If You Were Mine


A short story for my favourite subb.

Fay stood in the corner of the living room, waiting, waiting. She was dressed and made up impeccably, her smart blue suit covering a white dress shirt, her shapely thighs clad in the finest silk stockings, black heels gleaming in the light. Her make up only subtly highlighting her features, complementing them rather than shouting about them. The only slightly eschew element was that her skirt was round her ass exposing her firm buttocks to the world.

This was how her Master made her wait for him, at the end of every day she had to stand in the corner from 5 o-clock until his return. Sometimes he didn’t get back till very late and still she had to wait for him, knowing that the punishment for disobedience would be far worse than a little cramp in her thighs.

Fay always obeyed without question, she had came across her Master by the purest of chances and had been totally dominated by him ever since. She was an intelligent strong woman, but something had happened to her that night, she had long ago stopped trying to explain or justify it to herself, it had just changed her.

The normally quiet background tick of the clock was at deafening point now, the seconds took hours to pass and still she was waiting, waiting. Her mind idled, wondering what was in store for her tonight, her Master usually had something planned for her, his inventiveness seemingly in-exhaustible. She had been instructed not to prepare a meal tonight, which could only mean one thing, they were going out. Fay knew what that involved, the last time they had gone out for a meal she had been made to display herself to the waiter, who couldn’t quiet believe his luck, as he returned time and time again otele gelen escort to check his eyes weren’t deceiving him. The service had been impeccable, with the restaurant owner coming over to thank her Master personally for his patronage and get a good eyeful as well.

It had been so humiliating, but at the same time wildly arousing, that was the thing, her Master never made her do anything she didn’t really enjoy. That was why she hadn’t left, she knew she could at any time, but she never seemed to want to, she was too happy, too content.

The clock struck for half past five, dragging her mind back to the present, a car passed outside, her heart skipped a beat, could that be him? A car door slammed, feet on the gravel drive, key in the door, shoes scuffing the mat, coat being taken off. Her heart thumping, thumping.

Fay made sure she was standing straight, chest thrust out awaiting inspection, her stance enough to bring a tear of joy to any sergeant majors eye. He was behind her now his after shave infusing the air, making her long for his touch.

“Good evening K, you look wonderful”

Fay recalled how she had been named by her Master all those months ago, every one of his previous slaves had a letter, starting with A obviously and moving through the alphabet. She was his eleventh slave, she could only guess what had happened to the others, their loss she thought.

“Thank you Master”

Please touch me, please. But she wasn’t going to be let off that lightly.

“K, Follow me into the kitchen”

“Yes Master”

She obediently trotted after him, teetering on the heels as she tried to control them on the slate floor mecidiyeköy escort of the kitchen.

“Stand in the corner”

“Yes Master”

“Now K tonight its just me and you, I will prepare a nice meal for you to eat and I will feed you, I will help you to drink your wine, I will wipe your mouth. Tonight you are to be totally in my power”

“Yes Master”

“Hands behind your back K”

She complied immediately feeling the cold touch of the handcuffs she had worn so many times before. Next came the blindfold, silk again, of course, but so dense that all vision was lost. Fay knew from experience the effect these sense restraints had on her, her skin became so sensitive, her taste buds stepping up a gear as though to compensate for the loss of touch and sight.

She could already feel her skin getting goose bumps as her Master brushed against her as he went about his business. Fay knew he was a great cook of course, she had once been made to stand in the big cupboard in the corner, tied, bound and gagged and watch through the door as her Master cooked for and entertained a beautiful business associate. Fay had been beside herself with jealousy that night as her Master flirted and joked with the woman and yet the whole experience had been wildly arousing, once again making Fay wonder about her self, her boundaries being continually pushed. They had made love with a rare heat that night after she had gone, both of them aroused by the whole situation.

A cork popped, a bottle glugged as the wine was poured, she could hear her Master approach and suddenly her nose was filled with the most amazing aroma, Fay nearly jerked her head back as she was assaulted by the smell or raspberries türkmen escort and summer fruits, mixed with vanilla.

“Good isn’t it”

The glass was at her mouth now, she opened it to allow the wine to pass inside her, penetrate her and fill her with its subtle overtones. Her Master pulled the glass away letting some of the rich liquid fall from her lips and run down her neck, Fay shivered, then his lips were on her flicking over her skin anxious to get every drop of the wine. Oh God, thought Fay, she was so aware of his presence, her thighs trembling as he touched her gently, just holding her face all the while licking her neck and nipping at her skin.

She was wet, so wet and yet she knew the sweet torture would continue he wouldn’t touch her there until much later. She would be kept at simmering point, just like the pasta he was preparing, until she thought she might cry out and then, only then would his hands, tongue and cock come into play between her thighs.

Fay could hear the water simmering, a knife chopping, the smell of garlic and onion drifted from the direction of the cooker and still she waited as she had done all day for him to return to her and touch her.

“Would K like some more wine?”

“Yes please Master”

Once again he was near her, the glass this time not allowed to spill any of its precious contents. Fay let the liquid play over her taste buds, savouring it before swallowing it down. She heard the glass being placed on the worktop she held her breath…………..and then released it in a long sigh as he gently cupped her breasts in his hands. Lovingly weighing them, rubbing his thumb over the hard ridges of her nipples, making her groan her approval.


“Yes Master”

“How hungry are you? Really?”

“Not very Master”

“No I’m not either”

The cuffs were unlocked and with the wine in one hand and Fay’s hand in the other he dragged her, grinning like the cat who got the cream, off to bed.

The End.

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