, Mac, Delilah, George and Christina are enjoying a pleasant dinner. George and Mac are sitting across from one another. Delilah and Christina are sitting across from each other, with Christina on Mac’s right side and Delilah on his left side. Soft violins play from the live band, setting a calming ambiance. Looking over at Mac, Christina sweetly asks him “How is your food, darling?”

Mac nods in bliss as he chews, swallowing before he says “It’s amazing. Probably the best ribeye I’ve ever eaten.”

Delilah smiles as she sips her appropriate pink lemonade and says “Hehe, yeah, Daddy sure knows how to pick the spots. We haven’t been here since I graduated. I love it in here.” George adds in “Yeah, I figured it would be appropriate to come back here since Delly is back in town. Well… I guess can say the same for you, too, Mackenzie.”

Sipping his sweet tea, Mac smiles and says back “I appreciate that, sir. Thank you for the invitation. This is actually my first time eating in here.”


“Oops!” Delilah squeals as her unused spoon tips over and falls under the clothed table, landing closer to Mac. “What’s wrong, honey?” Christina asks her daughter. “Oh, my spoon just fell. Hehe, I’m such a klutz!” Mac laughs and says “Ah, so that’s what that was. Hang on, I’ll get it for you.”

Delilah smirks and looks at him, saying “Oh, please do. Thank you. Hehehe…”

As George shrugs and goes back to eating his lasagna, Mac scoots his chair backwards, and leans below the table. He moves the cloth to get a better view on where the spoon landed. It is decked against the middle pole of the table… right below Delilah’s crossed left leg. “Did ya find it, Mac?” Delilah asks him, stifling a laugh. He replies “Uh, yeah, I’m reaching it for it now.”

“Hehe, sorry if my feet are in the way. I can move them for you…” she softly says.

Now smirking, Mac says back “Oh, no, you’re fine. I got space to reach it…” Mac then leans in closer, now knowing this wasn’t a accidental coincidence. Not even paying attention to the spoon, he accepts Delilah’s invitation as he looks at her feet. What kaçak bahis he sees almost stops his heart…

“So, Delly, does your online class have any kind of schedule for the summer?” George’s muffled voice can be heard from below the table. Mac gulps as he can see that Delilah’s pink flat on her crossed leg is firmly gripped between the clenched combo of her second and big toe.

“Um, not really, it’s self-scheduled, Daddy, but I just have to make sure that I meet deadlines for the week. Hehehe.” Delilah’s sweet voice vibrates through the table cloth, tickling Mac’s ear with a ASMR-like result. Her crossed leg bounces in front of him, and her innovative dangling technique makes her flat pivot between the hard grip of her pantyhosed covered toes. He finally reaches for the spoon to not draw too much unwanted attention, and to not expose his lust for her feet and flats.

As he grabs the spoon, he takes one last look before his inevitable rise back to his seat. He makes a mental picture of her exposed pantyhosed foot; the arch curling due to her scrunched toes; the pink ballet flat fiercely nestled between her 2 toes; the wrinkles her pantyhose form from the constant pressure of being skin-tight around her leg. And lastly, the soft rotating of her ankle which makes her flat turn sideways with the insole facing his direction.

Grabbing the spoon, Mac finally makes his way back up, clearing his throat. He hands the spoon back to Delilah, who grins at him, looking directly into his eyes. She reaches for the spoon and says “Aw, thank you, Mac! That was really nice of you. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble. Hehe.” Feeling his hardness rise in his slacks, he shakes his head in a calm fashion and says “No, no… not at all. It was my pleasure.”

Before Delilah can even reply back, Christina interrupts with a question to her. “Hey, Delly, sweetie, can you come to the ladies room with me? Gotta freshen up my makeup.” Delilah looks at her mother and giggles, saying “Oh, sure, Mom. I gotta wash my hands anyway. We’ll be back in a bit, guys.”

George softly shoos them away, saying “Oh, take your time, girls. No rush.” Delilah plants a soft kiss on Mac’s cheek, saying to him “I’ll be back soon, sweetie.” As Christina reaches in to give George a kiss of her own, Delilah takes the opportunity to bring her lips closely to Mac’s right ear. She softly whispers “I hope you enjoyed the preview down there, tiger…” That causes Mac to softly gasp, and before he can even react, Delilah walks off with Christina to the ladies room. Soon, only George and a dumbfounded Mac are left alone at the table.

George breaks the silence and says “Man, those girls sure are a handful.” Mac sighs and laughs, saying “No kidding. But that’s what makes them great.”

“You got that right. Haha.” George states as he takes a sip of his piña colada. “Looks like they’re gonna be in there for a while, though.”

“Yeah, but I don’t mind.” Mac says with a smile.

George nods, and in a more serious tone, says to Mac “That’s good… because I want to talk to you anyway, son.”

Mac looks up at George, and with a slight sense of nervousness, says back “Oh, ok… What’s on your mind, George?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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