Lindsay’s Teen Feet


The story you are about to read is fiction. Lindsay and all the details about her however are real. The goal of this story was for me to express some of the fantasies I have about her and how I picture our first meeting would go. With that being said, onto the story.

As I sat in the garage waiting for 18 year old Lindsay to show up I couldn’t stop thinking about how nervous I was. My heart was racing and my palms were clammy. I couldn’t believe that soon I’d be taking pictures of my next door neighbor’s daughter and her perfect feet. For over two years I have watched her laying out in her backyard.

I paced back and forth in the garage and lit another cigarette. The camera was ready to go and I had the house to myself for the next several hours. A lone chair sat in the middle of the garage with an ottoman in front of it for Lindsay to prop her tender feet up on. The ironic thing was that she had no idea that her fresh, pink, size eights were going to be the focus of the shoot

Ever since I had moved in and first seen Lindsay I had been scamming about how I’d get at those feet. Her father and I were friends so, in my book, the direct approach was out. Having been invited over to their house many times in the past for beers after work I had tried to make conversation with her. Lindsay was a bit younger than I and was extremely shy. I had a few chances to see her bare feet up close when I was over there and they looked as perfect as I had dreamed they would staring at them in the backyard.

I snapped back into reality when I heard my dog barking. Turning around I saw Lindsay walking up my driveway. I marveled at her beautiful, innocent, girl next door looks. She had her long sandy blond hair pulled back in a pony tail. Her baby blue eyes were hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses. She wore a faded Navy blue tank top with cut off jean shorts that were washed and weather to a light blue color.

My eyes followed down here tanned thighs to her shapely calves. Even my non-foot roommates had always commented on what knock out legs she had. My eyes went down her calves to the point where her well-defined ankles disappeared into her thin white cotton ankle socks. On her feet she wore canvas tennis shoes which showed signs of wear and age.

She stopped short of coming in the garage and I could tell she was way more nervous than I was. I tried to ease the tension by making some small talk which helped. To be honest I felt kind of bad as it was clear that she was feeling way to shy to pose for me but my offer of fifty dollars an hour was one that she couldn’t afford to pass up. Truth be known I wanted to give into her shyness and call the whole thing off as I didn’t think it’d be fun for either of us with her being so nervous but I had to at least get a few shots of those feet now that we were alone.

Lindsay’s hands were stuffed deep in her pockets. Her head lowered as her gaze was fixed on the ground a few feet in front of her tennis shoes. Her weight shifted and a lock of blond hair dropped in front of her face. Slowly she raised her head and a cracked voice spoke to say,

“You know I have never modeled before. I feel silly and not dressed up enough as I missed my ride and had to walk all the way home in this heat.”

It was now my time to ease her ill feelings and I did so my explaining to her again what today’s purpose was. I told her how I had a couple of friends who were professional photographers. I helped them find new talent and in exchange I got a small finders fee. Pretty lame I know, but it was all I could come up with at the time!!

I asked Lindsay to have a seat in the chair. I took several pictures of her sitting her very rigid and proper. I told her to relax and pretend I wasn’t even there. All we were looking for is some natural shots, almost kocaeli escort candid if you will, so they could see basically what you looked like. After some time past it was time to get at those feet.

As I snapped a few head shots I explained that they also looked for what is known as a “parts model”. I told Lindsay that one of the photographers I knew took hand and foot pictures that were used in nail salons, shoe commercials, and so on. To my surprise, she didn’t say anything. I took a few pictures of her hands from different angles, both top and palm shots. I grazed her palms when I helped to position her hands and they were baby soft!!! I hoped her soles were the same way.

“Alright Lindsay. Take off your shoes and socks please.” I said trying to act like my offer was the most natural thing in the world.

She hesitated and said, “I don’t think I want my feet photographed today. My nails need to be touched up and my feet are probably all sweaty and gross from being at school all day.”

“Nonsense.” I told her without even looking at her, “I just need a few quick shots so they can see their shape and size. Besides they don’t care what your nails look like now nor how they smell. All of those kind of pictures are airbrushed to the max anyhow.”

A brief tense silence feel over the garage as she thought about it. I pretended to be doing some camera stuff as Lindsay thought it over. Looking out of the side of my sunglasses I saw Lindsay lean down. She cupped each shoe in her palm and took it off without unlacing them. Lindsay placed both socked feet on the ground ankles together kinda on her tip toes with her heels an inch or so off the floor.

The sock material was stark white and looked fairly thin. I could see indentations from the tongue of her tennis shoes imprinted on the tops of her socks. How badly I wanted to scoop them up right there and bury my face in her sweaty socked soles! I could only imagine how warm and moist they’d be with her sweat.

“Socks too”, I said making a nodding motion to them with my head.

I watched as she lifted her left foot off the ground and slid her left thumb into the back of her sock. With that left knee bent inward she slowly pulled the moist sock off her foot. My erection, which had been present since she arrived, was now straining to break free! As the sock as peeled off past her toes she set her heel on the cool cement floor, spread her toes, and leaned down to adjust a single gold toe ring that adorned her second toe. The right foot was stripped bare in the same manner as the left one had been minus the toe ring.

Now I love feet over a pretty broad age range. However, as I stood there looking down at Lindsay’s delicate feet, I couldn’t help but think how much I love feet of women younger than me. There is just something so pure and innocent looking about younger feet that don’t have the miles older feet sometimes do. Fresh, soft, and tender.

I moved a small wooden stool in front of her and draped a cloth over it. I asked Lindsay to lap both feet up on it with her ankles together. I couldn’t help but notice that she was uncomfortable with the focus on her feet and her shyness shown through. I admit that it turned me on.

I took a few pictures of the tops of her feet first. Her does had been done with a French pedicure and didn’t look as bad as she made it sound. I saw the tops of her feet had cris-cross marks from her shoe laces. Leaning down I massaged the tops of her feet to try and get the marks out. I was surprised that she didn’t flinch when I touched her feet and I could smell the damp canvas mixed with humid foot sweat. Lindsay’s feet didn’t smell bad or offensive. It was just a hint of stink that was prefect in my book.

After a series of pictures showcasing the tops of her feet and toe close-ups I removed the smaller stool and replaced it with a bigger one that stood slightly lower than her face. Without a word I reached down and grasp her feet by her sharp ankles and raised them up. I placed her heels up on the higher stool. I put my camera on it’s tripod without looking at her soles yet. The tripod was level with her soles and only a couple of feet away from them. As I sat down behind the camera and looked up my jaw dropped open!

I am a sole lover first and foremost. The pair on display in front of me made my cock surge forward and I knew that if I so much as grazed it that he’d explode all in my pants! First off they looked like silk on the bottom. That was due in part to her age and the fact that they’d been confined to shoes and socks all day.

What I noticed next was the color contrast in Lindsay’s soles. Her skin was a combination of soft pink and creamy white. The soft pink started at her narrow heel and slowly traced up the outside of her arch on its way to the tender balls of her now bare feet. The underside of each toe had its own little pink toe pad.

With her soles side by side, like I had her ankles tied together, her high creamy white arches made a delicate oval shape. I especially loved the small segments of white skin that curved in and joined her pink toe pads to the soft looking balls of her feet. Lastly her feet looked a little “plump” due to expansion from the heat generated by the lovely feet trapped in her tennis shoes.

I got the feeling that she didn’t like being in that position. I snapped out of my trance and started taking pictures of her soles with her feet relaxed. I made conversation and tried to be funny to ease her feelings. I learned that she would be graduating this year and was looking at colleges. The more I talked and acted like everything was natural and normal the more she began to relax and even laugh.

As I acted like it was all normal, so did Lindsay. I took advantage of her new found relaxed state and gave her direction to point and spread her toes. Lindsay’s foot was quite flexible. I told her to point her toes as hard as she could. When she did her foot made the shape of the letter “C”. I loved how her silky soles got all wrinkled up from it.

I made sure to get plenty of pictures of her posed like that with her feet together and crossed at the ankle. Next I had her do all those same positions except with her toe spread. Lindsay’s slender toes could spread out so far that it looked like you could rest a roll of dimes comfortably between each toe! I imagined how her young toes would feel dripping with my saliva as I thrusted my cock in and out of the space between her big and second toes.

I had been gradually getting a bit more “touchy” with her pretty bare feet without her protesting at all. My lust finally built to the point that it took over my better judgment. Looking at my watch I knew I didn’t have much time. My roommates were due home soon and she had been there for almost two hours. Lindsay asked if we were almost done as her parents would be home in about thirty minutes. I knew it was now or never.

I stood up from behind the camera and moved it aside. I walked up to her with my heart racing and bent down without speaking and scooped up her feet with one hand. The other hand slide the stool out of the way and scooted my chair in front of hers. She leaned over and pulled her little socks from inside of her tennis shoes and gently tried to pull her feet from my hands. I held them firm with both hands and guided them into my lap as I sat down. Her look wasn’t one of fear, anger, or disgust.

Lindsay looked at me with an eyebrow raised as if to say “Just what do you think you’re doing there?”

I placed her feet squarely in my lap and had to adjust her narrow heels away from my throbbing cock.

“So do all of your models get foot massages at the end or just the special ones?” Lindsay asked with a flirting tone in her voice.

I dug my thumbs into her velvet soles as my other fingers were curled around the tops of her feet.

“Well I’ve never had a model with such pretty feet before.” I said cooly.

I massaged both of her together for a little bit then each got it’s own special attention. I cupped one foot by the heel and raised it to eye level. My free hand pulled on each of her toes and a finger slid between each toe. I leaned in a bit and massaged that foot close to my face. I wanted to be able to inspect her sole up close and I also wanted to smell it. I got a faint whiff of teen sweat mixed with cotton and damp canvas. I loved watching the skin on her soles stretch and wrinkled as I massaged it.

“You know Lindsay, you have really amazing feet!” I stammered.

She just giggled and blushed.

“No, no, I am serious. You really do have perfect feet. I didn’t want to say anything before but I took some of those pictures for a friend of mine who owns a foot fetish website. The website pays women to model there feet in different situations and poses.” She looked surprised, kinda freaked out, but also with a hint of interest.

“I was starting to wonder why you were taking SO many pictures of my feet!” she laughed. “I think YOU are the one with the foot fetish here.” Her joking turned to interest and she asked “So what do these women do on these sites?”

I went on to explain how each guys fetish is different. “Some guys want to see your feet in shoes, others in stockings or hose, and other prefer your feet to be bare. Some guys like clean feet while others like dirty feet. Some men like to tickle your feet. In fact some are more dominant and want to tie you up, tickle, spank, and torture your feet while other are submissive and want to be trampled by you as you force them to serve your feet. Mostly men just like your feet and want to see them, smell them, kiss them, lick them, suck on your pretty little toes, and so on.”

Lindsay’s eyes got wider and wider as I went on. I could tell by her questions about each foot guy that she was more interested than freaked out. I continued massaging Lindsay’s soft pink soles during the entire conversation. I had to use maximum restraint to keep from jamming her foot in my mouth and sucking all of her toes at once! I was just about to raise the ball of her foot to smell and kiss it when her father’s pick-up truck drove past.

“Oh shit! I gotta go!!!” Lindsay screamed as she jerked her feet out of my lap and bolted out the side door in my garage.

I sat there alone for a minute in complete awe of what had just happened. I brought my hands to my nose and smelled them. Lindsay’s feet smelled great and my hands were coated in their scent. I looked down and saw her shoes and socks still on the floor.

Reaching down I pulled a sock from its shoe and pressed the bottom of it to my nose. I inhaled deeply as I closed my eyes. They were still moist and slightly dirty. I freed my aching cock and slipped one of her cotton socks over it. In my right hand I held onto my sock-clad cock and my left hand held her sock to my nose. After a record number of minimal pulls my eyes rolled back in my head and my legs shot out in front of me. I unloaded at least a gallon of cum into the top of her dainty sock. I imagined that I was spraying it all over her pink soles as she knelt in the chair in front of me.

A few hours later she walked slowly past the front of my house still bare foot. I came out and handed her shoes and socks back to her. She didn’t seem to notice that one sock was about six pounds heavier! She thanked me and told me that she’d like to have some more pictures of her feet taken for my “foot friend” with a sly wink. So I guess we’ll have to see what happens next!

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