Lexi Ch. 02


Saturday Morning, Mistress woke slave up early, again announcing that his training as her sex slave would begin today. She warned him that this wasn’t a weekend long training. It would be a long unending training. She promise to ride him, and work him, and be as mean to him as he needed to until he became the best sex slave ever. “Stage 1 of Training starts Now!”

“And,” she said, “some big changes are coming!”

She of course started out by having him service her right then. Standing in the kitchen wearing only a thong, she bent over leaning on the counter and commanded him to lick her pussy until she came. Through her panties, it took a little longer than usual for her to cum, and the material was hard on his tongue, but he was committed to her, and he kept up servicing her until she screamed loudly, cumming in her panties.

She promptly removed the panties and handed them to him telling him to carry those with him everywhere he went that day. She told him to take them out occasionally and sniff them, and think about Mistress’s wonderful pussy, the taste of her cum, and how much he would like to service it.

And slave did. He loved to smell her. He carried the soiled panties around as if they were a trophy, instead of the shackles they would one day become.

And so it began. A regimented schedule of psychological treatment designed to push him ever further into servitude, followed by a lot of teasing and denial of sexual pleasure for him. Everything she did would reinforce his role as her slave.

Now, when he would service Starzbet her, she would always stand, always positioned above him. He would have to kneel uncomfortably working to reach her pussy, giving up his comfort for her pleasure.

It seemed he was always carrying a pair of soiled panties with him. She wanted him thinking about her hot pussy all day long. She made him carry pictures of her naked pussy with him, and keep one in his desk to look at throughout the day. The poor kid was thinking about her all of the time, and was always horny as hell.

At home, she began keeping him naked most of the time, even though she would remained fully dressed. She liked the way he would feel intimidated while cleaning house naked.

Mistress had several copies of her slaves contract framed, and hung around the house. She reminded him often that she owned him, and she would always call him slave. She made him keep a copy in his desk drawer.

Mistress presented him with a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. She had him sleep wearing them every night. She would tie his handcuffs to the headboard so he couldn’t move at night. She told him this was part of his training, that he should learn how to stay in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time, and he should get used to not being able to go to the bathroom, or get up whenever he wanted.

While he would lay in bed at night, wearing the cuffs and blindfolded, trying to fall asleep, she would play with him, stroking his dick until he was nearly cumming, and then suddenly stopping. She Starzbet Giriş would have him beg her to let him cum. In this ultra horny state, Mistress would have slave tell her how much he loved her, and loved serving her, and servicing her body. She would have him tell her how much he loved the taste of her pussy, and he would promise to always do anything she told him to.

She would play with herself while he laid there, rubbing herself until she was wet, pushing her fingers deep inside her dripping pussy. Then she would bring her wet fingers to his nose so he could smell her. He was made to beg her endlessly before she would let him lick her juices from her wet fingers. Then he would beg for more.

But only on very few of these nights, after he would swear his undying devotion to his Mistress, she would let him cum.

Then, she began treating him this way in public. She would make him call her Mistress even at the grocery store. And while they were out at dinner, she would make him pull out her used panties from his pocket and sniff them. She loved how embarrassed he would get.

She would make slave beg her before having him service her. He would beg her for the honor of tasting her pussy, and being used by her, and he would have to tell her how lucky he was to be allowed to taste her sweet cum.

And servicing her became more difficult to. She began having him wear the handcuffs while he would kneel and lick her. She explained that she only need his tongue inside her and that it wasn’t necessary for him to touch her Starzbet Güncel Giriş with his dirty slave hands.

It became his duty to shave Mistress. She would have him shave her pussy and asshole several times a weeks, and she would laugh at him, making fun of his tiny erection while he did.

She took control of everything. When he woke up, when he went to bed. Soon, slave was asking permission to do anything and everything. It was especially understood that he must never touch himself without permission. His dick belonged to her.

Mistress Lexy was careful to always keep him in his place. She would talk down to him, calling him “tiny dick,” and “sorry ass slave,” and whatever made him feel pathetic. She reminding him constantly that he needed to try harder if he was ever going to be able to please her, or to satisfy her sexually. She would tell him that she was much to sexy and hot for him, so he had better try his best if he wanted to please her.

She loved to point out all of the sexy men on T.V., or at the mall, telling slave how she wished she had a hot stud that could fuck her with a huge dick. Instead, she was stuck with him, and his dick was to small to ever please her she said. She told him it was to small to please anyone, that was why he must be made to serve as her slave.

By now, slave was falling in deep. He was still so smitten with her. He was convinced he would lose her if he didn’t try harder to do what she wanted, and be the best slave ever. He would try so hard to please this demanding woman, and he believed everything she told him.

And once again, Mistress pulled him aside and said that although he had come a long way, there was much more for him to learn. She told him she was ready for stage two of his training to begin, and he should get ready as well.

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