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Big Tits

Sarah touches my face and lips as she is now looking at me from her position on the mattress. I smile at her but see that her thoughts are elsewhere, and that I really am not registering in her mind. I see her eyes flutter and hear a soft gasp along with a gentle rocking on the bed.

Looking down, or rather up, I see Sarah’s legs folded up to her chest with our Mistress using her stiletto heel in Sarah’s ass, rocking it in and out. The motion steady with the flat bottom of the shoe pressed down on her pussy with the front end rolling over her clit as the heel is withdrawn.

“I’m going to fuck your ass next, you know that don’t you Sarah?”

“Mmmmm yes but you are now.”

“No. I mean that I am really going to fuck you, with my strap on. Like a bitch, without mercy until I cum. That is how I’m going to fuck your ass Sarah. Like I fuck Jenny.”

“Will you do it now?”

In response, the pencil thin heel is withdrawn from Sarah’s ass and Sarah is pulled out of the bed to help our Mistress don the harness and cock. She lubes it for her and makes to get back into bed when she is stopped, led to the door where she is pressed face first into it.

“Spread your ass for me.”

Sarah leans her face against the door and reaches back to grab both cheeks. Her fingers dig in and open herself up, exposing the tight rosebud that was hidden there.

“Ask me to do it,” the tip of the cock rubbed up and down Sarah’s crack.

“Please fuck me Mistress.”

“Fuck you where?” the head moving easily with the lubricant.

Sarah sucks in air, “In my ass…”

The head is pressed at the tight entrance, “And fuck your ass how?” Heels clicking on the hardwood floor as both adjust to the best advantage for what is to come.

“Hard. Like a bitch.”

Pressure is applied and the head starts to enter Sarah’s rim. “Are you my bitch Sarah?”

“Yes Mist…” the word sliced in half as Sarah’s lips are covered by fingers.

Our Mistress’ mouth is at Sarah’s ear, “I beat my bitch Sarah. Have I beat you?” And the head of the cock in pushed in.

“N…no… Miss..Mistress.” Sarah’s voice shaky and uncertain now.

Our Mistress bites Sarah’s earlobe before snaking her tongue into the canal of her ear. “But you want me to beat you don’t you Sarah? And you will be beat tonight along with Jenny.” Her hips thrusting forward slamming several inches of cock into her bowels.

Sarah nods but even that is lost in the sudden violence of the ass fucking that commences. The black cock ripping into her ass and pounding her into the flat surface of the door. Each stroke bringing our Mistress’ crotch closer and closer to Sarah’s round bottom until finally they join.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Yes WHAT?” and Sarah’s hair is yanked back as our Mistress thrusts ever deeper upwards.

“I want…you…to…beat me… Like a… bitch.”

Pulling out quickly, Sarah is spun around. “Spread your legs.”

She does and is instantly slapped on her bald mound. casino oyna Then slapped again and again, these strikes directly upon her hooded clit. Sarah squirms and shakes with each tap and fights to maintain control of keeping her legs open.

A hand finds a nipple and pulls it out hard. At its apex, the other hand slaps her clit with a loud, stinging blow that makes Sarah cry out. The trapped nipple is tugged again and stretched further yet as our Mistress’ hand raises high, high up so Sarah can see it and the tensed muscles, and springs down to bitch slap her pussy.

“I know you like that but I want to see you suck my cock. To taste your ass on it.” Our mistress’ hand giving Sarah two more swift strikes before she releases the nipple.

Sarah drops to her knees and takes hold of the swaying cock. Opening wide, she takes it deep into her mouth and bobs her head up and down as she takes more and more of it.

Mad with lust, I’m utterly thankful when our Mistress curls a finger to have me come near. Sarah’s eyes up on me as I stand next to them, she gets to see me bitch slapped across the face. I hear Sarah moan as the second blow sends me to the floor beside her.

“Help her suck it.”

Without hesitation, my mouth is with hers. Licking and sucking at the portion of the cock that isn’t in her mouth just beyond her lips. Tasting a bitter dark musk mixed with the almost sweet silkiness of the lube.

As I passionately assist Sarah, our Mistress speaks to me, “Tell Sarah what else I do to my bitch.”

My eyes plead at her as I think of what to say, but her face is cruel with the wicked smile and knowing glance that meets me. Sarah notices my reluctance and touches my face where the redness is heaviest and pulls her mouth off the cock. To buy time, I take it in her place and force the thick tube into my throat.

“Please tell me Jenny, I want to know.” Sarah kissing my lips surrounding the cock.

“Yes tell her Jenny, she needs to know if she wishes to be my bitch too,” our Mistress’ tone almost mocking.

I let the cock slip from my lips and watch Sarah take it again, her eyes on me. Again hesitating, my head is jerked back and I’m slapped again, “Tell her!”

“I…I…whore for her. Fucking every man and woman she wishes, mostly men who fuck me hard and cum on me.”

Sarah kisses me again, the cock held in her hand between us. The kiss long and deep, broken only when our Mistress pulls our heads apart.

“And what else? Tell her what else you do.”

I swallow as I look at Sarah, who gives me a small smile and whispers, “I need to know.”

“She gives me to another domme. I service her and she beats me…hard…harder than our Mistress could.”

Sarah kisses me.

“With paddles…”

Another kiss.

“And straps…”


“And fists…”

“Mmmmm does that make you cum Jenny?”

“Yes Sarah, it does.”

Our mouth meld as Sarah’s tongue invades my mouth seeking mine. She draws it to her and sucks it firmly, making slot oyna my pussy even more wet and tingly. Sarah’s hands find my breasts and I start to melt into her interrupted by a ripping pain as our Mistress yanks me up by the hair along with Sarah in the same fashion.

Pushing me away, she turns Sarah back to the wall and pushes the cock back up her ass. Sarah cries out in pain and joy at its return. Soon she is moaning and moving with our Mistress as they fuck wickedly standing there against the wall, our Mistress’ hips driving forward hard and fast as she uses the base of the strap on to bring pleasure to herself.

Hands on Sarah’s hips, then around to clutch her breasts, our Mistress’ balances herself. Her calf’s so well defined in the heels, my desire to join with them is maddening but I know I need to wait until permitted. Being close, their scent fills my nostrils and mind; a mixture of sweat, lube and ass, almost taboo with the manner in which the two women are so intent in reaching another orgasm.

“Come with me.”

Three heads turns and see Dana standing in the doorway. Dressed in a tight red leather vest that barely contains her breasts, a black leather skirt and black mid calf boots. Her hair pulled back into a severe bun with a riding crop gracing her right hand, perhaps the same crop wielded earlier by our Mistress.

I get up and go to her, noticing with pride that a small smile crosses her face as she catches sight of the tail swinging behind me. Her left hand opens and a studded collar dangles and swings, sharp points of light dancing off several of the studs.

The sounds of passion increase along with the pace of the deep ass-fucking Sarah is receiving. I sense their eyes on me as I stand astride Dana and lift my hair off my shoulders for her. She lifts the crop up and I bite down on it to free her hands, allowing her to slip the collar around my neck and buckle it secure.

Dana reclaims the crop and gazes over at our Mistress and new bitch, Sarah. A knowing smile is traded and Dana takes a seat on the edge of the bed, pointing down at her feet and I scurry there. Her fingers burrow through my hair as she, and I, continue to watch our Mistress as she pounds into Sarah.

Sarah’s head and torso is shaking as she absorbs the growing frantic reaming. Clearly our Mistress is close and she grunts and pauses to bear down on Sarah’s ass with a slow rotation of her hips. Her mouth upon Sarah’s shoulder, muffling her cry as she reaches her release.

The two remain frozen for several minutes until our Mistress takes a step back and slowly withdraws from Sarah’s tender anus. As she leads Sarah back to the bed, Dana and I rise and make room for them. Laying down together in spoon fashion once our Mistress removes the harness and lets it fall to the floor.

Dana softly kisses our Mistress and whispers in her ear, “Will this one handle a whipping as well? Such a pretty thing.” Sarah looks up with a damp lock of hair falling across her face but otherwise makes no attempt canlı casino siteleri to speak or move.

“Perhaps, but not now. Amuse yourself with the other instead as we planned.”

Another short kiss passes between the two before Dana attaches a leash to the collar and tugs it to draw me along with her. We leave the room and walk down the hall, my bare feet silent amid the clicking of her heels on the hardwood floor.

Midway between doorways, Dana stops and uses one finger, stiffened to a solid shaft, to poke me between my boobs until my back is against the wall. Circling the length of the leash around one breast, she winds it so that the leather digs in and makes my tit appear to separate from my torso and start to darken as the blood is trapped.

Her lips are soft and tender as they meet mine and we kiss long and deep with my mouth opening to accept her probing tongue. “I taste ass, which one did you lick or was it both?” Her tongue dancing over my upper lip and looking in my eyes as she awaits my response.

“I didn’t lick either,” swallowing hard knowing that the answer would not please her, “but I shared in sucking the dildo the first time it was in Sarah’s ass.”

Dana nods and wraps another loop of the leash around my breast, then slapping me across the face. Her hand rises again and flies straight down to rap my rapidly coloring breast, this slap makes me moan out in pain given the raised sensitivity of the constricted breast. My reaction pleasing to her, she delivers two more, each after making sure that I looked at her poised hand and anticipated the coming pain.

Her fingers pinching and twisting my nipple, sending fireworks before my eyes, Dana leans in closer, “Well, then I suppose you are ready to eat my ass now.”

I open my mouth but words fail me in my battle with the tears welling up in my eyes. Instead I can only gulp and with my head moving as if on a spindle with every nerve within my breast screaming out for attention.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Dana’s voice soft but not tender, her fingers opening and then unwinding the leash.

I bite my lower lip as the blood rushes to resume its normal flow and my mind is assaulted by this change. Gradually, I become aware again of Dana and the fingers that lightly explore the redness brought to my face by her hand and by my Mistress earlier. Her eyes intent upon examining it, the tips of her fingers tracing over the more prominent swells.

Dana’s lips find mine, another tender and loving kiss mixed and broken into small installments as she relays her intentions and recounts the agreement reached earlier with my Mistress.

“I’m going to use you tonight. The beating will be brutal but I know you can take it. That you want it. Your Mistress wants you limp and wasted when I bring you back to her. And she wants to hear me do it. But I will fuck you too and you will make me cum or I will beat you harder.”

She smiles and touches my face again, “But you never fail there do you. You know how to fuck.”

Her expression changes and I’m hit hard across the face, harder than I can ever recall by Dana before. She grabs my hair to jerk me back erect and slaps me again, and again.

“Now get down there and eat my ass!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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