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I had been thinking of you all day, of the things you do to me and the way you make me feel. It was a long day at work. I finally get home from work and even though I know I will see you later in the evening I can’t resist giving into the demands of my body. I quickly strip off my clothes and lay down on the bed. I am so aroused by the things going on in my head all day that even the blankets on my bed feel softer than I remember.

As I lay there realizing it would be hours before you come, I let my hands wander my body. The craving for touch is not satisfied, not by my own hands, but I need something. I pretend they aren’t my hands, but yours… large and strong, masculine, your hands are on my body, if only in my mind. I can feel them trail lightly down my sides causing my over sensitive skin to prickle, a pause at my hips and your hands are gone, for just an instant. You make contact again quickly, hands on my shoulders finger tips whisping over my collar bones, until they reach my breasts. Here, a firmer pressure, my breasts cupped in your huge palms, your thumbs circling my nipples, making them and the rings in them move in circles too.

I feel a gasp escape my lips. I pinch my nipples in between my thumbs and index finger and roll them back and forth, all the while imagining the hands that touch me are yours. I let one hand slowly drift down finger tips dancing, skimming, teasing soft skin. Your hand touching me strokes my inner thigh, the crevice at the juncture of my leg and pubic mound, roving everywhere except where I really want, I can feel my own wetness trailing down to the bed. I feel the hand, your hand, part my lips, lightly stroke the wet pink folds of me, your fingers gently circling around my clit, the barbells in my inner labia moving in time on each side of my clit. Your hand moves down and –

I freeze; I hear something, someone on my stairs. I think it’s you, hope it’s you, hours early, as I hear the door open and close, lock and realize I didn’t lock the door when I came in, it had better be you. My hand doesn’t stop as these things go through my mind, my fingers resume and continue to circle and stroke my clit. I am too close to orgasm to stop and when I see you silhouetted in the light coming into my bedroom, I breathe a small sigh of relief.

You take three steps into the room to stand at the foot of the bed, never taking your eyes off my hand, which I have been imagining is yours. I see where your attention is focused and wonder how long it will be bahis firmaları before you touch me. I gasp at the thought of your hands actually on me, not just in my imagination. At the sound your eyes move to meet my own, and as I hold your gaze I plunge my fingers into my own wetness. A sharp inhalation comes from both of us, me at my own sudden invasion of my body and you at the sight of it. I close my eyes and stroke my fingers in and out of myself. Another minute passes; my breathing comes harsher, faster.

I hear your clothes drop to the floor, feel your weight ease onto the bed. You grab my hand, stopping me. I moan in frustration, but then I feel your hand, just like I had imagined, teasing all around my hot, wet pussy and frustration turns to pleasure. Your hands move to my inner thighs, pushing my legs further apart and I can feel your breath as you blow lightly across my labia, my clit, it’s small but engorged and sensitive, just that little bit of breath on it makes me shudder.

The next thing I know I feel your tongue gently gliding up and down my outer labia, you have to have tasted how much I want you, I feel like I am lying in puddle. I can tell you are trying not to touch my clit, and wonder why, but I wiggle my hips a little, forcing a brief second of contact between my engorged clit and your talented tongue. You stop, lift your head and move your hands away, up my pelvis to my hips to hold them immobile. I hear myself whimper in frustration, you let out a chuckle.

“Oh, did you want me to do something? You’ll have to tell me, tell me exactly what you want”

Even naked, legs spread to your view and your touch, your words make me blush and I whimper and raise my hips a little.

“Use your words; I want you to tell me, I want to hear you say it”.

I can’t move, I can’t breathe or think, I freeze for a minute. My breathing is rough, almost panting; I manage to stammer out a few words.

“Oh, please, please lick my clit”

“You see, that wasn’t too hard was it?” and you lower your head, your tongue flicked back and forth over my clit, then you are lapping up the moisture running out of me.

I moan, unable to hold it in. I feel your tongue dip into my pink wet hole, writhing and darting in and out like you are trying to lick out all of my juices. And then your mouth is on my clit, I feel your lips close over it, my piercings, engulfing the whole sensitive area and then you start to suck. Hard then soft, alternating pressure over and over, kaçak iddaa your tongue flicking back and forth over me at the same time. The intensity of the two is incredible, I feel myself open up, I am empty and my body begs, aches to be filled.

Seconds more and the pressure inside me is too much. My legs wrap around your head, pushing your face closer, deeper; my hips rise, undulating, almost grinding my pussy against your face as it convulses and gushes under your skillful ministrations. Liquid rushed out of me, dripping onto the already wet sheet as you try to lick it up before it all escapes you, your efforts making my orgasm more intense. My hips and legs start to shake and I cry out with the pleasure of it. You give up trying to lap up all of my cum and force my legs to release you.

You rise over me, settling yourself between my spread legs. I can feel the tip of your hard dick at my entrance. With agonizing slowness you push yourself into me. I can feel you stretching me, and the upward curve of your penis is causing yet more convulsions of my pussy, you groan as my muscles clench and unclench around you. Then you are all the way inside me, holding still as my hips rock up and down, around in circles, from side to side. I feel myself opening again, no longer empty, taking you further, you are touching places that have never been touched and then you start to move.

You fuck me slowly, gently, at first, in and out, gradually building speed, until you are slamming into me, while I beg so breathless as to be almost silent for you not to stop. And suddenly I feel the pressure building again, in seconds to a point where once again I am convulsing around you. I am a throbbing cumming mass of sensitivity, when you suddenly pull out I feel bereft, empty…until you tell me to turn onto my hands and knees…

You reach over to grab some lube and dribble it down the crack of my ass. I tremble, not in fear or apprehension, but excitement. I feel your hand slide between my ass cheeks, your fingers kneading the flesh of my buttocks, then around my asshole, relaxing me and driving me crazy. When you finally push a well lubed finger into my ass I groan, that one finger is soon joined by another, working in and out, a third finger…all three stroking in and out of my ass as they stretch me, making me able to accommodate your dick. I moan and whimper…I want you in my ass so bad.

“Do you want it?” you ask, “do you want me to fuck you in the asshole? You’ve got to say it; you’ve got kaçak bahis to tell me”

I can’t deny what I want even if I try, but saying it? Out loud? I screw up my courage, even though you’ve been there before I have a hard time with this, but I speak and the words pour out of my mouth.

“Yes! Please, yes, fuck my ass! I want you in my ass!”

You groan at the words and I feel your dick slowly easing into my tight ass, gasping at the slight pop as the head of your dick passes my sphincter muscles, I can feel it opening me, going deeper and I start to rock slowly back against you, forcing you to drive a little deeper with each gentle thrust. And then I can feel your balls resting gently against my pussy.

You hold there for a minute, catching your breath and you smear more lube around my asshole, and pull out as slowly as you drove in and I beg you to fuck me, to fuck my ass, to fill me up. You pick up your pace, and your hand comes down on my shoulder blades; pushing, holding my top half down to give you better access, I arch my back and push back to meet you stroke for stroke as best I can.

I start to feel another orgasm building, I ask you to stop, to hold still, I’m not ready yet, the sensations are overwhelming. At that you withdraw, the pop of your exit almost painful in its pleasure. You lift me, turn me over onto my back and push back into my asshole. My legs wrap around you as you stroke in and out of me, in a steady rhythm, within minutes I start to orgasm, again and again, so many times, so close together that it seems almost like one long orgasm, again I feel my own fluids dripping from my pussy.

I reach down rub my clit from side to side and suddenly I can’t control myself, I’m moaning and crying out, writhing against you. You groan that you love it when I fuck your dick with my ass and I’m cumming again, your words having set me off again. You grunt, you tell me that I’m going to make you cum in my ass, I’m incoherent, the pleasure driving all thought from my mind and all I can do is keep fucking you with my ass, keep fucking my ass with your dick, keep rubbing my clit, there are no real coherent words, I’m yelling, screaming yes! over and over and as I feel you twitch inside me, you tell me you’re coming, I feel your hot cum flood my asshole, I feel your dick jump a little with each new spurt, and it sets me off again.

When our orgasms subside you collapse on me, holding just enough of your weight not to crush me and I wrap my arms around you. We stay like that for a few minutes and catch our breaths; neither of us want to move.

“Wow” we say in unison and laugh.

Then you say, “You know, you really need to be more careful about locking your door.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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