Lust in a Lift Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Dollies

I had quickly accepted my new role as Zoë’s plaything; to dress up as she pleased, to satisfy her every whim. I didn’t mind as long as we had sex; and the sex we had was incredible, better than I could have imagined. I was still a little wary about her dressing me as a girl all the time, although despite my doubts I did enjoy the soft caress of the female clothing I was put in. It was the same with my ass. I felt I shouldn’t be enjoying having my mistress fuck me in the butt with her strap-on but I couldn’t help it, I loved it. Once or twice a week she made me wear a butt plug to work and I always wore lingerie under my work clothes. Mistress liked the embarrassment it caused me and how horny it made me by the time I got home. She had got me to move into her apartment so that I could be her living doll all the time. She’d also removed all the hair on my body except for a severe haircut which could easily be covered by various wigs. I suppose I had become sort of contented except for one thing: The apartment had a lift and Mistress made me use it.

A month or so after I had moved into her second small bedroom Mistress announced she was taking me shopping for some clothes, particularly some new underwear. And she was going to dress me up for it. For the first time since I moved in I baulked.

“You mean you want me to go out dressed as a girl?”

“Yes. What’s the problem?” She frowned at my minor rebellion.

“Mistress, I can’t pass as a woman.” I said as conciliatorily as I could.

“With my help you will.”

“But my voice is too deep.”

“So speak softly.”

“What about my dick? It’s bound to get aroused and people will notice.”

“I’ve thought of that too.”

I shrugged and gave up. What Mistress wanted, Mistress got.

She began to work on me. First of all she taped my dick and balls down between my legs, giving me a much smoother appearance than usual. There was no bulge as I slid the knickers she handed me over my hips. They were part of my favourite set; black satin with pink bows. Mistress filled out the bra with some gel inserts she had bought. After that she began to hand me the rest of the clothes I was to wear for the day. First was a pair of white hold-up stockings. I slid them up my smooth legs, revelling in the feeling of them against my skin. Next were a long tight black skirt, and then a thin white high-neck top that accentuated my fake bosom. I gave Mistress an enquiring look.

“It’ll hide your Adam’s Apple.” She explained.

She sat me down and began to work on my make-up; Lipstick, blusher, eye shadow and so on. When she was finished she topped it off with a long red-haired wig which would help mask my face. Finally she handed me a pair of high-heeled shoes that she been training me to wear. I strapped them on and stood up. They definitely gave my legs a more feminine look.

Mistress walked around me, surveying her handiwork. She nodded in approval for which I was strangely thankful, and then led me to the full length mirror in her bedroom.

“You see? You don’t look too shabby after all.” She proclaimed.

I looked at the image looking back at me. The figure in the mirror wasn’t me, it was a mildly attractive if marginally overweight woman albeit one standing in a somewhat masculine stance. I shifted my feet a little and put my hand on my hip. That looked better! Mistress smiled at my action but I didn’t care. I couldn’t believe how she had transformed me. If I hadn’t known it was me staring out of those sultry eyes I would have sworn that it was the reflection of a woman.

“If you’re done ogling yourself, we can go shopping now.” Mistress said, handing me a jacket that matched the skirt I had on.

I once again steeled myself to travel in the metal box on a chain. Mistress smiled to herself and took my hand reassuringly.

“It’s only three floors.” she whispered as the lift doors opened and we entered the lift. “Maybe the new you isn’t scared?”

“This version of me is scared of lots of new things Mistress, but the thought of travelling in this…this…contraption is still number one.”

“Poor thing. Would a kiss help?”

“Always Mistress.”

With that she kissed me, careful not to smudge my newly applied make-up. The lift stopped to let someone else on as we parted. I looked at the new passenger in surprise. It was Kelly, the blonde girl from the shop where I stopped every morning to get a paper! I hadn’t known she lived in this apartment building too. She looked at Mistress and I momentarily and then turned to face front as the lift moved on down. I breathed out the breath I hadn’t realised I was holding. She hadn’t recognised me after all.

The shopping trip was nowhere near as bad as I imagined it would be. Although initially I was scared that I would be recognised as a man, that worry diminished as the trip went on. Instead I was collecting one or two admiring glances as the combination of the long tight skirt and the high heels cause Bostancı Olgun Escort me to walk with an extremely feminine swagger. In other words I was swaying my ass as I walked. In every shop we went into Mistress introduced me as her older sister who was trying to change her dowdy image. It explained my apparent shyness to the assistants and actually made them more helpful; they all wanted to ‘release the butterfly’ as Mistress put it in one lingerie shop.

After more than a couple of hours my feet and legs, not used to walking in heels for such a long period, were beginning to ache. Mistress saw this and led me to a café and a seat. Gratefully I sat down, dropping our purchases either side of my chair, while Mistress went and bought two coffees.

“How many more shops are we going to visit?” I asked as I gratefully sipped at my drink when she returned.

“Just a couple more. We haven’t found you any nightclothes yet, and there’s one other special shop I want to take you to.” She smiled over her cup. It was her ‘devious plan’ smile. I smiled back. It had been a nightie that had started me on this road. I wondered about this ‘special’ shop though. That smirk meant it wasn’t going to be a normal high street shop.

I ended up with a couple of ordinary nightdresses and one silk nightgown that was wonderful to touch; I was already looking forward to wearing it to bed. We went to find the ‘special’ shop that Mistress wanted to visit. We found it up a side street. It definitely wasn’t the sort of shop I’d been expecting to enter when we left the apartment.

“Is this what I think it is?” I asked timidly.

“What do you think it is?”

“It’s a Porn Shop isn’t it? With a name like ‘Exotic Adult Supplies’, what else could it be?”

Mistress laughed.

“I just need to speak to the owner about something. You wander about and see if anything takes your fancy.” She gave me a wink and then pushed open the door. She went up to the counter and began to talk to the guy there. I began to look at the merchandise. There seemed to be a large variety of dildo’s, vibrators and strap-ons. I picked up a quite large dildo and turned it over in my hands. It was a fairly realistic representation of a cock except it seemed a bit oversized in my mind. I wondered what it would feel like with that thrusting in and out of my ass. Guiltily I realised that I was stroking it and quickly put it down. I looked around the shop and saw among the restraints, whips and other assorted exotica, a sign over a curtained doorway saying ‘DVD’s’. Thinking I might get a laugh out of some of the titles I pushed aside the curtain and went in. There was someone already in there, a blonde woman who turned to face me as I entered. It was Kelly! She had changed her outfit to a cream-coloured halter-top dress that ended just above her knees. It looked brand new, as if she had been shopping like us and liked this one so much she’d kept it on. She looked at me for a long moment and then slowly smiled.

“Are you going to be collecting your paper dressed like that?” She asked.

“I…I d…don’t know w…what you mean.” I stammered.

“Oh, I think you do.” She came closer and lifted her hand to my face. “You don’t make a bad looking girl you know? Especially if you could lose a little weight in the right places.” She said brushing my hair from my face. I flinched slightly at her touch. “I won’t hurt you baby, I’m just amazed at how good you look. Is it Zoë’s handiwork?” I nodded slowly, too scared to actually speak. “And do you like dressing as a girl? Does it excite you?”

“Yes” I whispered. “I do. But I’m not gay you know?”


“No. I still like pretty girls. Pretty girls like you.”

Her hand came up to my face again. I could smell her fragrance, a lovely smell. I suddenly wanted to kiss her, to prove I liked girls, but what would Mistress say?

“You can kiss her.” The voice of Mistress came from behind me. I wasn’t sure if she meant me or Kelly so I turned round to look at her, that question on my face. Mistress nodded so I turned back to Kelly. She pulled me to her and our lips met. I could see surprise in Kelly’s eyes. We parted.

“No, you’re not gay are you?” She said quietly. “That was a masculine kiss, but from such a feminine face.”

I hung my head a little.

“I’m sorry Mistress, it seems that there’s something else I need to learn.”

“Nonsense!” She laughed. “I like the way you kiss. What about you Kelly?”

Kelly nodded in agreement.

“Do you two do a lot of this?” She asked.

“A lot of what?” Mistress replied.

“This, errr, unusual stuff.” Kelly frowned.

“I think it’s safe to say we like to experiment, eh sweetie?” Mistress said, stepping u behind me and slapping my ass. I nodded in reply. “That’s why I just bought these.” Mistress said, dangling a pair of handcuffs and a new, bigger, strap-on under my nose. I blushed as I stared at them, knowing what was on her mind for tonight. She looked at her Bostancı Sarışın Escort watch. “Time we were getting home sweet cheeks.”

“Can I give you a lift back?” Kelly asked. “My car is outside and I’d like to find out more about you two.” I could sense the wicked grin that crossed the face of Mistress at those words, so I was less than surprised when she agreed.

We had arrived back at the apartment block and had picked up all our bags of purchases. On the short trip back Mistress had sat in the front seat of the car and told Kelly some of what we got up to. Kelly had been entranced, especially by my malleability. But now we were about to enter the damned lift again.

“Kelly? Could you hold her hand? She doesn’t like travelling in the lift and you have a free hand.”

Kelly looked at me and saw the truth in this.

“Sure, if it will help?”

“Please.” I said. She took my hand after I had switched all my bags into one hand and led me into the lift as it arrived. I had the feeling that Mistress was up to something and I was right. Partway between floors she did something to the lift control panel and it stopped.

“Ooops!” She said, turning around to face Kelly and me. “Still, I suppose we could show Kelly what we get up to now, eh sweetie?”

“Mistress?” I said, feeling my claustrophobia rising.

“Hold out your hands.” Mistress commanded. Unthinkingly I obeyed and she clipped the new handcuffs around my wrists. She slipped out of her skirt and pulled on the recently acquired strap-on. Kelly watched on in fascination. “Suck it please.” I dropped to my knees and took the plastic phallus into my mouth, treating it as she had taught me; like it was a real cock. “Good girl. Maybe one day I’ll get you a real one to play with.” She grinned down at me. My taped down dick and balls were beginning to twitch as I became excited by what I was doing, and in front of someone else too. Kelly crouched down to get a better look.

“She has a pretty good technique for a learner.”

“Yes, I’m proud of the way she can do THIS!” With that Mistress thrust the fake cock deep into my throat until it was all the way in.

“Impressive. Does it turn her on too?” Kelly asked.

“Why not have a look? Stand up precious.” I reluctantly left off from the strap-on and stood. I had more than an inkling where it was destined to go and wanted as much lubrication on it as possible. “Hike up your skirt.” I pulled the tight skirt up over my hips with a little difficulty as my hands were cuffed. “Pull her panties down Kelly.” The girl did as she was bid and revealed the strain the tape holding my cock down was now under. She slowly reached out and peeled it off with a jerk, releasing my suddenly hard dick to wave in front of her nose. It had already begun to seep pre-cum from the tip.

Kelly reached out again and took it in her hand.

“Gosh. He, sorry, she has quite a nice prick. Can I?” She looked up at Mistress who nodded. With that Kelly began to lick at my knob, just the tip at first, licking the oozing pre-cum off, and then the shaft and finally my balls. She looked up at me grinning and then swallowed all my now rock hard cock. Kelly slowly drew back and then deep-throated me again.

“Hmmm. I don’t see why just you two should have all the fun.” Mistress said, moving behind me and bending me forward slightly. I had been right about the strap-on. Mistress rubbed some spit from it into my asshole and then placed the head against it. Gently she pushed and it sank past my sphincter muscle. She kept leaning in and the strap-on was soon buried in my ass. Kelly continued her oral assault on my dick as Mistress fucked my butt. She leant forward to whisper in my ear. “Hurry up and come sweetie. It won’t take them long to get the lift going again.” I grunted and put my cuffed hands on Kelly’s head, beginning to move it to the same rhythm Mistress was using in my ass. Kelly had undone the halter to her dress revealing a quite lovely pair of tits to my downward gaze. I could feel myself building to a climax.

“Mistress!” I panted. “Kelly! I’m going to CUUUUUM!!” I gasped out as the dual fucking I was getting tipped me over the edge. Spunk fired into Kelly’s mouth and then her face and finally onto her tits as she pulled away.

“Good girl. You too Kelly.” Mistress said, panting slightly from her rigorous thrusting. “Now let’s quickly clean up before they get us out.” I cleaned up the strap-on by the simple expedient of licking it clean. I did the same to Kelly’s face and tits. She pulled her top back up. Mistress put her skirt back on and then released me from the handcuffs. I smoothed down the skirt and stuffed my knickers into one of the bags. “Hide that, silly.” Mistress said, indicating my still stiff dick tenting out the front of my skirt. I held my shopping in front of it as the lift began to move again.

The janitor met us as we got off the lift.

“I’m sorry ladies; I can’t think what happened there.”

“Mistress gave him a Bostancı Şişman Escort big smile.

“It’s okay Sam, just a temporary delay. I read somewhere pressing some of the buttons at the wrong time can cause this. Maybe it was our fault?”

“Maybe Miss Zoë, but I doubt it. Thanks for being so understanding.” With that he entered the lift to inspect the interior.

Mistress looked at Kelly and seemed to make a decision.

“Kelly, do you want to come up to our apartment? I think there may be some other things we can show you.”

Kelly’s eyes lit up.

“Can I? I’ll just drop my things home.”

“Bring them. Maybe there’s something there you can use.” Mistress cupped my still hard dick under my skirt. “What do you think sweetie?”

“I’m happy to try anything Mistress wants.”

“Good! That’s settled then. Come on.” She led the way to the emergency stairs as Sam was still fiddling with the lift. I sighed a little. Stairs! I liked the stairs, but in this skirt and these heels! Mistress doesn’t like to make things easy. Still, it was only a couple of flights. I teetered after Mistress and Miss Kelly.

As we entered the apartment Mistress pointed to the spare room, my room, and told Kelly to take a look at some of the clothes and that she’d be in when she had freshened me up. I was a little hurt and angry and quite a bit scared. Hurt and angry because, however perversely, I thought of them as MY clothes and I wasn’t fond of the idea of someone else trying them on, even someone as pretty as Kelly. Scared because I thought that Mistress now had a new dolly to play with; a better dolly that wouldn’t need as much work to get looking as she wanted. How much longer would I keep her amused?

She pulled some of the new lingerie we’d bought out of its bag; a white bustier and some frilly white lace knickers. She told me to put them on. I slipped out of my shopping outfit and obeyed her. They felt wonderful against my smooth skin. She passed me a different pair of white stockings and I slid them up my legs. Mistress helped me into a French Maid uniform we’d giggled at buying and then finished off the outfit by handing me a pair of heeled ankle boots that laced up. As I tied the laces and stood up, Mistress stepped back and smiled at her creation and then frowned at the sad look on my face. She sat me down at the dresser and began to repair my make-up.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” I shook my head a little, not wanting to tell her. “Tell me or I’ll be cross.” She warned.

I gave in.

“Mistress has a new dolly now. She won’t want to play dress-up with me any more.” I pouted like a spoilt little girl. “Miss Kelly will be much easier to work with as well.” I burst out.

Mistress leant forward and kissed my cheek.

“But it’s so much more fun with you cutie, and more satisfying too, turning you into a beauty. Just because a girl gets a new dolly doesn’t mean she stops playing with her favourite.” She stroked my hair tenderly.




“I promise.” She smiled at how quickly I had brightened up. “Now hold still while I fix your eyes; you’ve made the mascara run.” It only took a couple of minutes and then she took my hands. “Will you help me change now?”

“Like a proper maid?” I asked.

“Yes!” She laughed. “Could you find that tight red satin dress, and the red silk knickers we bought?”

“Of course Mistress. Any reason why?”

“I just feel like being a ‘scarlet woman’ this evening.” Mistress grinned. It was the work of a few moments for her to get herself looking beautiful after she had slipped on the tight red dress. Then she led me to see how Miss Kelly was getting on.

Kelly was still looking through the wardrobe as I followed Mistress into my bedroom. There were a couple of outfits which had piqued her interest laid out on the bed. She looked around as we came in.

“Has he really worn all those?” Kelly asked.

“Indeed SHE has.” Mistress replied, frowning a little. “I see one or two of her outfits have caught your eye.” She indicated the clothes on the bed.

Kelly blinked a little.

“Yes. I hope you don’t mind?” She said, directing this last question to me. I shook my head.

Mistress picked one of the outfits up, the school girl uniform that hadn’t looked right on me.

“I think you should try this one on.” She said. I felt my cock harden at the thought of seeing Kelly dressed as a schoolie. Mistress spotted it. “If you can’t control yourself, I’ll make you wait in the kitchen.” She warned. The stern look she gave me quickly softened my dick.

“Sorry Mistress.” I said quietly.

“Good girl. Now find that simple white cotton underwear that goes with the uniform.” I hurried to the drawers and found the required items, handing them to Kelly who had quickly slipped out of her clothes. Mistress and I handed her the uniform piece at a time. The crisp white blouse, the pleated grey skirt, the grey cardigan and finally the white knee-socks and the tie. Kelly put them on as they were handed to her. I looked in the wardrobe for the plain shoes that would complete the look, bending over so that my short dress rode up to just below to my ass. Mistress glared at me disapprovingly when I turned around with them. I bowed my head to show I was sorry.

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