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The vision stared back at her from the full-length mirror, “Not bad, not bad at all,” she murmured. She’d been blessed with a good metabolism and someone in the gene pool had handed down to her a natural complexion that so many were envious of. She ran her hands through her hair, no matching ‘collar and cuffs’ for her, a chemical indulgence from the bottle – but as the saying went, ‘Blondes have more fun.’

Her hair was a beacon, a signal to men to take note. Then when they did their attention would be held by the curve of her body, hidden at times under close fitting jumpers, the swell a hint at what lay beneath. On occasion a more daring top, a partially opened door, causing those passing to sneak a look inside.

Her breasts and hips gave her a womanly appearance, no schoolboy look for her-no she was all woman. Her gaze flowed past her navel to the newly shaved mound, a pain to keep trim, but worth the effort.

This, was what ‘they’ wanted- the hair or breasts might snag their interest but this is what they all wanted, her piece of heaven… hers to share or deny, hers to enjoy alone or in company.

Of course they all feigned interest in other less obvious pursuits- of enjoying her company over dinner. Maybe sharing a lighthearted joke, or perhaps merely spending time together, as in —”you’re such a fun person.” But deep down what they wanted was what she was touching right now. Oh they could dress it up, but she was old enough to know that there were truly few who really lived to dine, or lived for days of viewing The Masters at the Gallery, no, excepting those rarities she knew that all were playing the game. A game that avoided the direct question and instead danced around the subject, the experts clever in their indirect foreplay, for that’s what it was wasn’t it, a game of image building, a smokescreen to the inevitable.

The clever ones were quick to employ subtle innuendo, taking note of the reaction, gauging whether to press home the point. Or to wait- play the game for longer before trying to snag their catch. Single and now married she’d heard it all, in fact since being married the game had changed, the innuendos now more prevalent. Especially at parties and gatherings where drink loosened lips, and bold words were thrown to the air. Oh she knew she looked good in comparison to many at such functions, but did they really think that a flirty word, or a double entendre would send her panties to the floor for more than a quick fumble in the pantry?

All those words, all of that flirting was for one thing and one thing only, to make her swoon. Make her forget who she was and to make her want their cock inside whatever delightful piece of lace was covering her modesty. She chuckled, women around the world like her held more power than they thought, and all because of the magic between their legs. In the earlier days of marriage she’d laughed off such attentions, making her excuses and extricating herself from the scene as cutely as possible, never mentioning the dialogue to her husband, fearful of his reaction. Would he be annoyed at her, thinking that she’d led someone on, or would he take umbrage at the offender possibly ruining years of friendship for the sake of a misplaced word.

When she grew to know him better she had let slip one or two of those ‘moments’ and had been pleasantly surprised to find that like her, he was amused or proud of the attention she had attracted. Perhaps it was affirmation for him that he’d made a good choice of life partner. Or perhaps there was an underlying satisfaction that he had what others wanted… Either way it had become the norm for her to recount such amorous flirting as she undressed for him, always slowly, taking her time to slide off those garments closest to her sex, knowing that his impatience would stir him to a more passionate encounter.

Their lovemaking after such flirtations was lusciously predictable- Alpha Male intent upon sowing his seed deep inside her, intent upon letting her know who was Master. Their initial embrace soft, until his ardor turned to lust, his gentle kisses becoming more akin to a face fuck as he probed her mouth with his tongue. Then lapping at her pussy. Inhaling her scent, telling her how he loved her taste, and how he was going to make her cum so hard. Taking her glistening lips within his mouth and teasing each of them in turn. Nibbling, tugging, heightening her need before he’d touch her clit. And that delectable surge that she felt when he’d finally touch her there. Holding her nub between finger and thumb. Gently jerking her off whilst fingers opened her. Fingers that probed her deepest secrets. Massaging special sweet spots that he knew so well. Rubbing those deep triggers that would have her thrashing wildly, her body consumed by the force of the wave. bahis firmaları

Gentle, as he eased his cock into her, no matter how wet she was, coating it slowly with her heavenly secretions before increasing his pace, encouraging her … “Come on you wanted to fuck, you want to cum? Move those hips you dirty…” His voice full of intent, seeking to arouse her even more.

His words were sometimes lost as her passion ignited, but she knew what he wanted on nights like that. And knew what she wanted as well… She’d buck her hips to meet him, jarring their bodies together with each thrust, enjoying the feeling of being fucked, of being his to use. Often he’d slide off, and then lying on his back, his cock firm and upright would be an unspoken invitation… She’d duly mount him knowing how much he liked to see her breasts, how he’d want to lick them as she rode him… his voice a distant reminder, “Take what you want, go on ride it like you ride those fucking dildos, and when you’re done it’ll be my turn.” Sometimes she’d try to calm herself, to slow down and tease him, but on nights like that there would be no room for teasing. He’d simply pull her to his chest and drive his cock into her from below, holding her still as he pummeled her.

When she was done she’d roll from him on all fours, gasping for breath from the last orgasm that had rolled through her body and he’d kneel behind her grasping her hair or shoulders pulling her back onto his stiffness, forcing his cock as deep as it would go, fast and hard like a piston. She knew when he was avoiding his own wave he’d slow awhile, slapping her cheeks, his touch stinging but awakening more sexual energy, keeping her on the boil as he walked his own fine line.

“You happy baby or does my dirty bitch want more?” Those were the words that told her he was ready if she was…

Oh she knew she could ask for more and he’d indulge them both, but it was never an issue for her, the moisture on her thighs testament to her own rewards. “No, I’m done, finish me off, I’m all fucked out. “Then like a dying candle his lust would wane, often needing comfort as he brought himself to his own climax. Scissoring between her legs as they lay on their sides, demanding her to hold him and grind him to his goal, telling her not to stop, no matter the anguish on his face…Their movements then, small yet powerful, were intense enough for him to release his own cum deep within her.

The last party came to mind and she resolved to tread carefully. One of the guys at the party, Mike, had come close to unlocking her. Throughout the evening, his velvet words had washed over her, and she had found out way too late that he was a true Pick Up Artist. A pity that her friend Sally hadn’t warned her about him that at the beginning of the evening! Throughout the soiree he’d popped up at her side, steering the conversation – it hadn’t helped that she was close to her ‘time,’ a time when she was horniest. But that had been no excuse.

Late into the party and after perhaps one glass to many, she’d found herself alone with Mike, they were standing at one end of the deserted balcony staring up at the stars. She still wasn’t sure what he’d said, but she could recall his breath on her neck as he held her hair with one hand, the other swiftly moving upward under her skirt. She should have walked away there and then, but something compelled her to stay, to stand, motionless, compliant.

He’d pushed her panties aside with practiced ease, before unceremoniously thrusting his fingers inside her. So forcibly that she was standing on tip toe as he furiously worked her spot. Once he’d touched her there she couldn’t move – he held her literally in the palm of his hand as she let go a dribble of cum. Only then did she push him away, telling him that it was a mistake, and to leave her alone.

That night she’d wondered if Nick had guessed or perhaps seen something in her. He’d certainly been rougher than normal, and she liked it rough sometimes, but that night it he took it to another level. He’d put her on all fours, holding her hair as he forced his cock into her mouth, his hands holding her head firm as he guided her along his shaft. Firm at first, before seemingly losing himself – face fucking her, pulling her head tight to his body and making sure that she’d taken his full length. Taking control of the pace as he had obviously wanted to hold himself back.

Even his commands that night had seemed harsher than normal-“Strip, and then bring that wet cunt over here!”

He’d settled in a chair, watching as she eased herself out of first the dress and then her panties, standing before him naked. “Dance for me,” he’d commanded.

She’d obliged, sashaying to the soulful melody, moving her body to entice him to react, his hand reaching kaçak iddaa out to pull her toward him as she stood in front of his chair.

“Bend over.”

She leaned forward, thrusting her ass toward his face, “Is that what you want?”

His arms circled her waist as he drew her close before pulling her cheeks apart. She felt his tongue greedily feasting on her wetness before probing her ass, and then teasing her by nibbling on her moist lips. Her voice husky as she cooed, “Mmm – are you going to just tease it or fuck it?”

In a fluid movement he was out of the chair, spinning her around and pushing her head forward into the cushion. His rigid cock glided deep inside of her as her juices coated his shaft, drilling her as hard as he could. His initial frenzy calming a little as he found a rhythm, a steady hard pounding as he strove to give her everything that he had. Her cunt high and open, allowed him to take her deep, his tip hitting a tender spot causing her to gasp with the mixture pain and the pleasure.

“Fuck it, go on fuck it, give it to me!” She moaned breathlessly. “Go on fuck it, fuck it harder.” Her words spurred him on as he grabbed her shoulders, pulling her back with each thrust, their bodies meeting with an audible slap as they each neared the edge. She felt him waiver, and pushed back hard to meet him.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop! I am so fucking close to squirting!” She yelled.

As his pace and force increased, her cries of pleasure tinged with pain as his animal instinct took hold. Grunting and cursing as he neared his own climax, she’d got there just ahead of him. Her muscles contracting like mad as she’d let herself go, her cum running down her legs as he’d hit her spot that final time. Then she suddenly felt him pull away from her.

“You dirty bitch, you deserved that!” he gasped, breathing hard. The bulb of his cock a deep shade of purple, the shaft clenched in his hand as he held himself from his own abyss.

There was a darkness within his smile. ”Do you really think I’ve finished with my toy?”

He asked, grabbing a handful of her hair, pulling her to her feet before leading her across the room.

”Stand still” he hissed, settling onto the sofa and then gesturing for her to lie across his lap. His steel like fingers grasped her neck, pinning her face to the cushion. The slap of his hand on her ass, signaling the beginning of her punishment. A methodic, rhythmic spanking, punctuated with words aimed to cut.

“Care to tell me why you were so wet?” He asked her. And when she remained silent he smacked her again, and then said to her, “Say it, say I’m a dirty bitch! Say it!”

“I’m a dirty bitch,” She mumbled in between the slaps of his hand on her ass.

“Yes you are,” He barked back. “And I’m going to make you cum. Cum so many times that you’ll beg me to stop!” His fingers roughly parted her thighs, seeking her opening, filling her. Stretching her cunt, working frantically like a piston before eventually slowing…

”Beg. Go on beg for it.” He growled.

“Please,” she whimpered, “make me cum, can I cum, please?”

His fingers sought her spot, rubbing, massaging, teasing…

“Cum for me like a good girl. Go on. Fucking cum.”

Her muscles contracted, enveloping his fingers as the wave of pleasure crashed through her body. She tried to move, desperate for a moment’s respite, but he was too strong. He dictated the pace, dragging her towards more frequent peaks of pleasure. Fucking her with words, whilst his fingers stimulated, teased and invaded her. Finally the torrent eased, his touch softening, caressing her soaked swollen folds.

Then like a sailor on dry land, with unsteady legs she’d let herself be led to the table. His muscular arms easily lifting her up onto its matt top. He knelt before her, holding her damp thighs open as he feasted once more. His tongue pausing at her opening. Then probing, drawing in her scent, savoring her essence, taking her toward a new summit.

“Cock. Give me your cock. No more teasing, Just fuck me!” She pleaded, her voice husky with desire.

She stole a glimpse of his length as he stood before her. Wanting. Needing. He pinned her arms flat, leaning forward to nuzzle her breasts. Nibbling at her nipples, each in turn, suckled until they were fully erect. His cock tantalizingly close, rubbing against her softness and then… her cry, as he buried it in her. Grinding himself against her swollen mound as he gave her all that he had – fucking her, as deep and hard as he could. Plowing his cock into her tender, engorged pussy, her cries louder as their bodies met. Cries of pleasure tinged with pain. Exquisite pain that came as his cock ravaged her deep spot, her peaks so close it seemed as if she were in a never ending orgasm. kaçak bahis Relentlessly he ravished her, pushing her legs back further, using her, taking what he wanted. She knew he was close, his breathing and rhythm became ragged, any vestige of self-control long departed.

“Go on, give it to me! I can feel you throbbing. Go on you bastard, cum!” Her words superfluous as he thrust into her one final time. His force spent, left deep inside, her own juices coating their thighs. She tensed her muscles, squeezing his cock. Her legs wrapped around his back to hold him still. Pulling him tightly into her. Milking him, making sure he gave her all he had.

His breathing calmed and he broke away from their locked embrace. Eyes closed she felt his hand at her neck. “Trust me?” – he whispered. She nodded.

His hand softly slapped her mound. Her body reacting to each slap with a burst of sexual energy. A beautiful tingle, which started at her clit and shot through her nerve endings. Squirming on the rock hard tabletop, she fought an inner battle. The prickly pain in each pussy spank giving way to an unbelievable feeling of pleasure. An exquisite sensation that enveloped the whole of her pussy. Each jolt demanding that she close her legs, but she was powerless. She loved it. Needed it. Wanted it. Instead she found her legs making half hearted ineffectual movements. The gentle pussy spanking taking her mind and body to another place. The climax sharp and spikey matching her breathing, shallow gasps for air as she cursed at him – ”Bastard. Fucking bastard. What the fuck… What the fuck are you doing to me you bastard?”

She felt him stroke her, his dewy fingers soft against her throbbing, sensitive lips. Soothing rather than calming as each touch kept her simmering with arousal. His hand moved from her neck to her mouth. Gagging her as his fingers sought out her dark inner recess. Her body defenseless. Lips no longer protecting her pussy, they lay aside heavy bloated. His fingers meeting no resistance as he hooked them inside her, seeking the little swollen spot. She felt fingertips probing, feeling for it. She shook her head knowing what was coming, unable to say the words – ‘No, please no’.

The gasp was muted by the hand over her mouth as he found what he was looking for. Fingers cruelly rubbing against her G spot as his hand pumped up and down, stretching her, fucking her, tormenting her with pleasure and pain.

Powerless to resist the intensity, her body yielded to his touch. Eyes wide open, muscles taut, her legs started to shake uncontrollably. A beautiful agony, a cascade of her own juice erupting from within. It seemed she was floating, light headed, dazed and dreamy, not wanting to, nor able to, focus on anything. He turned her face toward his body, and she watched as he tried to coax life into his slumbering member. Watching it gradually grow through her blissful haze. No longer rock hard, he eased it inside her – “Stay still,” he grunted as he worked it to and fro, desperate to get it rigid once more. Slowly she felt him stiffen, enough at least for him to start piercing her with each measured thrust.

“Done yet? Has my Dirty Bitch had enough yet?” He demanded, his voice as strained as his actions. ”Does that little cunt want more?”

”No. No more. Just finish me please, just fucking cum. I’m done, Truly done. No more. Please just cum in me” – she begged.

Sensitive turned to sore as their bodies crashed together and she willed him to cum. Raising her hips to meet him, encouraging him, forcing him to quicken his pace. Lifting her legs high and wide, so that he could slam his cock deep into her.

“Go on, fuck me hard. Is that it. Is that as hard as you can fuck?” – she goaded, wanting him to lose control. “Harder. Go on. Go on. Fuck me harder.”

Time distorted. Seconds became minutes. Minutes seemed like hours as they moved in unison toward their goal. His face the first to portray his own special moment. Brow furrowed, breath rasping, lips pursed as his moans became guttural. His thrusts erratic yet powerful. No longer could he avoid the inevitable and she welcomed it, wanted it.

“Go on, give it to me! Go on, every last drop,” – she gasped as another wave surged through her.

“Now. Yes now. I’m cumming” – the words tumbling from his mouth as he erupted inside her. The force of the thrusting, stuttering and slowing each time his cock spurted. Her feet kicked his back. Urging him to ride his own moment of pain until the very end. The violence of their coupling now a muted whimper. Moving together softly, their juices melded. A creamy trickle already deserting her plundered pussy.

…Looking in the mirror she realized her thoughts had been wandering, as had her hand… Had he known about Mike? She didn’t know, but looking in the mirror again she saw a half-smile cross her face, and she wondered perhaps, if the party ahead, with the innuendo and flirting, would be the prelude to another wonderful night of lust and passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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