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(Part 5)

And Then It Happened – Cuckolded

The weeks turned into months, and then into a few years, as we settled in to this lifestyle. Our sex life had never been better. Cass kept me locked during the day, well most days, at least when I was away from her. It became a game. Wearing it at the office, playing golf and even traveling for work. That gets embarrassing going through TSA, but I’ve learned to deal with the brief humiliation. She says it only reinforces her control over me.

She likes me locked whenever we are out, always wearing her necklace with the key hanging from it if we are not at the club or with friends. It remained an ongoing, sexual mind-fuck, just as Fran said the first night Cass introduced this in our lives. It didn’t take long for me to enjoy Cass’ control over my orgasms. I was having more and better sex now, so her having that kind of power over me just did something that kept me on the edge and constantly aroused. She never went more than a couple of days with me locked up, but when she released me? It was great!

I began losing weight, 50 pounds from my heaviest, as I started walking every afternoon, which led to more vigorous workouts. I now have this energy I didn’t have before, which makes the sex even better.

Fran and Warren became good friends, and we see them about once a month for BBQs at one of our houses. Warren will tell me of Fran’s latest rendezvous with Tommy, but we never talk about it while we are all together. Mostly, we just talk about life, travel, kids, their grandkids and having fun in this season of life. Cass did copy Fran’s idea though, introducing what she called a ‘check-up’ spanking once a month.

Several weeks after my initial spanking, she decided I needed to remember what the paddle felt like. Depending on her mood, I’ll get between 20-30 smacks. She doesn’t bring me to tears, but she makes sure my ass bright red and I feel it when I sit the rest of that evening. While it hurts, it’s also stimulating and erotic. I can’t explain it, but I like the pain. I crave it at times.

During my first ‘check-up’ spanking, she admitted she had searched my computer a couple of months before she introduced FLM, finding the stories and videos I had saved. She teased me about my fantasies, asking which ones were really desires. Yes, I watched cuckold, creampie, femdom, MMF and BDSM porn. I had numerous stories saved on wife sharing, coercion, cuckolding and forced bi. Not that I would want some of those things to really happen, I did fantasize about them. It was then she admitted that she knew a FLM would work, as she knew my kinks. Finding Fran, someone practicing FLM, made it all the easier.

She did start using the strapon with the 6″ attachment. She’s even used the 8″ a few times. I’ve still never cum from it, like the prostate massages, but I look forward when she brings it out and love her taking me with it. She now lets me take her anally, as I know how it feels and am more sensitive to how I do it. We don’t do that often, but she enjoys it at times.

After admitting and openly talking about my kinks, she embraced them with our role-play. She also opened-up to some of her fantasies about coercion, being forced, swinging and even being with a woman. Sometimes, we will sit in bed at night and she will read stories out loud from Literotica. She always moans and gets into character when a woman is being taken. I just lay there, straining in my cage as she teases me.

We also frequently use the toys, pretending they are other guys. She even has names for each of them. Sometimes, I’ll use the strapon on her, and have figured out how to have the small attachment in her ass, while taking her pussy with my cock. It isn’t the best angle, but she loves the double penetration.

Exploring and talking about our kinks is a fun game, again, a sexual mind-fuck that keeps things interesting. Our marriage had never been so much fun. We talk frequently about why we never opened-up before about our kinks and fantasies. We are married, have kids together and will grow old together. This was adding a dynamic we had never tapped and were enjoying each other in ways we never had before. We regretted not doing this sooner.

We talked about Fran’s trysts with Tommy and how it drove Warren crazy. It always led to us discussing it in the bedroom, pretending it was Cass that had just been with him. She would make comments about coming back to me afterwards, her pussy wet from his cum. She even talks about letting me watch, while being tied to a chair, locked in my device. The more we used this in our fantasy, the more it moved from fantasy and became a desire. For both of us.


Six months ago, we did a weekend getaway at a resort on Kiawah, just south of Charleston. After dinner one night, we decided to have a drink in the bar before retiring back to our room. We took a booth in the back, where it was quiet, as it was a little crowded at the casino şirketleri bar and loud. She was wearing a low-cut sun dress, which showed off her breasts. She also wore the necklace with the key hanging from it. She wasn’t wearing a bra, which is something she had started doing when we went out of town. It was all part of our game. She likes the attention of men staring at her breasts.

After the first round appeared, a younger guy, early 30s, sat down at our booth beside Cass. He touched her necklace, looked at me and back at her, saying he has been a ‘bull’ for cuckold couples in the past and was confident he would be fucking her tonight.

The guy was overly-confident, obnoxious, and quite frankly, a complete douche. I could tell Cass thought the same, but she played along. He was so confident, I was thinking it would be fun to hear what this dick had to say. He bragged about his experience and how he likes to humiliate cucks while he fucks their wives in front of them. How he gets them to suck his cock after he fills them with his cum. She looked at me, bit her bottom lip, and let him go on. He bragged about his large cock. I could tell she was getting turned on by his directness, but I knew this wouldn’t lead anywhere, at least so I thought.

Then she surprised me.

I watched as her hand moved over his crotch. He smiled, looking at me, while she rubbed him through his shorts. She said she couldn’t tell, so she unzipped his shorts, and started stroking his cock. She commented how big it was, as it became erect. This went on for a minute, when she pulled her hand back and smiled at me.

The conversation kept going, and the second round of drinks were delivered. He had put his cock back in his shorts, and started getting touchy with her. The place had thinned out, and there wasn’t anyone within four tables. He kissed her neck, slipped his hand inside her dress, cupping her breast and tweaking a nipple, which was hard by this point.

He then moved his hand to her lap, obviously under her dress, and was rubbing her pussy. He commented about wet her panties were, as I watched him play with my wife. I was getting turned on as well, but the fucker wouldn’t shut up. He was being even more obnoxious and just being an arrogant ass. Cass let it go on a little longer, letting him even slip a finger inside her pussy. She looked at me, with her eyes rolling in her head, and I thought she was going to have an orgasm right there.

She looked back at me, then turned to him and told him while it was fun playing, it wasn’t going to happen. He protested, and grabbed her again, forcefully. I had enough and stood up. Seeing I was at least 6″ taller than him, he got the point. He got pissed and stormed off, calling her a tease. Maybe so, but as I said, he was a douche.

It did something to me inside, seeing another man not only hitting on my wife, but putting his hand on her thigh and playing with her pussy. It also turned me on to see her grab his cock, and play with it. She was turned on too, as she was dripping wet when we got back to the room.

We both stripped and she pushed me to the bed. She sat on my cage, coating it with her juices. She then sat on my face, rubbing her dripping pussy over my nose and mouth. Teasing me, she said he was the one that made her wet. What did I think about that? I was leaking pre-cum and my cock was twitching. She just laughed and pulled the key off her neck. We fucked like rabbits into the wee hours of the morning.

What that experience did was open the door for discussion. He wasn’t the guy. But someone else? Sure, we had played with toys, fantasizing they were another guy fucking her, but it was play. They were toys. This was real, like a real-life sex toy. From that point on, whenever we would talk about it really happening, we were fucking like teenagers within minutes.

She would bring it up frequently, discussing cuckolding me. We would talk while I was locked up, unlocked, before sex, after sex. The same thing always happened. As she would describe a situation, like South Carolina, I would always end up hard again and take her. It was then we agreed that if she found someone, she could do it.

While we practice a Female Led Marriage, it is still our marriage. She had not taken control of everything, just our sex life and my masturbation. We both openly enjoy discussing our kinks and fantasies. It has made our sex life so much fuller than it had been throughout our marriage.

But for this, we had to mutually agree. So, we did. As for the agreement, we set three rules.

One was this was a one-time agreement. If it happened, she had sole discretion as to the situation. I had no veto power. She could tell me about it before or after it happened.

Second, she would have to tell me everything that happened. Every detail.

Third, was nothing overnight.

She told me she didn’t think she could just jump in the bed with anyone. If she were to really do this, casino firmaları it would have to be someone special, someone not forced upon her. And it would have to be her choice, not me finding someone.

So, we kept the fantasy going, using her ‘hall-pass’ if you will, in our sexual routine. Every time we discuss it, we were fucking again.

Which leads us to Phoenix.

Last month, I had a meeting with a potential client who is based in Phoenix. I’d been calling on him for over a year, as this would be a multi-year contract worth millions in revenue to my division. Since I rarely travel outside the southeast, I thought it would be fun to take Cass. I rented a villa at one of the golf and spa resorts and decided we would make a mini-vacation out of it and stay through the weekend.

We flew in Wednesday afternoon, got checked in and had a nice dinner at the resort. We were tired, and went to bed early. We woke up on eastern time, so it was still dark. We had sex before breakfast, nothing crazy, just good ole vanilla sex. After I cleaned her up, and I now really enjoy eating her creampies by the way, we showered together and then had breakfast. She locked me up as I walked out the door for my meeting, saying it would help me stay focused. She wished me luck, and said she was going down to the spa for a massage and then spend the rest of the day at the pool.

After touring his facilities, we went back to his office and met with his senior management team. It was a productive meeting. After lunch, he invited me for a round of golf at his club. By the end of the round, we agreed our services would help him expand more efficiently, and I was able to demonstrate we could shave his costs by approximately 15%. While the attorneys would finalize the contracts, we were done. I made the sale!

I texted Cass to tell her the great news and to get ready for dinner, I was on my way from his club. Cass texted back, congratulating me, and said she was at the pool, and to meet her there.

As I walked through the lobby, I realized there were multiple pools. I texted and she said Paradise Pool, cabana .


She was sitting under the awning at the table, wearing a spa robe, sipping on a margarita, but was not alone. A man, an attractive man, late 30s or early 40s, was sitting with her.

As I walked up, surveying the situation, he stood, shook my hand and introduced himself as Jacob Wagner. As I was processing what was happening, and what I saw, the waitress came over to get my drink order.

“I’ll have one of those.” I said, pointing to the margarita, trying to get her away as soon as possible, as I sat down at the table.

Was that Cass’ necklace with my key wrapped around his right wrist?

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Andy, Cass has told me so much about you today.” He said with an engaging confidence. This guy was me, at least me in business. He was cool, calm, confident, and had control of the conversation.

My mind was racing, and being caught off guard, I was silent.

Holding his wrist up, shaking it to rattle the key, he said, “Yes, this is what you think it is.”

I looked over at Cass, for something, anything. But her head was slightly bowed, her eyes looking down. Her face was flushed, and she looked…I can’t explain how she looked. There was a middle-aged woman laying on the lounger at the cabana next door, looking over as he rattled the key.

He took a sip of his drink, letting it all sink in. He was in control of this situation alright. No question.

After moments of silence, he spoke up, “Andy, I met Cass here at the pool this morning. I noticed her key, this key (holding it up again for effect) and knew what it was. Noticing how she composed herself, I knew she was married to an affluent man. I’ve seen this before. Many would not understand the dynamic the two of you have. However, I do.”

I looked again at Cass. She made eye contact this time, but only for a second.

“You are a cuckold Andy.” He said as he took another sip, smiling.

I felt the heat in my face and tingling all over. I looked over and the woman was now sitting up, actively listening to our conversation.

“Cass and I have a unique relationship, that’s for certain. While we have talked about the next level, we haven’t been there yet.” Even as the words came out of my mouth, I knew that was no longer true. We had agreed to a pass, and she had used it.

He continued, “I find it interesting how some type A people, like me, are that way in every aspect of their lives. Others, like you, are relentless in business, the aggressor, but get off on being sexually submissive. Yes, I do understand it’s a game you play, she’s told me all about it. It turns you on to know she has taken the lead role, sexually, in your marriage. I bet your cock is straining at the cage it’s locked in right now, wondering how I got this key.” Holding it up again for effect.

He was right. I was turned güvenilir casino on. I was also embarrassed for being turned on. This is what we have been talking about, role-playing for months, but this was real. While I didn’t look back at the woman, I knew she was hearing every word, but I didn’t care, as I was focused on Cass.

Before I could dwell too much on the thought, he continued, “I’m a single, wealthy man Andy. Getting women into bed is easy, it always has been for me. But married women? They are much more fun. Middle-aged married women are the best, as they are usually frustrated at home and easily turned into cock-sucking sluts.

But you two are different.”

He continued, “I see you have doubts. Let me explain. Not every woman, or man for that matter, can be submissive or controlled. It takes a certain personality. You are a submissive. I’m not judging, just stating a fact, which is represented by the fact you give up control of your cock to your wife. Relinquishing control turns you on. Women are very much the same. Even more so. The more power they show on the outside, the more they will become submissive, with the right person. They want control taken away from them, as it gives them the freedom to let go and enjoy themselves. What most men don’t understand, is that every woman, deep down, wants to be a whore. It just takes someone like me to let them be themselves and experience being that whore.”

He let that sink in, as my drink finally arrived. I took a long sip, almost downing the whole thing.

“When I saw Cass’ key, I knew she had you locked. To flaunt it the way she did, she wanted to be noticed. She wanted to show anyone who knew what it was, that she had power. And as we know, sometimes those with power, want it taken away.”

My head was spinning.

“Andy, you ARE a cuckold. But, you already know that.”

I was tingling all over. I looked again at Cass, but she just looked down.

“You see (holding it up again), this key to you is the key to your cock. Cass’ control over your sexual release. A fun sexual game the two of you play. I have this key because it means something else to me.”

Again, he let his words hang, adding to the tension.

“To me, this is the key your wife gave to me, unlocking that whore trapped inside. And as you will see, I own that whore.” He said with an arrogance this time.

“And, I will continue to own her until I return her to you later tonight. She explained your agreement, so that means I have until midnight, right?”

Midnight? We agreed to no overnight, but not all-day. No, we didn’t even contemplate an all-day affair. I looked again at Cass. Why won’t she look at me?

“Andy, understand that I respect your marriage and your agreement. I’m not here to take Cass away from you. After tonight, we will probably never see one another again. However, I have used Cass like she has never been used before, and she loved it. And make no mistake, I will continue to use her as soon as we walk out of here.

She needs this Andy. You both do. When she comes back to you, she will have had experiences most women only fantasize about, including your wife. I will help her experience those fantasies, while keeping her safe. You will both take what happens today and have so many future raw sexual encounters reliving this day.”

He then turned to Cass, for the first time in the conversation, looking into her eyes.

“Cass, if you want to end this now, and go with your husband tonight to celebrate his huge deal, then just stand up and leave with him. I will always remember our time together today as a great experience with a beautiful woman.”

Cass looked at me this time, eye to eye. The look in her eyes was one of desire, longing, lust.

He continued, “But, if you want to continue exploring what’s been trapped inside, something that’s never been tapped before, take your husbands hand and let’s go into the cabana. I want him to see what I’ve unlocked.”

Cass nodded her head, looked me in the eyes and stood. She took my hand, and walked me into the room. It had a sofa and two chairs around a table, a small kitchen/bar and a full bathroom off to the side. As Jacob walked in behind us, he looked over at the woman and said, “Renee, you are welcome to watch if you like.”

He closed the door, just as the woman walked in and sat on the chair.

“Renee has heard most of our conversations today, and she and Cass even talked for a couple of hours while I had to attend to some business this afternoon. So, she knows all about your relationship too.” She just looked at me, then Jacob and Cass. I could also tell she was turned on.

“I understand you like the humiliation aspect of your relationship, being exposed in front of your friend Fran. I’m not surprised. Most men, including me, get a rush from being exposed to women.”

Looking back at Cass, he said, “Tell him to take off his clothes. I want to see his cock straining in the cage.”

I looked at Cass, she just nodded.

I took off my clothes.

All three were looking at me, staring at my cock, twitching. And yes, I was turned on, I couldn’t help it.

Jacob then turned to Cass and said, “Drop your robe.”

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