Lisa and Jim Turn Pro


I looked at the long line of men trying to get one of the three advertised jobs. I saw my former software manager and in front of him I saw a man that I knew was better qualified than me. I looked at the neatly typed resume and wadded it up. I tossed it in the waste basket as I left the line. I had been imagining all sort of scenarios where they would hire me and Lisa and I would be solvent again. This was the ninth such time and I was disheartened over my job prospects. I could still draw unemployment for almost another year but then I realized that there were no jobs. The economic crisis had companies laying off people by the thousands. I knew that like I was in the beginning, it was a temporary bump on the road to success.

I started to go in a bar and join the other men that were in my shoes but then I realized that my wife Lisa could salve my broken spirit. I went home ready to tell Lisa of another failure. I expected Lisa to come toward me wanting to hear good news. Instead she was looking pensive. My face told the story and Lisa just sat on the couch and patted the place by her. I sat down. The tears were close and so was the rage that I was feeling toward myself. She had something to tell me. I knew that look. Her old boyfriend from college had a company in another city and he said that he would give her a job except that we would have to move there. Gene had been after her for years, even after I had married her. He was now married with a small child but I could tell that he still wanted Lisa.

Before she started to talk I told her that if she wanted to go and accept Gene’s offer to go ahead and I would free her. She and I both knew that gene wanted her to be his mistress at work. He seemed to have it all, A wife, a company that seemed to be immune to the crisis. Lisa looked at me. “Jim, you were my first and only man,” she looked in my eyes as she said it. “I know what Gene wants and I don’t want that,” she said, “Besides if I have to fuck other men to pay our bills then I would rather fuck a hundred men for ten dollars each rather than be Gene’s mistress and make you a cuckold,”

I guess that I felt so much relief that I joked with her, “So instead of being a cuckold for one man I would be a cuckold many times over?”

“No silly…no husband whose wife has to be a prostitute in a case like ours is never considered to be a cuckold,” She said as simply as possible.

“What do you call him then,” I asked?

Lisa laughed and kissed me then,” You would be my pimp.”

I don’t know what happened then but our clothes were quickly thrown off and I found my self buried deep in Lisa with her heels digging in my back trying to pull me deeper. Already my just under eight inch cock was in her as far as it would go. She screamed out her orgasm and I shot my load deep in her. We didn’t have the problem of having children. Lisa could never have any. I didn’t want any either. I just wanted Lisa and she told me many times as she told me now was that I had her. “Even if I fuck ten thousand men you will still be mine and I will still be yours.

Even though we were stretched out thin Lisa said that we should go out and celebrate. I asked her what we had to celebrate. Lisa looked at me , “well for one thing we actually talked about me getting fucked by ten thousand men and are still alright so how about that?”

We went out that night and got drunk. Well you have to realize that the two of us getting drunk was very mild. Lisa drank only a liquor like Irish Cream and a,Frangelico, a hazelnut liquor. We had used them both over ice cream one night and we got drunk as skunks. Where that came from I never knew. I doubt that other people had ever seen a drunk skunk either.

We went to a different bar than we usually went to when we had money. Lisa said that she didn’t want us to run into people we knew. Most of the people we knew were newly unemployed and we just brought each other down. The crisis was evident as it was Friday night and the people there were pretty quite. The bartender gave us a triple for the price of one drink, “We have had a big bottle of that for four years and no one ever drinks it, The barkeep said, “You win the prize,” he said as he set the glasses down, “Me and the others have joked that if anyone ever ordered that then we would mix three for one.”

Lisa smiled and toasted the bartender, “Then I guess we will get pretty wasted.” He laughed and said to tell him when we wanted another.

“Three for one…did he say three for one?” The voice came out of a big man sitting at the bar. By big I mean he was at least as tall as an NBA player and, while he wasn’t rotund he had some flesh on him. He seemed pretty solid but still had a big belly. Lisa and I both turned to him and answered at the same time. He moved over next to us and held out his hand, which looked like a catchers mitt. He was Aron. He was in town for weekend meetings. “The only time that we can get free to meet is on the weekend so I come down for A Saturday meeting and spend Friday night getting drunk or drinking.” He was hesitant at first and looked at him and then at Lisa, ” I mean getting drunk…or Gaziantep Üniversitesi Escort that’s the way it usually winds up.”

Next I know we are in a animated conversation and he was funny, He said that he was so big that it helped to be funny. Lisa had to ask him if he was big everywhere. He looked at us strangely then but quickly changed, “That’s the problem…to find a beautiful woman like..well you whose not afraid of it.” Lisa smiled and looked at me to see how I took the mild form of flirting. I was buzzed enough I smiled back at her.

“Hey you can’t blame someone cause he tells the truth and Aron looks like he just told a big truth,” I said and hugged Lisa. She kissed me and said that I was sweet and then she quickly kissed Aron.

“You are sweet too Aron for saying that…I wish it were true,” She said and quickly drained her glass. Aron ordered for us all. He had a Frangelico too.

“What do you wish were true Lisa,” he asked, “That you are beautiful or that you wouldn’t be afraid of it,” Aron asked?

Lisa looked at me. I think she is the prettiest when she’s flushed. She blushes so nice. She reached and took Aron’s hand in hers. His hand covered hers, ” No Aron I wouldn’t be afraid of it. I would just do what ever I could with it and let it go at that.” Lisa laughed and said that she could always throw are arms around it and cry. Aron picked up his new drink and drained it. He held the glass out and announced that it was only a little over eight inches but it was as thick as the glass. Lisa acted excited to be talking like this with him. Lisa’s eyes got big and she unconsciously took a look at his crotch.

I looked at my empty the bartender had left when he sat the new drinks down and shook my head. I couldn’t imagine Lisa sucking on a cock like this. “Here darling wife see if you can fit this one in your mouth.” Lisa blushed all colors then and took the glass I handed her. She opened her mouth and tried to put the rim on the glass in. She couldn’t even though she tried to stretch her mouth more. “Ok mister smart ass,” she said to me, “lets see you do it.” I grinned and opened my mouth and the glass went in real easy. “Well Aron we know who can take you already,” Lisa said and grinned.

“Actually, here let me get us some more drinks and move to that boot,” he said. The booth was hard to see because it was in a real dark section of the bar. It was a large half round booth. Aron went to talk to the bartender. Lisa and i moved to the booth. Lisa scooted to the center of the booth, “Well looks like i will have two good looking men sitting on both sides of me. She took my head in her hands and pulled me into a deep passionate kiss. I couldn’t help myself cause my hand went right up between Lisa’s thighs and touched pussy hair. Lisa had wore no panties and she spread her legs and two fingers went into her. She grabbed my hand and told me to put my whole hand in her. We had done this several times before but she was slippery wet tonight and I slid four bunched up fingers in her.

About then Aron came back to the booth and he had the whole bottle of frangelico and a bucket of ice. I started to pull my hand from Lisa but she closed her legs and trapped my hand. She reached and took the bottle from Aron and he sat the bucked of ice on the table. Lisa went back to kissing me and she opened her legs again. Her dark pubic hair was visible. She stayed with her lips on mine and I felt her tongue suck my tongue like it was a cock. Her right hand reached and gripped my cock. I saw Aron smiling and looking at us as we kissed. Then Lisa broke the kiss with me and turned to Aron. Her left hand went behind his large head and she pulled him into a kiss. I saw her mouth opening and her tongue start to explore his mouth. She moved her other hand and brought it to his crotch. I was entranced like as she felt the thick tent there. She turned her face to me while she still latched onto his lips with hers. Her eyes got real big as she tried to convey what she had her hand on. I felt his hand on her thigh and I moved my fingers from her cunt. I don’t know why I did it but I did. I took his large mitt off her thigh and spread Lisa’s legs more. I took one of his large fingers, that was as big as my cock, and rubbed it up and down her slit. He pushed the finger in My sweet wife. As far as I knew his was the first time that another man that had ever touched my wife. She moaned softly into his mouth.

She broke the kiss and leaned back as we both felt her cunt. Lisa asked me to put my fingers in her too. Her hand unzipped my pants and she delved in and brought my cock out in the open. I watched as her other hand did the same with him, or rather she tried to. His cock was so thick it got hung up on the side. “Help me Jim,” she said. I reached over to his lap and kissed Lisa again as I reached into his fly and found Lisa’s hand trying to grasp a thick throbbing tube of hot meat. I found the head and pulled as Lisa did. we both pulled his cock out in the darkness of the booth. Lisa kissed him again and Lisa and I kept playing with Aron’s large cock.

Since the booth was dark Aron lifted a little to pull his pants past his buttocks. Lisa pushed his shirt tail up and bent over then and kissed his belly. She turned back to look at me, “Can I do it Jim?” I was about to have a heart attack. Me heart was beating like a birds, I nodded my head and watched as my wife bent down again and started to lick on his cock. I saw that the bartender was on the other side of the bar, besides it was too dark to see us good. I Kissed the side of Lisa’s lips where she was licking the large shaft. She only turned Aron’s cock toward my lips a little and I put the cock head in my mouth.

This time Aron moaned and I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me down. Then Aron pulled both us back. “I am about to cum and when I do I want us all to be naked so how about you two come to my room and we’ll all get naked.”

Lisa kissed me then…”Do you want to go get naked with Aron and you can suck him and then you can watch me fuck him?” I don’t think that i have ever heard Lisa say something so sexy. Then she kissed me and whispered in my ear, “If I am going to be a whore then I have to see if I can do this.”

Aron had heard us whispering and said, “If you two are going to be whores that let me be your first customer,” We both said ok at the same time. We left the bar and went straight to Aron’s room. The bar was attached to the hotel. In the elevator to the eight floor Lisa and Aron kissed and I unzipped him and pulled his cock out again. I easily took the thick head in my mouth and Aron started to grunt loudly. Lisa quickly go on her knees and we both held his throbbing cock till cum erupted from the large hole.

Here we were swallowing down the cum from almost a total stranger. Lisa had swallowed my cum before and she had kissed me with a mouth full of it. This had not happened to me since New York. I had a gay roommate for several months and we started sucking each other. He fucked my ass also but his cum had been the last I had tasted till now. Lisa looked at me as we worked his large load down our throats and kissed while we did. “Is this how you swallowed kyle’s cum in New York?” I was shocked. I had never knew that Lisa had known about it. We had talked about when I was living with kyle in new York, But Lisa had somehow found out what we did.

The door slid open and some men that evidently knew Aron saw us. “Hey Aron…having a little party tonight are we,” one man said.. Aron smiled and gave a quick ‘later’ to his friends and led us to his room. As soon as we got there Aron and I stripped real fast. When Lisa tried to Aron stopped her and said that he wanted to watch her strip. Aron gestured me to sit in a chair, he sat in another one. He then nodded to Lisa and told her,” Ok Lisa show me the goodies.” Lisa seemed to be embarrassed but she tuned a radio in, found the music she liked and started her act. Well it wasn’t really her act. She had I had done this before but then she told Aron that he was the first besides me to ever see her act.

Lisa started to move then as she did Aron took a bunch of bills out of his pants and said that we had to get the money up front. He gave it to me and I saw that it was about three thousand. I protested and so did Lisa. “We like you Aron and wanted to do this too with you,” Aron said that money was money and said that he knew that we all wanted to have fun together. Lisa Lisa laughed and said, “Have fun hell,” Lisa said, “I want to fuck the hell out of that big cock,” she looked at me as she stood there in her bra and skirt, “Do you want to do it too Jim?” I waved my rigid cock and asked her if it looked like I did. Lisa asked me what I wanted and I told her and Aron both that I wanted to see him fuck the love of my life.

He did too. Lisa danced and took the rest of her clothes off and gave Aron one helluva lap dance with her thrusting her breast into his open mouth to suck and ravage. She got between his legs and started to lick on his cock. Aron spread his tree trunk like legs apart and looked at me. I knew that he had made room for me there with my wife. I got down and sucked his cock head in while my beautiful wife got down with her lips at his large tennis ball sized balls and licked. She sucked all over them. Then Aron lifted and placed a thigh over each chair arm. He sat was back in the chair. this exposed the underside of his balls to us. Lisa looked at them hungrily and began to lick under his balls and finally up to his ass crack. I had his cock deep all the way in my throat and I reached and spread his meaty butt cheeks apart using both hands.

Lisa looked at his exposed anus and looked at me. I guess the look on my face told her what I wanted to see. She had tongued my anus many times and said that she liked it. We did each other and we both moaned quite like. Now she was wanting to tongue Aron’s anus and I wanted to see her. I wanted to see my loving wife act like a whore, a slut. I Had Aron’s cock deep in my throat and couldn’t talk but my eager nodding told her to do it. She ran her finger tip over his anus and spread her fingers apart. His anus spread open and you could see where it when into his rectum. Lisa’s tongue went right in between her fingers and I had a perfect view as her petite stiffened tongue went deeply in him.

I had butt fucked Kyle and Aron looked like he might like that also. I took my mouth back off his saliva slicked cock. I wanted this cock in my ass also. Lisa was sucking hard and I watched her cheeks hollow. I made a motion that asked her if she wanted Aron’s cock up her cunt. She withdrew the hand that she had stuffed up herself as she tongued his anus. Her hand was dripping. “God I want to fuck that cock…I want to fuck it all night,” she moaned and Got up from his ass. Her mouth actually popped when she pulled off his anus. She rode his belly with her legs around his body and I lined Aron’s cock up with her cunt that she held open. She sat down with a sight that turned into an animal like moan.

I helD the thick cock shaft as I saw it slowly spread Lisa’s lips apart and entered her. She kept whispering to him to fuck her, “…Fuck me fuck me fuck me…FUCK ME GODDAMN IT.” Finally I had to move my hand from his cock as she seated her self flush on his groin. She moaned and looked at me. She had a real proud look on her face as she told me, “I have his whole cock in me honey…I fucked it all in me.” She bent forward and started kissing him. She sucked on his nipples and chewed on them lightly. Then with out any notice Aron flipped her over. I remember seeing the way the two of them looked that the real fucking was about to begin.

Aron did fuck my wife’s cunt then. I have never heard such sexy noise in my life as his belly slapped against hers. I could even tell the sound his balls made when they slapped her butt cheeks. I looked and saw her butt cheeks being made flat by the tremendous fucking. I could tell when her cunt walls relaxed under his onslaught and his cock slid easily and obscenely into her. I saw Lisa sucking hard on his neck and knew that she was sucking a hickey there. Aron had similar oral grip and I could see her skin being pulled hard into his mouth,

If they had made noise before they really made noise now. as they started into their short strokes. I had Aron’s anus spread apart and he fucked her and I climbed up his butt cheeks and plunged my hard cock up his ass. It went into and I almost felt like the old joke of the hole being so big that you had to put a plank across your butt to keep from falling in. I realized that I was shooting the biggest load in his rectum and my cum just kept pouring out. I kept shooting my cum into his ass and when I reached down to feel the large vein that runs under his cock, I could feel the pressure of the cum rushing along the vein into my wife’s pussy. Deep in her womb. If Lisa had been able to get pregnant then this cum would have done the trick.

We lay there for a half hour or more. Aron’s cock stayed in my wife’s cunt and My cock stayed in his rectum, jumping and throbbing. We lay there getting our breath for the longest time. Then Aron said that he wanted to fuck some butt. I was chosen even though Lisa wanted to try Aron’s large cock in her ass. She had taken it in her pussy and was anxious to try it in her butt hole. Aron said that since i had fucked his then he wanted to fuck me. I got on my hands and knees and then I thought that I should fuck my wife. She agreed but first said that me and her should suck my cum from Aron’s butt. I agreed and watched as Lisa pressed her lips to Aron’s but hole again. She sucked for a while and then I did.

Lisa got down so I could fuck her. I shoved my cock in and boy it felt roomy. I mean it felt good as hell but Aron had reamed her out some. It could be some more of his cum. I pulled my cock out and sucked her pussy for a while then I plunged in again. Her cunt felt more familiar to me then. I was telling her how snug her pussy still felt even after taking a cock like Aron’s. I got that far. Lisa was watching behind me so she was ready for it. I wasn’t as Aron shoved his cock in all the way. It hurt for just a minute then was just like riding a bicycle and I got used to the big cock in me.

Later when Aron had rested some he fucked Lisa in her ass. I waited and sucked all his cum from her butt just as Lisa had done with me after Aron fucked my ass. Lisa was fucked out a while. We lay cuddled up to her and talked. Lisa thanked Aron for him being her first John. Then she told me the reason for all of her talk earlier that cumulated in us fucking Aron. “Jim I have to confess that I met a man when I went out shopping yesterday…and no I didn’t have sex with him…we just talked. He owns a chain of motels in different nearby cities. he said that he had some of the finest whores in the area fucking his customers. He said that he wanted me to work for him too. I told him that you were having trouble getting a job and he said that I would be perfect. Do you remember the time I went to the reunion and you worked…and no I didn’t get fucked then either. “Aron,” here and she kissed him, “Was the first man besides you to touch me. Well at that reunion I met Kathy who had a brother living in New York. His name was Kyle. That name was too much of a coincident for me to pass it off especially when she said that he was gay. I asked her if he ever had a roommate named Jim. She told me all that he had told her.”

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