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My girl and I found it so sexy to be daring in public. My girl is beautiful, sexy, cute and I love her. We were shopping in a busy store in town on a Saturday afternoon. My sexy girl had picked out a little dress which she liked and we headed for the changing room. I did my normal action of standing outside whilst she went in to try the dress on. As I looked round, I noticed it was packed with shoppers. The changing rooms were stuffed with people trying things on. The staff seemed really manic.

My girl called me and as she opened the door my jaw dropped. She was standing completely naked with that naughty look in her eye. She almost shouted, “What do you think of this one?” I just smiled as she waved me in. As soon as the door shut, I was pushed against the thin walls. She rammed her tongue down my throat just the way I love. She tasted so sweet. My hand ran down her sexy body, making my cock grow instantly in my jeans. She whispered in my ear, “Get your clothes off now.”

I tore off my clothes so we were both naked. As we kissed, our bodies melted into each other. My hands ran down her body ending on her sexy little bottom. I grabbed it tight, running my hands all over it. Her hands did the same. She reached down to my cock, squeezing it. I could have exploded right there and then. bahis firmaları I reached down between her sexy legs to find her pussy was all smooth. As my fingertips reached her pussy lips they were dripping. I slipped a finger inside her lips, and they parted with much wetness. I ran my finger over her clit, it was huge. I knew she was so turned on from how wet she was.

Her hand wrapped around my cock, it felt so good as she pumped my throbbing cock in her sexy little hands. My fingers started to circle her clit . I knew she was trying not to make a sound but little whimpers escaped her lips as I continued to stroke her wet, smooth pussy. She began kissing my neck and her lips felt so warm, so wet, just driving me wild. Her hand left my now bursting cock. She was stroking my balls, making me moan. She ran her fingers under my balls to my special spot. The place she loves to touch me, the place that makes her pussy flood.

Her finger touched my spot and I moaned into her ear. She looked at me and smiled. She whispered, “Shhhh.” With that sexy smile she pushed her finger into my naughty hole. I almost came there and then. My girl was now kissing down my chest, and it sent tingles down my body. She tongued my nipples, which felt so good. She dropped to her knees, giving me a sexy wink. kaçak iddaa Then her hand pulled my cock to her lips. She kissed me soft and slow. Her other finger she had made wet and was pushing into my naughty spot.

The feeling was too much as she sucked my cock into her hot, wet mouth. The feeling was electric. It felt so so good as she looked me in the eye as she licked and sucked my huge cock. She began to wank me into her mouth. I was lost in heaven, almost forgetting all the people around us in the busy changing rooms. I wet my finger then reached down to her chest. I slowly touched her rock hard nipple with my wet fingertips. She moaned on my cock, which sent sensations running through my body. My fingers just stroked her nipple over and over. Her nipple was rock hard. I pulled her up and I took her nipples straight in my mouth, one after the other.

Her breathing got quicker as my tongue flicked over her flesh. Her nipples tasted so good against my tongue. My fingers trailed down to her pussy which was now leaking. I ran my fingers up and down her drenched pussy lips. I let my fingertips slip onto her clit . I ran little circles on her clit . It was massive. She pulled my head into her chest hard. I knew she was close from the tiny moans that were slipping out of her mouth.

I kaçak bahis moved to her other nipple and drew it into my mouth. I licked at it hard and fast. All the while my fingertips stroked at her pussy. My girl’s legs were now buckling, from the orgasm starting to rip through her. I added another finger to her clit and began flicking it harder and faster. My mouth was licking and sucking at her nipples so fast. She rocked back and forward as wave after wave ran through her body. My fingertips which were strumming her clit were now being flooded as she came, squirting all over my hand.

She kissed me deeply as her body shook over and over. As she came down, she whispered in my ear, “It’s too loud to have sex; I’m gonna make you come everywhere.” She stepped behind me. Her lips started to kiss my neck. It felt so good as I closed my eyes. I felt her hand wrap around my now throbbing cock and she began to pump it up and down. Her other hand slipped between my cheeks.

She whispered to me, “That’s my come sliding into you.” As she said it her finger slipped inside my naughtiest spot. It felt so good. Her lips on my neck, her hand pumping my cock so hard and her slippery finger pushing deep inside me. It was too much to take. I spurted across the changing room. As I came, she fucked my hole hard with her finger, making my orgasm even more intense.

We kissed, almost giggling with us both having huge smiles. We dressed leaving the store at speed due to a little bit of a mess we had made together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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