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Dinner that night was uneventful. The food was fantastic, the service was exemplary, but it was just a relaxing meal. We met a lot of people. A few made a very nice impression on me, very funny and attractive folks. I met some women from what I found out was the ‘singles villa’ who offered to take me sailing.

We had an after-dinner drink on a veranda, watching the sunset. It was postcard perfect.

I looked for Mari but didn’t see here, and when mom said she was tired from the long day of travel, I said I was too, and we head back to our villa.

The path was lit, but not brightly. It was still very dark. Mom stumbled just a bit and I reached out and offered her my hand, and she took it. The hand I had recently cum in…

We met another couple heading down toward the beach, and they smiled as they went by, and then we heard laughter as they moved further down the path away from us. Heading for a frolic on the night-time beach, no doubt.

There was some residual awkwardness between us – from when mom had caught me naked when I was changing. Odd that there was no awkwardness about us masturbating ourselves, but she didn’t know about that. She said goodnight, and I pulled the couch out into a bed and read for a while, then drifted comfortably to sleep.

In the morning, mom headed off toward the beach, wearing her robe over her suit, with a beach-bag full of trashy novels and sunscreen. We agreed to meet up at lunch time and compare notes.

I lounged on the couch/bed and then finally got up, and went to take a shower. This was the first I had seen the bathroom in our suite. I really don’t like it when bathrooms are larger and nicer than my apartment. Black tile walls, mirrors everywhere. Slate floor, and the shower area – there were water massage jets on the wall – eight of them – and two hand-held shower massage heads. This wasn’t a shower, it was a dream.

I got the water hot, soaped up, and resisted the urge to stroke my cock. God, I wanted to…I wanted to think about mom finger-fucking herself…think about cumming across her breasts… “Close your eyes and open your mouth,” I said in my day-dream…

I checked the resort shuttle schedule and went into town and visited the tourist shops. In a flea market in a parking lot nearby I bought a gold chain bracelet. It would look better on my wrist when I got some more sun, I thought.

Mom wasn’t alone when I returned. There was a younger couple – well, younger than mom, older than me – early thirties. He was tall, and well-built, heavy but not like a linebacker. She was a very attractive brunette, her hair was past her shoulders, and her bikini left nothing to the imagination. Tight thighs, very round breasts…I got the impression they were both very athletic.

“You must be Jack,” he said, crossing the room and extending his hand. “I’m Jerry, and this is Tina.”

Tina walked across the room, almost a sultry stride, and took my hand and said ‘hello’ in a husky voice. That’s it, I thought, I’m getting hard. Right here in front of strangers.

“I met them down on the beach, Jack. They’re going to join us for lunch. They’ve been telling me all about the resort – did you know you can order room service? They brought us swordfish steaks and pineapple and –” she was going a mile a minute.

Mom was wearing her black two-piece, so I didn’t feel out of place in my suit. Tina sat on the couch and I sat on the chair next to it, as Jerry played bartender. He made frozen margaritas…I guess the makings were delivered with the swordfish. I’m gone two hours and my mom has figured all the angles on the resort.

“Come over here, don’t sit way over there,” said Tina. I felt a little uneasy but there was nothing wrong with her invitation. Why was I so self-conscious? Was it because everyone in the room was practically naked?

Tina talked about how much they loved the resort; they had been coming there for several years. Mom was rattling off the discoveries she’d found about the place – how had she had time to go to the beach with all these new things and places she’d learned about?

Jerry offered mom a drink and said, “Another one, Brenda?” I guess I had some catching up to do. He served the drinks and then sat on the arm of the kurtköy escort sofa over Tina and put his arm around her. We all toasted with our margaritas, “to the islands!” I love the salty taste.

We ate lunch at the dining table by the glass wall, looking out over the ocean. From this vantage point we could see sailboats, and one of the big cruise liners in the distance.

“That’s what I’m going to do,” said mom, smiling. “Take one of those luxury cruises on one of those big ships.”

“If you want to take a fun cruise, Brenda,” said Tina, “try the Wind Free line.”

“I don’t think I’ve heard of them,” mom said.

“They’re a small ship line, answered Jerry. “Sailing ships, actually.”

“They only take about 30 people,” added Tina. “It’s very casual.”

“Like a barefoot cruise?” I asked.

“More like a bare cruise,” said Tina, crinkling her nose in a smile. She sipped her drink. “Very casual and…hedonistic.”

“You two would probably like it,” Jerry added. “Especially if you like it here.”

I was about to let them know that ‘Brenda’ was my mom when she got up and said, “Who wants dessert?” Did she not want them to know? Maybe she was feeling good that they had assumed she wasn’t a ‘mom,’ but were accepting her as just another woman? I don’t know. I didn’t want to psycho-analyze on one margarita.

We ate our dessert (a very decadent chocolate fudge brownie topped with banana ice cream) and talked about home, jobs, and Tina and Jerry told us all about the resort, some of the ‘go-to’ staff for special favors, etc.

Out of the blue, mom said, “Tell me more about this Wind Free cruise ship. What do you do all day?”

“Sleep, mostly,” said Tina. Now she was practically beaming.

“Everyone usually sleeps late, and gets up mid-day,” said Jerry. “They’re usually up late. Beach picnics and luaus for dinner or skin-diving for lobster…”

“Skin diving indeed,” said Tina, smiling at me. I was picturing a boat full of naked people fucking.

Mom got up and went for another drink. “All gone,” she said, turning the margarita pitcher upside down. She got to the bar, grabbed a shot glass, poured a shot of tequila and downed it. She turned around and smiled at us, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. She wasn’t drunk; she wasn’t even tipsy…was she? But she was definitely feeling happy.

We moved back into the living room, mom and I on the couch, and Tina in the over-stuffed chair, and Jerry again sitting on the arm of the chair, leaning over Tina a bit.

Tina kept talking about the trips she and Jerry had taken on the sailboat.

“They cater to you, of course,” she said, “but more than that. They indulge you.”

“They indulge us pretty well around here,” I said, meaning the resort.

“No. I mean they…encourage you,” said Tina. Jerry was smiling, playing with Tina’s hair.

“How so?” asked mom. She had her feet tucked up under her on the couch. She looked at me and asked, “Would you bring me another drink?”

I wanted to ask if she should have another, but she wasn’t drunk, no slurred speech, no trouble keeping up with the conversation – and where was this conversation going? – and, she was on vacation.

“Me, too,” said Jerry. “Tequila shots for everyone!”

“Oh, yeah,” added Tina. “Time to let go!”

OK, we’re in ‘the islands,’ on vacation, why not. I got a tray with shot glasses, the bottle of tequila, and some cut limes.

We each took a shot of tequila, and I put the lime in one hand and bit it, and chased it with the shot. It felt great going down.

“Encouraged you…what do you mean?” asked mom, getting back to the sail boat cruise.

“I like body shots,” said Tina. She tapped Jerry’s leg and said, “Come on. Up here.” She patted the arm of the chair Jerry wasn’t sitting on. She wasn’t answering mom’s question, or was she?

Jerry turned and laid down, shoulders on one padded arm of the chair, the back of his thighs on the other, legs down the side. Jerry’s stomach and chest were in front of her like a table. She raised herself up a little bit, and then squeezed the lime onto his body, starting at his chest but ending on his lower belly, where levent escort it pooled a bit.

She slowly poured the tequila shot out, from his chest to his belly, and, in one move, she slurped down his chest, sucking up the liquid (that which didn’t spill over in rivulets) and spent a long moment tonguing the lowest part of his belly above his swim suit. She released her mouth with a loud ‘smack’ sound. Jerry smiled, and leaned up. Tina took Jerry shot and downed it; she leaned down and Jerry leaned up and their mouths met and she trickled the tequila into his mouth.

I sat there, semi-stunned.

Jerry propped himself up a bit on his elbows, but didn’t get up; he was still stretched across Tina’s lap, his belly wet and glistening.

“I’m a show-off,” said Tina. “I like to….show off. For people.”

Hmmm, I thought. Maybe she had answered mom. I had my answer. I was getting hard. I needed to arrange my cock in my trunks but wasn’t about to do so at this particular moment.

“Ok,” mom said, as if she had arrived at a conclusion, “my turn.” She picked up her shot and looked…at me. Awkward moment.

“Take the shot glass, Jack,” said Tina. Mom handed it to me and I just took it.

Tina told mom to move next to me. “Look up a bit, Jack, and put the shot glass in your mouth, by the bottom…” How do you hold a shot glass in your mouth, I wondered? But I tried. “Now tip your mouth down, keep the glass in your mouth, and let the shot pour into Brenda’s mouth.”

This was kinky enough that I liked it.

I slowly tipped my head down, but I was about to spill and mom got up on her knees a bit and…there it was…her mouth, open, and moving toward mine…to keep balance she had to wrap her arms around my shoulders and kind of guide me in…

The tequila poured into her mouth. The shot glass was inside my mouth and I swear she tongued it.

Most went into her open mouth but enough dribbled to make her laugh. Tina and Jerry laughed, and finally, so did I, while I apologized. Mom wiped her face with her hands and kept laughing. Finally she patted me on the thigh, and said “That’s OK,” and sat up, now very close to me.

Jerry was sitting up now, but still stretch across the front of Tina. She was openly rubbing his crotch. Jerry was enjoying this. Even though his dark suit I could see his cock was hard. She had been rubbing him all the time I was giving mom her ‘kiss shot.’

Mom was absolutely silent. Her body was pressed against mine.

“Want to see some more showing off?” asked Tina. No one answered. She reached behind her, and undid her top, and flung it aside. Her nipples were taut. She had beautiful breasts, and I was thinking about tit-fucking when I felt my mom adjust her sitting position next to me on the couch.

“There,” said Tina. “That’s better.” Jerry was sitting on the arm of the chair again. “I think we should all get comfortable. Don’t you, Brenda?”

“Um…yes,” said my mom. She reached behind her and unclasped her top and off it came. There were those magnificent tits. I tried not to stare. What else could I look at? Tina’s tits? I didn’t care. I could feel my hard cock pressing against my thigh and my swim suit.

“Jerry’s a show-off too,” said Tina. “But I’m more of an…exhibitionist.” Jerry stood up next to the chair and she pulled Jerry’s swim suit down a bit and out came his cock…it was very big…nine inches at least. And hard. He dropped his swim suit and kicked it off his foot. He was well-built. Muscled chest and back, strong legs…and no tan lines. Rock hard ass.

Mom gasped and I felt her hand tighten around my arm as Tina looked at us and stroked it. And Tina lowered her mouth over Jerry’s cock.

I am sitting there, my own cock as hard as can be, watching a woman – a very attractive woman – suck a beautiful, hard cock – with my mom sitting, pressed up against me.

Tina released Jerry’s cock – now wet with her spit – from her mouth. As she rubbed it on her face, she said, “I love cock. Don’t you, Brenda?” and she kept her eyes locked on my mom’s face and bobbed up and down on Jerry’s wet dick.

No one said anything, there was just the slurping sounds from Tina’s mouth. mahmutbey escort I didn’t dare look at my mom, but she hadn’t said anything to stop this. I wasn’t going to either, the show was so hot.

Mom’s one hand was gripped my arm, the other now gripping my thigh, just inches from my own hard cock. We both subtly adjusted on the couch and…god, was that her breast against my arm? Was her nipple hard?

Tina reached out and took Jerry’s cock into her fist, and stuck out her tongue. She swirled it around he head, down the underside, flicking it. Jerry rested his hands in her hair, pulling it up and away, so we could have an unrestricted view of this beautiful woman sucking cock.

Her hand slid up his thigh and Jerry parted his legs just a bit, and she cupped and caressed his balls. She sucked on the head of his cock with she stroked it with her other hand. She pulled her mouth away and a string of spit stayed connected for a moment.

Tina looked right at us as she stroked Jerry…hard. Jerry was looking at my mom’s breasts.

I couldn’t hide my hard-on any longer; I shifted on the couch and my cock sprang a tent in my trunks. Mom noticed, but she didn’t move her hand. She held my arm tighter, if anything.

“Jack likes this, don’t you Jack? Tina asked. Without thinking I answered, “Oh, yes.”

Tina started stroking Jerry faster…Jerry’s ass clenched…he was close. Tina started talking, “C’mon baby…cum for me. Cum for everybody…”

Tina opened her mouth in front of her flying fist; Jerry balanced, trembling, hands on Tina’s head…and grunted. Tina plunged her mouth over the slick cock (and I felt a pang of regret, I wanted to see Jerry spurt all over her face).

She milked Jerry’s cock, sucked it, now half-hard, wet, sticky. Rubbing it on her lips.

“Did you like our little show?” asked Tina. “Your turn, guys,” she said, getting up and coming over toward us. We didn’t move, we were very still…we didn’t resist, either.

Tina knelt on the floor in front of me, and grabbed my cock through my swimming trunks. Mom didn’t move, she just watched Tina’s hand…and my cock.

Jerry moved and sat down on the end of the couch, his thigh against mom’s, his hands caressing her.

They thought we were an adventurous couple, they didn’t know we were mother and son.

“Show us what you do with this cock, Brenda,” said Tina, as she tugged my trunks down…and I raised my hips and off they slid. I was naked, with a throbbing hard-on, with my topless mother leaning in to me…

“Don’t be shy,” said Tina, and she took her hand off my cock, took my mom’s hand and moved it over into my lap.

I almost came when my mom touched my cock. I was sure I would come when Tina wrapped her fingers around me and helped her stroke. When Tina moved her hand away, mom kept slowly stroking.

Jerry reached and cupped one of mom’s breasts in his hand, rolling the nipple. Leaning into her, she leaned more into me, and down…

She stopped stroking my cock, and he head lowered, and …oh, god, yes, I felt mom’s breath on my cock and then…her mouth enveloped me. She moaned. He head moved slowly up and down, her tongue soft and slow, and as she dipped down again, taking me into her mouth deeper, she sucked.

I felt it building inside me, from my hips, from my gut. I was going to cum.

Tina rose up, and placed her mouth over my nipple and lightly bit. That was it…almost put me over the edge right there. But then she whispered in my ear, so that only I could hear, “Doesn’t your mother suck cock like a slut?”

I came. I grabbed mom’s hair and held on, thrusting my hips up, getting my cock as deep in her mouth as I could and wave after electric wave of orgasm swept over me. I felt ropes of cum spurt from my cockhead and into my mother’s mouth and she – hungrily – sucked all the harder. Yes, I wanted this…to cum in my mother’s mouth. I held her hair tighter until my spasms faded. I let go, and she slurped cum from my cock, seeking each lingering blob of cum.

Gasping, I relaxed. My cock plopped from mom’s mouth and she rested her head on my thigh and said, “Oh, God…”

Tina smiled sneakily and Jerry renewed his massaging of mom’s ass, moving his strong hands inside her thighs from behind.

Tina lifted mom’s head gently, and kissed her wet cheek…then stuck out her tongue and mom turned her head and took it in her mouth. The kissed deeply for a moment, then broke apart.

And I remembered what Tina had said, “Doesn’t your mother suck cock like a slut?” ‘My mother’….uh oh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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