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“Mrs. Foster, I don’t have the reports that you told me you would have in by noon today, is there a problem?” ask Mr. Richards as he entered my office. Stammering over my mound of documents and trying to look organized, I looked up and into the bluest eyes I had ever seen that were framed by dark brown eye brows. The new boss was very handsome; well to be honest he was down right sexy. His muscles were toned and very obvious under his white button down shirt, even under his undershirt. I found myself just staring at him, a familiar tingling sensation starting deep in my body. Is the A/C not working in here?

“Excuse me, is everything alright Mrs. Foster? You seem to be distracted.” Waking from my daydream, “No, I mean yes Mr. Richards, everything is fine. Sorry about not getting that report to you yet, my day has been crazy. I just have to complete three more pages and I will have it into you. I can have it to you by the morning.” Judging by the look on his face I could tell this wasn’t the answer he was looking for.

“Mrs. Foster I need those reports for a meeting in the morning with Morgan towing. I was going to add them to a presentation that I am working on tonight. I’m afraid you will have to stay until they are completed. I will be in my office when they are done.” With that he turned and left. Even though I was disappointed with having to stay late my mind did wonder enough to watch his cute butt on his way out. Again that tingling sensation started. Damn he’s got a nice ass, I thought to myself as I reached for my phone.

“Hello?” My husband’s voice came over the phone.

“Hey honey, can you go get the girls? I’m going to be stuck here for a while. I didn’t get the reports to the boss on time and he is insistent that I have them done tonight. My days been hell and I just wish I could come home.” After a short talk about my day and the boss my husband agreed to get our two girls and would see me later. Of course I left out the fact that my panties were completely soaked with my juices from thinking of my bosses sexy blue eyes and tight ass. With a quick squeeze of my thighs I put a cap on those thought.

“I’ll never get out of here if I don’t get started.” I said to myself. So I opened up my laptop and started on the reports.

When I next looked up it was getting close to 9PM. Everybody had long since gone judging by the darkness outside my door. Only one light remained on and it was coming from the boss’s huge office down at the end of hall. I finished printing out my reports and got them organized. Emailing a copy to the boss, I started for the printer room to retrieve the reports. Finally! I thought to myself. I will be able to get out of here! I found myself thinking again about his sexy ass and eyes. Damn, my panties are freakin soaked again, I thought as I realized my heart was pumping hard. Picking up my reports and straitening my dress I started the walk down the hall to the only room with a light left on in the office. As I got closer I wondered if I would be able to look at him without blushing, but with a slight grin and feeling my heart beating I stepped up and knocked lightly on the door.

“Ahh Mrs. Foster, come in. I trust you have the reports completed.” Said Mr. Richards barely looking up from the stack of papers on his desk.

“Yes sir, I send them in electronic form to you and here are the print outs.” He looked up at me with a smile and retrieved the documents from my hand, his fingers brushing mine. The feeling was like an electric spark to my body. My face felt warm but no where near as warm as my pussy. Trying to hide my excitement I quickly pulled my hand away and started to turn away prying my gaze off his shinning blue eyes.

“Mrs. Foster” I heard his voice as I was reaching for his door. Turning slowly to look back at him, I again meet his gaze.

“Thank you again for all of your hard work on this. I know you hate to stay this late but do I appreciate it”. Smiling I said,

“Not a problem, I know you need them and well, I did say I would get them to you by this morning.” I was fixed on his eyes, again starting to daydream when he offered me some coffee. Usually I wouldn’t accept but in this case I did.

Taking a seat I took the cup from his hands again with my fingers brushing his. This time I was sure it wasn’t an accident as I noticed his smile and the very obvious bulge forming in his slacks. What did I do to turn him on? I wasn’t wearing anything overly sexy today. A black short skirt with knee high black leather boots along with a red button up blouse, with two of the buttons at the top open so that just a peak of my cleavage showed. Being a warmer day outside I had opted to wear thigh highs instead of full hose. It was our office rule that all the women always had to wear panty hose with dresses (Something that all of the women hated but never said anything about). If the men who wrote the dress code understood what escort bostancı a pain they were they might have thought different, but as it was oh well.

Letting my libido take control I put on a sly sexy smile on my face and ask,

“Why, Mr. Richards is there something wrong?” He moved and reddened slightly realizing I knew he was excited.

“No nothing at all, how is the coffee? By the way call me Tom” he said moving back around his desk. I took another sip and slowly moved the cup away from my red lips, taking my time to slowly seductively lick my lips.

“It’s just fine Tom, thank you. By the way call me Suzi. You have a great view from this office.” The look on his face was priceless. I could tell by the way he shifted that I had just made his cock uncomfortably hard in his tight slacks. The thought had my juices slowing and I could feel my panties getting moist again.

“Yeah the view is excellent from where I am sitting. You can see most of downtown.”

This gave me an idea. I started to stand and made sure my skirt lifted up just enough to show the tops of my stockings before the skirt fell back into place. Moving around his desk I leaned forward slightly over his shoulder and pretended to look out the window on the city lights.

“Your right!” I said

“the view is much better over here.” Looking down at his face I noticed his staring at view I was giving him of my breasts.

“Mr. Richards! Um I mean Tom, I guess you like that view better huh?” He turned his head quickly and started to back away at being caught and started to stammer.

“Umm Suzi I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I’ll.” I cut him off and caught his arm stopping the roll of the chair.

“Tom it’s ok. Do you like what you see? Maybe if I were to do this?” I started to open the next two buttons on my blouse, my mind was screaming at me what are you doing? You are a married woman. But his eyes were so blue and body was so sexy. I was giving in to his charms and his cologne smelled so good. I spread my blouse open a little more exposing my breasts and some of my red lacy bra and ran the tips of my nails over the flesh of my breasts.

“Oh Suzi, you have very beautiful tits.” He said as his hands came up to my chest.

Taking his hand I pressed it to my bra covered mound. My nipple was hard and pressing into his palm as his rubbed and lifted my tit. The look of lust was strong in his eyes as it mirrored my own. I held my hand over his as he enjoyed. I felt his other hand rubbing my leg and I quickly tried to move it to my other breast but he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. Our lips meet and pressed together, his tongue testing and parting my lips as the passion in the kiss intensified. My fingers came up and curled in his hair and pulled his head closer. My pussy was on fire as we kissed, his strong hands rubbing my breasts. I slowly pushed him away, breaking our kiss.

I walked to the door but my eyes never left the blue of his. He started to worry as I neared the door but relaxed as I slowly pushed it shut, turning the lock which gave a light click as it engaged. Reaching up I touched the light switch cutting the lights off. The lights from downtown illuminated the office just enough to be able to see. I walked slowly back to Tom who was still sitting in his chair. As I walked around the desk I touched the lamp and it barely dimmed as it came on. I smiled and said

“umm mood lighting” as I pulled my blouse out of my skirt. Walking up to Tom I leaned over and his eyes focused on my bra covered breasts.

“So boss, do you like my breasts?” I ran the tips of my fingers over the bulge in his pants and smiled as I watched his eyes focus on my breasts.

“Oh Suzi, I have looked so many times at these in passing, they are so big.” His hands came up and cupped my chest

“and soft” he said as he rolled my hard nipples through the cups of my bra. Slowly I unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and stood up letting it fall off my shoulders and fall to the floor. Looking over my shoulder I spied a couch in front of the windows overlooking the city.

“Let’s move over here to the couch” I said as I grabbed his hand and led him to the couch, making sure to sway my ass as I walked.

I turned and kissed him deeply again, feeling his arms moves around me and cup my ass while we kissed deeply. The feeling of his strong arms was intoxicating quieting any objections from my mind. My hands ran up and down his strong chest, feeling his muscles tense under my touch. I pushed slightly not breaking our kiss as we lowered down to the couch, my legs straddling his lap, feeling his hard cock pressing into my pussy. My hand was back in his soft hair, kissing more passionately than I ever have. My body felt like it was on fire and my pussy was gushing as I ground it into his hard cock. His arms were around me cupping my ass pulling me tighter ümraniye escort against his cock. I reached back and started unclipping my bra, spilling my breasts out. He broke the kiss and leaned me back gazing at my large full breasts capped with hard pink nipples.

“Do you like?” I ask. His only reply was to bring his lips to my left breast, sucking my nipple into his hot waiting mouth. It felt wonderful feeling this strange mouth on my hard nipple, sucking my breast so hard. His other hand was snaking its way under the hem of my skirt up my stockings. His sucking got faster as his fingers found my stocking tops fastened by my garter. He rubbed them going between my stockings to the milky white soft skin of my thighs. My hips were grinding my hot pussy into the bulge of his hard cock. My clit was aching to be touched.

As if he read my mind his fingers started going higher finding my soaked panties. I lifted up slightly allowing his fingers to pull them to the side, and his fingers to rub up and down my wet swollen lips. I leaned over and kissed him deeply, our tongues dancing in each others mouths as his fingers traced up and down my lips. Running his fingers through my short pubic hair and finally parting my lips to touch my throbbing clit. The feeling was like an explosion, my body jerked and tensed as he rubbed light circles over my clit. My fingernails dug into his shirt and neck as we kissed. One finger slowly made its way back to my dripping hole, slowly entering me and making me moan into his mouth, his other hand rubbing my breast.

I pulled off his lips as he slowly fingered me, rubbing all the forbidden spots and making me shudder with ecstasy. My fingers defied me as I struggled to undo his tie and unbutton his shirt. His belt was next as I hurried but still took the time to scrape my nails over the bulge of his hard cock, noticing his slacks were wet with my juices. My hands dove deep into his underwear as I got his fly open feeling for the first time in a long time the flesh of a new cock. It was almost too hot to the touch, completely hard and tipped with a very wet large head. His precum has soaked his skin and my hand as I slid it over the length of his member. Kissing his neck I whispered

“Oh God Tom, your cock is so big!” His fingers were still exploring my wetness as he replied

“and your pussy is so wet, damn you are sexy.” I stood up, reluctant to remove my fingers from his cock or his from inside of me, but I wanted to remove my panties and get that wonderful cock in my mouth.

Lifting my dress I heard him sharply inhale as he watched my black stockings, garter and panties come into view. I slowly pulled my panties down, rolling them off my legs and exposing my wet trimmed cunt to him.

“Damn Suzi that looks good, your husband is a lucky man!” I smiled as I lifted my legs to remove the panties, I held then briefly under his nose so he could inhale the scent of my excited pussy. Leaning him forward I removed his shirt, teasing him along the way by hanging my breasts in front of his face. When he removed his t-shirt I almost came. His chest was chiseled and just barely covered with dark hair. His muscles were tight as my fingers ran down them. Lowering myself down I pulled his slacks slowly off his legs, His hard cock was dripping with hot precut and jumping to the beat of his heart. I lowered myself to my knees and took his cock in my right hand, his warm balls in my left. Looking up into his eyes, I let a stream of spit escape my lips and fall to the mushroom head of his cock; he smiled and looked lustful as my tongue followed it.

Licking around his head I tasted the sweetness of his precum and felt the heat I had started. Then without warning him I sunk his cock deep into my mouth, giving him a very wet blowjob. Damn he was huge I thought as I sucked. He must have been around 7 inches long and at least almost 2 inches thick. Umm I could feel it swell in my mouth and longed to have it deep inside me. Sucking his fast then slow, using my tongue to tease him I felt him thrust his hips and moan as he played with my breasts. Sucking this new cock was driving my pussy wild. The feeling of doing something so wrong and naughty was getting to me and making me want to fuck this man hard. Feeling him get close to cumming I took him deep in my mouth and did one final hard suck as I came all the way up his shaft. The head of his cock leaving my lips with a pop, he moaned a grown and looked at me with a look of why did I stop.

I stood and unzipped my skirt and let it slip to the floor. Standing in the open in just my stocking and garter I straddled him again, pressing the lips of my hot pussy against his cock, and kissing him deeply. I thrust my hips forward and let my juices soak his already wet cock then using one hand, raised up and positioned him at the entrance to my pussy. I looked into those sexy blue eyes and we smiled at each other as I kartal escort bayan slowly slid down, feeling the head of his cock part me and slide slowly inside. It felt so huge as he entered me, filling me so full as I felt it inch per as I slid down. The sensation went on forever until I finally felt him hit the roof of my soaking wet pussy as I felt his balls press into my ass. I sat there for a minute feeling him swell and throb inside of me. Then slowly I rocked back and forth feeling his cock move.

It felt so amazing, riding up and down his cock. I came up almost pulling him completely out then slamming down hard on him. Our rhythm finally in sync we fucked, our heat increasing as his hands found my ass and guided me down onto him. His cock rubbing against my g-spot and my clit grinding into him, I felt the pressure building as I rode harder and harder on him. My juices had never flowed like they were now; I could feel them soaking his balls underneath me. I leaned forward holding his head to my breasts and clawing at his back as I received the hardest fucking of my life. I felt the orgasm coming so close and almost there when he suddenly stopped and held me still.

Moaning a disappointing moan I whispered in his ear,

“what’s wrong baby?” He shished me as he listened. The night janitor was trying to get in the door, when she couldn’t open it she left; we heard the front doors close. Our hearts beating fast and hard enough to be heard in the ears we waited. His hard cock still buried deep inside of my cock. My pussy yearning for him to continue but he held me completely still. Finally he lifted me off his cock, disappointed at thinking it was over I frowned.

“Turn around” he said as he positioned to take me from behind, I leaned over on the couch, my knees on the floor.

He got behind me and spread my legs open. I felt the head of his cock slide up and down my lips, stopping at my opening. His hands were on my hips and he slowly pulled me backwards, sinking his huge perfect cock into my pussy. It filled me in a way I had never felt as he pumped me using my hips. The head of his cock pressing and rubbing right on my G-spot, the pressure was building much faster. I could feel him pumping faster, his balls slapping my clit and making us both moan.

“Do you like fucking the boss? Huh? Do you like fucking for a raise? I’ve never felt such a wet tight pussy before.” I moaned into the couch and answered

“Yes I love fucking the boss, Tom. Your cock is so hard. Fuck my Tom, fuck my pussy, and make me cum. Oh God!” Tom pumped harder and harder into me, it felt so good.

“Do you want to fuck me more? I have a conference to go to next week in Dallas, you can come along. Do you want to?” All thoughts went away,

“Yes Tom oh please take me, we can skip the conference and just fuck all day and night. Fuck me please; make me your fuck slut for the week.” I said as I reached down to feel his balls. They were dripping wet with my juices.

“I will tell my husband I have to go to it, you can have me for the week, just please make me cum!” I said.

“Yes baby, you feel so good. Oh God Suzi I’m going to cum.”

“Yes Tom fuck me fuck me, fill me with your cum.” With that I felt my pressure explode in my body.

My eyes were shut but I still saw bright lights as my body tensed as the orgasm raced over me. Made all that much stronger by feeling his hot cum splash deep inside of me, across my cervix and covering me, his cock pulsed with the beat of his heart. Each time making me spasm deep inside. Suddenly I felt another orgasm coming on rocking my body to the core. My cum flooding the inside of me covering his thick hard cock and spilling out onto his balls.

“Oh GOD!! I’m cumming again TOM Ohhhh” I yelled as I shook. Finally the sensation calmed and the energy completely left me.

I felt Tom’s cock starting to soften inside of me. He pulled out which shook my over-sensitive body again. I felt a towel press into my wet opening.

“Here honey” he said as I rolled over in front of the couch.

“That was so hot, thank you” he said leaning down to kiss me deep. His cock was dripping the last of his cum. I reached out and took the drop on my finger and it tasted wonderful.

“I’ve never done this” I said as I looked into those passionate blue eyes.

“We will keep it between you and me, I promise” He said as he softly kissed me again.

Hearing the cleaning crew return we quickly dressed, stealing quick kisses as we watched each other. My panties were soaked and not holding the mix of hot juices coming from me. As we got ready to leave he opened the door and startled a cleaning woman standing just outside. He turned to me and showed a sly smile and said

“Thank you again Mrs. Foster for those reports, they were excellent! I will be seeing you next weekend in Dallas correct?”

Slipping past him through the door I looked one last time into those sexy blue eyes

“Yes sir, Mr. Roberts, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” With that I turned and walked past smiling to the cleaning woman as I passed, headed to the bathroom and thought to myself, Dallas will be interesting indeed.

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