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The Christmas party seemed to be going down the same path, alcohol, music, alcohol, bed. After a couple of hours of mild drinking, the buzzing in my pocket diverted my attention to the phone.

“Hi, it’s Robin. Can you come around and fix the computer?” my good friend on many years asked.

Why not I thought, it was a hot night and standing around watching people getting smashed was not my idea of having fun.

“I’ll be around in twenty minutes,” I let her know.

“Hi, how’s things?” greeted Robin as I turned up at her house.

“Bit hot tonight!” I replied.

Robin was dressed in her nurse work gear. Her patients must have had interesting vitals based on how her breasts were exposed through the top of her shirt.

Robin led me over to the computer. “I was using it last night, but it seemed to keep stopping,” Robin spoke.

“No problems, I’ll have a quick look,” I replied.

I started of some recovery tools whilst Robin leaned over watching. Couldn’t help but notice the racy bra, barely holding back her breasts.

“I’m going to get showered and changed, make your self at home,” Robin said with a glint in her eye.

Robin wondered off to the bathroom. The recovery was running quicker than expected and was leading to some interesting results. All the corruptions were in “my private fun” directory. I opened the directory up and was very surprised on what I saw. Robin had obviously been up to a lot of naughty fun, as there were over two hundred photos of her in various positions and with various toys, stories of sex conquests and a couple of videos of her and a friend of hers. I quickly started browsing through some of the pictures, thinking how hot she looked.

“Can you help me?” a voice rang out from the bedroom

“Shit!” almost busted I thought.

“I need my new razors, there on the bed,” Robin yelled.

“Ok!” I replied. I grabbed them from the bed and made my way to the bathroom.

The bathroom was full of steam with the shower screen blocking any chance of a view. “Thanks for that,” Robin replied. Robin cracked open the door and I passed in the razors. I couldn’t help but notice how large and erect her nipples were, as I stole a glance at her naked body.

I went back to the computer for a last perusal of her pictures. “Very nice, love to make some more of them!” I thought. I finished up what I was doing and shut down the computer.

Robin had finished getting changed and had returned with a summer dress on. “How did you go?” she asked.

“Everything looks Very Good!” I replied, thinking of what I had just seen.

“Thanks for fixing the computer! Do you want a drink?” Robin asked

“That would be great,” I replied, “no point going back to the party now.”

I couldn’t bahis firmaları help but notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were still slightly erect and prominent, even on a hot night like tonight.

We settled down on the lounge with drinks in hand. We chatted and drank some more before watching a movie. I couldn’t help but notice how excited she was when the love scene was on, and the naked actress was being ravaged. It seemed that Robin didn’t mind the look of female naked flesh.

We’d had a few drinks and were feeling pretty jolly by know. The movie finished up and Robin got up to grab another drink As she reached down to pick up her glass, her dress rose slightly along her back exposing a very cheeky set of cut off knickers. It had been a while since I’d been that close to sexy kit like that. I noticed a smile on her face as my glance had caught out by her.

Robin returned with another couple of drinks. Her nipples by this time were even more noticeable and erect. On sitting down here legs were slightly open allowing me to grab a glimpse to the top of her legs.

“Would you like to watch another movie?” Robin asked as she slipped another video in, “I am sure you will like this one.”

The video kicked in to gear with the opening scene showing an empty bed. From right of screen walked in Robin. She was wearing nothing more than a hot teddy, barely containing her ample breasts. Robin smiled to me as I continue to watch. The movie showed Robin stripping off her teddy and gazing sexily at the camera.

“I had to stop there,” Robin remarked as she turned the video off, “I haven’t been able to finish it off. What do you think?”

“Gees, what do I think?” I thought. It was pretty obvious based on the erection barely contained in my pants that I was pretty turned on.

Robin turned towards me, “I know you must be faithful to your wife, but can you help me finish this video?”

“Is the Pope Catholic?” I answered, “No problem!”

“Great,” replied Robin, “I’ll just go get changed in to something more suitable. The video camera is on the table.”

As Robin walked off I could barely move as the erection in my pants was making it difficult to walk.

“I’m ready” yelled Robin from the bedroom. I wandered in to see Robin wearing the same teddy and a bottle of baby oil in her hand.

“Can you help me with this?” Robin asked.

I grabbed the bottle and starting working the oil along here shoulders and the top of her back. I dribbled some more oil from the top of front allowing it to run underneath her teddy on to her breasts. I rubbed my hands along her skin, allowing them to reach along the gap between her skin and teddy and then toward the middle of her breasts. Robin let out a tiny moan kaçak iddaa as my fingers brushed against her nipples. I smiled, but new that was as far as I was going to let myself go tonight if I wanted to remain married and alive.

I jumped off the bed and grabbed the video camera. Robin stared down the lens cupping her breasts.

“Do I look hot enough?” she asked. I think the fact that my pants had just about broken at the front was evident enough for that. “All I want to be able to do is finish the video I started. I couldn’t get the right shots from the tripod alone!” She said with a grin.

I started the camera and Robin proceeded to start playing with her breasts by sliding her fingers under her teddy. Her other hand was sliding from the inside of her thigh, and brushing past the bottom of her teddy. I moved the camera along, allowing it to capture glimpses of nipples from where her fingers were moving.

Robin untied the bow on the front of the teddy, allowing it to separate at the top, and releasing her breasts. They relished at the exposure, with the nipples straining at their new found freedom. Robin continued to rub and pull them whilst allowing her other hand to run along the top of her groin.

In one quick motion, Robin arched her back and slid the teddy off and past her ankles. It was at this time, I could see that the new razor blades had been put to good use. Her pussy hair had been shaven leaving only the smallest tuft.

“Do you like” Robin asked? I gulped as I ran the video down along her body toward her pussy.

Robin opened her legs as the video passed her pussy, showing glimpses of her very moist clit. She continued to move her fingers down along the side of her pussy and her opening. Robin rolled slightly and allowed one of her hands to spread her lips whilst using the other to now rub the top of her clit. The effect was amazing as her clit was covered in her pussy juices and was glowing in the light of the room.

Robin continued to rub her clit whilst the other hand started to open and enter the depths of her love tunnel. Firstly she used one finger then a second. It was hard to believe that I was filming and not watching on TV.

Robin smiled and asked “So do you think I should get my toy out?” I smiled as she got up and reached towards the bedside table. She pulled out her pride and job, a double knobbed vibrator. Sliding back to the bed she opened her legs and allowed her juices to lubricate the end of the vibrator. With the second knob facing upwards to her clit, she slowly lowered the vibrator inside her. This allowed the low speed of the vibrator to do pleasuring her.

She moved the vibrator slowly back and forth, moaning as it moved further in. The second knob was resting again her clit, increasing kaçak bahis the stimulation. With every movement the sound of her juices could be heard above the little moans.

With both her clit and love canal occupied, Robin moved her hand around to ass. Moving her fingers around the opening, she used her plentiful juices to start teasing the sides. The camera was harder to operate as Robin, slid her first moist finger in to her ass. The sight of her sliding both the vibrator back and forth and along her pussy and clit as well as the other hand working more and more on and in her ass was incredible. Robin slipped a second finger in her ass as she turned up the vibrator speed a little more.

Her back started to arch as the moaning from her body started to intensify more and more. The actions of her hands and fingers increased in speed as the climax approached. “Yes, Yes, Oh!” came the yell as the vibrator plummeted a last time deep inside. The combination of fingers and vibrator had done its job and very satisfied women had come long and hard.

Robin came to a stop and slowly took out her fingers and vibrator, turned and looked at me. “How did that turn out?” I lowered the video and sat on the bed. I could not believe that I had just filmed a women so an awesome solo effort.

“I think you will be very happy with the final result” I commented.

“Well after all that, you can’t go home empty handed,” Robin smiled, “Lie down and take the weight off.”

I lied down next to Robin’s naked body. Robin slowly moved down toward my pants and reached for my fly. Undoing the zipper was like unleashing a monster as my penis was barely held back by my undies. Robin slip down my undies and released me. Using her still slightly moist hands, she ran her fingers up and down along my length, using the finger nails to intensify the sensation. Robin leaned over and took the end of my penis in her mouth. The tip of her tongue was sliding around the head, whilst she allowed it to enter a little deeper inside her mouth.

The combination of the fingers and mouth were amazing. I hadn’t had this experience for a long while. Robin was an expert as she drew more and more of me inside her mouth whilst continuing to use her fingers and tongue. The tension of the last few hours was building in my testicles as Robin moved faster back and forth. My back started to arch as well as I could feel the end of my penis at the back of her mouth.

The sensation was too great, as my testicles strained and I ejaculated in to Robin’s mouth. Robin continued to suck and swallow me further intensifying the experience. What an awesome feeling. Robin wiped her face and rolled over to her back.

“Well, it would appear that we are both are done now,” she said.

I smiled after such an awesome experience. “Well all I have to do is work on my wife and we can do this all together next time!”

Robin nodded and by the look in her eye, I could tell the next experience would be even better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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