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The grass was tickling his neck. However much he squirmed, he couldn’t relieve the slight prickling sensation.

Andrew cast his mind back to a hour ago when he had been given his instructions by Rachel. Then it seemed such a good idea; now he wasn’t so sure. He felt disorientated, totally vulnerable and very self conscious. And the grass tickled. No matter what else he felt, he did feel a huge frisson of excitement, not knowing what the next hour would hold for him, but having been reassured that he’d enjoy the experience.

He lay nearly naked on the grass. The only protection of his modesty was a pair of silky red ladies panties. He was also blindfolded with a thick red latex mask that covered his eyes so comprehensively that all he could discern through it was that it was light.

His arms were thrown out at right angles to his body, each being secured to a large metal stake that he had helped hammer into the ground. Each arm was secured to the stake by a short length of black rope tied to a leather wrist harness. Although pulled quite tight, the position was comfortable.

His legs were secured via leather ankle straps to a single stake below his body. All in all his body resembled a horizontal version of the crucifixion, staked out as it was on the dry grass.

Andrew had helped Rachel set the equipment up about forty minutes ago, so he was a willing participant. With his blindfold on, he could only imagine what he looked like – a panty wearing, blindfolded nineteen year old university student stalked out on a suburban lawn. It was definitely the stuff of the more salacious tabloid newspapers.

Thankfully he trusted Rachel not to reveal this particular scene to the newspapers. She had assured him he would be safe. This didn’t stop his mind continuing to race with the possibilities that faced him.

When she had left to go shopping fifteen minutes ago, Rachel had said she would be gone about an hour and that no one would call. All he had to do was lie here as some kind of initiation rite before she came home and rewarded him with some new sexual treat. At the thought, he felt a vague stirring in his loins but this subsided and he returned to contemplating his situation.

Rachel Sharpe was forty two years old, his mother’s best friend and a pillar of the community. She had, in the last week become his lover, his bringer of enlightenment in sexual matters and was as depraved a person as it had been his pleasure to meet so far. She had promised him every kind of sexual experience and for a college boy that was too good an offer to pass up. Besides, she was genuinely a very attractive woman.

He felt a fly buzzing around his belly but, unable to move to disturb it, had to endure its wanderings over his skin.

He heard a noise. Instantly his body was straining to locate the source. It was the side gate giving access to the garden. Rachel wasn’t due back yet! His mind flashed alarm signals to his body. Perhaps it was Chris, her husband. She had said he was away til Thursday on business but maybe something had made him return home early.

He told himself to relax but however much he tried he couldn’t subdue the panic that gripped him. Christ, he wanted to see who was there, he wanted to be able to get up from his prone position on the grass and hide. Who the fuck was there?

He strained his ears, holding his breath but could hear nothing. A minute passed and his mind started to relax. Maybe it had just been the wind.

His body unstiffened and his heart rate returned to somewhere near normal. Then he heard another noise. This time from much closer, in fact on the other side of his body. He felt incredibly scared and vulnerable. What the fuck was he doing in this position? What the fuck was going to happen to him. His imagination had his mask ripped off to stare blinking into big ass porno the eyes of Rachel’s husband and then what….?

He couldn’t contain himself any longer. ‘Who is it, who’s there?’ he asked, querulously, almost whispering.

‘Shhhh’ came a voice from above him and to the right. ‘Don’t speak’. It was a female voice but it wasn’t Rachel.

‘But….’ He was cut off by a hand descending to his lips and stifling any further comment. The hand was removed but he remained silent, his whole body taut, trying to work out what was going on.

He felt a touch, he presumed of a hand, on the inside of his thigh. He jerked and tried, instinctively, to move away but the rope held his leg tight. The hand resumed its caress, lightly stroking his upper leg, feeling its way from his knee, up the outside of his leg and then up and down to the silky hair on the inside of his thigh.

He still felt impossibly trapped, wanted to know who was doing this to him. The hand continued to stroke his leg and then disappeared. It resumed its activity above the panties in the tight hair that ran down from his navel to his groin.. The touch was very slight here barely touching his skin but nonetheless incredibly evident to him in his heightened state of awareness.

The hand moved south on his body and grazed slowly over his cock. This was still imprisoned inside the red panties, but at the touch it gave an involuntary twitch that would have been evident to his torturer.

He shook his head from side to side desperate to glimpse the other person but the mask remained firmly in place. He had no idea who it was, how old she was, what she looked like.

‘Wait there’ she whispered.

What a ridiculous thing to say, he thought! Where did she think he was going to go?

He heard the rustling sound of clothing, again to his right and briefly he felt, rather than saw, a shadow pass over his blindfolded eyes.

Then her hands were back, this time touching his face following the contours of his cheek down to his chin and back up to trace around his left ear. He felt warm breath and then a kiss on his cheek. It gave no clue to his companion and he desperately wondered whether she was someone he knew.

She kissed him on the lips and he felt a renewed surge in his groin. He responded, seeking her mouth in his darkness but she had moved her head away. He lay his head back on the grass, seeking for her next move.

He heard more rustling and then felt something warm touch his face. He reached with his lips and after a few seconds of examination he realised she was leaning over him dangling a breast above his face. A combination of his head movement and her shifting position brought the nipple to his mouth. His lips parted and he ran his tongue over it. He thought it felt big but had no real idea of its size. He sucked it into his mouth and lightly caressed it with his tongue, covering it with his saliva.

He was warming to his task now and conscious that his cock had grown and risen. He could feel that its head was now poking out beyond the confines of the panties.

He felt her lower herself, engulfing his face in her breasts. He luxuriated in the feeling of being smothered by the smooth mounds and simply stuck out his tongue and licked whatever piece of flesh he could come into contact with.

She rose up, away from his urgent tongue and he was left lying there wondering what was going on. Then she was back with him, as hands descended to his penis. They pulled it from the position it had assumed poking out of the leg hole of the red panties up and out of the waistband so that its full length was on display. The thin elastic of the panties was pulled down below his balls and he could feel it digging into the tight area beneath them.

He felt one hand start to lightly rub up big tits porno and down his shaft which was by now fully erect and the other cup his hairy balls, moving them slowly between her fingers. He could tell his balls had contracted and almost disappeared up in a tight knot in his scrotum.

She continued her stroking for a minute and then, again, the hands stopped. His cock was left poking toward the sky, and he could feel it twitching with every heartbeat.

More rustling and then the voice whispered, ‘Get ready.’

Ready for what? He had barely time to register the phrase before he felt a weight on his chest. Unable to move his arms, he exhaled then held his breath to support the weight. The pressure on his chest eased as she shifted her position and took some of her weight off him.

Before he knew what was going on he felt an urgent pressure on his face. He moved his head to try to establish the cause of this and met a warm, smooth wetness. By a combination of his nose and his mouth he identified this as the cunt of his tormentor. The smell of her pussy was stronger than either that of Bryony, his girlfriend or of Rachel. He wasn’t sure whether this was due to being deprived of his visual stimuli, but there seemed to be a strong, pungent odour assaulting his nose.

Rather than being repelled by this, Andy became more highly charged and strained toward the source of the smell, blindly moving his head in an attempt to track down its origin. He needn’t have worried; the wet pussy lay immediately in front of his mouth. He lapped at it, easing his tongue as far in as it would go, savouring the pungent aromas.

After a few seconds of frenetic activity he calmed down and explored it with his mouth in earnest. The cunt before him was shaven and had full fleshy labia which almost appeared to drape themselves over his mouth.

By moving his head up, he was able to find a small clitoris, embedded in a fold of flesh, teasing it into the open and rolling it around with his tongue. His anonymous sexual partner gave a low moan when he did this and pressed her sopping cunt further onto his mouth, spurring his tongue on

She started to thrust onto his face driving her pubis into his nose and making it difficult for him to breathe. He was loving it and had completely abandoned himself to his lust. Only two days ago he had never touched a pussy with his mouth and now he was sucking out an anonymous woman he’d never met before. She could be anywhere between fifteen and fifty years old, could be fat or slim, black or white. He didn’t know and he didn’t care – all he wanted was to try to push his face as far onto that dripping slit as possible.

He straightened his tongue and dived it as deep into the sopping depths as it would go. He loved the sticky goo that was dripping out of the hole and being smeared over his face. The smell of cunt mingled in the warmth with the smell of the latex mask. He could sense the growing urgency of the owner of the cunt; she was starting to pant but there was nothing Andrew could do to shift position to further stimulate her. He licked and sucked at the swollen bud that was her clitoris, rolling it around using his tongue and after a minute of close attention he felt the development of her climax. The body above him went stiff and he sensed the waves of pleasure that swept through the woman’s body.

Suddenly her weight shifted and she was gone. He tried to raise his head up as if to look for her, oblivious to his blindfold. He heard the movement of clothing and then as suddenly as she had departed, she was back down on his chest.

This time he was ready, knowing what to expect. He lay still, waiting for the thighs to envelop his head again, waiting for the sweet cunt smell to fill his nostrils.

This was different though. His tongue blacked porno was confronted by a hairy slit, as slicked with juice as the previous one but definitely hairy.

‘Rachel?’ he asked.

By way of an answer the cunt pressed deeper onto his mouth, the smooth skin of her thighs pressing hard on his ears. He lapped at the hairy wetness before him. Smaller lips, lots of hair, less pungent odour. If anything this slit was wetter than the one he had just sampled. Its owner ground her cunt into his face. He imagined that she had been watching the oral pleasure her friend had been receiving before deciding to get a piece of the action herself. He felt his cock jolt again as he realised there were two women with him. He wanted to put on a show for his audience!

He couldn’t be sure it was Rachel and was thinking of ways to ascertain this when he felt his rock hard cock being pulled at. A pair of hands was working eagerly on his erection, moving up and down pulling at his length. Then came the unmistakeable sensation of warm breath on his cock head, followed by the soothing, all engulfing moistness of a pair of lips closing round it.

Andrew found it hard to concentrate on the pussy grinding in to his face with the incessant cock sucking he was experiencing. After a couple more minutes, he sensed a shift in body position from the person sitting on his face and suddenly found that the cunt had disappeared, to be replaced by a hairy asshole. Its owner seemed intent upon teasing him and rhythmically moved her body away from and towards his mouth. This meant that he had to time his licks to coincide with the arrival of the asshole on his mouth – not something that was easy to do when you are blindfolded.

Occasionally he was rewarded by licking at nothing but thin air but most of the time his tongue rasped against a tight, puckered hole. Finally, either through tiredness or a desire for more concentrated stimulation, the owner of the ass sat still; her hole suspended an inch above Andrew’s mouth. He needed no further encouragement and dived his tongue in through the tight moist sphincter and up into her ass. At the same time his nose rammed itself up onto the dripping juiciness of her cunt. Unable to breathe in this position he simply held his breath for as long as possible; his tongue working overtime within the tight confines of her ass.

He was rewarded by what felt like the complete abandonment to lust of the woman above him. She seemed to have collapsed on top of his face and was wailing her pleasure to him, encouraging him to try even harder. In his roped situation, he found it difficult to shift the weight of her fleshy ass sufficiently from his face to allow him to take in oxygen. When she finally shifted, he panted and gasped for air.

He was aware that the luxuriant sensations that had swept over his cock earlier had gone. Perhaps she had stopped to watch the ass tonguing her friend was getting?

As his breathing slowed, he listened for the direction of the next onslaught. He had tasted cunt and ass – what was next on the menu he wondered.

Still there was nothing but silence. Where were they? Nothing disturbed the silence except the distant rumbling of traffic in the suburbs. He waited. They had simply disappeared! Minutes passed and his excitement drained away. He licked his lips and discovered an exotic mixture of ass and cunt smells adorning his face.

Finally after what seemed like hours but was in fact probably no more than ten minutes he heard the sound of footsteps coming towards him.

‘How did you like that then?’, Rachel’s voice enquired.

Before he could answer she was by his side, untying and pulling the mask from his eyes. He blinked up at her, the sunlight a shock to his eyes.

‘My, you were busy!’ she whispered to him, pointing to the dried on smears of juice that coated the red latex. She lifted the mask to inspect it, running her tongue over the shiny material to taste the flaky remnants of cunt juice.

‘Come here, give me a kiss and tell me all about it’, she murmured to him, and then I’ll let you fuck me’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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