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Ben stands over me and pulls me to my feet and pulls me close into his chest. I can smell our sex. He releases me, kisses me and asks me where the bedroom was. I take his hand and walk him down aware he is watching my nakedness.

He pulls back the covers and pulls me in and under the sheets and wraps me once again in his arms. We lie there for a while getting our breath back and I tell him that the sex we’d just had was incredible and that I had not been sure I could fit him all in but I was pleased I could. I asked if he was ever frustrated when a partner couldn’t take his full width and length. He says sometime but it depends on whether he fucks them in the ass. An ass can usually handle it all, provided they are up for trying it that way, of course, he continues. He smiles at me. I smile back.

I can feel my nipples tighten as he tells me this – the thought of being properly reamed in the ass has me quivering.

The best sex I’d had, to this point, was with my first real boyfriend. I was in the final year of High School , he was a much older man. You know the thing, out with friends, dressed up and looking much older, underage drinking in a cocktail bar, older handsome man starts paying attention, etc…anyway this night he had booked a hotel room in which he proceeded to spend the whole night fucking me in the ass. That was all he did, all night.

He had such exquisite self control that he held off coming; he’d bring himself to a dry orgasm and he just concentrated on taking me in every conceivable position. His firm favourite was to sit me on the bar stool with my ass hanging over the back. He was able to fuck me with his full length. By gripping the top of the counter in front of me he was able to really pound me.

He taught me how to gape, how to hold my ass open for him and how to try and squeeze him out to make it tighter for him. I can’t remember how often I came, his cock still buried to the balls inside me, hot and throbbing. Apparently I came so hard the first time, I passed out for a few seconds! He eventually shot his load into my ass with me on all fours, my ass to the ceiling and face buried in a pillow screaming out another orgasm as I felt him swell inside me and shoot long ribbons of cum deep in my bowls.

I could feel his sperm run out of me the rest of the next day. Every time I went to bathroom I could smell his cum as it dribbled out of me into the toilet bowl. In the end I took a hot bath and enema just to get some peace!

The problem is I think it spoiled me. I’ve just never attain those heights again. While boyfriends would regularly fuck me in my ass, it was always to finish themselves off…they never gave it the full attention it deserves – so I was always left unsatisfied. They always came, I rarely did and only because I was buzzing my clit numb with a vibrator at the same time and even then it was a shallow orgasm that just left me still wanting more.

So you see, what I want from anal sex is to be totally reamed out. I want to feel stretched, full and used by the end of it. If a guy fucks my ass I want him to own it.

I begin to overheat as the afternoon sun begins to shine through the window warming our nakedness. I lean over and slowly lick to tip of his cock and get up to go to the bathroom. I quickly jump in the shower to freshen up and stick two soapy finger into my ass to check and they come out clean. I repeat this a few times to be sure. By the time I’d washed my teeth and topped up my perfume an come back into the bedroom Ben is sitting up in the bed with the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face. He’s looking between me and my dildo and butt plug collection that he’s clearly found in the bedside table. I feign embarrassment and Ben tells me he’d hoped he’d find them as it was easier than asking if I had any! We both laugh. Ben asks if he could use them on me and I nod, telling him that I wanted him to.

He gets up and goes to the kitchen. When he returns he has the wine bottle, two fresh glasses and a small bowl of warm water. Setting these down he gets a fresh towel from the bathroom. I give him a quizzed look and he holds up his hand and simply asks me to trust him. I’m lying slightly propped up on top of the bed the sheet thrown back. It has really heated up in more ways that one this afternoon and there’s a light glow of sweat to my skin despite the shower. Ben comes and sits down facing me he put his and on my stomach and says,

“Grace, bahis firmaları I’m going to take control – I want you trust me. Can you do that?”

“Of course I trust you Ben,” I say calmly while heart races.

Take control!

Fuck yeah!!

At last.

He asks me to roll over and places a folded pillow under my stomach raising my ass. He leans over to the bed side table and, taking the two butt plugs places them in the bowl of warm water then returns his attention to me.

He gently spreads my legs and I feel my labia gently part; I feel him lie between and I shudder slightly when he begins to lick me with long slow gently strokes of his tongue from my clit to my asshole. I feel myself creaming all over his tongue and he transfers this to my asshole which he eventually begins to work on in earnest. I feel his large hands parting my ass cheeks and his tongue begins to slowly circle my asshole, oh so gently, alternating between flicking across it to long low circular licks.

After a while he reaches up and takes both my hand to replace his holding my as open and I find myself face down on the bed, holding my ass open while this gorgeous man gives me the rimming of my life. His hands free, he slowly inserts the index and middle finger of his right into my pussy fingering me and flicking them inside me at the same time. Every time he pushes them in he rubs his little finger against my clit. I can just feel an orgasm building when he begins to push is tongue into me and slowly tongue fuck my ass. I go stratospheric in an instance literally crying into the pillow as wave after wave of sweeps from my ass to my pussy and everywhere in between. Oh God!

I’m breathless and turn my face to take some deep breaths. Ben has stopped fingering me but continues to gently but firmly work his tongue into my ass. I can feel myself opening for him, the feeling of his hot tongue parting and wriggling into my sphincter is just incredible and I pull my ass checks as wide as I can stretching my hole further for him.

I wonder about women who don’t indulge in this type of sex. Have they any idea what they are missing? Or maybe they’ve just had inexperienced lovers who’ve rushed and botched the job? Take it from me, when done right, getting your ass totally owned will blow your fucking mind.

With my head turn I see him reaching for the smaller of the two butt plugs from the bowl. He lifts it and wipes it before holding it to my mouth. After I’d wet it he takes it away and I feel it being drawn up and down my labia. BBn then oh so slowly begins to push the tip into my ass. I’m that well lubricated and relaxed it actually slips in and I enjoy the fullness as my ass closed over the end and grips the shaft. Ben slides up the bed and lies beside me on his side. We kiss and while I’m sucking on his tongue he reaches down a slowly begins to pull the plug out and back in again – the feeling of my asshole being stretched is delicious.

After a few minutes of this he replaces it with the larger dido, twice the size but again he’s done his work well and there is only a slight resistance at the very bulbous bit before the stem and he has to work me up to that. Again as it pops past my sphincter and my ass grips the shaft I experience that delightful sensation. Fuck he’s good at this! I feel him stand up and he switches the dildos vibration on telling me he’s going shower and that when he comes back he’s going to fuck my ass. I groan into the pillow both at the new sensation in my ass and the thought of getting royally ass fucked by that cock.

Ben returns and, standing next to the bed, puts his cock to my mouth. I suck his head into my mouth; he tastes of soap. He reaches down and slowly begins to pull the diddo back out of my ass – I push hard as the bulbous end begins to stretch me and it pops out in a glorious rush, still buzzing like an angry wasp.

His cock if fully hard, the skin of the head tight, shiny and smooth. I climb up to my knees and spitting on his cock head I lube the shaft and wank him. I reach between my legs and scoop up as much of my own wetness and run it on his shaft. Ben asks if I wanted more lube and tell him there’d no need. There was but also I don’t like it too slippy. I need to feel anal sex. No pain, no pleasure!

I think he is going to mount from behind but ever the gentleman Ben lies back on the bed and says,

“You control the pace of this bit, Grace. ”

Thank fuck, I kaçak iddaa think.

I make a real show of straddling him reverse cow, spreading my ass so he gets a good view. I’m actually straddling his knees his cock is so long. I feel him push his thick cock head along between my ass cheeks. I reach between my legs and holding his cock against my ass I slide up and down the length of him. I can feel the thick veins of his shaft, rubbery, hot and pulsing.

I lean forward again. Positioning his cock head at my asshole I slowly begin to sit back. I can feel the heat from his cock head as the pressure begins to grow and I feel my asshole begin to open up. I rock a little back and forth working the head a little further in.

The pain starts to build and I gasp. Ben massages my ass cheeks and tells me to take my time. I know I just need to work past the first pain. His cock head is bulbous and thicker than his shaft so once I get past that I will be OK.

I push back hard and the pain increases shooting across and into my ass and I feel my sphincter stretch painfully, the pressure building still further. With one last effort and a scream I feel the flange of his cock head slip past the tight ring of my sphincter and a third of his cock rushes in to fill my bowel.

I’m breathing hard as the pain continues to sting but I’m beginning to sense that wonderful feeling of being filled and stretched at the same time that comes with anal sex.

We stay still for a while and I slide up his cock a little before sitting back down, taking another inch of him into me. It feels incredible! The pain is subsiding and all I feel is my stretched ass gripping his cock and a strong desire to take all of his cock; I continue to slide slowly up and down his shaft taking it inch by inch.

After a few minutes I want to change position as I can’t quite get down far enough so I look over my shoulder and say,

“Gape my ass, Ben. I want to gape for you.”

Ben puts his large hands on my ass cheeks spreading them wide and I slowly rock forward pulling myself off his cock. I shudder as his cock head stretches me again and then it falls out of me with a slow sucking noise. Bens cock springs back and hitting his stomach makes a wet slapping noise.

I’m now fully dilated and my ass is gapped…I am fully exposed. This man is holding my ass checks spread apart, staring into my ass and I adore it. I find exposing myself like this, being subservient to this man in this way to be so erotic and intimate at the same time.

Ben is looking right at my ass and then looking at me says simply,

“Jesus baby, I’m so going to own that ass this day.”

Just exactly what I wanted to hear!!

I spin around and, with Ben hold his shaft up, I get up on my feet and squat down impaling myself on his cock. It goes into me in one fluid moment. I feel myself stretching again to accommodate the wider part of his shaft at the root of his cock but I take it all in.

I can feel his head somewhere deep inside my bowl. Ben groans and starts painfully sucking my nipples and I moan loudly and tell him,

“Hurt me Ben, I want you to hurt me.”

He looks up at me sharply then lifts me half way up his shaft and supporting my hips with his hand he begins to fuck my ass in earnest with long deep thrusts; every time he plunges to the balls the thicker base of his shaft stretches my ass painfully, the quickness of the thrusts giving me to no time to adjust. I’m in heaven.

I reach around and feel where his cock enters me; my sphincter feels so taught, strained. I encircle his cock with my thumb and forefinger squeezing it, feeling the veins bugle and further engorge his cock head buried deep within me.

He takes a rest after reaming me for 5 minutes; he’s breathing hard and working up a decent sweat. My hands are sliding where I put them on his chest so I can pull his cock out of me. I slide down the bed and start licking the length of his shaft, retracing the vein I’d followed before and, reaching the tip, I push his cock head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around his gland. He lays his head back against the pillows, closes his eyes and growls out a long slow moan. I get the slight tangy taste of my ass mixed with my pussy juice – it just tastes and smell of pure sex; it is heady, musky and sexy as fuck.

I take another drink and, giving the glass to Ben, I get up from the bed and move over to the sofa. It has wide, cushioned kaçak bahis arm rests at either end and I lie long the length of one face down with my legs apart hanging down either side. I am at the perfect height for Ben to mount me from behind.

I hear the clink of him putting the glass down. I can sense him behind and I hold my breath…he moves to stand beside me and I can feel his cock lying warmly across the small of my back. He grasps my pony tail and yanking my head back sharply he gives my ass one almighty slap. I yelled at the shock of the blow but am thrilled by the pain.

He keeps this spanking me like a metronome, each blow as hard as the last, until I could take it no longer and asked him to please stop. I lay there waiting for him to start again, my ass a fire of lovely pain. He comes around to face me and I slowly suck his cock while he leisurely fucks my mouth. His precum begins to flow again and I keep this under my tongue. When he moves to mount my ass again I spit the precum out unto my fingers and rub it into my hole.

I pushed my ass up to meet him and he pushes his cock head into me and I become aware of just how wet the top of the arm rest has become. It is soaking wet, a clear indication of my predilection for being harshly treated!

He fucks me hard then, deep thrusts at first, his hands holding on to either side of arm rest, his right leg raised on the sofa. I feel his balls slapping against my sopping wet pussy and I reach back to cradle them. I loved the feel of their weighty mass and size. I can feel his sweat dripping unto my back.

After gaping me a few time he starts to pull right out and then push back into me but only so far as to allow my ass to close over the raised rim of his cock head. He starts to do this at pace and I can feel my sphincter being dragged, stretched out slightly as the ridge catches it when he pulls back – it feels like large anal beads being pulled out every time he does this and it sets me on edge.

I begin spiralling down into a bone shaking orgasm. Ben’s cock slips out of me and I fall onto the sofa shaking like I’d been tazered. My screaming leaves me breathless. Fuckkkk!

I’m tired now but I need to have Ben cum.

He reaches down and pulls me up so I’m standing in front of him. He lifts me clear of the ground and pulls my legs up with his arms around the back of my knees and clasped around the small of my back. I support myself with my hands around his neck. I know what he wants and I reach down with one hand and guide his cock into my ass.

He’s working up to his orgasm and he pounds me mercilessly with deep, hard thrusts that I can feel throughout my whole body. He is in me balls deep at every thrust, impaling me. I feel helpless, out of control and totally owned as I continue to be savagely reamed. We struggle to hold on to one another; we are slippery with sweat.

At last Ben begins to quicken and I feel him tense, his cock swelling inside me. I feel him spurt once inside me but he quickly pulls out and grunts for me to get down. I drop to my knees in front of him.

He is gripping his cock hard, his face is contorted by his effort. I reach up and cup his balls in my hand squeezing them. He groans loudly and grabbing my pony tail yanks my head back and to the side. I open my mouth wide and put my tongue out. Begging.

I’m loving this…I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve always had a nagging feeling when I’ve been with other men that I’m missing something, That there must be more to it? And now I’ve found out what it is. Sex to me is about getting fucked. I need to be made to surrender myself. I don’t enjoy it soft or loving. I need to be hurt, made to cry, fucked hard, used and totally dominated. I’ve found my kink…better late than never, I guess. Who says nice girls can’t be whores?

Ben slowly wanks his cock, concentrating on the bulbous head, and I watch as every muscle and sinew of him tenses and, yelling at the ceiling, he finally lets go.

Two, three, four, five, long thick streams of cum erupt from his cock and splatter across my face, mouth, throat and breasts.

I’m covered.

I can taste the salty tang on my tongue. I scoop the cum up in my fingers and,holding my hand aloft let it drool down into my mouth, I swallow it down.




Ben looms above me, hands on his hips, watching, his cock swings in front of me, twitching.

There is still cum dribbling out of him and I put his cock in my mouth and suck the last drop from him.

I clean his cock with my mouth and, as I finish, he watches as I catch the cum dripping out my wrecked asshole and lick my hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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