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Introduction to Men

I got married at an early age, 21; to the only woman I had ever fucked who was 19 at the time. She went to work after college to support us while I finished my university degree. At her work she quickly made friends, one of whom was a gay man about 35. We didn’t socialize together but we did share a freezer order of beef. It was my job to pick up the beef and going to Larry’s house split it up evenly, giving him his share to put in his freezer. This was the first time I would have ever been close to someone I knew was gay and I was interested in seeing what he was like.

I picked up the meat, already cut packaged and frozen at a local farm butcher and went to Larry’s condo apartment. “Ring, ring” went the lobby phone as I called up to let him know I was here. “Larry, it’s Sandy,” I said as he answered. “Can you come down to the lobby? We’ll separate the meat in the trunk and I’ll help you carry your share back upstairs.”

“Ok, I’ll be right down,” was the reply. “Hmmm” he doesn’t sound ‘gay’ I thought. Larry breezed into the lobby and I was struck by how good looking he was. He had short hair, piercing blue eyes and while not muscular in build was nicely shaped – for a man that is.

Taking my hand he shook it with a firm handshake, “Hi Sandy, good to finally meet you,” he said.

I returned the pleasantries and we headed out into the parking lot to get the beef. We had previously agreed on sizes of portions so it was really only a job of counting out 50% of each cut and gathering Larry’s into two of the boxes. We each grabbed one and headed back inside.

“Sandy, we’re having problems with our elevators and the maintenance company is working on them. I’m afraid we’ll have to walk up,” Larry told me.

“Ok, not much choice I guess. By the way which floor do you live on?” I responded.

With a sheepish smile Larry said, “The eighth. Sorry.”

God, I thought to myself, I’m going to be wiped when we get there. I was not very athletic and though I wasn’t at all overweight I knew my stamina wasn’t great. This flashed through my mind as we started trudging up 16 flights of stairs. After about 10 minutes I was beginning to puff and I could hear Larry with a slight wheeze in his breathing.

“Everything ok Larry?” I asked.

“Sure Sandy, just a little out of breath, only one more flight to go though, I’ll make it,” he replied. We crested the last flight and entered the hallway carrying our boxes which felt suspiciously like they had gained 50% in weight since we started the climb.

“Whew, glad you weren’t on the 15th. Larry,” was all I could croak out. We entered Larry’s apartment and he quickly dumped all of the meat into his apartment-sized freezer.

“I’ll sort it out later Sandy,” he said. “Do you want a drink?”

“Sure, a beer if you’ve got any,” I replied.

He retrieved two beers and we collapsed into chairs in his living room. Silence reigned for a few minutes as we savoured the first sips of ice cold beer and regained normal heart and breathing rates. I glanced around Larry’s condo and he sure had a good sense for decorating. Everything seemed to have been selected for its effect on the room, and everything was top quality. Not at all like our place which still had that newlywed student second hand look to it.

“You’ve got a very nice place here Larry, I like all of your decorating,” I complemented him.

“Thanks Sandy, I like it and so does Dick,” Larry replied.

“Who is Dick?” I asked.

“Well he’s my partner; you did know I was gay right?”

“Of course, Jackie told me that and I have to tell you it doesn’t make any difference to me.”

“Great,” Larry replied. “Dick doesn’t live here he just comes over for dinner and maybe stays the night a couple of times a week.” A sudden vision of two men having sex flashed through my mind as Larry described his relationship.

“Tell me casino şirketleri Larry, what’s it like?”

“What’s what like Sandy?” replied Larry, he was playing a little dumb and wanted me to spell it out.

“What is it like to be with a man, sexually I mean,” I stammered in response. “I’ve only ever had sex with Jackie and of course I masturbate as well. She isn’t really into sex all that much.” I knew that I was blushing at talking about the intimate details of my own sex life even though I had just asked him to tell me about his.

“Well Sandy does Jackie ever go down on you? Suck your cock I mean,” Larry asked.

“No she doesn’t, she doesn’t like sucking on me and she definitely doesn’t like the taste of semen. When I cum in her, she jumps out of bed and rushes to the bathroom to flush out her vagina,” I answered.

Larry nodded knowingly. “So do you masturbate a lot? And what turns you on when you stroke yourself?” he asked.

Now I was getting really embarrassed but I nodded “Yes I probably masturbate every day we don’t have sex. We only have sex at most once a week at most and it’s usually only every two weeks. I can’t stand it, I feel like my balls are going to explode so I just have to jerk off. Jackie doesn’t like it, won’t watch me doing it and leaves the room when I start!”

“And what turns you on when you stroke yourself Sandy?” Larry persisted.

“Well most of the time I’m thinking about having sex with Jackie. I dream about having her suck on my cock and about cumming in her mouth. Sometimes I’ll think about going down on her, she’s only let me do that once since we got married. Usually I cum at the same point as in my fantasy.”

“Do you cum a lot Sandy?” Larry asked. I was quite uncomfortable now with this line of questioning, I wanted to hear about his sex life not tell about my own.

“Yes, I guess, I mean I don’t have anything to compare it to you see. I’d guess that I cum about half a cup.”

Larry gasped involuntarily as he sucked in his breath.

“Wow Sandy, that’s a lot, believe me. I know how much I cum and I certainly know how much Dick cums and neither of us cum that much. You should be proud,” Larry complimented.

“I can’t be very proud when all Jackie wants to do is to get rid of it from her pussy Larry,” I stated.

All this talk about sex, masturbation and cumming was having its effect on me. I noticed my cock had gotten semi-hard and was beginning to bulge out the front of my jeans. I happened to glance over at Larry’s crotch and was surprised to see that he had a very large bulge in his pants.

“So tell me Larry, what’s it like having sex with a man?” I repeated, guess the beer was loosening me up.

“Well Sandy, it’s different than being with a woman. I have to admit that I’ve only ever had a pussy once and that was on a dare but sex with a man is a mix of strong passion and tenderness. The real truth is that only a man knows how to please a man. You hear stories and maybe you’ve seen stag films about women sucking men off and the men loving it right?”

I nodded my head.

“But it really takes a man to know how to please a man. When you masturbate you know which spots on your penis are the most sensitive right, the head and the edge of the head as well as the spot where the head attaches to the shaft right?”

I nodded again.

“Well a man knows that and gives his male partner just exactly what feels right to him. I’ve never had as strong an orgasm by masturbating as when Dick is pleasing me Sandy.”

“Do you only suck each other Larry,” I asked. I was intrigued by the image that his description evoked.

“No Sandy, we do have anal sex as well. Your anus is much tighter than a woman’s vagina and she can’t control the muscles like you can with your rectum. Also the feel of hot semen pouring or spraying into you from a hard cock is out of this world, you really have casino firmaları to feel it to appreciate it.”

Now I was rock hard at all of this talk, I hadn’t masturbated yet today and I was getting very turned on. Larry noticed my firm erection and took the initiative.

“All this talk about sex has gotten you turned on hasn’t it Sandy?”

I nodded my head, my face flushing with embarrassment.

“Why don’t you masturbate here? If you feel uncomfortable then I’ll masturbate along with you.” Larry said.

Why not, I thought to myself. I mean two guys masturbating, what harm could come from that?

“Sure, ok, have you got any Kleenex?” I responded.

“Just open your shirt so that you cum on your stomach. I’ll get something to clean you up after.” Larry unbuttoned his shirt, laying open to a stomach that was nearly hairless but very firm and well tanned. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees, they were followed by his underwear in short order. He sat there in his chair with a hard cock standing proudly up in the air.

I, more hesitantly, also opened my shirt and pulled it aside (When I cum I really shoot my load!). Then I undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. I drew both my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and sat back legs spread wide. My cock was rock hard and glistened with the sheen of pre-cum at the tip. I took my cock between my thumb and index finger then wrapped the rest of my right hand around the shaft. With my left hand I lightly stroked and squeezed my balls. I looked across to Larry and saw that he was doing the same as I was.

Sitting back I began to stroke my cock all the while I was looking at Larry’s cock. For his part Larry was doing exactly the same.

“You have a very nice shaped cock Sandy,” Larry said.

“Thanks Larry, you too.”

“Thanks, but your’s is bigger and thicker than mine Sandy.”

“Not that much Larry, maybe just a bit, but thanks.” I was enjoying this; I’ve never masturbated in front of anyone, at least anyone who cared to watch. Jackie would walk into the bedroom when I was jerking myself off and would say “Ugh” turn around and leave until I had cum and cleaned up. All of this attention was having an affect on me, I was starting to jerk my cock faster, I was holding onto it more firmly and the pre-cum had now flowed out to coat most of the red bulging head. “Larry, I’m not sure I can hold it much longer.”

“Neither can I,” gasped Larry in reply. “Why don’t you cum now and I’ll cum too,” he suggested. Having someone tell me to cum was like flicking a switch, I had an instant need to cum. I groaned, thrust my hips in the air as I stroked my cock wildly.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming Larry,” I growled. I began to shoot stream after stream of hot white cum onto my stomach, my chest and as far as my neck and chin.

My God, I’m turned on I thought as I felt my essence pour forth from my cock. Looking over at Larry I saw that he had also arrived at orgasm and was ejaculating semen onto his stomach. He produced 4 or 5 thick jets of semen, nothing to be ashamed about I thought to myself. When he was finished he gathered it on his fingers then sucked them clean.

Wow, I thought to myself, I’ve never done that – it’s hot! Larry had cleaned all of the semen off of his stomach and was sitting there with a satisfied look on his face. I was still shooting ropes of semen onto my stomach and looking down I thought, I’ll never be able to clean myself up like that, there’s too much. When the last spray of cum had landed on me I stopped stroking my cock.

“Holy cow Sandy, that’s the most semen I’ve ever seen!” Larry admitted.

“I don’t think I can clean it all up Larry, like you did, there’s too much.” I did take a palmful of semen off of my stomach and chest and licked it tentatively. Not bad, very creamy and slightly salty I thought as I proceeded to lick güvenilir casino my hand clean. “This is nice tasting Larry,” I said.

“Yes it is Sandy, could you get used to that? Can you clean all of it up?” Larry asked.

“I guess I could get used to it but if Jackie ever came in and saw me licking my own cum up I think she’d freak. I’ll have to make sure she isn’t around when I do it. I don’t think I can clean it all up there’s too much,” I answered.

“Well, I don’t want to seem too forward but would you like me to help Sandy?” Larry offered in a hopeful voice. “I wouldn’t want to see all of that lovely semen go to waste,” he continued.

“Sure, I guess, but I’m not asking you to suck on me or anything. I’m not gay Larry.”

With a broad smile across his face Larry replied, “Sure Sandy, I know that and I’m only interested in helping you clean up.”

Larry came across the carpet to me and knelt between my legs. He began to lick the pools and rivulets of semen off of my stomach and chest. All the while he was nearly purring like a cat

“Hmmmm, this tastes nice Sandy.” he said in a breathy raspy voice.

In no time he had me all cleaned up and sat back with a satisfied look on his face. I also noticed that his cock was very hard again.

“Did that turn you on Larry?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“Yes very much. I think that I’ll have to masturbate again to relieve the pressure.”

At the thought of what we did and how it affected him and me I was stiff again as well. I stood up thinking to myself, I’ve gone this far let’s see what else there is.

“Why don’t you suck on my cock while you stroke yourself Larry.”

Larry smiled brightly, his face lit up and his cock strained in his hand. “Do you mean it?”

Growling a positive reply I stepped forward and put my hard cock directly in his face.

“Does this look like I’m kidding. Suck me Larry, make me cum too,” I commanded him.

Larry wasted no time in moving forward onto his knees, taking my cock in his mouth and beginning to stroke his own swollen member. I was surprised at how soft, warm and wet his mouth was and noticed in appreciation that he was taking all of my cock into his mouth and throat. I was buried completely in his face in no time and he began to suck up and down my cock as he stroked his own cock in time. Larry applied varying pressure with his lips and tongue to arouse me further. He gently ran his tongue around the under edge of my cock head and flicked it across the sensitive flap that joined head and shaft.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice Larry,” I moaned.

Larry realizing the effect he was having on me decided that he would be able to benefit from this exercise after all and became earnest in his cock sucking. I could feel my cock head begin to flare and bulge as it always did before I came.

“I’m going to cum Larry,” I warned him. He pulled me partially out of his mouth so only the head was on his tongue, no doubt to be able to taste my semen. I started to cum and as I did he also sprayed semen on the carpet before him.

I had just cum but I was still able to fill his waiting mouth twice with semen. He swallowed hungrily, like a man introduced to food after a long fast. He licked my cock head clean, stroking the shaft to get the last drops of semen from it.

“Thank you Sandy,” Larry beamed.

“No thank you Larry, I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed having you suck me a lot.” We calmed down, dressed ourselves and sat back on the chairs grinning.

“So now do you know what sex with a man is like?” Larry asked laughing.

“Yes, it’s hot, gentle and incredibly arousing Larry,” I replied. “Can we do this again, maybe on a regular basis?” I asked.

“Sure, but you may have to reciprocate next time,” Larry answered; the warning clearly meant that I would have to suck his cock.

“I think that would be fine with me Larry,” I replied. “Can I see you next week?”

If you enjoyed this, if it made you cum then stay tuned for more of my adventures in gay sex. This is a true story and represents my first homosexual experience.

Love and orgasms, Sandy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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