Kneel Mother


Susan smiled at her daughter. She had gotten used to eating dinner alone since her daughter had left for college.

“I am so glad you are back home. You did great at college, but this is where you belong, Amy,” Susan said as she stood up from the table and walked with her plate to the sink.

“Thank you Mother. College wasn’t bad, but they did not have food like yours there,” Amy answered watching her mother walk back and forth putting everything from the table away.

“You have always been so sweet. If you haven’t learned how to cook yet we need to get you started tomorrow. If you help me that will be a fun way to do it don’t you think?” Susan went on while she was cleaning the table and started to clean the dishes in the sink. “I can show you how to make that lasagna you like so much. That is a good dish to learn because you can freeze everything you don’t eat into nice portions and that way you will always have food for days.”

“Turn around mother,” she heard her daughter whisper from behind.

Susan knew the mood had changed. It was not the joyous, happy feeling they had both felt since Amy had come home a few hours before. She knew her daughter was after something else now. Something that Susan had dreaded and sincerely hoped wouldn’t take place this time. Still she slowly turned around facing her daughter that had gotten up from the table and was standing a few feet away from her.

“Please, Amy, we do not need to do this,” Susan pleaded even if she knew her daughter wouldn’t listen.

“Kneel, Mother,” Amy demanded in her sweetest voice.

Susan thought about what she should do. She was the mother here; she shouldn’t take orders from her daughter. At 22, less than two months away from 23, Amy was less than half her age and she felt that as the mother she should be the one telling her daughter what to do. That was the normal order of things. Still, she sunk down to her knees looking up at her daughter.

“Good girl,” her daughter praised her. It felt demeaning to be called that by her daughter but still it gave her a tingling sensation. Not only did her body betray her as it obeyed her daughter’s commands, but it even made her feel good to do it. There must be some way out of it.

“Please, Amy, you have managed to keep from it for four years. Wouldn’t it be better if we kept avoiding it?” Susan continued to plead.

“You said that when I graduated I could have you again. That when I got my diploma you would do anything I wanted. Now I want you! My sweet, submissive Mother.”

It was true. She had made that promise. But that was four years ago when she tried to stop more incest from taking place and she did not think that this day would come so soon.

“It has been four years of trying to find someone that is as good as you. It has not been easy so do not try and take this moment away from me, Mother. I wore this skirt just for you, why don’t you lift it up and look at what you been missing.”

She felt bad that she had done that to her daughter. Still it was for the best. Incest was wrong. She should stop it now too, but her hands seemed to move on their own lifting the skirt up. When Amy had been little she had been so worried about her daughter getting into trouble because of her extra appendage, but that had never happened. Her daughter had always been proud and strong and now as she had grown up to a beautiful woman Susan couldn’t help, but feel that her extra parts was some of the most beautiful things about her. She felt her heart start to beat faster as the panties came into view. They were much too tight and small to contain her daughter’s big cock laying towards the side and pushing the fabric to the point where it looked like it could burst at any moment from the hardness.

“I can see how much you want it, Mother.” Amy said as she unbuttoned the skirt on the side making it fall down from her hips. “Why don’t you take it out and show it how much you have missed it?”

Susan felt her face turn red. She did want it and that her daughter knew just how much made her embarrassed. Part of her wanted to run and hide, but her hands moved on their own up to the panties and pulled them down slowly making the cock come into view slowly until it could fully escape bobbing freely in the air. She continued to move the panties down and needed to lean in close to the cock feeling its heat as she helped her daughter step out of the clothes. Her daughter now naked from the waist down looked amazing and when she swayed her hips making the cock dance back and forth Susan lost it and had to move her thighs together to contain her tingling.

“Do you remember the greeting you used to give it? Show me that you are still a good girl, Mother.”

Those words were so strong, like she could submit to those words alone. She wanted to be a good girl more than anything and she wanted to prove to her daughter that she still was. The hardness was still moving in front of her face even if not as much as before. She puckered her lips Ataşehir Anal Escort up and tried to give it a kiss, but missed to catch it two times before it got stuck against her cheek and she could start to give it kisses first on the side of the head, but then right on it as it pointed straight out at her.

It felt so good against her lips that she kept on kissing it wanting to show how much she loved her daughters cock and how much she worshipped it. As the kisses kept coming she suddenly felt her lips open up and swallow the head. Her mouth hadn’t been able to stop itself from wanting a taste of the stiff member. She thought for a moment to pull back her head, but she knew it was pointless. She loved sucking cock and her daughters cock most of all. The taste of it, the hardness and maybe most of all the way her body was unable to resist her daughter.

She moved her tongue around it making it bathe in her saliva only to suck it hard making all the juices on it be sucked away for a brief moment before she covered it again. For several years she had denied herself this need, but now when she had opened up the gate she couldn’t stop. She was sucking more passionately than she had ever sucked cock before.

She did not feel the two hands being put on her head, but as she was pushed further on to the cock she tensed up being remembered for the first time in minutes that other things in the world existed than her and the thick suck-stick. She looked up, still with the cock in her mouth, and found two wanting eyes looking down on her. The two hands pushed her again and this time she let it happen making the member go deeper into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat.

Her daughter started to move her head back and forth and wanting to please her baby girl she continued her duties sucking her cock. It was difficult when it was pushed against the back of her throat, but each time it got a little bit easier and she could put more and more energy towards pleasing. After a few minutes her daughter started to be a bit more forceful with each thrust and she knew what was needed of her. She looked up on her daughter’s face again not being able to see much, but being able to tell she was in a lot of pleasure which made Susan stay brave as her face was being fucked.

Each hip movement put more pressure on her mouth, but she tried to relax and suddenly her daughter hit the correct angle making the cock slide down Susan’s throat. She was ecstatic with herself as she felt Amy’s body pressed against her face as the cock was fully lodged in her. She knew that now it was just about letting herself be used for her daughter’s pleasure. She didn’t know why, but that made her so happy. She wanted to be used and no matter how wrong it was to everyone else it felt right that it was her daughter using her.

“Oh, Mother, you are the best. I am going to cum and I want you to swallow it all. You will be a good girl and swallow all of my cum will you not, Mother?”

Susan couldn’t answer as her mouth was getting fucked and used. Instead she just took it knowing it was for her incest lover’s pleasure. She could hear her daughter’s moans and she knew it was soon time to swallow the wonderful sperm. Part of her was ashamed at how much she wanted it, that she let her daughter fuck her face and cum in her mouth. If it was wrong then why did it feel so right? This is who she was and what she loved to be.

“Here it comes, Mother.”

She felt her daughter grab her hair forcefully making her tilt her head to the side holding the head of the cock in her mouth. Meanwhile her daughter was stroking the base of her cock and Susan felt her mouth start to fill up with shot after powerful shot of warm cum. She eagerly swallowed, loving the taste and as her daughter stopped shooting she eagerly started to suck on the head feeling her daughter let go of her hair so she could properly suck her clean.

“Good girl.”

She felt pride and joy hearing her daughter’s words. Pride that she had raised such a wonderful woman, joy that she had been able to please her enough to make her cum.

“Stay right there mother, I have a gift for you,” her daughter said tripping away leaving Susan kneeling on the kitchen floor. She thought about standing up, but she had been told to ‘stay right there’ so she found it best to not get up.

When Amy came back she had something in her hands that Susan couldn’t see.

“This is just for you,” Amy said with love in her voice.

As Amy opened up her hands Susan could see what it was. It looked a lot like a small, black leather belt, but Susan knew better. It was a collar, the kind you put on an animal.

“Please, Amy, I am a human. Not a dog,” She pleaded.

“Of course you are a human,” Amy said smiling, “but you are also my little pet, Mother. This will help me keep track of you and it will help remind you that you belong to me. You do know that you belong to me now, don’t you Mother?”

Susan knew.

“Y-yes,” Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort she whimpered.

“Good girl. Now stretch your neck up so I can fasten your collar.”

She wanted to try and protest once more, but being called a good girl made her lose control of her body and it obeyed on its own, stretching up from her kneeling position so that her neck was fully exposed. Her daughter pulled her hair to the side and put the collar on.

“That looks so good on you. How does it feel?” Amy asked.

Susan didn’t know what to answer, but it didn’t seem to matter as her daughter was busy taking a leash that she had hanging around her neck and fastened it to the collar.

“Now follow me, Pet,” Amy ordered.

Amy started walking away holding on to the leash and as it straightened Susan felt it pull her and she had to start moving on all fours to try and keep up. She looked at her daughter’s cute butt as she walked ahead of her, still naked from the waist down, pulling the leash every time Susan fell a little behind. Reaching the stairs Amy moved quickly. Susan tried to take the chance to stand up, but the constant pull on the collar made it impossible and she had to run on all fours to try and keep up. At the top of the stairs Amy turned left and into Susan’s bedroom.

“Look at your clothes, Mother, they are a complete mess. Stand up,” Amy asked as she pulled on the leash so that Susan could follow her order. “You better take them off.”

Susan looked down. They didn’t look that bad, but being on her knees and walking on all fours had taken its toll. Still to take them off right here in front of her daughter made her feel nervous.

“Come on, Mother, give me a show,” Amy urged her on.

Susan couldn’t believe her ears. Her daughter wanted her to strip for her? That is not something a mother should do in front of her children. Not suck their cock either, but doing a striptease would be to encourage the behavior. A mother should absolutely not be doing that.

Still, she started to do an awkward dance shedding her clothes. She didn’t feel very sexy doing it, but every time she looked over on her daughter she saw a pleased smile on her face which made Susan put a little more effort into each move. When she was finally naked she saw Amy stand up and walk up to her grabbing the collar to pull her close and gave her a quick kiss. She then swung her around using the collar, making Susan stumble a few steps before falling down on her back on the bed.

“Now, Mother, can you see what effect you have had undressing in front of me?” Amy inquired.

Susan looked down and could see that the young woman had gotten hard again. She couldn’t help, but wonder if that had not been the plan all along. Make her strip and then have her conveniently naked for when the cock had gotten hard again.

“Now are you going to be a good pet and take care of your Mistress?”

Hearing it made her tingle even if her daughter had said it wrong.

“Good girl, I am your good girl,” she said with the most convincing voice she could muster.

“No, Mother. You are my little pet now. Does a good girl wear a collar? No, she doesn’t. That is what a pet does,” Amy said while moving on top of her mother on the bed. “And a good pet needs to be mounted.”

Susan felt her daughter’s hard cock move over her pussy as she got positioned on top of her. She wanted to protest more about being a good pet, but more than that she wanted to be mounted, mounted by her big cocked daughter. As her daughter grabbed her breasts she gave in fully.

“Who is a good pet?” Amy asked.

“I-I am,” Susan stammered excitedly.

“You should really address me as Mistress. I will give you one more chance, who is a good pet?” Amy asked while rubbing her cock and her body against her mother.

“I-I am, Mistress. I am,” Susan said flustered.

With that Susan felt the hard cock push into her sinking in all the way in one smooth motion and she felt her own pussy muscles squeeze tightly at the intrusion. She had not thought about it, but her pussy was dripping wet, in need of her mistress’s wonderful cock. She moaned loudly and wrapped herself around her daughter’s warm body. She had not noticed it before, but her daughter was also fully naked now and their breasts where pushed together as her daughter mounted her.

“Is it not wonderful to be fucked by your daughter?” Amy asked.

“Yes,” Susan moaned out in pleasure. She loved getting fucked by her daughter.

“Submitting yourself to sweet incest sex,” her daughter continued.

“Yes, oh, yes,” Susan continued to moan knowing there was no turning back now.

“Willingly becoming my good little pet to be used whenever and however I please.”

“Yes, please,” Susan screamed out as the pleasure was building up.

“Tell me what you are. Tell me what you are, Mother,” Amy inquired.

“Your pet,” Susan moaned as her orgasm was rolling over her, “your Ataşehir Zenci Escort good, -little fuck, -pet of a, -mother,” she continued between waves of a powerful orgasm.

She had started the day determined she would be able to stand up against her daughter. Her body had betrayed her from the start and now her mind had been pounded into submission too. It was the most amazing cock in the world and it was connected to the person she loved the most in the world. Not only as a daughter, but as the person who found and brought out her most secret side.

“Come here and clean your cum from my cock,” Amy ordered her mother as she pulled out and away from her.

Susan quickly went off the bed and down on the floor to be on eye level with her daughter’s cock heavily pointing out towards her. She hesitated a moment, thinking about how her mistress wanted her to clean it. She stuck her tongue out thinking she would lick it, but as she tasted her own juices on the wonderful cock she couldn’t stop herself and let her mouth devour it.

“Careful, Mother. It is not a chew toy,” Amy said mockingly.

Susan looked up at her daughter with her cock still in her mouth. She knew she had lost herself in the wanting to clean the juices, but it was because she loved it so much. Hopefully Amy knew that.

“I have a lot of training to do with you still, Mother. If it takes weeks or months does not matter. You will soon be the most well behaving little pet, knowing how and when to best please me. Finish up the cleaning and then get your ass up on the bed. I want to fuck you on all four next,” Amy said while looking down on her slut mother.

Happy that her mistress did not seem to be that displeased with her, Susan started to work on cleaning the cock again. She made sure to take her time as she did not want to upset her daughter any further by accidently letting her teeth slide against it as she took it deep in her mouth. After she was confident that she had gotten most of the juices of it, she took it out of her mouth to lick the rest of it clean, but Amy pulled her up from the floor and on to the bed again. Remembering her daughter’s orders she got on all fours and stuck her ass out. It was her best asset and she hoped it would make her daughter want her even more.

“Not bad, Mother,” Amy said as she put her hand on her mother’s well shaped behind.” I can tell you been taking good care of this for me. It was for me right, Mother?”

“Y-yes,” Susan said carefully. It was a lie, but she knew it was what Amy wanted to hear.

“You know that I own this pretty old ass and you wanted to keep it in good condition for me. Is that not right, Mother? I own your ass?” Amy insisted as she rubbed her mother’s firm cheeks.

“Yes, you own it,” Susan answered half moaning from how good the hands felt.

“That means I can do whatever I want with it? Rub it and make it feel good,” Amy asked.

“Whatever you want,” Susan said without thinking about anything, but the pleasure from her daughter’s touch.

“Good, because I have some plans for it. First I am going to give it a good spanking,” Amy said with a smirk.

Before Susan had a chance to react she felt a sharp sting as her daughter’s hand hit her exposed butt cheek. It made her jolt forward so her head and stomach met the covers of the bed. It hurt so much that she reached back her hands to try and rub the pain away, but she felt her daughter grab them and hold them away.

“Good girls stay in position when they are being spanked. You have denied me your body for a lot of years now and you deserve a spanking for it. In fact you are going to get spanked a lot so you better get used to it. Now get back into position and you will stay there no matter what happens. Understood, Pet?” Amy said in a stern voice.

Susan felt like she was starting to cry. She had not made love to her daughter for the best of both of them. Amy needed to focus on school and go on with her life. She did not deserve a spanking for helping her daughter with that. Still she did as she had been asked and got up on her hands and knees again.

“Good Pet. You just need to stick out that pretty little butt of yours again and we will be set,” Amy encouraged her.

She did not want to stick her bum out, but it seemed like she could not help herself. She moved it back as much as she could.

“Now ask your mistress to spank you,” Amy demanded.

“No,” she said immediately regretting it as soon as she heard the word coming over her lips. “I mean please, I have never been spanked before,” she pleaded.

“That was before you belonged to me, Pet. From now on you will be spanked a lot. Besides you did say that you gave yourself to me to use in any way that I please, and that I own this lovely ass,” Amy argued while giving her mother’s bum a hard squeeze.

“Yes,” Susan resigned knowing that she had said those things and that she did want it to be true.

“So?” Amy wondered.

“Please-, please spank me,” Susan said in the bravest way her shaking voice would permit.

“And with the title,” Amy urged on.

“Please, Mistress, spank your good pet,” Susan submitted while hoping that adding the last part would help her daughter see that she was good and that the spanking should only be light.

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