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Note: All the characters in this story are 18 years old or older.

Chapter Two::: Leah Fucks Mr. Morton

Leah awakened the next morning entangled in Nikole’s arms. Gently she pulled herself from Nikole’s embrace, smiling as she thought of last night. She couldn’t believe she had finally gotten Nikki into bed. It was a dream cum true. But today, she had places to go… people to see. Dr. Lincoln was expecting her.

She pressed a soft kiss to Nikole’s forehead. She looked so very beautiful when she was sleeping. “Be back later, Nikki,” she whispered, caressing Nikole’s hair. Then Leah hurriedly got dressed, grabbed her book bag, and was off for her visit with the gynecologist. She was very excited when the thought about the metal stirrups, the bright light, and the speculum being inserted very deep into her pussy.

Leah was whistling a happy tune to herself as she was walking towards the doctor’s office on 31st Street. As she was walking, she happened to pass the school. “OMG!” she gasped, seeing Mr. Morton’s car parked right outside the building. Mr. Morton was here today… alone in the school building! This was an opportunity Leah just could not pass up. The gynecologist exam could be rescheduled… it was time to have a little “talk” with Mr. Morton. Taking a look around, Leah saw that no one was nearby to see her go into the school. She didn’t want any one to witness the wickedness she had planned for the unsuspecting 12th grade biology teacher. As she walked down the hallway toward Mr. Morton’s classroom, she began to unbutton her top, showing some cleavage. With seduction on her mind, she went to the door of the classroom, slowly opening it.

She walked in to see the sexy Mr. Jack Morton at his desk, looking down at a stack of papers before him. He always had that serious expression on his face. How she longed to rip off his glasses, as well as his clothes and have her way with him. This man was definitely in need of a good fucking… he was just far, far too serious. He really needed a long, hard fuck.

With those thoughts on her mind, Leah began licking her lips, staring at Mr. Morton like a tasty snack she would like to devour. He must have felt her hot gaze on him, because he looked up, his dark blue eyes widening when he saw her there in the doorway. She was his favorite student. He had suspected she had a crush on him, and he was very flattered. That’s why he had given her the candy cane. He was hot for her, too… although he knew it really wasn’t right as she was one of his students. As a teacher, he would have to keep his control… but his control was wearing very thin. He kept thinking about Leah licking on that candy cane again and again, wishing it was his cock being licked by her tongue. “Leah,” he said, meeting her gaze. “Wh— what are you doing here?”

Leah came walking across the floor, moving her body gracefully and knowing he could not take his eyes off her. It was obvious bahis firmaları he wanted her as much as she wanted him. “Class-time is over, Mr. Morton. What are you doing here on a Saturday?” Leah asked, looking at him with vivid desire shining in her gaze.

“Well, I had several papers that I needed to grade, including those pop quizzes from Friday and the reports which were handed in on Wednesday. I was just working on your paper, Leah. It looks like you haven’t been doing very well…. Maybe something has been distracting you from your school work,” Mr. Morton said, looking deep into her eyes. “I’m afraid you failed the pop quiz. Its going to take something drastic to bring your grade up.”

Leah pouted a little, looking at her biology teacher. She had known she wasn’t doing too hot in biology… after all, all she ever did was stare at the teacher… and when she wasn’t staring at the teacher, she had her eyes glued onto Nikole. But to find out she was failing was a shock…. The only time she ever did well on a test was when she copied from Nikole’s test over her shoulder.

“Ohhhh my gosh… I just can’t believe it,” Leah gasped. “I can’t— can’t get an F in Biology, Mr., Morton. Nikole and I have this big camping trip planned up in a couple of weeks. My parents won’t let me go if I am failing. Please Mr. Morton… is there anything I can do to get this grade up? I promise…. I will work really, really HARD. Is there any sort of extra credit I could do? Anything at all?”

Leah was looking at Mr. Morton with a pouting look upon her lovely face. She was really trying to persuade him into changing her grade…. somehow, someway. She just couldn’t flunk… and she couldn’t miss the camping trip with Nikki. That would totally break Nikki’s heart. They had been planning it for months now. Batting her eyelashes and gazing into her teacher’s eyes, Leah lay her hands upon his chest, saying in a whisper, “I will do ANYTHING to bring my grade up….”

“Anything?” Mr. Morton said, raising one eyebrow. “What exactly would you do, Leah?”

Leah just let it burst out, no holds barred. “Well, I’ve always wanted to give you a blow job….”

“You what?” he said in a gasp, nearly falling off his chair.

“A blow job, Mr. Morton. I’d like to suck your cock. I will give you a blow, if you give me a B in Biology,” she said with a sweet little smile.

Before he could protest, Leah got down on her knees next to his chair, her eyes glued to the zipper of his trousers. She couldn’t wait till she had freed his cock. She wondered how big … and how hard he could get. She was eager to taste his hot meat. That’s when she noticed he was getting an erection in his pants. “Ohhhh Mr. Morton, what a big cock you’ve got… please let me see it,” she begged, looking up into his eyes from her place on the floor. Reaching up, Leah grabbed his glasses, setting them aside so she had a nice look at his striking blue kaçak iddaa eyes. His eyes made her melt inside.

“Leah… uhhhh you gotta stop this,” he spoke. “You are my student… and I am twice your age….”

“None of that matters to me, Mr. Morton. I’ve always wanted to fuck you. You are soooo hot. Please, I will let you have me…. if you change my grade. Please… ohhhh please…” Leah begged, as she inched his zipper down.

Mr. Morton swallowed hard, watching as Leah reached into his trousers, freeing his hardened cock. He let out a groan as she began to stroke him. “You drive a hard bargain, Miss Casteel,” he said with a shudder, feeling her fingers wrap around his cock, making it throb lustfully.

“Your cock is so big… so hard. Will you fuck me with it?” Leah asked, gazing up into his eyes and licking her lips erotically.

Before he could answer, her soft, wet lips were wrapped around his cock, and she began to slide it into her mouth. She was tasting his throbbing meat, teasing and tantalizing it with her naughty tongue. “Mmmmmm…” she moaned, pulling more of it down her throat. Mr. Morton cried out with pleasure as Leah was sucking on his cock. Nothing had ever felt as naughty as this before… Mr. Morton could not get enough. He began to buck his hips, pushing more of his cock into Leah’s waiting mouth. Leah could not believe how horny she became when he was throbbing against her tongue. Her pussy was suddenly so wet and her clit so aroused. She wanted Mr. Morton to fuck her sooo damn bad.

Mr. Morton finally freed his cock from Leah’s suckling mouth with a popping sound. He was urgent with his need to fuck her. He stood up, lifting her up by her arms. “You wanna get fucked, don’t you?” he asked, with a sexy expression on his face. Slowly, Leah nodded.

“Lift your skirt and take off your panties. Let me lick your pussy,” he said.

Leah obeyed her teacher, lifting her demure little skirt and slipping her panties down her legs, tossing them aside. “Do you like what you see?” she said with a sexy smirk, pushing her asscheeks up against the edge of his desk as her pussy was revealed to his gaze.

“Ohhh Fuck yeah…” he growled, lifting Leah up in his strong arms and thrusting everything lying on his desk aside so he could set her down upon its surface. Papers went flying, along with his reading glasses. Mr. Morton did not care; he had a beautiful naked girl on his desk with her legs parting for his pleasure. “Ohhh … your pussy is so sweet,” he groaned, parting the folds and beginning to lick her. “Mmmmmm…”

Leah gasped and started trembling as his tongue snaked out, licking and tasting her hot, sticky pussy. Mr. Morton licked her like a hungry animal, devouring her juicy heat. He began thrusting his tongue inside her, hearing her cry out for more. “Ohhh yes… YESSSS… that feels soooooo good!” Leah cried out, feeling her pussy tighten as she was about to cum.

Mr. kaçak bahis Morton began sucking on her clit while thrusting two huge fingers into her tight, hot pussy. Leah screamed. “Ohhh Gawd… I’m cumming!!!!!!” she cried out, spilling her sticky juices all over his fingers and tongue. Mr. Morton lapped it all up hungrily, watching as a pool of her cum had landed upon the strewn papers which yet remained on his desk.

“Bend over my desk,” he then commanded, lightly slapping Leah’s ass. Leah jumped down, bending over the edge of his desk, waiting eagerly as Mr. Morton stood behind her, his huge, throbbing cock in hand. “Ohhh yeah, your pussy is sooo wet,” he groaned, sliding the tip of his cock against the pouting pink lips. With a single hard thrust, he speared it inside of her, making her scream. His was the biggest cock she had ever had.

“Ohhhh Mr. Morton!!!!” Leah cried out, pushing her ass back against his pelvis to take more of his hard cock into her tight, slick heat. She started screaming in ecstasy as Mr. Morton began to pump his immense shaft in and out of her greatly-stretched pussy. She loved every second of his rough fucking. She couldn’t get enough. She closed her eyes, hunched over his desk as the intense fucking continued. “Ohhh yessss… that’s it… make me cum!!!” she was pleading, feeling her pussy clutching on his cock with each and every thrust. Mr. Morton began to fuck her harder and faster. “AAAAAA!!!” Leah screamed out, feeling her pussy convulse as she began cumming fiercely, her clit tingling as the orgasm washed over her.

Leah was still clutched in the throes of the powerful orgasm when Mr. Morton’s cock began to spill itself into her wet depths. “Fuck!!!!!!!” he yelled, shooting himself into Leah’s receptive body. He then slowly withdrew, brushing his cock tip against her lovely ass. He smeared it with his sperm.

After a second of catching her breath, Leah turned, looking at her handsome teacher. Her fingers came up to his cheek, gently caressing his skin. “You’re so good…” she whispered. “No one has ever fucked me so hard before…”

“You’re a very bad girl, Leah Casteel,” said Mr. Morton, still struggling to breathe after the wild fucking.

“Yes, I know … Do I get the grade?”

Mr. Morton chuckled, zipping up his pants. “Well, yes… you have worked very hard for your B, Miss Casteel. I almost wish your little friend Nikki was flunking now…”

Leah shook her head. “Ohhh you can’t have Nikki. No one has had Nikki but me…” Leah said to Mr. Morton’s great shock as she slipped her panties back on and adjusted her skirt.

Mr. Morton raised an eyebrow. He would certainly like to hear more about this… but Leah looked like she had somewhere to go…. and perhaps somebody else to see. “Thank you, Mr. Morton… that was certainly very enlightening… the greatest learning experience I have had in all my high school years….” said Leah as she grabbed her book bag and headed toward the door.

“Leah, where are you going?” Mr. Morton asked, wishing she did not have to rush off so fast.

“I got a date with my gynecologist,” Leah quipped. “My pussy hurts…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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