His Journey Begins Ch. 1


This is the start of something new for me. It’s mostly buildup, but lays a framework for what’s to come later. Please vote and/or send any comments or suggestions so I can have some idea as to whether I should continue.

* * * * *

It all started my first year of middle school. Until then I hadn’t given much thought to girls or their affect on me. That changed quickly, however, once my body started going through the “changes”. I guess I was something of a late bloomer, but I never gave it much thought. I was just a good kid. I went to school, played around with my friends, and helped out around the house when asked.

But then my voice started changing, getting deeper. And something else changed. I started getting erections…constantly. I couldn’t do anything about them. All I had to see was a pair of female legs walking by and I’d find myself trying to hide the sudden bulge in my pants. It never even occurred to me that what I was going through was common. I thought there was something wrong, but I was too ashamed to ask anyone about it. It certainly never occurred to me that even though a young boy’s erection was common, the size of mine was anything but.

I’m not one of those guys who bothered with trying to measure himself every week growing up to track the progress of his penis. Hell, the only reason I know my dimensions now is because other people have taken the time to measure for me, to satisfy their own curiosity. But I’ll get to that later. Right now I’m trying to focus on my first realization that I had something women, even some men, would be wanting for years.

I was 18 years old, not even close to being old enough to know what I was about to get myself into. It was the summer before I went off to college and I was still a shy kid, but that was about to change. That summer I found my first Playboys and Penthouses when a neighbor’s wife made him throw out his stash. All the kids in the neighborhood knew about it and we snuck into the trash bin the first chance we could get and stole all we could manage to carry. This guy must’ve been saving them up for years…that’s how big the stack was. But that worked well ’cause my little gang would divide the spoils and trade them around later. I didn’t know why at the time, but I was strangely excited as I opened up the first issue, right to the center of it, staring for the first time at a fully naked women…an unbelievably busty blonde. That’s when it started.

I know; I know. You’re thinking, 18 and never seen a nudie mag? Well cut me some slack. What can I say? I was sheltered. I came from a very religious family and those sorts of things just weren’t acceptable or welcome in the house. Sure I knew about them, and had caught a glimpse here and there…but to actually sit down and examine the centerfold; that was completely different. Let’s not even talk about the “sin” of masturbation. I’ll admit it; I had always been too scared to check out what was going on down there. But this lil boy Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort was about to grow up.

I felt like I’d never felt before, an unbelievable pressure in my groin and I just knew instinctively what to do. While my eyes roved over the beauty laid out in front of me my hand slipped down my loose shorts and wrapped around my hard penis. Now I’d heard about jacking off before, but like I said…I’d never felt courageous enough to try it and jeopardize my moral soul. That was all changing now. My fingers wrapped around my shaft, or at least as far around it as they’d go. I couldn’t grip the entire girth yet, but my instincts guided me as I slowly started stroking, imagining what it would feel like to have a beautiful woman like that really in front of me giving me that “come hither” look.

I lost track of time as I got more into it, finally slipping my shorts off and laying back looking at more of the women in the magazine while my hand started to move even faster around my penis. I couldn’t believe the feelings of pleasure coursing through my body as I stroked myself, glancing down every now and then to see the throbbing veins that criss-crossed my entire length. And then, suddenly, it happened…. I felt a tightness in my scrotum and then right after the dark purple head of my penis flared, the pee-slit opening up as a clearish liquid shot forth. It was my first orgasm, and I realized then what they’d been talking about in the locker rooms as it spurted all over me, a couple drops shooting as far up as my neck, my chest and belly covered in this new liquid. My mouth was hanging open and I was gasping for breath when my door opened without warning.

“Oh God!” I said, trying to roll over and cover up but failing miserably as my best friend, Kelly, walked in. “Hey, John, where is every…” and then she stopped, staring like she was mesmerized at my exposed body laying back on my bed, my sperm splattered all over me. “Ohhhhh” she groaned, and I saw her lick at her lips unconsciously.

“KELLY!” I yelled, “What the hell are you doing just walking in on me?” I was so upset I didn’t even think to cover up, just looking at her angrily and with embarrassment.

She turned red, blushing as she almost whispered… “Nobody else is here and I just thought I could walk in like always. I didn’t know…” she moaned lightly… “John, I’ve never seen anything like that.” Her breathing seemed funny somehow, but I didn’t know what was wrong with her.

“What do you…” I started, then stopped…realizing she was looking at my penis. “Oh c’mon, you’ve seen the pictures in books just like I have.”

“Not like that,” she said. “Not a real cock…or…. One that big…and black.” She gulped, stepping towards me. “Can I touch it?” she asked quietly.

My mouth hung open again, my mind unable to wrap around what was going on here. I’d known Kelly all my life, she was a couple months older that I was, but never seen her like I was seeing Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort her now. I guess we made an odd match for friends, me the quiet black kid in the nearly all-white neighborhood and her the proper lil white daddy’s girl. She had long, blonde hair that framed a round face with big blue eyes and a pert little nose. She wasn’t a beauty, but she was damn cute. And for the first time I really noticed her body. Kelly had been growing up. She was wearing her favorite summer outfit. A tomboy at heart, that consisted of a tight, white t-shirt that outlined her rounded breasts and a tight pair of shorts that set off her slight curves nicely and led down to her long, coltish legs…ending in a pair of white tennis shoes. I took a deep breath as she walked towards me, feeling that pleasant ache between my legs again. My cock, as I was now thinking of it, was still semi-hard, and now it was standing up and lifting towards her. I couldn’t say anything, my throat dry as I simply nodded to her.

She moved closer, reaching the end of my bed and lifting one knee to the mattress. Her other leg was still on the floor as she leaned over me, her hand reaching forward. I watched in amazement, unconsciously spreading my legs wider, as her slender fingers moved to my shaft. I gulped, completely hard again, the sight of her slightly tanned skin contrasted against my even darker, natural tan etched into my memory forever. It’s that contrast that still drives me to some extent even to this day…a memory of that first touch, forever hardwired into my pleasure system.

I glanced to her eyes as I felt the tentative touch of her fingers against me and whispered softly, “Are you sure about this, Kel?” Her bright, blue eyes met mine. They were shining, burning with a fire I’d never seen before as she nodded back to me.

“God yes…you have no idea.” And that was it as her fingers wrapped halfway around the base of my shaft and she pulled at my cock while lowering her head. My eyes were riveted to the scene, unable to move. I watched her pink tongue snake out between her lips and felt her warm breath just moments before I felt the soft lapping stroke as she tasted me.

Kelly’s tongue licked slowly at the head of my cock while her fingers kept squeezing at my shaft, like she was trying over and over to wrap her fist around me completely. That wasn’t going to happen but I didn’t care at this point. I was in heaven as I watched my friend, my friend of so many years, becoming something more. I heard the soft mewling whimpers escaping from between her lips as she licked me like a kitten. I felt the swirl of her tongue as she found the dripping cum left over from my first intense orgasm and scooped it into her mouth, moaning louder as she tasted my seed.

Suddenly I felt something else. Call it what you will…instinct, perhaps. Whatever it was, I knew right then just what to do…what needed to be done to cement this new relationship Ataşehir Vip Escort between us. I sat up in my bad while Kelly continued to lick at my cock, her tongue circling the head and sliding up and down my shaft. She was still leaning over me, supporting herself on one knee on the bed with her other hand placed on the mattress at the outside of my thighs. She hovered over me while moving her head between my spread thighs, holding my cock to her as she licked along my length and lapped up every drop of cum she could find.

I found my hand reaching forward, fingers stroking through her long blonde hair and brushing it back from her face. Once again I was struck by the contrast of our skin tones…my darker hue set off nicely by the tanned cream of her soft features. She seemed to nuzzle against the soft stroke of my fingers even as her tongue continues licking up and down my length, faster and more insistently. That’s when I took charge.

My fingers tightened suddenly in her hair, taking a firm grip and pulling her back from my cock. She cried out at the sudden yank and I felt a surge go through my loins at the sound of it. I know now it was the first sound of pain I would hear in response to my actions. Nothing much in the larger scheme of things, but at that moment it was everything. I found my voice, my throat no longer dry as I spoke to her.

“You like that, don’t you, Kel? You like licking my cum up and feeling my cock throbbing against your tongue.”

She whimpered again, trying to move her head back down while sticking her tongue out. She was still trying to lick at me until I yanked her head back again, harder this time, and she moaned out, “Oh god yes…it tastes so good. Please? Please let me have some more?”

Her look to me at that moment was priceless. There was a pleading in her blue eyes that I’d never seen before but would learn to love soon enough. I ignored it though, still moving on instinct and holding her away from me as I raised my voice, “You’re nothing but a lil slut, Kel…do you know that?” I nearly laughed as I heard myself saying it, but I saw the look in her eyes at my words.

Kelly moaned again and looked me straight in the eyes while her body started to squirm against my mattress. “Yes, I know it now…and I want to be. Please, just let me taste some more?” She blinked at me, almost in surprise as she heard herself begging me. Something had definitely changed here. There was a shift in our relationship that I doubt we ever could have gone back from even if we’d wanted to. The thing is that neither of us wanted to, and that’s where things get interesting.

“Prove it to me then, slut.” I almost couldn’t believe this was me talking, but it was. I was shedding years of holding back, of denial. This was my real self coming out. And Kelly? Kelly loved it as I pulled her up fully by her hair onto the bed. She was now kneeling between my legs, still gripping my cock and leaning over into my lap as I guided her back to my raging erection. I watched as her lips parted, spreading wide as she took the head of my cock between them. She was still moaning around me even while trying to take more. And I just grinned, watching her struggling to take my cock into her mouth…knowing that this was just the beginning of our awakening together.

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