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Hi, my name is Kelly and I am what you usually call the wallflower type of person. I am usually the type of person that you look at and never really notice. I wear clothes that hide my body away from the world, not letting anyone know what they hide.

Well that is what I used to be like. Something happened to me recently that changed me totally and it was the most mind blowing experience of my life. My best friend, Penny came up to be one day and told me that she was going to take me out to a party and that I was not allowed to say no. What I didn’t realize is that she was going to do something drastic to me.

She took me out to a beauty parlor and when those people had finished she took me to a clothing store. By the time she had finished with me I looked nothing like my former self and I had to admit I kind of liked the looks that I was getting from the men that passed me by. I looked at Penny and thanked her. All she did was smile.

Later that day the two of us went to the party and everyone seemed to flock to me, wondering just who I was and why they hadn’t seen me before. They were all shocked when I told them who I was and they told me that they liked the new look, especially three men that worked in the same place as I did- Marc, Chris and Todd.

During the party I found myself dancing with nearly every man there. I can’t say that I didn’t like it, in fact I was getting extremely turned on. But I found out that Penny had other plans for me. Before I could say a word we were in the back of a car and I was surprised to find that Todd, Chris and Marc were in there as well.

I smiled at them as Todd started the car and drove away from the party. As we were heading to Penny’s place, I wondered what was going to happen. Part of me, though, knew and I wanted it more than anything.

When we got to Penny’s place we all rushed in and closed the door behind us, signaling the start to another party. After a few minutes Penny took a few steps back and made a suggestion that made us all stop and look at her. I sat down on an empty spot next to Marc and watched as Penny put a tape into the video player then pushed play and took her place next to me on the couch with a smile. I wondered what she was smiling about until I heard the sounds on the television and saw the scene on the screen.

I then heard Todd’s voice, “Well Kelly if you like the look of that then you will love the look of this.”

I wondered what he was talking about and turned my head to see, just to be shocked at the sight of the bulge in his pants. I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off it but slowly did and saw that Todd was looking at me with a smile. That’s when Chris decided to say something that I’m glad of.

“Why don’t you just whip that thing out and let Kelly have a really good look at it.”

This escort buca statement made me start to get really wet and grin.

Todd looked over at me and said, “No, I’d better not. It might scare her and plus you have embarrassed her.”

That’s when I said something I thought that I would never say.

“I’m not embarrassed and besides your wouldn’t be showing me something that I haven’t seen before.”

Todd and the others looked at me for a second and then they looked at Todd. Todd stood up and began to take off his pants. My heart began to pound hard and I could feel my juices start to run down my thigh. All of a sudden Penny said something that a part of me wanted to hear.

“If you are going to do it why not do it right and take off all your clothes, but let Kelly do the honors and let her take off your underwear. Seeming as she’s seen it all before.”

God, I almost came right then and there, all of a sudden everyone but Todd had their eyes on me and then on Todd. Then all of a sudden Todd walked over to where I was sitting and began to strip in front of me, it wasn’t long before Todd was down to his underwear which was what I was waiting for. I slowly pulled his underwear right down and then off.

I slowly raised my head and in front of me was a cock that had to have been the biggest I had ever seen. I reached up and put my hands on Todd’s sides and lead him to sit down on the couch next to me. I turned my head in the direction of the television and saw that the black guy was slamming his huge cock deep into the woman’s dripping pussy. I also saw that Marc and Chris now had their cocks out and they were masturbating and I was glad to see that their cocks weren’t small either.

Todd slowly moved his hands down and began to run his fingers over my wet dripping pussy and I couldn’t help but have my first orgasm ever- well the first that I hadn’t brought about by myself. I could feel my juices run out of my pussy and all over Todd’s hand. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“Well it looks as if you need a little clean up,” he said.

At first I didn’t know what he meant but I was about to find out. Todd got down on the floor in front of me and put his head between my wet thighs and in seconds I felt his tongue run up my wet slit. I almost came again and looked around the room just to see something which made me orgasm again. Penny had moved over and was giving Marc and good blow job and Chris had gotten up behind Penny, rubbing her pussy. Penny moved her head away from Marc’s cock and let out a loud scream which signified her orgasm.

This must have been Chris’ signal because he immediately wrapped his hand around his thick cock and slid it deep into Penny’s wet pussy. God, I need to have that done to me, but first I had to do something buca escort bayan which I had fantasized about for years.

I put my hands on both sides of Todd’s head and pulled him away from my pussy which was a large task by itself then sat him down the couch. I leaned down and looked at his cock and I knew I had to have it. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and slowly went down his shaft.

Todd closed his eyes and sucked in and huge gasp of air and I began to slowly slide my lips up and down his cock; trying to get more and more into my mouth every time. I did this for a few more minutes before I felt a wet tongue run up the slit of my pussy- oh god, it felt so good! Now I was being eaten out and sucking on and cock and I didn’t want it to end but what happened next surprised me most of all.

“Go for it Penny, eat Kelly’s wet pussy!”

I was Penny who was running her tongue over my pussy and giving me all these great sensations! Just the thought of being eaten out by Penny sent me over the edge again and I felt myself orgasm all over Penny’s face which was buried deep in my now sopping wet pussy.

I slowly opened my eyes again to see that Marc was now sitting down next to Todd on the couch. I looked at the size of Marc’s cock and knew that I had to taste it and moved away from Todd’s cock and quickly engulfed Marc’s cock.

Just then Todd got up off the couch and said, “That’s it Kelly, I have got to fuck you- right now.”

Todd slowly walked around behind me and asked Penny to move her head out of the way and the next thing I knew Todd was sliding his cock slowly into my pussy. God, the feeling that surged through my body right at that point was unbelievable and in an instant I came again and softly bit down on Marc’s cock which was still in my mouth.

Todd stopped suddenly and I wondered what Todd, Penny and Chris were planning for me.

I heard a noise underneath me and saw Todd lay down underneath me and slowly slid me down onto his cock. As I slid down onto his cock I thought that this was what the three of them had planned but I was soon to find out that it wasn’t.

The next thing I knew I felt Chris put one of his hands onto my ass and what happened next I would never have dreamt of; even in one of my wildest fantasies. Suddenly I felt Chris’ cock push up agaist my asshole before slowly sliding up my ass. When Chris stopped I knew that he had his cock buried deep in my ass and I felt as though I was being split in half. I couldn’t believe that I was so full and suddenly my body wracked with an intense orgasm.

The pleasure I was feeling was so intense that I quickened my pace on Marc’s cock. After only a few strokes of my lips I felt Marc’s hand on the back of my had and he pushed it down the full length buca escort of his cock. At first I began to gag slightly but then I felt something hit the back of my throat and tasted the salty sweet taste of his cum..

After I swallowed his cum and slid my mouth off his cock Marc got up off the couch and moved away with a huge smile on his face and I knew that I had done all the right things with him at that point.

Todd and Chris on the other hand had just begun their assault on my pussy and ass and Todd slid his cock deep into my pussy and Chris would slide his cock out of my ass at the same time before they swapped. God, if this was heaven then I didn’t ever want to leave.

When I opened my eyes however I found I was in for another surprise that night as sitting on the couch in front of me with her legs spread was Penny.

“You owe me one,” Penny said with a smile.

I knew what she want and I wasn’t going to say no with the way that I was feeling at that point. I moved quickly and buried my face into Penny’s wet pussy, the musky smell sending me almost crazy. I began to devour her pussy and I couldn’t believe how good it tasted, it was amazing.

Penny was enjoying what I was doing to her as she was moaning loudly and I had the feeling that she was going to orgasm any second. Suddenly Penny’s back arched and she had an explosive orgasm which made her scream out.

I felt her juices run over my lips and chin and down my throat and found that the taste was as good if not better than Marc’s cum. By this point it became too much for Chris and he slid his cock out my ass with a pop before I felt his cum hit my back.

I felt Chris’ cum running down my sides and running down the crack of my ass and it felt damn good. I could also feel it run over my pussy and knew that it was going over Todd’s cock. Just the thought of that sent me over the edge again and I had another earth shattering orgasm.

At this point it was too much for Todd to handle as well and I felt him quicken his pace and in only seconds I felt his cum hit the walls of my pussy, but the best thing was that he kept cumming for ages. He must have cum a ton because when he slid me off of him I could feel it almost flow out of me.

It must have taken me over a minute to regain my strength to pull myself up onto the couch and when I looked around at everyone they looked exhausted- almost to the point of passing out.

“Well this is a night that I’ll remember for a long time.” Todd said warily.

We all smiled and started to get dressed. We all left Penny’s place and Todd took me to my place. As I got out of the car he pinched my ass and I leaned in the car, giving him a deep kiss.

“Good night guys…. I hope you had as good a time as I did, ” I said before I closed the door. They all agreed.

Well that is what changed me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Well I’ll keep writing and I hope that you keep reading. God, writing this has made me feel horny again. I have some serious business to attend to with my pussy, my fingers and my new toy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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