Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 07


Linda dreamt of the field that night as she slumbered soundly. She had wanted to push Mark to really go to town on her, to ravish her completely but he had met and then far exceeded her hopes and expectations. Mark was still seething with erotic excitement and he slept more fitfully the events of the last day playing over in his head and merging with anticipation of what was to come. He woke early the next morning and leaned across to Linda who was sleeping peacefully. He got out of bed and decided that after all she had gone through that she needed a long undisturbed rest. She would have to be rejuvenated for what he had planned. He prepared Linda’s outfit for the day and left a note beside her head and then he went downstairs to get breakfast. He ate in the quiet house but the sounds and sights of their frenzied fucking filled his mind. Linda slept on for another few hours and awoke drowsily and slowly. The muscles of her body carried memories of her ravaging. They were tired but in a satisfied way just as they were after a life enhancing work out at the gym. Her pussy was throbbing mildly and her ass was slightly tender. She stretched her arms behind her and yawned deeply. She looked to her left and wondered where Mark had gone. Then she turned her head to the right and felt some paper brush her cheek. She clasped it in one hand and read it. “My dearest slave, when you have showered put on the uniform I have prepared for you on the bed and meet me downstairs for breakfast.”

Linda smiled to herself. She wondered what she was expected to wear today. Stepping out of the bed she put on her slippers and felt some dried cum crack and crumble as she twisted her torso to look at what was on the bed. There was a red sheer one piece garter lingerie dress laid out on the bed with 4 inch open toed heels. Linda felt the material. It was soft, smooth and very thin. She left it down and could see the words “Slave for cock” still emblazoned on her arm. Some images from last night instantly jumped into her head. Her body crushed against the window as Mark shagged her from behind. Images of the people she could spy through her breath on the open window as she was fucked hard. The feel of the wine on her boobs and Mark’s sucking and licking. The deliciously daring thrill of walking into the garage trussed up like a total slut beneath her small jacket while a bullet vibe buzzed in her soaking snatch. The memory of the shop assistant’s eyes feasting on her figure, the hint of cleavage, the strip of creamy thigh above the knee high stockings, all of which promised further delights to any man. Mark’s moans mixing with the noises of the road as his velvet hardness pushed up into her mouth seeking out its wet warmth echoed in her mind and she remembered the thrill she felt when she felt him squirting against the back of her throat while she clasped at his base with her lips. She recalled the feel of the cool night air swirling and swishing around her almost naked flesh as Mark tugged at her collar to the tree where she was bent over and taken. And her delirium as he pummelled her into the grass like a mindless Neanderthal before he plastered her face with his sticky, creamy load. Linda opened her eyes once more and could feel a warm moistness stirring in her pussy. She sighed softly to herself and got a towel from the press. She removed the stained white knee highs and took off the collar and went into the shower. The warm water massaged her fatigued body and washed the ground in remains of her husband’s seed. Some had got into her hair and she cleaned it thoroughly. She scrubbed her arms and the red lettering faded away. She dried off and sat naked on the bed blow drying her hair. When she was finished she felt refreshed but hungry. She turned and picked up the sheer, red lingerie outfit. It had a halter neck loop and a low cut back with a waist band. She slipped her body up through the waist band and passed her head through the halter top. The material clung to her curves like a second skin. It angled out from her neck on either side and wrapped around the outside of her boobs leaving just the corners peeking out as it reached around halfway down her back and down to a built in garter belt. Two stocking suspender thigh highs dandled below this. Linda slid her long, lithe legs into the clinging fabric stretching out the entire piece. She pulled the stockings tight until they reached halfway up her thighs and the garter attachments were taut. The upper part of the outfit pressed hard against the outline of her tits and pulled them in together. The garter belt base just stretched to below her below her ass though when she bent it rode right up. Linda slipped her feet into the heels and clipped them in place. She looked in the mirror. The sheer material showed was semi-transparent though it painted her skin a vivid red. Her nipples and areolas showed right through and it clung to her lissom curves in all the right places. Linda put a hand on one hip and pulled a pose. She felt Starzbet supremely sexy and knew that Mark wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off for long. She ruffled her hair and let it fall about her face and then walked downstairs. She had deliberately eschewed any panties. She paraded into the kitchen and saw Mark at the table his eyes looking her up and down appreciatively.

“Well does your slut slave meet with your approval?” she asked coquettishly while she did a twirl.

“You most certainly do, you look fucking gorgeous and beautifully fuckable.” Mark got up and embraced her kissing her deep and passionately, crushing her to him.

“We are going to have a quiet day in after yesterday’s exertions, and I bet you are very hungry. Even slaves need their nourishment, and some hard working slaves need more than most. Sit down.”

Linda slid into a chair and crossed her stocking clad legs that stretched long in front of her. Mark prepared an omelette while she ate some cereal and drank some juice. She was ravenous and devoured the food. Her boobs were bouncing within the mesh confines of the stretched, sheer outfit. When she was finished she suddenly realised that she was entirely unaware of the time. She looked at the clock. It was 4 o clock already. She must have a very long lie in. Mark sat down beside her and rubbed a hand up and down her thigh.

“You look sensational, but just because we aren’t going out you still have to look your best.” With that Mark placed some make-up on the table. He opened some red lip stick and told Linda to pucker up. He lathered it on thickly really over accentuating her lips. Next he applied some mascara and blusher and purple eye shadow. He stepped back and smiled broadly.

“Perfect. Now get upstairs and wait for me in the single room.”

Linda could hear the lust building in his voice again and his tone sent a thrill of excitement through her loins. She sashayed up the stairs and caught a glimpse of herself in their full length mirror through an open door. She thought to herself that she looked like a total whore. This would have bothered her in the past but now she savoured the feeling. She knew now that whores were aware of how ultra-visual men were and played up their sensuality to gratify the natural impulses of men. She got great pleasure from driving him wild and she knew that by revving up her man to the max mind blowing, toe curling sex was her reward. Walking into the spare room her mind was spinning with anticipation. There was just a single bed in this room with raised headboards at either side. This bedroom bordered the house next door and noise could easily filter through the wall. Mark followed close behind her. His eyes were focused and determined.

“Sit down on the bed facing me.” Linda did so sitting on the side of the bed. “Now lean back, arms to the side, slide back a bit.”

Linda’s boobs stretched the sheer nylon still further and they pointed to the ceiling. Her legs dangled over the edge of the bed. Mark put on some rock music in the background. He knelt on the bed beside her and she suddenly felt him fasten something to her wrist. She looked over. It was a velco cuff which Mark had attached to some rope. He pulled the rope lifting her arm up off the bed to her side. He tied the rope to the headboard at the bottom of the bed. Linda watched breathlessly as Mark did the same to her other arm. Then Mark attached two ankle cuffs. He then pulled her legs wide and to the side until her toes were level with her hips and also lifted off the bed. Linda could feel the muscles in her legs tighten and then relax as they got used to this strange position. She was now spread eagled before Mark on the bed, completely captive and exposed. She stared up into Mark’s eyes as he drank in the vision before him and involuntarily licked his lips. He had decided that she really got off from losing control, which allowed her to give in to her deepest and darkest desires. He had decided to really play on that. He also enjoyed the feeling of power he felt over her suspended, voluptuous and smoking hot figure gift wrapped before him in luscious curve enhancing lingerie. She lay there slender and supple a slim. At that moment a cell phone started ringing. Both Mark and Linda had the same ring tone.

“I’d better check who it is.” Mark said. He came back holding Linda’s phone and wearing a big grin. He answered the phone.

“Hello Mary,” Linda’s eyes widened, it was her mother.

“Well I’m very well thanks, never better. How are you? Ohh good, good. Yes Linda is here, I’ll just get her now.” Linda was shaking her head furiously but Mark held the phone to her ear. With his other hand he began stroking Linda’s legs up and down and then inside her inner thighs.

“Ohhh, helloooo mother. OHHH I’m well thanks.” Linda understandably sounded distracted, her voice a little unsteady.

” Ohhh you know work is work, nothing strange ahhh really. Starzbet Giriş Ohhh I just have a bit of a muscle twinge in my right arm. It comes and goes. Ahhh.”

Mark had just buried his head into her crotch that was now exposed by her spread eagled legs. He was lapping her warm pussy lips gently.

“Ohhh yesss sure, we’d love to make dinner next week. But mother I really have to go now, I’m desperate for the toilet, sorry. Bye now.” Linda glared down at Mark who ended the call and licked Linda out in earnest. She thrust her head back and groaned loudly.

“Ohhhh Jesuuusss Chriiissttt , ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk.” As Mark buried his tongue deep within her as her reached up and squeezed and fondled her tits.

Mark stood up and pulled the bed out into the middle of the floor. He pushed Linda forward until her head fell off the back of far side of the bed. He then walked around in front of her and dropped his pants. His cock sprang out in front of her although she was looking at it upside down. She could see the engorged vein on the underside of his pulsing prick.

“Open wide slave.” Mark barked insistently.

Linda barely had her mouth open before Mark stuffed his cock in deep. Linda struggled for an instant to accommodate him and her mouth filled with saliva. Mark’s second thrust lodged the head of his cock down her throat which in this position lined up perfectly with her mouth. When he pulled back his penis dragged some thick mucus into her mouth. She spat it out and it drooled down her face. She was soon straining around his thick girth again as his hips thrust back and forth while he held her head in his hands. She could feel his cock flexing in her throat each time he pushed forward and then he thrust deeply and her nose was crushed against his balls as he crammed himself as far as he could go. Linda spluttered around his cock as he left it there for maybe ten seconds while he praised her cock sucking skills and told her how much he loved her mouth. Looking down he could see her thickly lip-stick coated lips clamped around the base of his cock. He could see the bulge of the last three inches of his cock extending her neck beneath him. He pulled out and a torrent of saliva and mucus poured out. Linda was gasping and blowing hard.

“That is one hell of a slut mouth baby.”

Mark walked around in front of Linda once more. He lifted a small whip from the ground and trailed it around her body. Linda found this incredibly tantalising. Mark then flicked it against her raised ass and Linda yelped mildly. Mark then flicked it against her numerous times each time harder than before. Linda’s ass reddened and she was screeching by the end. The music was no longer drowning out her squeals. Mark then said

“We can’t have you disturbing the neighbours now can we?” He lifted something else from under the bed and leaned over to Linda’s hanging head.

Linda looked up and saw that he had a ball gag in his hand. He opened her mouth and pushed it in and tightened the straps around her head.

“Remember you said that you were mine to do with as I please, to use in any way that I see fit, my sexy little slave girl.”

The gag filled her mouth fully and all she could do was make vague noises. Mark then returned to showering her body with blows from the whip, on her arms, her legs, her ass and finally on her boobs. He didn’t hit her violently or too hard but each time the whip fell on her it still stung and reddened her flesh. Her boobs suddenly felt his hands groping and mauling. Mark was roughly taking his pleasure from the bound Linda and she was loving the mock-force of the entire erotic assault. Mark grasped both sides of the lingerie front at the sides of her boobs and lifted it up and in till it met in the valley of her breasts. He pushed it in her cleavage and her creamy boobs stood out against the blood red sheer material between and below them. Her breasts looked magnificent jutting out between her stretched limbs. Again Mark reached under the bed and this time brought up a collar that read; FUCK ME. He showed it to Linda who grunted approvingly as he clipped it round her neck. Her legs started trembling as her pussy flooded with her juices and dripped onto the sheet. Her eyes were closed when she felt Mark tugging and pinching her nipples. She opened her eyes and stretched her neck forward to see that Mark had some wooden clothes pegs in his hand. He opened one and held it near a nipple. He grabbed the flesh around the nipple and pulled it up and snapped the peg in place.


Then Mark did the same with her other nipple and stepped back as Linda writhed against her ties. The pegs stood upright in the air and shook as her torso moved with her breathing. Mark reached under the bed for a last time and held something up in the air. Linda looked at it and finally recognised it from some of the porn she had watched when researching Starzbet Güncel Giriş what men liked sexually. It was a butt plug, a thick and long one by the looks of it. She and Mark had discussed anal sex and she knew that he had little interest in it. But she had spoken to him before wondering if an anal plug would intensify the sensations in her vagina for both of them. Linda watched intently as Mark covered it in a condom and lathered it in lube which he then spilt over the fingers of a now latex gloved hand. He knelt down in front of her and Linda laid her head back and closed her eyes. Mark eased one finger into her tight ass and slowly swirled it around. Linda was grunting quietly while Mark slipped a second and then a third digit inside. He stretched them as much as he could and Linda could feel her muscles relaxing a bit around them. Mark withdrew his fingers and lined the narrow point of the butt plug up to her ass hole. He pushed firmly but carefully forward. Linda could feel it stretching the entrance to her anus wide and filling her colon up. Mark felt some resistance almost pushing it back as it slowly slid forward towards it thickest point. Linda’s face was scrunched up as it forced its way deeper. Finally the widest point eased past her sphincter and the plug slid forward as her ass swallowed it up right up to the circular end of the plug. The end of the plug had sparkly diamond inserts. He binned the glove in the bathroom and washed his hand and returned to his bound captive sex slave.

“Ohhh wow, what a good slave.” Mark said as Linda’s ass relaxed around the invader.

Mark’s cock was aching with desire now but he had a few last things to prepare before he could sink into her yielding snatch. He got a blindfold from beneath the bed and slipped it over her eyes. Linda’s world went dark. All her other senses were heightened incredibly. She could feel the clothes pegs pulling on her jugs and the butt plug stretched out her ass in a strange but not uncomfortable manner. Some spittle was oozing out around the gag and she felt unbearably horny. Mark then set up the final prop in this production. He slid out a tripod and his camcorder and set up in the doorway taking in the whole form of his spread-eagled, helpless cock tease of a wife. He pressed record and shed the rest of his clothes. Linda could hear his clothes falling on the floor and was almost thrusting her pelvis forward, her body was screaming for a fucking. Mark knelt down and lodged two fingers up her pussy. The pressure of the anal plug made it feel very tight to Linda and she was soon shuddering around his fingers as he slid them back and forth in a rapidly increasing rhythm. She was still groaning even after he had withdrawn his fingers and stood up before her. He flicked the inside of her thighs a number of times with the whip and then bent his knees and lined his rock hard cock up to her opening. He reached under her ass and pulled her towards him and then with one hard shove he drove into her with a harsh grunt. The thrust knocked the wind out of the blindfolded Linda. Her pussy felt vice like around his hard cock. She could feel the butt plug and Mark’s cock squeezing and pressing close together. Form Mark Linda’s pussy always felt tight but it felt especially tight this time.

“Ohhh you awesome slut, ahhhh, laid out to be fucked hard with each hole filled.”

Mark really started moving then. He was bouncing up and down on her rocking body while he flicked the clothes pegs. Soon he was breathing hard as he jack hammered her for all he was worth. Linda was grunting and groaning through the gag and her head stretched back showing all the veins on her neck. Mark removed the pegs and grabbed her tits like handles using them to gain purchase as he split her pussy open with his sweeping shaft with sharp thrusts. Linda was howling like an animal on heat now, her legs were shaking uncontrollably. She lay there utterly immobile while her husband beat himself against her. He smacked her ass with the whip a number of times and then flicked it against her bouncing boobs.

“ughhh, ohhhh, get fucked my naughty little sluttttt, ohhhhhhh” Mark exulted.

He reached up and wrapped his hands around her neck and squeezed cautiously. With his hands gripping her throat he hammered up into her and Linda’s loins shuddered around his cock and bathed him in her juices as she came with a violent orgasm that sent aftershocks throughout her entire body. She could feel her blood pulsing against the tight grip of his hands her breathing was limited as he continued to open her up with his pulverising prick.

“Ughhhh, ohhhh yessss, ohhhh this pussy is mine, ohhhhhh , this cock ughhhh , owns this pussy, ohhhhh , yssssssss , take it , ohhhhh , you are a slut for my cock ohh yesssss.”

Mark was close to cumming now. His thrusts were getting harder as he sawed into her in a relentlessly rapid beating rhythm. Each thrust forced a guttural sound from Linda’s gagged mouth as she surrendered herself to her husband’s pummelling. Then with one last surmounting push Mark stiffened and cursed hoarsely and Linda could feel his sperm spraying the inside walls of her cunt as he crushed himself against her breathing hot and heavy and held her neck tight.

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