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This story is about a fan’s experience with a famous musician. Delaney Whitfield, however, lives only in my imagination. It was inspired by a single sentence in an e-mail. I doubt my friend even remembers it. Thanks, SW. It just goes to show that you never know what kind of impact your words will have.

Thanks also to jacuzzigal for her editing assistance.


I can’t believe I’m here. It seems almost surreal that I’m backstage at a Delaney Whitfield concert. As I mentally replay the memory of the outrageous dare issued by my less than sober college pal, to sneak backstage after the show, I wonder once again if I have completely lost my mind. This isn’t the first time that I’ve accepted one of her drunken challenges, but Del Whitfield, for God’s sake? She knows he is one of my weaknesses. He’s so sexy it should be illegal. What am I supposed to say to him?

Too late to worry about that now, because there’s the man himself, still sweaty and breathless from his performance. I follow his movements as he wipes the sweat off his face with a towel hastily thrown to him by a roadie. Settling a masculine hip against a packing crate, he tips a bottle of water to his mouth, draining it in just a few swallows. As he carelessly tosses the empty bottle into a nearby trash can, he notices he’s not alone. I can see I’ve caught his attention.

His eyes are a beautiful, deep blue, the color of the clearest ocean water. I can only imagine the thoughts racing through his mind. Who is she? Damn, it’s been so long. I wonder if she… I can feel his eyes on the most secret places of my body. The heat from his gaze is almost palpable. Our eyes meet. In those first moments of intimate recognition, I literally feel as though my knees will buckle. I’ve never felt this aroused this quickly, with only a look.

I know what he wants. The only question that remains is, can I do this? Can I take the chance of a lifetime, and just let go? My body knows what it wants, even as my mind struggles to catch up. I swallow, and return his stare. In those few moments, all the communication we need is silently exchanged.

I want you. Naked.

I know. I want you too.

Will you come with me?

He extends his arm and holds out his hand. I know if I take it, I am agreeing to whatever fate has in store.

You know you want to. Let me make you fly. Let me…

I take one step forward, and offer my hand. He grasps it firmly and leads me to the tour bus idling close by. Up the few steps, through a plush seating area and kitchenette, straight to the back of the bus, to the bedroom.

He pushes me back against the hastily slammed door and immediately clamps his mouth over mine. Neither of us needs the romantic preliminaries, the soft words and kisses. We’re going to fuck. Hard, sweaty, rough sex–the kind that will satisfy the primal lust we both feel.

His hands come up to hold my head still for the ravaging sweeps of his tongue in the warm wet cave of my mouth. It’s overwhelming. I want to touch him everywhere at once. Arousal screams through my body so fast I can’t think. I can only feel.

“You’re sure? This would be the time to say no,” I hear him say in a voice rough with passion. His eyes are like lasers as they search my face for any sign of hesitation.

“I don’t want to say no. fake hospital porno I want you to fuck me.” I can barely get the words out.

The snarling beast inside each of us is set free. He roughly pulls my head back and feasts on my neck, biting and licking. The few-days’ growth of beard that is his trademark chafes the sensitive skin of my throat. His hands are never still, roughly kneading my breasts through my shirt. He chuckles when he encounters a stiff nipple. Deft fingers pluck at it, and make it harder. My nipples have always been so sensitive, and I can feel each firm pinch in the pit of my stomach.

I cry out and pull his head up for another kiss. Strands of dark blond hair, still damp with perspiration, slide through my fingers. This kiss is mine, and I push my tongue deep into his mouth. It’s not deep enough or satisfying enough. I want to inhale his essence.

Hands tangle and do battle with each other as we almost tear our clothing off. He pulls my soft pink tee shirt up and off, and I return the favor with his worn, sweaty shirt. The scent of man and sweat fills my head. God! It’s intoxicating. I bury my face in the smooth warm skin of his neck, taking deep pulls of his scent into my body. I kiss and lick my way down to his smoothly muscled chest. His nipple is erect and I can’t resist biting it, not altogether gently.

I’m not shy about using the sharp edge of my teeth on his chest and stomach. He growls out his pleasure and roughly grasps my head, taking handfuls of hair in his strong fingers. It doesn’t stop my journey down to the soft line of light brown hair on his belly. I follow it down to the obstacle of his belt buckle. For the first time I press a hand over the fly of his jeans and feel his erection through the worn denim.

I go down fully on my knees, impatiently work the buckle free and lower the zipper. His pants are yanked down just enough to free his hard cock. A drop of moisture is already welling up from the tip, and I can’t resist tasting it. His reaction is immediate.

“Unhhh… Yes, baby. Please. Suck me!” I love that he’s begging. I love knowing he’s that turned on.

I wrap my hand around the thickness of his shaft and squeeze rhythmically. His hands flex in my hair, pulling slightly, as I run my tongue up his cock, softly, then again more firmly.

My eyes sweep up his body until our gazes lock. A very knowing, very feminine smile curves my lips. I make sure he’s watching as I take the full length of his cock in my mouth in one wet stroke. A delicious mix of my saliva and his pre-cum drips down his shaft. Because this is so precious, because I don’t want to waste a drop, I use my tongue to capture the moisture, and swallow greedily.

He gasps and his head falls back to rest against the narrow door. A sighing whimper forces its way out of his throat.

“You like that, baby? You want to fuck my mouth?” The question almost sounds like a taunt. It’s like an out-of-body experience for me. This aggressive, sensual vixen is a part of me that is usually kept well hidden.

“Oh God… So fucking good,” he moans.

I take his hardness deep into my throat, over and over, sucking and licking and swirling. I know he’s rapidly reaching the point of no return, and I love hearing every groan. A drop of wetness begins a slow descent down my pussy fake taxi porno and inner thigh.

I feel him steady himself with a hand on the back of my head. We’re locked together in a sensual connection, his cock in my mouth. A soft humming moan escapes my throat. I hope he can feel how turned on I am. In the next second, he tenses and pulls free of my mouth.

“Oh, Del, please… I want to…” Is this it? Is he sending me away?

With hard hands, he forces me up, until our eyes meet. His have grown dark and turbulent with lust. I hope he sees it reflected back in my own eyes.

“No. Inside you. Now,” he pants harshly. His voice sounds dark and dangerous.

I feel myself being pulled tight against him. He lifts me up and my legs rise up to wrap themselves around his hips. I want to feel his cock rubbing against me. The distance to the bed is only a few steps. His cock presses and releases against my weeping pussy as he makes his way there. The slight contact teases already aroused skin and it makes me rock my hips against his hard length, and clamp my legs tighter around him.

The noise of packing crates being loaded onto waiting semis, and the shouts and bursts of laughter from the roadies adds to the surreal quality of the position I find myself in. We hit the bed still joined. He immediately yanks my bra up, exposing my breasts to his hungry eyes. He kicks off his jeans as I hike my short denim skirt up and wriggle out of my panties, kicking my sandals off at the same time. Thank God I don’t have to worry about shimmying out of pantyhose.

For the first time our bodies touch from chest to hips, skin-to-skin. The sensation is electrifying. Sharp bolts of pleasure snap and sizzle through my body. The reality of what I had only imagined before is overwhelming. It makes me want to cry out at the intensity of the sheer physical sensation I’m experiencing.

He slides down my body, kissing and licking his way to one erect nipple. His tongue teases and flirts with it until I nearly scream in frustration.

“Please… Oh God, please… Suck it! Please!” I moan as my hands frantically try to direct his mouth to where I want it the most. The sudden moist suction of his mouth on my breast combined with the rhythmic pressure of his cock on my clit sends an orgasm screaming through me. My thighs tighten around his hips as he increases the pressure. I’m so glad he isn’t a selfish lover.

“Oh baby… Beautiful, just beautiful. Give me a second… I need to—” As he rolls away to put on a condom, I roll with him, and stroke the well-defined muscles of his arm and shoulder. A delicious aftershock sparks through my body, causing me to shudder. As intense as it was, one climax is not enough, and I’m impatient to feel his cock inside me.

“Del, hurry… Please, I want you to fuck me,” I whisper, as I bite the irresistible swell of his well-formed biceps.

“Such a greedy girl,” he whispers back, and chuckles deep in his throat. As he moves back between my open thighs, he covers my mouth with his in a deep eating kiss. A kiss that fans the embers of passion back to life.

His mouth slides down again to feast at my breast while his fingers begin to explore the folds of my drenched pussy. He pinches my clit between his thumb and forefinger, with enough pressure to make me cry out. I feel family stroke porno two fingers slide inside me, and then out, keeping up a slow rhythm that makes me want to scream. Oh, it feels so incredibly hot. I dig my nails into his shoulders, trying to pull him closer.

“God, yesssss! Now, please, now!” The words tumble out of my mouth. I’m begging. “Please… I need you.”

“Yes, now, baby. Right now.”

In one long breathtaking stroke, his thick cock fills my wet, waiting slit. The sudden fullness makes me flinch in pleasure. My legs once again wrap themselves around his hips as he begins a slow rhythm. I can feel each thrust down to the tips of my toes, and it’s so damn good.

He raises himself up on strong arms and stares down into my eyes. His expression is grim with passion. I can almost hear his thoughts, as he quickens the pace. I want him to sense how much this means to me, how good it feels.

Our breathing becomes deeper and more labored as we both climb higher toward orgasm. My fingers grasp his forearms and my back arches as a particularly strong sensation whips through me.

“Oh, yes, more! Harder… Please harder!” He groans in response, and thrusts deeper and faster. Breaths become moans as white-hot flames lick at the very center of me.

“Are you still with me, baby? I need to come… I can’t hold on much longer.”

“Oh God, yes! So good, so good. Fuck me harder!” My hands reach down and grab his hips. “Closer. I need you closer!”

I suddenly feel his fingers reach between us. He strokes my clit in a devastating rhythm that sends me rocketing into one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. I come hard, my control totally gone. Mine is barely over when I feel him tense, and he buries his face in my neck. The sharp edges of his teeth graze the sensitive area where my shoulder and my neck join. A low growl erupts from deep in his chest. I can feel the savage pulses of his orgasm pound through him. It seems to go on forever.

Our breathing slows. He carefully moves away from me, and discards the spent condom. The air from the bus’ cooling system drifts over my body. In an instant, the full impact of this encounter hits me. My brain regains control, and I’m totally at a loss.

Oh my God. What have I done? He looks as if he wants to say something, but isn’t sure what. I’m of no help at all. What does one say after having hot sex with a famous musician?

Now that the heat of passion is cooled, I feel very awkward, like I don’t know precisely what I’m supposed to be doing. The silence hangs heavy in the room. We get up and dress hurriedly. The one thing I do know is that I have to get out of here before either one of us says the wrong thing.

As he turns, I can see he is every bit as unsure of himself as I am. He clears his throat, and opens his mouth to speak. No sound emerges, and he quickly looks away. That makes me feel a little better. If I had seen smugness, or worse, contempt, I would have been devastated.

“Look, I better go. It’s been, uh, memorable,” I can sense I’m going to make a fool of myself if I say too much more. I can feel tears of embarrassment and regret welling up, and I know I have to leave. Now.

A handshake seems ridiculous at this point. I finally settle on a soft kiss on the cheek. I make my way to the door, intending to walk through it and out of his world.

“Wait, baby. I don’t even know what your name is,” he says softly. I turn and see him sitting on the edge of the bed, his elbows resting on his knees. He looks so tired, and a little sad.

“I know.” I slowly let myself out, and walk away without looking back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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