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The sun was coming up on Saturday, the big day. After almost twenty years of marriage, Liz had promised that she’d try anal today. After watching me fuck our friend Lori up the butt last weekend, insisting that I try taking it up my butt first, and Lori giving Liz deep throat lessons — on Lori’s husband Rich! — two days ago, today was the big day. After a week of waiting, I tried to put Liz at ease: “You know, you don’t really have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“Yeah, I know,” Liz replied, “but after watching you do Lori’s ass, twice now, I’m ready to give it a try. After all, I don’t want you running to another woman every time you get the urge for butt sex.” I had to give Liz a kiss at that point. “And Lori’s coming over around one today, and she said that she’d help us do it right.”

“Isn’t Rich coming?” I asked.

“No, he has to work today. And Lori had already asked me if I thought it’d be easier with or without her husband ‘helping.’ After watching you and Rich double up on her, I don’t really need any pressure to try that my first time.”

“Makes sense to me. Tell you what, I’ll go ahead and make you breakfast this morning.”

“Sounds like a good bribe to me!”

Liz and I got up, and hit the shower together. Shampooing each other’s hair, and washing each other’s back was getting us both in a pretty playful mood, but we agreed to back off until this afternoon. It might be better if we were both hornier for the big day planned. Time seemed to drag on and on for me, waiting for Lori to arrive, and it didn’t help that Liz was wearing just a thin white tank top, without a bra, around the house. It was a fairly cool autumn day, so I went ahead and built a fire in the fireplace; it wasn’t really quite cool enough for the heater, but the last thing I wanted was Liz to be uncomfortably cold when it was butt sex time!

Finally, finally! Lori showed up, and she was ready to go; she foça escort hadn’t worn much, just a short grey t-shirt and a wrap skirt, and there was nothing under either one except Lori herself. Liz’s outfit already had me going, and Lori just added to the heat.

“Ready for your big day?” she asked Liz, with a shit-eating grin on her face. “‘Cause I’m ready to help get this show on the road!” She walked over, reached up, and gave me a quick kiss. “You’ll like having this bad boy up your butt; I know that I did.”

Liz had a bit more trepidation on her face than before, but said that yeah, she was ready to give it a try, then grabbed my hand and headed to the bedroom. We weren’t in the bedroom for two seconds when Lori pulled her clothes off, being the first one getting naked. She opened up her purse and got out a big tube of lube and three butt plugs. It kind of seemed a bit clinical, but then she grabbed both Liz and me and pushed us into a kiss. We were both horny and eager — though I’m not sure exactly how eager Liz was for the grand finale — and we were both naked and on the bed fairly quickly. Lori joined us and wound up kissing both of us, pretty sure that this would get us both hotter than we already were. Lori then told Liz to pile up the pillows so that she wasn’t quite laying down, and then she positioned us both down between Liz’s legs. “Eat her,” she commanded me.

I didn’t need to be told twice, and if there’s one thing that Liz absolutely loves, it’s getting her pussy eaten. I wasn’t sure just how worked up she was, but I found out quickly: her pussy was already dripping wet, and she was thrashing around in her first orgasm in less than a minute under my severe tongue lashing. Just a few seconds in, Liz had grabbed my head and was holding my face tighter to her pussy ntil she came.

Lori started to giggle: “Well, I guess that takes the pressure off a bit! But foça escort bayan we’re not done yet. Keep eating her; don’t stop!”

So I kept tonguing Liz’s pussy, but slower, less intensely, while she just laid back and enjoyed it. Lori got up, got some lube, and the smallest of the three butt plugs. Liz knew what was coming, and widened her legs more to allow Lori to get to her butt. It required a bit of coordination, but pretty soon Lori had the smaller butt plug greased up and in Liz’s ass, while I was still giving my wife the tongue lashing she deserved.

Then Lori went into drill sergeant mode, and told Liz to get up on her elbows and knees, and I got lucky at this, because it also involved my aching cock in Liz’s mouth. 🙂 Liz tried the deep throating techniques she had learned just two days ago, but with Lori working on her as with the butt plugs, she really couldn’t concentrate enough on giving me head to really deep throat well, and returned to her more normal techniques. Hey, those had been working on me for twenty years, so I certainly wasn’t complaining. I was horny, and had been turned on for a while now, but resisted blowing my load into Liz’s mouth this time; this session was intense, but a bit more “mechanical” than our last couple of trysts, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get hard a second time as quickly as I had before. After about ten or fifteen minutes of this, Lori had the largest butt plug in Liz’s ass, and told me to get behind my wife and fuck her drenched pussy.

With Liz on her hands and knees, one of her favorite positions, I got behind her and slipped right in. I started a bit slow, but it wasn’t long before I was slamming her hard, and she started coming again. It was an intense one, where she just shook all over, and it took every bit of discipline I had to keep from emptying my balls into her pussy right then. Lori told us to slow down, and then escort foça she slowly pulled the big butt plug out of my wife, telling me to be ready to slip my cock into her ass. Lori stayed on her knees, putting her elbows down on the mattress.

OMG, was she tight as I slid my cock into her virgin ass! I felt her ass clamp down on me once the head was past her ring, but I kept pushing in, very slowly. I figured that she was ready, since the last butt plug hadn’t been that much smaller than my cock. When I was all the way in, I heard Liz let out a breath, with a “Whew” sound, and I just held myself still for a bit, to let her get accustomed to having a dick in her butt. Lori asked her if she was ready, and Liz said, kind of weakly, “Yeah.”

So I started slowly fucking her butt, in and out, maybe a third of my length at first, before picking it up to a half. I wasn’t ramming her full speed by any means, to keep myself from cumming as much as to not hurt Liz, when she put her shoulders down on the mattress and reached her hand down and started to play with her clit. A few seconds of that, and Liz started backing her butt up against me, fucking back on me as I was thrusting into her. OMG, that set me on fire, and when I felt her have another orgasm, clenching her ass down on my swollen cock, that was it: I rammed one last stroke as deep into her as I could, and filled her butt with my seed. I held her tight in that position throughout the duration of my orgasm, and then we both just collapsed, my dick still in her butt. And then Liz started to laugh!

I went ahead and pulled out, and my wonderful wife rolled over, grabbed my head, and started kissing me. Lori was still beside us, cheering. Her hands were shiny wet, not only with the lube, but her own juices, because she had been taking care of herself while Liz and I were fucking. “Oh my God,” she said, “you two were awesome for a first time. Liz, did you like it as much as it looked like you did?”

“Oh, yeah, it was wild. Kind of different, but I liked it.” Liz looked at me and smiled, “And I’m sure that we’ll try it again.”

“Besides, I don’t want Reed running over to your place every time he gets the urge to fuck a girl up the butt!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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