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Big Tits

Jacob finished all of his homework for the evening and headed back to his apartment. While he was walking he took the piece of paper out of his pocket and looked at it again.

“Heather,” Jacob said out loud. He started to put the number into his phone and then stopped himself. “No, you’ll just get into trouble again.”

He made it to his house where he put his back pack up and plunked down on the couch. He fired up his laptop and immediately went to the social site for his campus. It didn’t take him long to find the page that Heather had been referring to. The page featured his picture and a long article stating why women should steer clear of him and boys like him. At the bottom it had a comment section where a whole list of girls had posted various things.

One said “Yeah this jerk just walked right up to me in the commons and asked me if I wanted to go back to his place.”

Another read “Right in the middle of the gym I am doing a leg machine and I look up and there is Jacob staring at me. He even put his two fingers to his mouth and made it look like he was licking them.”

That’s all Jacob could read. He went back to his home page and saw he had over 30 messages. He clicked on his inbox and began reading subject lines. Most of them were various girls scolding him for being a bastard. Sadly some of them were girls saying they too were interested in only sex and because he was so hot and would he like to hook up with them.

Jacob logged out of the social site and turned on the TV. He hated how horny he was. He thought about going into the bathroom to take care of the problem right then and there. He decided against it. He needed to just push those thoughts out of his mind altogether. He lay on the couch and watched the TV. Some dumb show on Cartoon Network was on and he watched it in silence for a long time.

After nearly 2 hours of TV it was getting close to 10pm. He walked into his bedroom and stripped down to nothing, then threw his clothes in his dirty clothes hamper.

He thought about putting on pajamas but it felt good to be naked. Besides with the amount of time he had gone without getting off he was already fully hard and pajama pants would be uncomfortable anyway. He walked back into the living room and lay down on the couch. His penis stood hard and erect and he lay there looking at it over the din of the TV.

“You have gotten me in a lot of trouble.” He said.

He looked back towards his room and that is when he noticed the little slip of paper laying on his bedroom floor. He got up off the couch and walked over to his room. The slip of paper lay on the ground next to his clothes hamper and had obviously fallen out when he took his pants off. He picked it up and carried it back to the couch where he set it on his coffee table. His cell phone lay next to his laptop.

He stared at his cell phone for a long time before he finally lost his nerve and picked it up. He grabbed the slip of paper and dialed the number into his phone. His cock began to throb as he typed out a text to Heather.

“Hey, just wanted to give you my number in case you wanted to hang out sometime.” He texted.

Only a few minutes went by before his phone vibrated.

“Hey thank you.” She texted back.

Another minute went by and then the phone vibrated again. Jacob’s heart began to race. Why did his body automatically assume all girls texting him were going to be texting about hooking up?

“Maybe we could go get coffee sometime?”

“I would really enjoy that.” Jacob texted back. He lowered the phone down and once again his eyes fell on his dick standing tall and in his line of sight. His phone vibrated again.

“What are doing right now?”

“Watching TV.”

…Bzzzzt “I’m taking your advice.”

“What advice did I give you?”

…Bzzzzt “To take care of my sexual frustration on my own.”

Jacob’s dick started to bounce along with his heartbeat. “Awesome. I hope that goes well for you.”

…Bzzzzt “Want to see?”

Jacob closed his eyes and looked at the ceiling. He didn’t reply back. He did not want to prompt another sexual encounter ever again.

…Bzzzzt. He looked down at his phone. The message waiting light blinked on and off. It seemed brighter than ever as if it were lights on a runway and he was trying to land a plane. He picked up the phone and turned the screen on. The picture was of a girl’s vagina. Lips swollen and obviously shaved recently. They looked smaller than Clair’s, Alex’s and Taylors, probably the smallest set of labia he had seen for a while.

Two fingers were spreading the lips apart and even in the picture Jacob could tell how wet she was.

“I thought you said you didn’t like to do that?” He texted.

…Bzzzzt “I was able to go this long. I forgot how good it felt.”

“It looks amazing.” Jacob casino şirketleri had to stop himself from texting the words, wish I was there.

…Bzzzzt “It would be fun if you just came over and touched yourself while I watched. That way you could say we never touched each other.”

“I don’t think so. This is exactly how I get into trouble.”

…Bzzzzt “I won’t tell anyone. I have a roommate but she won’t say anything.”

“I can’t. My life is already ruined as it is. I’m going to bed. Hope you get yourself off really good. It is quite satisfying.”

…Bzzzzt “I sent you a picture of me, can you at least send me a picture of you?”

“Why so that the picture can make it on the social networking site as well. Not only will they have a picture of my face, then they will have a picture with the caption reading, keep away from this penis. I better just go to bed.”

…Bzzzzt “Trust me, it will help me get off and then I will stop sending you texts so you can go to bed.”

“Yeah this works out really well when celebrities do it.”

…Bzzzzt. It was another picture of her pussy, this time with one of her fingers curled around and going inside of her.

He went and laid down in bed after he plugged in his phone to the wall. His cock had finally gone back down after he was able to stop thinking about Heather. He was just going to sleep when his phone vibrated again.

“Please.” The text read.

He rolled his eyes and lifted up the bed sheets. Just thinking about her seeing his penis made him hard all over again. He snapped a picture and put it into a text. He pushed send and plugged his phone back into the charger.

…Bzzzzt “Holy cow! That looks amazing.”

“Well promise that you are the only one that will see it.”

…Bzzzzt “I promise. We can pinkie swear tomorrow when we grab coffee.”

“Just keep in mind the whole campus thinks I’m a sex addict so please keep your promise.”

…Bzzzzt “I just came so freaking hard. Looking at that big hard cock was all I really needed to push me over the edge.”

“Glad I could help Heather. Good night.”

…Bzzzzt “Who is Heather?”

Jacob sat straight up in bed. He read the text over and over again as he began to panic.

…Bzzzzt “Just kidding, Good night Jacob.”

He laid his phone down on the pillow next to him and passed out.

Business Law was excruciatingly boring. Jacob sat at his desk jotting down notes as the professor went on and on about judicial cases concerning everything from sexual harassment to Unions. The end of the class roared to a stop and everyone filed out the door. Jacob checked his phone and found a message from Derek but nothing else.


“Maybe a little later. It’s only the afternoon.”

“What kind of college student are you?”

“The kind that studies and THEN gets drunk.”

“Why so you can forget what you just studied?”

“The alcohol cements the homework into my brain. I work differently than other people.”

He decided he better send a text to Heather since she wasn’t sending him anything.

“Hey ready for coffee and a pinky swear?”

“I got one more class at 3pm and then I’m ready. Want to meet me at my classroom then?”

He texted her in the affirmative and she texted back her room number and building she was at.

It was 2pm now and he had an hour to kill. He went to the library and looked over his notes for Economics since it was the first class he had the next day. Then he spent the rest of the time at a computer looking at the social network.

He spent most of this time looking at the girls that had commented on the site Clair had put up about him. Then he went over to his inbox. He started going through the messages of the girls that were saying they wanted to hook up with him.

At first he just started deleting them but then his dick got the better of him and he started actually reading the messages and looking at the pictures. He could tell there were some girls on there he simply wouldn’t be attracted to and he started deleting these as well.

There were other messages in his inbox as well and the one that really caught his eye was from Alex.


I miss the times where we could just cuddle with each other as friends. I have a girlfriend now, and no it isn’t Rose. I talked with her and she said she wouldn’t be jealous if you came over and hung out with me. She even knows that we hooked up and she said she is still ok with it. Text me sometime if you want to hang out. I understand if you don’t.

He picked up his phone and navigated to Alex’s number. She was the first person in his contacts because it was sorted alphabetically.

“I would love to hang out with you sometime Alex. I miss you. I thought you were mad at me so I wanted to give you some space.”

After casino firmaları a moment she texted him back. “Come over anytime. If I’m having sex or I’m not there I just won’t answer.”

“Well now that I know you don’t hate me I will certainly come over sometime. We haven’t watched SpongeBob together in a long time.”

“I miss you too. You are a good friend and I am sorry about all the problems Clair and Taylor are causing you.”

3pm rolled around and Jacob made his way to Heather’s building. He was outside the door when the class let out and a stream of people flowed out until finally Heather’s smiling face emerged from the crowd. She walked over and hugged Jacob and right away he saw a couple of people scowl at him over her shoulder. He rolled his eyes and she stepped away from him and smiled. He returned his face to normal as she looked up at him and she couldn’t even tell he had made a funny face to the people behind her.

They walked together for a while talking about class and other stuff. Heather was a psychology major and the class she had just come out of was called Human Behavior. She wanted to be a counselor because she loved helping people and she felt it was the best way she could support herself and do something she loved at the same time.

They reached the coffee shop near Jacob’s apartments and ordered drinks. Jacob paid for them and they sat down at a table.

“So first off.” She said looking him in the eyes. “It was a big risk for someone in your position to send me that picture. I promised you no one would see it and I mean that.”

She reached across the table and Jacob shook her hand, matching the firmness of her grip.

“You uh, enjoyed it as much as you said you did.”

“Hell yes. It was cute the way you had just lifted up the sheets. Made it look like it was in a little tent or something.” She laughed as she finished her sentence.

He smiled as he laughed along with her.

“So what are you doing this weekend? Going back to the big city to dance with loose women and take one home?”

“No I’m not doing that again.” Jacob said looking down with an expression of guilt.

“Probably just hanging out at my place. I gotta get caught up on my school work.”

“Do you think you will need some company?”

Jacob smiled at her again and this time he looked across the table at her face. Her eyes met his and the two of them seemed to be lost for the moment. She was so beautiful. Her hair was down today. Without the French braid it went down to about the middle of her back.

Through her glasses her eyes looked a little bigger than they actually were but Jacob liked the effect. Her eyes were green and absolutely sparkled when she smiled. But sadly his eyes dropped for a moment and he got his first conscious look at her chest.

She was wearing a long flowing summer dress today and for the first time Jacob could see her breasts were actually larger than Taylor’s. They were probably around a C. He didn’t even notice them the other day due to the collar shirt she had been wearing.

“Ahem.” She said pulling him back up to her face.

“Hey you got to oogle my parts last night, isn’t it my turn?”

“I sent you pictures of me too remember?”

“oh yeah, that’s right.” Jacob said giving her a touché attitude.

They laughed and talked for a long time. Jacob felt really good. He hadn’t gotten along with a girl this well since he and Alex had hung out. He didn’t base his attraction to a girl solely on her looks. He wanted to meet a girl he got along with. He wanted a girl he had chemistry with and could talk to like they were best friends. So far he was feeling really good about Heather.

“So, what do you want to do now?” She asked long after their drinks were done.

“I guess I am going to head to the gym and then go home. I could always look at more school work.”

She looked disappointed. “Well, text me if you get bored with that.”

They both got up from the table and she hugged him again. He held her close and then they parted ways.

The whole walk home Jacob was practically floating. He didn’t want to get his hopes up too much so he tried not to think about it. He went to the gym and worked on Legs. When he got done with that he went on a jog to try and pump some of the soreness out. He made it back to his apartment and took a quick shower. Finally he cooked himself a quick low calorie, high protein meal. He ate and sat down on his couch so he could fire up his laptop.

More hatred and disrespect was plastered all over his University Social Media page. He texted Heather and asked her if she ever looked at his page. She texted back saying she did and he then asked her the real question that was tugging at his mind.

“If you see what all these people are saying about me, why do you güvenilir casino still hang out with me?”

“Because I don’t think you are the person that all of those people say you are.”

Jacob smiled at his phone. It was the nicest thing she could have said to him. She was definitely a smooth character.

“I understand why you don’t want to do anything too intense with me.” She texted him. “It never seems to go well for you.”

“If only you knew.” He texted back.

His mind immediately went to thoughts of Heather and the pics she had sent him the night before. He scrolled up through the texts to the naughty pictures they had exchanged.

His penis pressed hard against the front of his pants. It had still been more than two weeks since he had jerked off and his balls were positively throbbing. He would have to relieve the pressure soon or sex would be all he would be able to think about.

“I’m coming over. It sounds like you need a friend.” Heather’s text said.

“Now isn’t a good time.” He texted back.

“Too late I’m already near your apartment. I don’t know which number you are in but there is only one complex in the direction you left from the coffee shop.”

He couldn’t tell her no at this point. She was already practically at his house.

“Just don’t do anything bad.” He said to himself.

He opened the door and Heather stepped in. She was wearing another collar shirt and blue jeans. She looked very smart and almost sexually neutral when she wore this kind of outfit. Jacob was thankful she hadn’t showed up in something sexy or soft.

“So what did you want to do?” Jacob said as the two of them walked into his living room.

“I was hoping we could watch a movie. I brought over some classics.”

She pulled off her back pack and opened it up. Inside she had a collection of everything the Cohen brothers had ever made. They settled on The Big Labowski as everything else was not goofy enough for Jacob’s taste. They made it halfway through the movie before Heather began to inch closer to him on the couch. Soon her head was on his shoulder. He put his arm around her. He liked that he had someone to hold again. She kept her face pointed towards the screen though.

But as the movie went on she kept clicking her tongue ever so quietly or every once and awhile she would make a slight smacking noise with her lips. Finally as the movie reached the point where Jackie Treehorn proposed hiring the “Dude” to track down his stolen money she leaned upwards and kissed him on the cheek. Then she reached up with her hand and pulled his face towards hers. She kissed him deeply on the lips, letting her tongue slide inside his mouth.

All the while they were kissing she was pushing him down onto the couch so that she could get on top of him. She kissed him deeper and more aggressively the more horizontal she got him. She was completely in control and despite the way he kissed her back he was slowly starting to think of a way to get out of this situation. His balls, that desperately needed to be drained, betrayed him.

As she lay on top of him kissing him all over his neck and back up to his lips she was suddenly aware of a stirring in his pants. Her right leg was situated over where his zipper was but she was putting her weight on her other leg which was resting on top of his hip. His cock pressed hard against his pants and thus pressed hard against her inner thigh.

“Well someone is enjoying himself.” She said pulling out of his kiss.

“I don’t suppose you could ignore that.” Jacob said looking up at her.

“Why would I want to ignore something like that?”

“Because if you remember, nothing good ever comes from me bringing that out.”

She looked disappointed. “I kinda wanted to see what all the fuss was about.”

“As much as I want to… and two weeks without getting off makes me really want to, I don’t want to do any more sexual things for a long long time.” Jacob said. “I am really enjoying making out with you, but that is really all we should do.”

“That long huh?”

“Yeah but can we go back to kissing?” he asked.

“Can I tell you something?” She asked.


“I lied to you.” She said looking playful.

“About what?”

“I told you my mom caught me masturbating when I was younger and told me it was wrong. I told you I don’t do it anymore. The truth is that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“Ummmm. Oh.” Jacob said trying to sound like he wasn’t interested in this completely sexy bit of information.

“If I went two weeks without masturbating I would be ready to explode.” She said looking into his eyes.

Jacob sat strait up. He held her in his arms as he lifted off the couch so she wouldn’t fall off of him as he rose. She wound up next to him on the couch but he immediately stood up.

He marched to the bathroom. She was on his heels the whole time. Just as he reached the door he turned and faced her.

“I’m doing this alone for the good of both of us. It has been two weeks so I’ll be out in about 90 seconds.”

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