Las Hembras Ch. 02: East Meets West

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Lucas Whitney opened the front door to his small one-bedroom apartment after returning from work. He turned on the light and took off his jacket, shaking a few stray snowflakes from its creases before hanging it on the closet door to dry. He saw the woman sitting in his favorite chair when he turned around. She had black hair, big red lips and a petite little frame, sitting sideways and easily curled up on the cushion. He stood there for a long moment, eyes locked onto hers before he spoke.

“Huh?” Lucas stammered a bit. “Who are you? What are you doing in my –” She giggled and smiled. The giggle was infectious, and her smile disarmed him before he finished his sentence.

“Hello,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind my coming by for a visit.” The light crossed her face. Lucas could tell for the first time that she was of Asian extraction with a pixie style haircut. She was dressed in blue jeans and a black tank top. She carried a small backpack and wore no jacket. He thought it an odd choice of clothing in the middle of a chilly January. He could see tiny biceps in her arms and she looked solidly built overall, as though she worked out regularly. Her appearance and demeanor were otherwise very feminine. Her expression belied some sort of mischievous intent.

“How did you get in here?” He looked around for a broken lock or an open window to no avail. Nothing looked like it had been tampered with. “Who are you and what do you want?”

“Call me Jenny,” she said, rising from the sofa. She was tiny, probably not more than 5’1″ tall at the most. Her Asian sounding accent was noticeable, but her English was fluent. “And I just wanted to meet you, that’s all.” She fluttered her lashes. “Is that a crime?” Lucas smirked, pulling his smartphone from his pocket, fumbling with it, obviously a bit flustered.

“No, but breaking and entering is.” He tapped and swiped at the screen aimlessly, a little harder than a savvy user would. ‘Goddamned password,” he muttered to no one in particular. Jenny moved in closer. She stood next to him, coming up to his man tit.

“Are you afraid of me?” she whispered, suddenly placing the palm of her tiny hand directly on his crotch. “Are you going to call the authorities and get me in trouble?” She spoke in a singsong inflection, playfully rubbing him. Lucas put the phone back in his pocket, unable to access the device. She smiled as his eyes got wide, frozen by her touch. She giggled again.

“No… it’s… okay but…what are you…doing?” He started to gasp, finding himself at a loss for words as his cock poked lewdly through his jeans. She found its underside and stroked it as she spoke softly to him.

“You know, if you or any other male stranger were to touch me the same way that I am touching you,” she whispered. ‘I would scream and call the police. Yet you are frozen. You say nothing. You let me touch you and you hope for my approval. You hope that I will like what I see and that it will result in pleasure for you.” She began to play with the top of his zipper, opening his fly, working first a finger and then her entire hand inside Lucas’ pants. She cupped his package through his underwear as she continued to speak. “That is your weakness, and it will be your downfall.” She let out another little giggle. Her touches seemed more intimate now that she had breached the barrier of his zipper. Lucas just gasped and shuddered.

“What in the hell are you talking about?” he muttered, not sure of what he was asking or what he wanted her to do. She traced her hand up his swelling bulge and under the band of his underwear. She clutched him gently, then more firmly to get his attention. Her demeanor changed as she looked into his eyes.

“Take off your shirt,” she said. She spoke louder, almost sternly, her hand gripping his balls tightly as she said the words. Lucas started to grab for her arm.

“Come on,” he winced uncomfortably. “Get out of there!” He tried pushing his hand inside his pants to dislodge her fingers. She had kept the opening tiny, just big enough for her little hand to slip through. Lucas struggled frantically with the zipper. Jenny responded to his resistance by squeezing harder, pushing his testicles together in just the right spot to cause a sharp, soul crushing pain. “OWWWCH! You’re hurting me!”

“Take off your shirt! Do as I say!” she repeated, squeezing and twisting his helpless gonads. Lucas desperately tried pushing his hands down into his pants to pry her fingertips off. After all, he was clearly much larger and stronger than she was. It shouldn’t be any problem, he thought. Jenny responded by pushing his testicles together hard in such a way that a debilitating pain caused his knees to buckle. She held him like that. She moved to his face and kissed his cheek, then tenderly, sensually tracing her tongue around the contour of his ear, whispering as she cruelly crushed his manhood, increasing the level of pain as she gently toyed with his face. “Raise your hands into the air. Obey me boy. I don’t want to hurt you.” The crushing pain coupled with her sweet xslot voice and gentle kiss caused him to give up. He raised his hands. Jenny loosened her grip so that the pain abated, but kept a hard grip on his balls. She smiled, gripping just a little bit harder again. Not to inflict pain this time, just to show him who was in control.

“Now take off your shirt.” Lucas immediately complied, his face awash in despair and powerlessness as Jenny giggled once again. He removed his shirt, tossing it to the floor, revealing a hairless but well-toned chest. Jenny licked her lips, still holding onto him. “Now step out of your shoes. Remove your socks and take down your pants and underwear. Hurry up!” she admonished, her more domineering demeanor returning. Lucas did as he was told, disheartened, pulling down his pants and underwear dejectedly as she encouraged him to do so by giving his nuts a few strategic squeezes. She smiled as he winced, then finally stood before her completely naked, his genitals controlled by the tiny hand and fingers of his tormentor. She tugged down hard as soon as he had cast away his clothing.

“On your knees, NOW!” she barked at him, pulling until he had no choice but to submit, clumsily dropping to his knees. Jenny pushed her free hand against the back of Lucas’ neck, pressing him down towards the floor. “Get your forehead on the floor. All the way down!” she spoke to him in a raised voice. “Spread your legs. That’s it, boy!” Lucas pressed his forehead down near her foot, spreading his legs as far as he could. He felt foolish and considered tackling her, but all that he could think about was the pain.

Jenny kept one hand around his testicles as she reached into her backpack, pulling an object out. Lucas knew that she was reaching for something, but got a hard, quick squeeze when he turned around to look. Within a few seconds, he felt something being wrapped around his balls that had the feel of fishing line, small gauge wire or something similar. When Jenny finished, she pulled the string taut, holding it in her mouth as she freed both hands. “Keep your legs SPREAD!” She said, kicking them apart while smacking his crotch hard. Lucas winced and spread his legs wider. She continued to rummage through the backpack. After a few seconds, she grabbed and pulled on his right wrist. Lucas could hear the ratcheting of a shackle as she bound first his wrist, then attached the other end of the chain to his right ankle. She repeated the process with the left wrist and ankle, all the while tugging hard on the strong line binding his balls.

“You’re trapped,” she whispered in his ear. Lucas was naked and on his knees, wrists shackled to his ankles in such a way that he could not stand up. He squirmed as Jenny breathed into his ear, then reached into the backpack and pulled out a small, pink paper plate. Lucas frantically shook his head and escalated his struggles when he saw it.

“No!” he said. “No, no no NO!” He squirmed with fear and desperation, having recognized these same paper plates from local news stories. Jenny giggled, taking her time to taunt him by first waving the plate in his face, then placing it down under his kneeling body, directly beneath his stomach. She moved close, bumping him with her body a bit, flaunting her strength, biting his earlobe and whispering.

“Yes, boy.” She kissed the side of his face, then reached down to cup his genitals. “You’re going to go away now and leave a little piece of yourself behind.” Lucas inhaled, about to scream for help, but Jenny anticipated this, shoving a ball gag into his face as he opened his mouth, tying it off tight behind his neck. Lucas kicked and squirmed, but was bound and chained tightly. Jenny slapped his balls hard, then squeezed them. “Stop it,” she said sternly. “Relax, boy. Just relax.” Lucas started to whimper a little bit as he stopped struggling. Jenny stroked his hair, using her shirt to wipe some of the sweat from his forehead.

She stroked his cock, slowly at first, making circles around the head. She applied some lotion to it that provided lubrication as well as a warming sensation and began to work, sculpting his manhood until it was fully erect, bending up. She adjusted his knees a little bit, pulling back hard so that his cock pointed directly at the paper plate. She pushed herself in close while she stroked him, bumping and jostling him with her hard body, showing dominance and control, admonishing him to be still if he showed signs of pushing back. She smiled and giggled as he started to gasp and grunt a little bit beneath the gag.

“So how does it feel to be brought down by a girl, my little slut?” She taunted him as she stroked, tracing her fingers over her balls, spreading the lubricant over his scrotum, his taint and his anus to engulf him in a pleasant sensation. “You could have just been a man and kicked me out.” She giggled, cupping his balls, tickling them as she stroked a little harder. “But you’re such a horny little boy that you couldn’t help but to obey me, and now look at you!” She cooed as his xslot Giriş cock responded, his eyes visibly glassing over. “It’s over,” she whispered. “You don’t deserve to be free.” Jenny then stopped momentarily as he struggled to breathe, returning to just running her finger around the head of his cock, spreading precum. Lucas jerked and started to thrust in frustration, prompting a sharp slap to the gonads. She started stroking again as soon as he settled down, sobbing and whimpering, shaking as she played and teased him.

“You know what you are?” She smiled, picking up the pace a little bit. “You’re a loser.” She whispered the last words, beginning to go a little faster, not quite fast enough to bring him off just yet. “You lost your dignity. You lost your manhood. Soon you will lose your freedom.” She taunted him again, stopping, slowing down as he whimpered. “And you have lost all control.” She leaned in to kiss his ear, then whispered as her hot breath danced across his skin. “Loser.” She picked up the pace, tickling his balls as she pulled hard on his shaft. “Cum for me now, my weak, sorry little loser boy!”

Lucas climaxed hard, making loud noises through the gag as he shot out a thick rope of seed. Jenny controlled his spurt, making sure to aim every bit of it towards the paper plate, squeezing out every droplet so that not a single bit of his copious semen deposit leaked over onto the floor. “Oh my,” she whispered. ‘You had a lot. Loser boy must really enjoy being owned by a girl like me, huh?” She took the plate and placed it on the kitchen table, in the exact same spot that all the other plates had been found. Lucas was left a sobbing, shaking, sweaty mess, shaking his head and pulling in vain on the chains. Jenny came over and slapped him across the face hard as she unbuckled her belt, sliding her pants down to her ankles.

“You have a nice apartment, boy.” She said. “Take a good look at it now because you will never see it again.” She smiled, then turned around so that his face was just in line with the blue panties covering her ass. She held him by the hair, just a few inches away as she spoke.

“When a woman gets what she wants, she gets wet.” Jenny said. “When she wins, she gives off pheromones of conquest that makes her defeated foe docile and compliant to her will.” She grabbed a handful of Lucas’ hair, forcing him into her ass, so that his eyes were covered by her cheeks and his nose was just a few millimeters from her labia. Her pungent secretions smeared across his face. ‘SMELL me, boy!” She hissed. “This is what a conquering woman smells like. Smell my pussy and submit!”

Lucas meekly obeyed, inhaling her scent, calming down as she held him. She giggled as he sobbed quietly, whispering “loser.” As she held him there, Lucas felt another pair of hands behind him, relocking the chains that bound him, removing the binds between his wrists and ankles and cuffing his wrists behind his back. A small chain was also attached between his ankles to hobble his movement. He made no attempt to resist. A blindfold was placed around his eyes as Jenny’s scent rendered him confused and compliant, then a hard jerk to his hair brought him to his feet.

Jenny began to speak in a foreign language that sounded like Mandarin or Tagalog, but could have been some other Asian tongue altogether. Another woman’s voice in the room answered. The two women conversed and giggled amongst themselves, leading the naked, blindfolded Lucas shuffling out the door and down the steps his own apartment on a cold, snowy January evening. They hustled him into a vehicle that was toasty warm, its engine already running. The women strapped him into a seat, still cuffed and bound with chains. Jenny leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, whispering into his ear.

“Sleepy time now, my new boy.” She giggled, pushing a soaked rag into his face. Lucas struggled but soon succumbed to the chemicals being pressed hard against his nose and mouth. The last thing he recalled before losing consciousness was feeling the vehicle start to move, as it began its long journey into his new reality.


“Get that away from me!” Detective Gloria Chavez held her nose. “I just had breakfast and that’s disgusting!”

“Just sharing evidence.” Her young colleague just shrugged his shoulders and set the semen stained paper plate aside. “It looks like it’s a few days old.”

“Justin, please just bag it up for the lab. I’m sure the DNA results will be in line with the other disappearances.” She sighed and walked away, ignoring the young detective as he slipped the paper plate in a bag. She furrowed her brow and frowned as the young man finished his task and came to her side, pushing a shock of red hair out of his face.

“It’s… uh, it’s over there.” He pointed to a table. “What do you make of this, detective? Isn’t this the third one this month?”

‘Yes, three in two weeks.” Gloria paced around the room in her black pumps and xslot Güncel Giriş dark grey pencil skirt. “No sign of forced entry. No evidence except for a few stray hairs and fibers. Nothing left but…” she pointed in the direction of the table. “That. This is just plain baffling!”

“Well maybe the guy just left of his own accord,” Justin offered. He was a young man, in his early twenties, eager but awkward. Gloria intimidated him, but he did his best to try and contribute when and how he could. “It’s not illegal to do that, you know.” Gloria just sighed and rolled her eyes at his words, then looked him squarely in the eye.

“Has anybody told you today that you’re a fucking idiot?” She poked him in the chest with her index finger. “Three good looking young men in two weeks do not decide to jack off into identical pink paper plates and then just vanish into thin air! Something else is going on here!” Her tirade was interrupted by a vibrating cell phone in her pocket. She quickly pulled it out and read the message.

“Tenemos que hablar. Encutrame en la tienda de cafe”

Gloria swallowed hard, then looked at Justin, her demeanor having abruptly changed. “I have to go.” She put her hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eye. “Don’t fuck anything up. Call or text me if you find or hear anything or if you have any questions, okay? I will be back soon.” She walked toward her car, tapping a quick message on her iPhone before speeding off.


The Haba Hermosa was a Latin themed coffee shop in an upper middle-class part of town. It was popular with the young hipster crowd as well as the ethnic Hispanic men and women still hanging on in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. Gloria pulled her late model sedan into the small parking lot adjacent to the shop and hurried in, quickly using her smartphone’s camera as a mirror to quick check her appearance. In the rear of the coffeeshop she spied a familiar face, a Latina woman sipping a latte and nibbling on a piece of lemon pound cake while glancing off into the distance. She smiled as their eyes met, then said something in Spanish as they hugged one another.

“Linda!” Gloria hugged her old friend tightly. “It has been a while, baby. How is everything?” A barista brought Gloria’s favorite cappuccino drink to the table just as she sat down. Linda shook her head, holding both of Gloria’s hands in hers across the tiny table.

“Oh, you know,” She sighed. “Life is a challenge in general. It is dog eat dog out there and I am no longer sure that I have the sharpest teeth. Linda Carrillo no longer inspires the respect that she once did” She broke off a piece of cake, slowly chewing it while looking Gloria in the eye. “I am reduced to eating soft foods.” She giggled softly, smiling at her own joke. Gloria sighed.

“When Daniel went to prison, it really shook things up at the department. But the corruption was getting pretty bad.” Linda fed her friend a small bite of cake over the table as she spoke and sipped her latte. “Things had to change.” Linda smiled.

“He really took a fall for you, you know. He took a fall for me too.” She shook her head. “We were younger then and on top of the world, but now we see what we have built together start to crumble away.” She stirred her latte, trying to find her reflection in the liquid. “I guess it’s inevitable, but it sucks, you know?”

“That’s how life is, Linda.” Gloria began. “It changes, it’s just – ”

“Gloria, what is happening with all the boys?” Gloria stammered as Linda abruptly changed the subject. “I mean, you’re still a cop and you are able to know.”

“We are working the cases,” Gloria sighed. “I have been working them tirelessly, but credible leads are difficult to come by.”

“You know, today I look around this neighborhood and I see nothing but girls and old men.” Linda folded her arms, suddenly becoming a bit standoffish. “The young men who are not dropping off the face of the earth are moving away out of fear!” Her voice raised a bit. “This is my community. These are my boys. I want to protect them and bring them home.” Gloria swallowed hard.

“Well,” she said. “The victims are not criminals or gang members so far as we can tell. Just ordinary single guys with jobs, no arrest records, generally they live alone.” Linda rose from her chair and motioned for Gloria to follow her into the back room. Gloria followed her friend to a small room near the restrooms where cleaning supplies were kept. Linda took both of Gloria’s hands into hers and started whispering in Spanish.

“My girls need stable young men with jobs. It keeps things respectable and above board.” She smiled and was silent for a long moment, then reached up to gently push the hair out of Gloria’s face. She established eye contact and licked her lips, then grabbed a big handful of Gloria’s hair. Gloria gasped as Linda pinned the slightly shorter woman against the wall, kissing her deeply, sliding her tongue inside her mouth. Gloria squirmed at first, but then started to moan as she relaxed into the kiss, returning it and whimpering as Linda’s hips began to grind against hers. Just as Gloria’s passion was awakened, Linda abruptly broke off the kiss, standing a few feet back, viewing her suddenly flustered friend.

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