Kelly’s Shocking Tickle Torture


(C) Copyright 2010 – MindSplinter – Published under Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) 3.0 Unported

I asked Kelly once if she was ticklish and if so, how ticklish was she and were there any secret spots. Of course Kelly being Kelly and I wouldn’t have it any other way responded with “That’s for me to know and you to find out”! Well, I couldn’t let a challenge like that go without a reply so…

Kelly’s arrival at the airport was the culmination of a long and awful trip down to see me; a winter storm had almost killed any chance of her getting here. But here she was, very late, beat, tired as hell and yet she was still able to muster the strength to smile when she saw me waiting for her. I grabbed her carryon bag and walked her straight out to my car and left her in the comfort of its heated seats and soft music from the radio while I ran back inside and collected her suitcase from the conveyor.

She didn’t protest when I told her that I’d drive back to my place and cook dinner before running her off to bed instead of our customary dinner out, she told me about the flight and how they had to wait almost an hour before landing at her first stop, that her connecting flight was late also and that they almost didn’t make it out before they closed the airport. Having been there myself, I knew how tiring it can be and I knew that I was making the right decision to go home, feed her and get her into bed to get some rest.

Dinner was a straight forward affair of meat and potatoes with steamed veggies, something to warm her up, give her a much needed energy boost but not keep her from sleeping. I cleaned up after we were through and pointed her in the direction of the stairs, carrying her bags up with me as she trudged tiredly up the staircase towards the bedroom. Dumping her bags on the floor and went to her, holding gently in my arms while kissing her softly, I told her how much I had missed her while we were apart and that as much as I want to throw her on the bed and ravage her; she was going to get a nice hot shower followed by a warm bed to sleep in.

I slowly proceeded to peel her clothing off one piece at a time, savoring the view as her nude form came into view before guiding her to the shower and once I had the water at a comfortable temperature, put her in and got in with her. Picking up the washcloth and squirting a shot of body wash onto it, I started washing her body, massaging her as I went along carefully working my way over every square inch of her, feeling the tension of a long day of travel melt away under my hands. I teased her slightly to her delight which she gave Betturkey away with a soft giggle, but I wasn’t going there just yet, not tonight. I finished up and shut the water off; stepping out with her I picked up a towel and dried ourselves off and led her back to the bed pulling the covers back and climbing in with her, pulled them up, wrapped an arm around her and kissed her softly before telling her to go to sleep and get some rest.

I woke up early the next morning and somewhere during the night, we had gone from me holding her to her spooned up behind me and an arm wrapped around my chest. I slow extracted myself from her embrace so as not to wake her and went downstairs to make us breakfast. About the time I had finished cooking, I heard the sound of her padding barefoot down the stairs. I greeted her with a cheery “Good Morning” and told her to grab a seat, breakfast was ready.

We sat and ate, and talked about what we wanted to do while she was here and breakfast was soon a memory. I told her that I was working on something new and wanted to show her before we went anywhere and her eyes lit up immediately as she knew that I had something new and devious up my sleeve that she would experience firsthand. “First you have to catch me” she giggled as she jumped up off the couch and ran for the stairs, I dropped the glass I was rinsing out in the sink back into the water and kicked the dishwasher door closed as I took off in pursuit of her. She managed to get a good lead on me and was already upstairs before I could get out of the kitchen.

I don’t have a very large house, so there aren’t many places to hide for a long time but still I was going to have to clear each room and closet before I found her. Coming up the stairs, I went straight for the bathroom at the top and yanked the shower curtain open to find an empty tub. Next I looked in the closet in my office while trying to keep an eye on the stairs so she couldn’t sneak back down them. Finding my office to be empty as well that left my bedroom as the only place left, I walked in and noticed right away that all of the folding doors were closed which I only keep one set closed.

I flipped on the closet light and opened one of the doors and looked inside, and nope she wasn’t there. In the meantime she was slowly crawling out from under the bed and trying to sneak behind me and out the bedroom door but the floor squeaked just as she was about to pass behind me. I spun around and before she could take off again I grabbed her and threw her onto the bed and jumped on myself and pinned her down. I pulled open one of the nightstand drawers Betturkey Giriş and pulled out my handcuffs as she struggled and kicked trying to throw me off. She put up a good struggle, but soon I had her face down and her hands cuffed behind her.

I jumped off the bed and helped her to her feet before herding her towards the spare bedroom and my latest implement of torment. I opened the door and ushered her into the room where in place of the platform with the kneeling cross was padded table with stocks at one end and grip cuffs at the other. I picked up a collar and locked it around her neck and then locked a chain to it to keep her from wandering away, and then I proceeded to strip her clothes off until she was naked which wasn’t very much. Helping her up onto the table, I grabbed her ankles and locked them into the stocks at the end before trading her handcuffs for the grip cuffs at the other end spreading her out snugly across the table.

Next was to get her wired up to my TENS unit with pads on her breasts, thighs, stomach and each ass cheek. I plugged them all in and adjusted them until she let out a satisfying yelp to each set of pads. Then I pulled out a leather harness and fitted it around her waist and thighs before attaching the Hitachi to it and making sure it was firmly positioned on her clit. The last bit of equipment was clover clamps on her nipples, each one tied to one of her big toes with twine so that she had to keep her toes pulled up and back towards her nipples otherwise she would be pulling hard on them.

I had her grab the grips on the grip cuffs and told her to not let go under any circumstances or she would regret it. Then I asked her if she remembered what she had told me when I asked her if she was ticklish. “That’s for me to know and you to find out” she replied softly, to which I told her that today I would find out and with that I put a blindfold over her eyes and turned on the Hitachi and TENS unit.

A small moan escaped past her lips as the Hitachi came to life on a low setting, I picked up a feather from the small table in one corner of the room and slowly drew it across one of her soles which elicited a short giggle accompanied by a yelp as she wiggled her foot and pulled on her nipples. I repeated it on her other foot and this time she bit her lip and kept her foot still undeterred, I drew the feather down between her toes and she let loose with loud giggle and a “Nooooo” followed quickly by a moan as she discovered that I had wired the Hitachi so that it ramped up and down according to the level of noise in the room. I tormented her feet for another Betturkey Güncel Giriş fifteen minutes, reveling in her giggling, gasps and moans as the Hitachi and I worked our magic on her before finally moving further up her body with the feather.

I switched from a stiff sharp feather to a soft fluffy one as I moved up to her thighs and drew it lightly across each inner thigh. She bucked and laughed out loud at my actions and the Hitachi ramped up some more, picking up a second feather I drew them up either side of her labia and she went completely ballistic and let out a shriek of laughter before discovering my second surprise as she let go of the grips in her hands. I had wired the grips with a pressure switch in each grip that activated the TENS units when she let go of them, her shrieks of laughter became shrieks of surprise as she got the full capability of the TENS unit to the pads I had placed on her. She learned fast and quickly grabbed the grips again and the TENS unit shut off again.

With one super ticklish spot identified, I eased off for a few minutes to let her calm down and give the Hitachi a chance to get her attention again and soon she was moaning softly to its ministrations. Going back to my original stiff feather, I drew it up each side of her torso and was instantly rewarded with more giggling and laughter and another “Noooo”. I dropped the feather again and started tickling her with my fingers and was instantly rewarded by peals of laughter and another shriek as she let go of the grips again. Another super ticklish spot identified and once again I let her rest a bit and let the Hitachi work its magic.

Over the course of the next hour or so, I methodically worked my way up her body seeking out each and every super ticklish spot on her. With Kelly laughing, giggling or shrieking the whole way and once I was certain I could find no more, I turned the TENS unit to a low power setting and disabled the sound control for the Hitachi so it would run at full power and proceeded to tickle her through several orgasms. By the time I was through she was completely spent and her nipples were quite sore from her wild gyrations on the table. Slipping several finger into her and working her clit softly with my thumb until she was moaning softly once more, I slowly removed one of the clamps and immediately began sucking on it gently and massaging it with my tongue as she cried out and the circulation came back before doing the same to her other nipple.

I kissed her softly as I removed the blindfold and asked her if she was going to give me a coy answer again the next time I asked; to which she replied with a twinkle in her eye “That’s for me to know and you to find out”. I opened the stocks and released the cuffs from her wrists before helping her sit up, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again as I wondered how could I get so lucky to capture someone as spirited as her.

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