Had a Bad Day Ch. 03


This story is 100% fictional and all characters in it are over the age of 18. I hope you all like it, and any comment is welcome. Be critical please, I’m still getting the hang of this.

The door to my old apartment opens with a soft whine, like it always does, as I step into the front hall. I have been staying with my parents for the whole weekend, and let’s just say I didn’t need any cloths for those two days, but with work tomorrow it’s time I face John and get my things to move out.

I hear a strange noise as I head down the hall to the source, the bedroom. I has assumed John wouldn’t be here, he usually didn’t get off work until kind of late. I stand in the doorway and take in the sight that’s in front of me.

John, fucking his office slut.

Their cloths were all over the floor, half the stuff on my bedside table was there as well, like it had been kicked off while they were caught in their moments of passion.

“WHAT THE FUCK JOHN! CHEATING ON ME WITH SOME RANDOM WHORE? I thought I meant more than that…” Starting angry and getting quieter as I first see the face of the girl he’s with.


My mother smiles up at me from under my boyfriend, like this is the most normal position for her to be in.

“Go home honey, I’ll be there as soon as I’m finished.”

I gawk at her.


She just smiles and gestures for me to leave, which I do this time, running away as fast as I can, so neither of them will see the tears that have started running down my cheeks.


Will walks into the house with a loud slam of the door. I stand from the couch and set the newspaper I had been reading aside when I see the tears in those beautiful blue eyes, and open my arms for my son to enter.

“It was her,” He sobbed angrily into my shoulder, “Dad, it was mom’s underwear in John’s briefcase.” He continued to cry as I took in this news.

Out of all the guys she could have cheated on me with, she chooses our son’s boyfriend? What the hell?

I walk Will over to the couch and we sit there together, with him cuddled up to my side like he use to do when he was little. As he is slowly able to stop crying, he looks at me and then starts kissing me harshly, putting his anger into action.

We lean back even farther so that he is now laying on top of me, kissing furiously. He draws back and bites my shoulder on the same place where his mother bit him, I can even still see that mark through his thin, long-sleeved T-shirt.

The Anadolu yakası Escort bite hurts, but I can hardly feel it because I need this too, this aggression in a form that is actually useful to us. I pull his shirt over his head, and move my hands in between us, trying to get at the button of his pants. He lifts up, letting me at it as he roughly pulls my shirt off, which joins his on the floor.

He stands, kicking his pants and boxers off, then kneels by the side of the couch. He pulls me toward him by the waistband of my jeans, which he then pulls down enough to free my raging boner. He attacks it with his mouth, taking the whole thing is his throat and bobbing up and down on it like a pro. His tongue slides over me, getting me closer and closer to his goal. I pull out and cum all over his lovely face.

I stand, knowing something that will make this experience perfect for him. It takes a second to get started but then…yes! I start to pee on his face. He closes those blue eyes and looks like he is in pure ecstasy.

“That’s it, you like it when daddy pees on you, don’t you, you sick fuck?”

He just smiles and opens his mouth, and I direct my stream there, but it is stopping slowly. He stands up and hugs me, covering me with my own cum and piss.

He smiles devilishly at me as he turns İstanbul Escort me around and lower me to my knees. He bends me forward and takes some of my own cum off the floor and starts to rub it into my asshole. He pushes his monster forward, popping the head into my willing hole. I stretch to accept him with only a little bit of pain, but the time to be gentle is over. He rams into me full force, putting more of my cum on his dick to make it easier. My face is pushed into the puddle of my own pee so that Will can get a better angle for this violent act.

He fucks me like never before, his anger dissolving into my body with every motion of his slender hips.

God, it feels like he’s gonna rip me in half!

“Can you handle this old man?” He says tauntingly as he jams his thick rod deep within me and explodes. He reaches around our entangled bodies and grabs my nuts, HARD. He squeezes them for all he’s worth, and I cum hard on the floor. He collapses so that we are both laying in the puddle that is now slowly moving under the couch.

Will stands and I flip over to look up at him. I know before it happens what he has in mind, so I open my mouth and wait. His yellow nectar lands all over my face and hair, and it has the most wonderful taste as it cascades into my mouth. He aims it down my body and completely covers me in his sweet piss. He slowly stops, then he offers me his hand and I stand as well. We both look down at the hardwood floor and see the mess we had made, yet again.

“Let’s leave it for that bitch to clean up,” Will says, and he takes my hand and leads me to the shower.

To be continued…

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