Greta Fights Mommy Adriana


Dear Readers, this is the second part of the Mommy Adriana series. I hope you enjoy the ride, there is more to come.

* * * * *

Mommy Adriana continued her assault on my boycunt with her 10 inch strap-on dildo stretching me to the hilt. Meanwhile Andrea, my wife, had gotten up from my face, leaving me drenched in her juices. She sat exhausted on the couch watching the scenario in front of her. Mommy Adriana quickened her pace causing me to moan louder and louder which each thrust of her huge dildo.

I looked up at Mommy Adriana, meanwhile she had taken off her blouse and bra. Her big d-cup tits almost slapped me with each thrust forward. She took my hands and lead me to her huge nipples. I started to massage them and they were hard and long like little cocks. This obviously increased her pleasure and she neared orgasm, the strap-on went in and out at the speed of a jackhammer, my moans had turned into uncontrollable shrieks.

Mommy Adriana cried out loud and I felt her juices gush out and around the strap-on. This triggered my orgasm and an incredible pleasure washed over me. I felt like in a world of my own, for a moment everything stood still, my cockette tried to get hard but it was futile in its chastity, still I came like never before. Then I came back to life, my mother in law slumped over me and I looked towards Andrea who sat on the couch fingering herself and moaning out loud, lost in a world of her own, bringing herself to just another shattering orgasm.

Slowly Mommy Adriana withdrew the giant cock without a word from my abused boycunt, even slower she unstrapped the dildo and moved forward toward my head. There she unbuckled my double dildo, took it out of my mouth and simply sat on my face.

“Lick me, clean me, but be very gentle Greta.”

I had of course no other choice and took to my task immediately. She was dripping of juices and I was surprised she didn’t even taste bad. I mean not as good as Andrea but still not a bad taste. After a minute or so she got up and told me to clean the toys and then to go up to her bedroom to wait for her. I took the toys and went on wobbly legs to the bathroom.

When I came back I saw the two women sitting on the couch. Mommy Adriana simply held her daughter in her arms. Andrea saw me, straightened up and said, “before you go to Mommie’s bedroom I want to have a word with you.”

“Mom, we’ll be ready in a few minutes and you can have her for further training I guess.” Mommy Adriana raised her hand, interjecting.

“First she has to dress properly again. She looks like a slut in just her corset, stockings and heels. I will teach her to keep modest in the house.”

With that she helped me back into the clothes and took special care in closing the hobble skirt so once again I was reduced to take mincing steps.

With my head hung I followed my wife as best as I could to our bedroom, but was it still ours? Would I ever be sleeping there again after what had occurred during the evening? Andrea sat on the bed and told me to close the door.

“Come here and kneel in front of me Gary!”

Did I hear right? Did she call me by my name? Was there still hope for me? I walked slowly towards her, fearing the words coming out of her mouth. Equally slowly and with great difficulty due to my hobble skirt I dropped to my knees. I looked up at her. She bent forward, took my face in one of her beautiful hands. She held me like this for quite a while, as if studying my face or better what was happening behind this made up facade.

“Dear, what happened since Mom arrived can’t be undone anymore. I know you must feel humiliated, but I still love you and want you to be my man, my husband. The only problem is, I am not able to fight for you against Mom, you have to do this on your own. I want you back in this bedroom as my husband. God, you really look like a girl. Where is the man I married years ago?”

She pulled me up, held me in her arms for a moment and whispered in my pierced and earring studded ear.

“Go get her Tiger! Fight her and be my man again!”

I looked at her, nodded my head and walked with swaying hips and mincing steps towards the door. Yes, I thought I will show Mommy Adriana, err, this bitch who is the man of the house. With that I left the sanctity of our bedroom and stepped outside. My six inch heels clicked loud on the wooden floor and reminded me with this eerie sound who really was wearing the pants. I stopped in my tracks and tried to calm down for a moment before I entered the guest bedroom where my mother in law was definitely waiting for me.

Yes, there she was! Smiling at me.

“Oh Greta, finally you come. What kept you so long? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Come here now! I’ll teach you what you need to know about female hygiene honey.”

I simply stood there, defying her orders.

“Girl! For Christ sakes! What happened in your Mistresses bedroom? Oh, I see you are mersin escort all getting manly with me now. Hahahaha!” She laughed out loud, tears were running down her cheeks.

“Oh my god, you are funny! I thought we had already gotten past this. I mean who fucked whom? Who didn’t get his clitty up? Hahahaha! It was you! My cock was hard as a rock. I believe your cunt is still throbbing now. And look at you! Just take a look into the mirror and tell me where do you see a man?”

She got up quickly and pushed me in front of the mirror. I didn’t want to look into it. I knew I didn’t look like a man now. How could I, dressed like this? Somehow I wrestled out of her grip, turned around and said.

“Yes, I know I am not dressed like a man right now. But, but you made me. It doesn’t mean I am not a man. I am a man and you know it too. I’ll show you.”

With that I started to undo my blouse, but she had recovered from the shock of my unexpected rebellion. Once again she surprised me with strength and quickness. With one step she was at my side, pulled my arms behind my back, pushed me toward her bed. I stumbled and fell right on it. I heard her rummaging in the night stand and before I had gotten up I saw her holding triumphantly a pair of handcuffs. This time I was prepared and when she attacked me I was able to hold her off, at least for a short moment.

We wrestled with each other, but she had certainly an advantage with me wearing a hobbleskirt and six inch heels, the fight was over quickly. My hands now on my back cuffed I was no match for her anymore. I knew I had lost my chance and she knew it too. She got up and towered over me with a glaring face.

“Good effort for a weak girl like you, but honey you should have remembered besides Andrea I had four boys and they all obey me. Why do you think they do that? Just because I prepared them nice food?”

Her laughter rang in my ears. With surprising ease she pulled me up and lay me belly down on the bed where I lay waiting resignedly what was in store for me.

She rummaged once again in her magic suitcase. I felt her opening up the hobble skirt, pulling it down, my panties followed right after. She pulled me up into a standing position, showed me a big wooden paddle and held it right into my face.

“How many do you think you deserve for your rebellion, girl?”

When I didn’t respond she got even angrier.

“Ok girl, you just earned yourself another 10 blows for not answering to your loving Mommy. Let me see, for your unmotivated outburst I’ll give you 50 swats plus the 10 we have, that makes a nice 60 swats. Hmm, I bet your cute bubble butt will have such a nice color afterwards. I shall choose your new lipstick in the same color sweet girl.”

With this she sat down on the bed. I looked at her and started pleading.

“Please Mommy Adriana, I’ll be good, I have learned my lesson.”

This caused her another round of laughter.

“You still don’t get it, don’t you? If I say something you can bet on me doing it, sweetheart. I just want the best for you, so if you know what is good for you stop whining and take your punishment like a good girl,” laughing once again at the irony of her words. Would this humiliation ever stop?

I looked at her and like in slow motion I positioned myself over her, already the second time in less than a day.

“Hmmm, that’s good honey. Now lets start. Oh, before I forget it, would you please not forget to count each swat and thank me for it or otherwise I may have to add another blow for each time you forget. You got that Greta?”

I simply nodded my head.

“I didn’t hear you sweety.”

So I answered her dutifully. “Yes Mommy Adriana, I won’t forget.”

As soon as I had said it, the first swat came down on my unprotected butt. I yelped loud in pain, very much surprised at the intensity of the pain partially due to the earlier punishment and of course to the wooden paddle. Before I could utter a word two, three, four blows rained down in quick succession on me. The pain was so intense that I hardly could breath anymore and I simply cried out loud.

“Oh honey, does it hurt? Its all good for you. We need to get rid of this stupid macho attitude of yours. By the way, we have to start all over again because you forgot to thank me.”

I cried once again. “Please Mommy, please stop. It hurts soo much, I promise I won’t be a macho anymore. Please don’t hurt me.”

She snickered. “No way, honey you won’t rob me of this nightly pleasure, but I relent, you don’t have to count or we won’t be ready for breakfast I guess and I need my beauty sleep as much as you honey.”

She continued her assault on me and after 15 blows I started to cry uncontrollably. I didn’t even hear the door opening. Only when Mommy Adriana said: “Hello Andrea. I am showing Greta the hard way to obedience. She had a chance to have kocaeli escort it the easy way but she rebelled against me and thought she could escape her destiny to be your maid.”

While saying that she didn’t miss a beat and continued beating the living daylight out of me. Through teary eyes and crying out loud, I looked up and saw Andrea standing there, her mouth open, her expression showing a mixture of astonishment and disgust of her weak husband. She turned around and closed the door with a bang. I hung my head again and finally it stopped.

“Who are you?”I heard Mommy Adriana say.

Sobbing loud, rubbing my stinging buttcheeks, I answered her. “I am a girl and my name is Greta, Mommy Adriana.”

“Is there anything else you want to say?” I knew what she wanted from me and I also knew I would give it to her because I didn’t want to go through all the pain again.

“Yes, Mommy Adriana, there is more I want to say. I will try to be what you want me to be.”

I looked at her, whiping my tears from my face.

“So tell me what is it I want you to be sissy?”

I turned red and hung my head in submission. “I will become Andrea’s maid like you said Mommy Adriana.”

Smiling at me she pushed the envelope further.

“What else did I say?”

I looked at her again. “Please no Mommy Adriana, please no.”

Her fingers tapped impatiently the wooden paddle and I gave in.

“So she can take a real man as her lover and I can service both of them.”

She patted my head.

“There, there little one. Was it that difficult to admit you are a girl and not a man? You just have to overcome your false machism and start to think like the girl you are.”

With that she uncuffed me and went to her magical suitcase. She pulled out a pink babydoll with matching frilly panties and held it out towards me. I knew better than not to take it. Quckly I donned the clothes and I saw her delighted smile.

“Yes, pink suits you honey. I’ll keep you in pink and frills for the rest of your life.”

I stood in front of her, feeling ridiculous in my still tightly laced corset, my white stockings and heels contrasting nicely with my new babydoll and panties.

“Mommy Andrea, please let me take off the corset. It is so tight, I won’t be able to sleep.”

She raised her hand. “No complaining girl. You need it to mould you into the figure I want you to have. So you definetely keep it on for the night.”

Then she turned to her nighstand where a big glass jar stood. She took out two pills and handed them to me.

“Here girl. These pills will help you to overcome your machism. You will take two of them every morning and evening.”

I took them out of her hands, held them for a moment, looked at them and slowly raised them to my mouth and swallowed them.

“There we go”, she smiled. “You have taken the first step towards womanhood honey. I am proud of you.”

Then she went to the bathroom, obviously had forgotten about her earlier mention to teach me about female hygiene. It took a while and she came out wearing a long flowing silk nightgown which did little to hide her big tits.

“Your turn Greta. Since I love you so much I have laid out something for you which you should get used to. Women always want their pussies to be clean for their men, so we douche ourselfs. Since you still don’t have a natural pussy but want to be clean too, I’ll show you what to do.”

She went with me to the bathroom and I saw she had prepared just another humiliating task for me. Mommy Adriana smiles at my expression.

“I see you know it’s an enema bag. Honey you’ll do this from now on every morning and before you go to bed, and of course after each time you go to the bathroom. You want to be clean all the time. You don’t want your man to have a dirty cock except of course if you like sucking dirty cocks clean.”

I blushed beet red at yet another of her indignities. She motnioned for me to bend over and quickly pulled my panties down. Unceremonioulsy she pushed the nuzzle into my boypussy and I felt the warm soapy water enter my guts. Slowly my belly extended to pregnant size proportions. Soon I was happy to relieve myself. She repeated the process two times more before only clear liquid came out of me.

“Now you know how to do it and I expect you to be diligent with it. You never know who’ll lift your skirt and wants access in the next moment. So be prepared.”

I simply nodded my head in resignation. “Yes, Mommy Adriana.”

When we were done we went to our beds, me still locked in my six inch heels. She lay down.

“Come here and give Mommy a good night kiss.”

I dutifully went to her bed and kissed her cheeks.

“Mommy? Could you please unlock the heels. They are very beautiful but they hurt a lot and I won’t be able to sleep in them.”

She looked at me in mock pity, switching samsun escort off the light on her nightstand.

“You’ll need to get used to them honey. The point is not only the shoes should look beuatiful, your legs too. Good night and sleep tight.”

With teary eyes I slowly turned and minced to my bed, thinking of her irony: I had no other choice than sleeping like that, she herself had laced me into a corset. Despite my uncomfortable nightwear I fell asleep quickly but felt like a truck had hit me when at 6 am the alarm went off. I turned around but Mommy Adriana wouldn’t have any of it.

“Sleepyhead get up, so much to learn for you, so little time.”

She threw the covers on the ground and I had no chance, but to get up. Mommy quickly unlaced my corset and took off my heels. Oh, what a pleasure. Finally I was able to breath and walk normal again. We went together to the bathroom where we both took off our clothes and were naked in no time.

“This is your first day as a maid. I expect you to learn well and with enthusiasm. If you step out of line I’ll be glad to assist with the paddle to bring you back. The first task this morning is to learn how to assist washing me so you know how to do it for your Mistress Andrea.”

I nodded my head. “Yes Mommy Adriana.”

Quickly she reminded me of my need to curtsy slapping in rapid succession both of my cheeks.

“Did I say maid? Did I Greta? You know what a maid has to do, right?”

With a stinging face and tears in my eyes I dropped the best curtsy I could.

“Hmmm, very nice. I see you haven’t forgotten the curtsy lesson I gave you yesterday.”

She took my hand and pulled me under the shower.

“Kneel maid!”

I did as I was told and soon she gave me a soapy sponge. Giving me directions I cleaned her thoroughly. She turned off the water and we stepped outside where I proceeded to dry her with a big, fluffy bathtowel.

“Step into the shower and clean yourself up. Be quick! I will take care of myself for a moment.”

I took my shower and when I finished she waited already for me with body milk. She showed me ho to apply it and told me from now on to take good care of my body.

“Now you are nice and smooth and finally all your running comes in handy. You haven’t an ounce of fat too much. You’ve got already a girlish figure. The hormones will just enhance it and soon you won’t even remember you ever thought you were a man.”

She took hold of my nipples which always had been very sensitive. Immediately they got hard and stuck out.

“Hmmm, very nice.”

I moaned involuntarily.

“You like that. Don’t you Greta?”

I moaned once again while she twirled my nipples between her fingers.

“Yes Mommy, I love it.”

My cockette tried to become hard but was still locked away.

“Greta, this excites me. Drop to your knees and service me.”

I knew what she wanted and got down on my knees. She pulled me into her and I lapped at her pussy with long sensuous strokes. She took my hair in her hands and started thrusting herself against me, quicker and quicker, fucking my face, only this time without a strap-on. Soon I felt her juices gushing into my waiting mouth and I lapped like a dog in heat.

“Oh, that was good Greta. This will be also a part of your morning routine. You have a talented tongue, girl. I bet your Mistress will take advantage of this when I tell her. From her talking I know you haven’t been doing this on a regular basis. I promise you from now on you’ll spend quite a bit of time on your knees.”

Back in the bedroom she proceeded to lace me once again into the corset. I did put on the stockings next and I looked up just in time to see her holding up what I had been dreading to see the first time she mentioned me becoming a Maid: My uniform! I swallowed hard but took it from her. She helped me put it on and soon I was a vision in frills, satin and lace.

“Now we go to the kitchen where you prepare breakfast for your Mistress under my supervision and then we’ll present the new maid to her while serving the breakfast.”

I made Andrea her favorite bowl of cereals mixed with fresh fruit and a glass of orange juice. This I put on a tray, added a flower and slowly we both walked towards Andrea’s bedroom. Mommy Adriana walked ahead, knocked and walked in while she motioned for me to wait outside.

“It’s me sweetheart. You need to get up honey.”

Then she snipped with her fingers.

“May I present your new maid to you. Greta, come in!”

I minced slowly into her bedroom, holding my head low, avoiding to even look at Andrea after last night’s humiliation when she had left banging the door.

“Your were all the way right Mom. He’s really no man. I mean last night I thought a long time about what happened over there in the guestroom. I think it’s all for her own good. Yes, please train him, err, her to become the best maid I can imagine. I won’t be thinking of her as a man anymore. It’s over now. I said goodbye to this thought. Now serve me, Greta!”

Before I could make a move Mommy Adriana stormed past me and fell into the arms of my wife Andrea.

“Oh honey, you’ll see I only want the best for you and the best you shall have.”

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