Katie’s Awakening Pt. 02


‘Katie’s induction into the world of BDSM was swift and deep. She must have been looking at a lot of femdom porn as her appetite for making me suffer seemed to grow with each sexual encounter. For a woman who had been pretty straight laced, who thought ‘kinky sex’ meant a blow job and that BDSM was an acronym for a some obscure political party, she had come a long way in a short time. How far is best illustrated by a session we had recently.

It began with a suggestion at breakfast.

‘Darling, I’ve been doing some reading up on all kinds of pleasurable torture. It seems that the nipples, especially male nipples, are vulnerable to teasing, squeezing and pinching. I have some new ideas and would like to try them out this evening after work. So at 7 15 tonight, I want you on your knees, with your white shirt unbuttoned to the navel. I will work on one of your nipples – haven’t decided which one, but I think you will enjoy the experience. I certainly will my love.’

With that she gave me a peck on the cheek and the morning ritual xslot of toast and tea continued without further word of pain or torments.

Setting me up for that evening’s nipple-fest was in its own way a kind of torture. All day at work I couldn’t concentrate on anything but my left or right nipple. I had no idea what Katie had in mind for one or other of them. Not knowing was exciting and each time my thoughts drifted chest-wards, my cock got hard. It was quite a job in my morning management meeting to keep my stiffness out of sight and my mind away from domination.

At last work was over and I raced to get home by 6 45 pm. Katie was already back from her job and was up in the bedroom when I came in. Her voice was soft and gentle as she shouted down to me, ‘Hello darling. I’m just getting ready for our session. I’d like you to shower and put on a clean shirt and unbutton it as I told you this morning.’

I had little choice to obey and did as I was bid. I chose my most flowing shirt – almost a blouson – and xslot Giriş with the buttons undone, looked like some swashbuckling musketeer – though one defenceless against attack. As 7 15 pm approached, I readied myself as instructed – waited on my knees with shirt undone.

‘I want you to shuffle into the bedroom but make sure you close your eyes.’ Katie’s voice was a little less gentle now – there was a crystal or two of ice in there. I crawled into the bedroom making sure my eyes were tight shut. ‘Stop!’ Katie’s voice seemed to come from the side of my left ear. ‘Slowly open your eyes and tell me what you see’. I did as I was told but saw nothing but our large bed with a small holdall bag sitting on the top. It had a slightly menacing appearance. What lay within?

‘You are wondering what’s in the bag?’ Katie suddenly appeared into my field of vision. She was a sight the like of which I had not seen before: Doc Marten boots which came up mid calf, a pair of leather shorts, white blouse and braces. She looked awesomely xslot Güncel Giriş strong and determined. In her hands she carried a short riding crop made, she later told me, from saddle leather. She bent forward to give me a kiss full on the lips, ‘We are going to have such fun you and I’. As she uttered these soft words, her whip began to explore the skin beneath my shirt. She guided the paddle end first to my right, and then to my left nipple. ‘Eeny meeny, miny moe, which of these nipples will take the first blow’. She spoke this non-nursery rhyme in the softest whisper. She then went to stand behind me and I felt her boot slowly running up the inside of my thigh. As it reached my crotch, Katie gave me a strong kick in the nuts which had me bending over in pain (though it was more shock than true hurt). As I did so I felt her hand reach inside my shirt, grab my left nipple and push my torso into an upright position once more.

‘It’s time to begin’. There was a hint of menace in her tone as she went over to the bag on the bed. She took out two gleaming instruments: a Wartenberg pinwheel (as I later discovered it was called) and what looked like a crocodile clip. Both were bound for the same destination: my left nipple. I was soon to learn the true meaning of ‘pain and pleasure’.

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