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This is the second installment of what will probably be a three-part story entitled “Late-night Encounter.” I suggest you read the first part before moving on to this one…it just makes more sense that way.


“Oh?” I purred. “And just what do you plan to do to me?”

He didn’t speak a word—just slowly slid his hands into the elastic waistband of my pale blue boxers and began easing them down, gently, over the curve of my hips. He paused for a moment and cupped my bottom in his hands, giving each cheek a gentle squeeze before he continued his downward journey. My goose bumps were rampant now, the electricity of finally being in his arms combining with the chill in the air to send each nerve ending to a new realm of pleasure.

He sat on the edge of the bed now, his head resting in the hollow between my breasts. He lingered there a moment, breathing deeply. When he looked back up and caught my eyes, he half-whispered, half-growled, “I love the scent of you.” I didn’t know if he was referring to my perfume or the musky smell of wanton hunger emanating from between my thighs…but I didn’t dare interrupt him to ask for clarification, only smiled knowingly.

I drew in a quick breath as his lips brushed an erect nipple, became lost in the velvet kisses he began randomly planting on my chest, my belly, the curve of my waist. His lips were like the softest down, caressing my body with their exquisite touch. Again and again his hands roamed over my melting body, tightly hugging every curve, leaving no spot untouched, unfulfilled. His feathery kisses grew more urgent as he explored. Just as I was growing accustomed to his sweet manipulation, he altered his pace and began kissing me harder, nibbling my aching nipples, gliding his hot tongue up, up, up and tracing the cleft of my collarbone.

I angled my head to the side, my raven tresses falling away to expose the smooth skin of my neck. The nibbling grew more insistent, more demanding, and soon he was opening his mouth wider to wrap his teeth around the graceful arc where neck becomes shoulder. My breath caught as I waited for the pain…but the pain didn’t come. No, what came instead was this delicious pressure…he was pushing his teeth into my delicate skin, but refrained from applying enough pressure to hurt me. The sensation traveled through my body, it seemed, and centered in my core. In that instant, all the vampire lore I’d read through the years, the works of Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, and others, rushed to mind, and I knew then the swoon they had so beautifully depicted with their words. That feeling of wanting, needing to be taken by another being and utterly devoured, surged through my veins. I was going to give myself over to this man and let him have his way with me, regardless of the level of debauchery to which I sank.

He worked his jaw harder, grinding the tips of his teeth into my tender flesh, yet still I felt no pain. All I felt was his touch, his strong hands roving, exploring, taking güvenilir bahis in every nuance of my supple, tanned skin. Suddenly, he stopped. He backed slowly away from me, putting about three feet between us. “You’re not going to back out on me now, are you?” I grew immediately nervous that he’d had his fun and was prepared to send me home wet, shivering, and needing more.

Again he stepped backward. “Steve? You’re scaring me. What’s wrong?” His hands were clasped in front of his still erect cock; he tilted his head to the side and simply stared at me for what seemed like an eternity.

“How a man could allow a woman like you to get out of his sight for a minute…let alone send you off in the middle of the night to be with another man…is beyond me.”

“He didn’t exactly shove me out the door.”

“Well, he’s a nut. If you were mine, I wouldn’t give you time to think about another man.”

“Shhhh,” I whispered. “I am yours…for tonight. Now come here.”

In an instant he had me in his arms and was kissing me deeply, running his fingers through my hair, holding my face in his hands, pausing every few seconds to look into my eyes. Again, he stopped. “What?” I practically screamed. “You’re driving me insane here; what’s the problem now?”

“Oh, there’s no problem. I just wanted to look at you again.”

I turned and flopped onto his bed, facedown. “Is that an invitation for me to kiss your ass?” he laughed. I turned around and pretended to zip my lips, an indication that I wasn’t going to say anything else. “The silent treatment, huh? We’ll see how long you can keep quiet.”

He left the room, and I wondered if I’d been too sassy for his taste. After all, I did come to him, against his wishes. There were certainly no laws that said he had to please me just because I had brought him off with my mouth. I was lulled for a moment by the serenade of a cricket outside the window, and just as I was thinking that I should probably get my clothes and just go on home, I felt the first drop of cold hit me in the small of my back. I turned to see him standing above me, ice cube in hand, wearing the most deliciously wicked grin I had ever witnessed. “All right, princess, let’s just see how long it takes you to break that vow of silence.” I put down my head and waited.

Strong but gentle hands parted my thighs from behind. I heard ice settling in the glass bowl he’d brought in, and I wondered what he had in store for me. He moved in and put a knee down between my legs, and I felt the heat from his body as he hovered over me for a moment. “Don’t jump,” he instructed, just before he ran an ice cube down the length of my spine. I stiffened, straining not to move too much. He stopped when he reached the cleft of by bottom, and once again I heard the sound of the ice as he returned the cube to the bowl. The chill in the room made me even more aware of the icy wetness on my back. The cold was replaced by heat as he began lapping up the trail of water türkçe bahis the ice had left on my skin. His tongue seemed unbelievably hot as it danced, darted, flicked, sending my nerve endings to another realm of pleasure as extreme cold gave way to the warmth of human touch.

He used his knee to edge my legs apart a bit further, further again, and once more until I was lying there under him, spread wide, juices flowing uncontrollably, soaking his sheets. The hair on his muscled thigh tickled the back of my knee, and as I tried to evade that sensation, I realized that the only direction I could move my leg was further away from the other one. I did so, and he took the gesture as an act of impatience on my part. “Ooh…anxious, are we?”

“Well, actually…Oh!” I gasped, stopping mid-sentence as I felt the ice once again, this time running over the curve of my rear and down, down, down, teasing my inner thighs, skirting the edges of my outer lips, getting closer, moving in, and then sliding away again, making me wild with anticipation. I arched my back a little, angling my ass up just enough to give him easier access once he decided to stop his sweet torture, and he wasted no time in taking full advantage of the invitation. He slipped the ice cube between my folds and quickly drew it back and up, leaving an icy road from clit to pucker. I drew in a quick breath and held it, expecting him to do it again.

“You talked. I win,” he chuckled. “Now I get to have my way with you.”

I just nodded, attempting to revert back to my game of “dead dinosaur.” He pulled me by the waist and guided me with his hands until my knees were on the edge of the bed, and then he lifted my rear to the perfect position. He stood, then, and I felt his cock head rubbing lightly against my outer lips. I moaned as the heat from his tool caressed my sensitive skin, and waited with great expectancy for him to ease it into me. Instead, he knelt and, prying my ass cheeks far apart, impaled me on his tongue. He shoved it as far as he could into my tingling snatch and began lapping at me from the inside, taking great care not to leave any spot untouched.

Slowly, deliberately, he withdrew, and I arched backward as he went, my ass following his searing tongue. My position gave him complete access to me, and he took the opportunity to examine every fold of me with his mouth. He flicked his tongue across my clit and I gasped. My level of anticipation was so high that the slightest urging was bound to send me over the edge. Enjoying my reaction to his maneuver, he did it again. I moaned loudly, expressing my desire in that language incoherent to all but those engaged in the act, stringing together sounds that make absolutely no sense outside the bedroom.

He continued ministrations with his tongue, flicking my clit, sucking it into his mouth just as I had done the head of his cock. He backed off for just a second, and suddenly, without warning, I felt two thick fingers delve past my parted lips güvenilir bahis siteleri and into my dripping box. He slid them in quickly, to the hilt, and resumed work with his tongue, etching a work of art over and around my engorged mound. He worked them deftly inside me, homing in on my sweet spot in an instant, curling them down to further exploit the wave of pleasure which already held me captive.

“Mmmmmm…yes. Right there, baby,” I urged. I bucked against him as he started plunging his fingers into me at a steady pace. He sucked harder at my clit, tapping his tongue against the very tip of it, beating it like a drum. His tongue and fingers beat a steady rhythm, and the melody he was producing in me was about to reach a fevered pitch.

“I want you to come on my face.” No sooner did he speak the words than I felt the first twinge, deep inside my core, like a stone breaking the surface of a pristine pond. Another flick of his tongue made the tiny ripple extend beyond the epicenter. I jerked just a bit, moaned again, and he knew I was there. He worked his fingers as deeply into me as he possibly could, ramming them inside me repeatedly. The pleasure began to overtake my body now, as my orgasm radiated outward and traveled through every particle of my being. I was aware of nothing but that feeling, the tide rising in me, threatening to drown me in pure pleasure. The familiar tingling sensation grew more intense, fully occupying my body until, finally, it hit me like an earthquake.

I shook, I quivered, and I screamed as the convulsions overtook my pussy, the spasms squeezing his fingers tightly and locking them in place. At that instant, a torrent of fluid came rushing out of me, and he gasped as his hand and his face were drenched with my essence.

“Holy shit! This is amazing!” I was glad he had experienced first-hand my recently discovered “talent.” He continued lapping at my clit, sucking the delectable nectar from me as the waves of gratification continued to surge through me. With every flick of his tongue, I squirmed and twitched, almost trying to get away, yet not quite wanting to. The sensation was still too intense, my nerve endings still raw from the power of the forceful orgasm that had just stunned my body.

“No more! Please!” I begged. Finally, he stopped touching me and I was able to breathe again. I lay there for a minute, ass in the air, juices sluicing down my pussy lips and down my leg. He dragged a finger up from my knee just to the edge of my outer lips, gathering my potion as he went. I turned just in time to see him bring it to his mouth and lick off every drop. My pussy twitched once more and was still.

I rolled over to my side, and he lay next to me, a subtle smile playing across his lips. His smile widened, and he stifled a chuckle. I raised an eyebrow in question, and he burst out laughing. I was on the verge of being offended, so I asked, “What could possibly be funny about this moment?”

“Nothing really,” he managed between spurts of laughter. “It’s just that, when I told you to come on my face, I had no idea you actually would!”

I joined in his laughter, then, and replied, “Hey, call me multi-talented!”

…to be continued…again

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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