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Big Cock

Oh my dear, I know you are tired and sound asleep, but I have such a desire for you now. Your quiet, sleeping body radiates a warmth that calls to me. I reach out to you and feel your naked back. Your muscles are relaxed and you don’t even move when I touch you. Your breathing is deep and rhythmic. Your ass is warm as I snuggle up to you. I press my breasts against your back and slide my arm under yours. Your hair tickles my nose…

My feet are cold. I slide them closer and you can feel the cold. Even though my cold toes do not touch you my cold radiates as does your warmth and you shift your feet further away from mine. I have to giggle a little at that. You are used to my touch and I do not disturb you by touching you or snuggling up to you but you can never get used to my cold feet!

Your back is to me, I am restless and cannot sleep. I am not satisfied with just snuggling up to you, it only exasperates my desire to be close to you. I gently get out of bed, walk around and slide under the covers on the other side- your side. You are facing me now. I kiss your face and you let out a small sigh. I know you are tired, but I cannot let you be. I face you and scoot down in the bed. I stop when my face feels the heat of your resting cock. I nuzzle my face in your pubic hair and smell the fresh soapy smell from your recent shower. The soapy smell is mixed with your smell and it latina fuck tour porno makes my heart beat faster. My lips reach out to kiss your cock and my heart skips a beat, or maybe even two. I open my mouth and gently suck you in. Your flaccid cock easily slips into my mouth. I hold you there gently. Your cock is warm in my mouth and somehow comforting to me. I lay there, not moving, hoping to keep you soft and quiet for a moment. I seldom get to savor the feel of your entire cock in my mouth. Gently, slowly, I begin to suck you. My tongue caresses you from the tip to the base as I hold your entire manhood in my mouth.

I reach out and gently cup your balls in the palm of my hand. Your breath comes a little deeper. I can feel you shift a little, but you are still mostly unaware, you are still my sleeping man. Your cock is getting hotter. My face at your groin, your cock in my mouth, I feel the heat building. I suck you deeper back in my throat, trying to keep your full length in my mouth as it begins to grow. I can feel the head engorging first. It begins to press itself against the back of my throat and I flatten my tongue to the base of my mouth to give it just a little more room. Your cock begins to feel fuller. The soft skin is beginning to tighten. I suck a little harder, trying to keep the growing fullness gathered in my mouth and throat lezbiyen porno rather than let you slip out, but it is no use. I have awakened the monster and it is too large to hold any longer. I slip my hand around the base of your cock as its growing size forces its way out. The base is still wet and my fingers slip around it easily.

You stir further. You press your hands to my head, but I don’t think you are yet fully awake. Your hands are not urging me, they are only following the slight movements of my head up and down on your ever-growing heat.

I suck you and swallow down the pool of water that has gathered in my throat behind your cock. My throat constricts around the head as I swallow and I feel the more urgent pressure on my head from your hands. Now you are awake! “Suck me baby,” you whisper. Your hands in my hair direct me slowly. Slowly I slide my hot mouth down on you. Slowly I slide up your shaft, my tongue moving up and down, back and forth, adding a little extra titillation as I go. Slowly I descend as far as my throat will allow, then just a bit more as your hands press my head even a bit further. I don’t fight you for this control. I am relaxed and willing and all I want is your pleasure.

I cannot think. I can barely breathe, but I give myself over to your directing hands. You keep me pressed down on your heat. I am barely moving liseli porno and you cock is gaining in length and girth. I feel myself begin to choke, but I fight the sensation – you are close to release and I don’t want to spoil it for you. All I want is your hot cum in my throat. My desire is only to give you this pleasure. Your orgasm comes quietly. You barely tense. Your hands force my head down a bit further and I allow it. Your cock is as deep in my throat as I can manage and I concentrate now. I concentrate hard to time my short breaths so I don’t suck your cum into my lungs. I feel the hot liquid pulse into my throat and I swallow. You moan at the constriction of my throat on the head of your cock and then there is another pulse of liquid. I swallow again and your hands tighten in my hair. I do these things mostly without thinking

Save your hands in my hair, your body is mostly relaxed. My eyes are closed and I have given myself over to you as you have given yourself to me.

A moment passes and your grip begins to release. I hold your cock in my mouth still, not wanting to give it up. Your hands begin to slip from my head and your breathing slips back into its rhythmic pace. I know you have slipped back into sleep, my attentions seem a dream. Your shaft is drifting into sleep, also. It quivers a little in my mouth as it slowly becomes flaccid again. I withdraw from you for the first time since I began and slide up in bed. I turn over, my back to your chest. Your sleeping arm slides thoughtlessly around my waist and your warm hand cups one of my breasts. My desire is satisfied — and I notice — my feet are warm! Goodnight My Love, sleep well, tomorrow is another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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