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Lori awakens with his movement as he gets out of the bed. Disoriented at first, she quickly remembers that she spent the night with him, and a smile comes to her lips as she remembers what has passed in the previous 12 hours. She can see his nude silhouette in the gray morning light and her pulse quickens as she recognizes his morning erection as he as he turns to walk to the bathroom.

“Damn,” she whispers to herself, “Does that thing ever go down?”

She lies in a half-sleep as she hears the sound of him urinating, the toilet flushing and then the shower coming on….The rush of the water lulls her into a light sleep and she is reawakened as the bathroom door opens and he brushes his teeth. Still nude, he walks back into the room and crawls back into bed. He gathers her into his arms, but the smell of his freshly showered body combined with the pressure in her bladder and the stickiness left over from last night’s passion causes her to push away from him.

He groans in disappointment as he falls on his back, but she kisses him lightly and running her hand under the covers grasps his growing erection.

“Just a minute baby and I’ll be right back,” she whispers.

He groans again and lying on his back watches her intently as she, also nude, walks into the bathroom.

She grunts in pain, her thighs complaining as she lowers herself to the toilet seat.

“Damn him,” she thinks, “He kept me tied up for so long last night I’ll feel it for a week.”

She thought back to the night before. It was all that she had hoped for. The first time they met, he had been fairly easy on her, tying her over a chair and only keeping her tied for a little while. She knew he had wanted her to determine for herself whether or not she really liked bondage…And she did.

Last night was different,….The same man, same safe words, but different…More intense…Longer…Exhausting…But better…God, so much better. He had put her on her back with her ass on a pillow. She was blindfolded with her feet and hands tied at her thighs so that he had “access” to all of her tender parts.

Sitting, thinking back on it she remembered how he had taken so much time. Letting the intensity build ever so slowly. He had slowly started with her nipples, then licked his way down her belly to her pussy…She was so needy…It had been so long…He had her panting in a matter of minutes and had her on the threshold of an orgasm in only a little while longer, yet held her there until she was frustrated almost to tears before he let he cum.

She turned to get toilet paper and realized that her hands were shaking just from thinking about last night. Quickly she turned on the shower, adjusted the water temperature, and stepped in.

“Damn!” she cursed and winced as the hot needles of the shower hit her erect nipples. He had even made her nipples sore. He wasn’t rough with her, but almost three hours of repeated stimulation had taken their toll. She tuzla escort closed her eyes and smiled as she rubbed her soapy hands over her body and was not at all surprised to feel her pussy was slick with her juices when she reached down there to wash.

She bathed her body twice, luxuriating in the warmth of the water, thinking about him. She remembered how she had felt last night…Shy at first and a little nervous…As usual, he was very happy to see her and he tended to her needs in the way that she enjoyed. Polite and caring, seeing to it that she did not have to worry about anything and could just relax.

His initial physical attention to her was gentle and slow. He gathered her in his arms and held her gently while he kissed her…Mouth open at first then more demanding with his tongue…Before she could catch her breath she found herself stepping out of her panties…Then she was on her back, feeling the sensation of the rope being tightened around her thighs at their juncture with her belly, then her wrists being tied and then her feet. Her heart pounding as the blindfold was placed over her eyes….Then the pause…..Nothing….She waited…Called his name…Nothing…Her pulse raced…She pulled at the ropes and discovered she was truly bound…She called his name again…Nothing…..She lay still and waited….And then he was there…She gasped in a combination of relief and passion as the warmth of his mouth encircled her right nipple…He stroked the inside of her thighs…Barely touching….It went on….And on….Until she was frantic to cum….

Yes, she knew how she felt….But what about him?….How did it feel to have complete control? Again, she winced as the water hit her nipples….

“That shit,” she thought “He has me sore all over. I wonder how he would like it if….”

And at that point she realized what she wanted to do. She quickly finished her shower, dried off, brushed her teeth and walked back into the bedroom. Just as she suspected, he was on his back, no covers on, fast asleep. Looking about the room, she found a length of the rope he had tied her with the previous night. She carefully crawled onto the bed and straddled his torso with her legs. She began to kiss her way up his chest and he grinned in recognition at the way her tongue busied itself around his nipples.

Carefully, she took both of his hands and held them above his head so that his wrists were crossed…At the same time she rubbed the wetness of her pussy along the length of his erection. When he closed his eyes in pleasure she quickly took the rope and in an instant had his hands tied to the headboard. His eyes opened in surprise and he tugged at the rope, only to realize that he was in fact, securely bound. It only took a couple of minutes to put a pillow under his ass and tie his feet so that they were spread apart.

It took a couple of seconds to locate the blindfold, but she had it in place in just a minute. He was very still as she stood watching him. Then she knelt on tuzla escort bayan the bed, grasped the base of his penis, stood it straight up and slowly sucked the head into her mouth.

He gasped in pleasure…

“Okay, lover,” she said, “same rules as last night….Same safe words…Only one difference….”

Again she sucked the throbbing head into her mouth and again he gasped.

“The difference is,” she sucked again, “That I am in charge this time.”

Setting her mouth in a loose pucker she sucked him in again, letting her tongue just barely brush the throbbing stem.

“Do we have an understanding?” she asked.

“G-god, y-yes,” he whispered.

“Good, sweetie,” she giggled, “Because that’s the last time you’re going to feel my lips on you dick for some time to come.”

“Please….” he groaned.

“Oh, no sweetie,” she interrupted “Last night you had your fun. Today is my turn.”

She started by licking and kissing her way around his face…Teasing her tongue in and out of his mouth…He strained for more contact, but she was careful to keep her body off of his so that all he felt was her tongue.

Slowly she moved down to his nipples, first pinching them lightly with her fingers then nipping and sucking them with her mouth.

He greeted every change in sensation with a groan, throwing his head from side to side, straining against the ropes binding him. Used to being in control, he was frantic for her to touch his penis, to suck him, to fuck him.

She, on the other hand, was surprised at how much willpower the dominant role took. His penis was erect to the point that the head was shining, precum dripping from the tip and smearing on his belly with his every movement. She wanted so badly to suck him into her mouth and make him cum, yet knew that she must resist that temptation if she was to take him where she wanted him to go.

She spent almost half an hour above his waist…Licking, nipping and kissing until he was frantic with need. Finally, she reached down and taking the base of his penis between two fingers, stood it straight up.

“A-a-h-h-h,” he groaned, thinking that she was about to fuck him.

She said nothing….And taking her index finger, rubbed it in the pool of precum on his belly. Then she slowly and lightly rubbed it over the head of his penis.

“O-o-o-h-h-h, g-g-god, o-o-oh, p-p-please b-b-baby!” he gasped at the sensation.

“What lover?” she whispered.

“O-oh, p-p-please g-g-ive…” he stammered, unable to form a coherent sentence.

“Give you what baby? Pussy maybe?” she giggled.

“O-o-o-h-h-h, y-y-y-e-e-ssss!” he sighed.

“Okay baby,” she said, and straddling his body so that she faced his penis, she placed her pussy directly over his mouth saying “Here it is baby.”

He recognized the warmth and the musky odor emanating from her and although it wasn’t exactly what he wanted, he extended his tongue and began escort tuzla to eat her pussy.

She stayed in that position, holding his penis until she felt her orgasm build and although it took all of her willpower, she rose off of him. Letting his penis drop she got off the bed and walked to the bathroom to retrieve a bottle of hand lotion, then to her suitcase to retrieve a small dildo.

She climbed back on the bed and spread a liberal amount of lotion in her hand. Then she lifted his balls with one hand and slowly ran her slick fingers under his ass, then into the crack.

“A-h-h-h-h, o-o-o-h-h-h, g-g-o-d-d-d!” he gasped as her fingers rubbed across the rubbery pucker of his anus. He bucked his ass off the bed as she inserted the tip of one finger just inside his anus and held it there…The equivalent of him holding his penis just inside her pussy and making her wait.

“Like that lover?” she asked in a teasing voice.

“P-please, o-o-oh p-p-please put it in me…” he whimpered.

Holding her finger in place she ringed the thumb and forefinger of her other hand around the base of his testicles and pulled down lightly on the sac until his penis was standing up, the head glowing smooth and the skin drawn drum-tight over the stem.

“N-n-n-g-g-g-g-g-g-o-o-o-d-d-d-! P-p-p-l-l-e-e-e-z-z-e!” he begged as she formed a loose “O” with her mouth and slipped her lips over his penis, slowly stroking up and down while barely touching his penis with her tongue and lips. He sounded almost as if he was in tears.

Finally she was ready to make him cum…..

“Okay baby,” she cooed “Want to cum?”

“A-h-h-h, p-p-p-please, d-d-don’t t-t-tease…Oh g-god y-y-yes…p-p-please l-let m-m-me!” he stammered.

“Okay darling,” she whispered “Cum for me.”

With that she slipped her finger out of his ass and picked up the dildo. He gasped in pleasure as she pressed the head of the dildo against his anus and thrashed his head side to side as it popped into his anus….

“A-h-h-h-h, o-o-o-oh b-b-baby…T-that’s it!” he gasped.

Still pulling down on his balls she slowly but steadily moved her mouth up and down on his penis, closing her eyes in the pleasure of having him in her while she was in him. Slowly but steadily the dildo slid in and out of his ass, bumping his prostate at the end of each stroke in and causing his to jerk at the sensation.

Suddenly his babbling quieted and she felt his body tighten…As the head of his penis grew in her mouth , she pushed the dildo in until the base was tight against his anus and then started a series of short strokes that bumped his prostate in a steady rhythm.

“O-o-o-oh! B-b-baby, h-here it is!” he cried out almost as if surprised.

She groaned in her own orgasm, sliding her pussy along the front of his shin as she felt him begin to squirt into her mouth .

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh, b-baby…Unh! Unh!” he gasped as his cum pulsed into her greedily sucking mouth.

After he finished, she slowly licked him clean….Then rose to straddle his hips and gasped in pleasure as she slid onto his still hard penis…..

Yes, she was going to be sore for at least a week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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