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Darling had already put the table cloth on the table and centered an expensive floral arrangement. It didn’t take long for the two of them to set three settings. Daddy returned while they were divvying out silverware. He was wearing a tuxedo of all things and carrying several large, white sacks which proved to be full of gourmet catering. They filled the serving dishes and arranged the table around them. After giving each of them a kiss, Daddy sat at the head of the table, leaving Baby and Darling to sit on which ever side of him they chose.

“Sleep okay today, Baby?” Daddy asked after the main course was finished.

“Yes, I did, Daddy.”


Baby looked at Daddy suspiciously. “Sure.”

Daddy smiled and set his fork down with a rich, muted clink against the china. “Are we ready for dessert?”

Darling smiled broadly and stood up. “Yes. What did you get?”


“Sounds good.” Baby was confused when Daddy stood up as well. Darling disappeared into the kitchen, then returned with the cheesecake. They both smiled at her, then began removing their clothes. Baby jumped to her feet, staring like a deer into headlights at Daddy’s chest. “What’s going on?”

“No clothes at the dessert table, Baby,” Darling giggled. “C’mon, strip!”

Daddy dropped his pants and stepped out of them, then straightened. His cock bounced a few times, then held still, stiffly pointing in her direction. The memory of what that cock tasted like and how hot it burned inside of her mouth flashed through her mind. Her nipples stood up and her pussy relaxed, letting the juices flow. Daddy’s eyes latched warmly onto her. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“Oh pooh, don’t be a sourpuss, Baby.” Darling wiggled out of her dress, watching Daddy’s face intently. Daddy was still absorbed in Baby’s confused expression. Hesitantly, Baby reached for the straps to her beautiful cocktail dress, then lowered them.

Daddy’s eyes seemed to take on an inner glow as he wolfishly watched her slowly bare herself to them. She was wearing stockings, panties and the few minimal pieces of jewelry that Darling had pronounced perfect for her. Baby looked up from the chair she’d just smoothed the dress over into her sister’s dark eyes. Darling was annoyed, for some reason.

“Baby, you are incredibly beautiful,” Daddy murmured. He turned to Darling and smiled. “So are you, my Darling.”

“More beautiful than Baby?” Darling demanded pointedly.

“You’re the most beautiful darling I know.”

That seemed to pacify Darling, who subsided into her chair with a pout. She twirled her fork through the cheesecake, then took a nonchalant bite. “I want to watch Daddy fuck you, Baby. I’ve only seen it on TV, I want to see it for real.”

Baby’s jaw dropped. She’d just gotten used to the idea that she was actually naked in front of her family and would, sometime in the future, be fucking them. This was too immediate, even if she was totally naked. “But…”

“What a wonderful idea, Darling,” Daddy said warmly. “Baby for dessert.”

“She’s scrumptious,” Darling said, all wide eyed innocence. Daddy’s head jerked sharply until he was staring at Darling again. “I had her for an afternoon snack. Yummy. You should have seen it Dad.”

“You knew I wanted to watch you girls the first time.” Daddy sounded accusatory and vaguely hurt. Darling smirked.

“We girls preferred privacy,” she tossed off with a wave of her hand. “This cheesecake is very good. Climb up on the table Baby.”

Baby’s eyes narrowed as she watched the bi-play. “What in the hell is going on here? Did you two plan this or something?”

“Of course not, Baby. Your sister is just a little jealous. She’s been my number one girl for so long, sometimes it’s hard to share.” Daddy took his seat and picked at his cheesecake.

After a few moments, Baby did the same. The way Daddy had been staring at her pussy made her feel hot and irritated all at the same time.

Darling glared at Daddy, then smiled brightly at Baby. “I’m glad you’re here anyway. It’s time we got to know each other as a family. You’re the guest of honor Baby.”

“Darling, quit making Baby uncomfortable,” Daddy ordered.

Baby frowned. Dammit, she wasn’t uncomfortable. Even if she was she wasn’t going to admit it. She’d practically had sex with them already, so why was it such a big deal? She grinned at Darling and climbed onto the table. Daddy smiled and picked up his plate, Baby straddled Darling’s instead. “Have some cheesecake Darling.”

“Oh my girls,” Daddy whispered. He leaned over and quietly licked at Baby’s upright nipple.

Darling caught Baby’s eyes and smiled softly. “You’re mine, right sister? I love you.”

“Lick your sister, Darling,” Daddy ordered, laying his cheek on his daughter’s breast.

Darling looked uncertainly from Daddy to Baby, then slowly dipped her head and lapped at Baby’s pussy. Daddy stared at them with dumbfounded disbelief mingled with a childish delight. Darling slanted Daddy a look that made Baby shiver, bakırköy escort and not in sexual excitement, then shut her eyes and slithered her tongue along Baby’s labia.

“My girls, my two baby girls, you look so hot doing that,” Daddy murmured.

Baby arched her body, preening luxuriously for Daddy.

He put his hands on Baby’s breasts, gently kneading them before running them down along her body to Darling’s shoulders. He traced the curve of Darling’s spine. Darling’s tongue paused for a moment, then she squealed. Baby inferred from all the wiggling between her legs that Daddy had begun licking Darling’s pussy as well. Baby opened her eyes and looked up.

No, Daddy had moved the chair and was fingering Darling’s pussy. After a moment he slipped his cock into her sister and started fucking her slowly, crooning praise. After a moment, he came around the table, holding his glistening cock out to Baby. “Here sweetie, suck your sister’s cum from Daddy’s cock.”

Baby opened her mouth, the flavor of her father’s musky cock was pleasantly mixed with the tangy juices of Darling’s pussy. Closing her eyes, she held still for a few moments, savoring the twin taboo of her sister’s cum and her Daddy’s gorgeous cock in her mouth. After a moment, she looked up the length of Daddy’s body, past his flat belly and well-formed chest to the gentle, aroused expression on his face. Smiling a little, she sucked and licked, probing his erection for every drop of Darling she could find.

He popped his cock out of her mouth, then leaned down and kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth and sweeping it over her teeth. He groaned into her, his fingers finding and teasing her nipples.

Between her legs, Darling had used her fingers to spread Baby’s pussy open, exposing the sensitive inner flesh of her most private area. A few moments later, Darling’s tongue glided over the slick depths of her deep pink hole, then wriggled its way farther up, to delicately circle her clit. The tongue was replaced with first one testing finger, and then a second. Baby gasped, her inner muscles clamping with a warm, wet welcome around her sister’s digits.

“Does that feel good, Baby?” Daddy asked huskily against her lips.

“Oh yes, Daddy.”

“What feels good, Baby?”

“Darling feels good.”

“I like words, too honey. Tell me what Darling is doing to your pretty little pussy that’s making you feel so good.”

A rush of wet heat pooled out of her pussy at the thought of talking dirty to her own father. “Does it make you hot to hear me talk about how Darling is licking me, Daddy?”

“Hotter than you’ll ever know, Baby.”

“She pried my pussy open, Daddy, exposing the inside of it. That feels so deliciously naughty. My own sister is licking my pussy,” Baby breathed. Her fingers roamed along her ribs, down her, belly, to tangle in Darling’s hair lovingly. “She put her tongue right on my hole and licked it, that made me so wet. Then she licked up to my clit and she’s sucking on it now. Ooh, and she’s using her lips to rub my clit. She’s got two fingers inside of me, gently rubbing me in circles. I think she’s looking for my G-spot.”

“That’s so sexy, Baby.”

“Go look, Daddy. Go watch Darling lick me.”

He needed no second invitation. He slithered down the length of her body, pressing kisses as he went, until his cheek was resting on her pubis. His tongue reached down, licking along the wet hair as far down as it could reach. Darling lifted up and wrapped hers around his. He groaned deep in his chest, sucking the cum from one daughter from the tongue of his other one.

Darling tolerated it for a few moments, then put her hand on Daddy’s forehead and shoved him away. He retreated a little and watched her mouth wrap around her sister’s clitoris again. He sucked in a breath, wrapping his fingers around his cock and groaned. Baby trailed her fingers back up along her belly and ribs to her breasts, teasing the nipples with soft circles and pinches. Darling looked up along the length of her sister’s body with such a burningly aroused expression that Baby gasped and bucked her hips.

The fingers twirling and stroking inside of her pussy were a little more than Baby could bear, particularly when they were coupled with a dancing tongue that knew all the right places and the perfect amount of pressure. She writhed under Darling’s mouth, panting and gasping. Daddy growled, unable to take it anymore, and stuck the head of his cock into Baby’s pubic hair. His cum spurted, catching Darling’s nose and dribbling onto Baby’s pussy.

Irritated, Darling lifted her mouth and glared at Daddy. “Dad, that was disgusting.” She picked up her napkin and dabbed at the semen on Baby’s lips, then wiped it off of her own nose.

“Huh?” Baby raised her head and tried to see what was going on.

“You’ve always swallowed my cum, Darling.”

“I just want Baby’s.” Darling’s voice was implacable, hard.


“It’s okay Baby, me’n Dad were just arriving at an başakşehir escort understanding. You taste so good Baby, I could lick your cunt all day.”

“Then lick me Darling, I was about to cum.”

“Dad came all over it, just let me get it wiped up Baby, then you’re all mine.”

After a few smooth strokes of a warm cloth napkin, Darling slipped her tongue back to Baby’s clit. Daddy stood back, slowly working his fist over his cock, while he watched Darling bring Baby back to the peak of orgasm, then gently push her into ecstacy. Baby’s body arched off the table, her hands clawing down to hold Darling’s face closer to her. Her panting cries echoed through the dining room over the soft sounds of Muzak.

Darling prowled up the length of her sister’s body and licked at Baby’s lips before sinking her tongue between them. Baby sucked on the invading tongue, slurping at her own juices. The old mahogany table groaned under their combined weight. “Let’s take this to the living room Baby love. We’ll have to let Dad fuck us, then it’s just you and me.”

Baby opened her eyes, frowning. What the heck did Darling mean by that? “Good idea Darling. That’s a perfect idea.” Daddy rubbed his hands together, then assisted them from the table.

He had laid the wood for a fire earlier and set the matches within reach. Daddy set about lighting it, which took a while, the darned things never started right off the bat. While Daddy was cursing over the wadded up newspapers, Darling bore Baby to the carpet and they twined together.

Baby had never had such a closeness with another female before, the warm sensuality of two naked bodies writhing together in the light of a crackling lamp. Daddy hadn’t gotten the fire lit yet. Baby pressed a kiss to Darling’s nose then curled around, nuzzling at the soft curls between her legs. Darling pushed her face back into Baby’s pussy, licking at the slick wetness.

The heat of the fire finally caressed their skin, making the wake of their caressing fingers even hotter. Daddy’s hand clamped onto Darling’s hip, tugging her gently over until her ass wiggled in the air. Baby rolled underneath her seamlessly continuing to lick at her sister’s pussy. Daddy knelt down and nipped at Darling’s ass.

“I’m going to fuck your sister Baby,” Daddy murmured huskily. “You watched us once, it turned you on didn’t it? Now you have a pussy eye view of it. You can watch my cock slide in and out of her pussy. You can lick us while we fuck. Do you want to lick my cock while it’s fucking your sister’s pussy?”

Daddy didn’t need much of a response from her, and she didn’t have the sense to respond. All she could do was flick her tongue over Darling’s clitoris and hunch her own sex against Darling’s mouth.

Baby opened her eyes, and groaned. There was something incredibly erotic about the site of a long, thick cock nuzzling between a set of dripping wet pussy lips. After a few moments the helmeted head slipped inside. Darling’s labia were tugged inward, being pulled by the short thrusts Daddy was making. His cock buried itself deeper with each twitch of his hips, an inward stroke followed by a small outward stroke.

Baby stared at Darling’s pussy lips in fascination, first they would ease in along with the cock, then they would suck at the length of his shaft as he pulled back. Her wetness was starting to spread, moving from the lips to the soft skin surrounding her slit. Baby licked her lips. Daddy’s hands insinuated themselves between their bodies, his thumbs pressing against Darling’s outer lips and prying them open.

The top half of his cock churned slowly in the pink well of Darling’s cunt. Her inner labia, no longer constrained by the embrace of the outer lips, wriggled freely, like the petals of a flower being thrust into. They sucked at Daddy’s cock, licking it and coating it with her juices. Baby ran her tongue along the length of a pussy lip, then pressed it against the point where they were joined. The musky taste of Daddy’s cock underscored the bittersweet taste of her sister’s cum.

“Lick my clit, Baby, please,” Darling begged.

“Lick your sister’s clit, Baby,” Daddy agreed. He pressed his cock all the way inside, moving his hands out of the way and wiggling from side to side a little to settle himself fully into his daughter’s clasping pussy.

Baby groaned and shut her eyes, burning the sight of her Daddy’s cock buried fully inside of her sister. It was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. She flicked her tongue against Darling’s hard little clit, then settled into a firm rhythm.

“That’s it, Baby,” Daddy groaned, “make your sister cum. I love you two, my two precious girls.”

Baby ignored that and concentrated on Darling’s clit. Daddy began twitching, just enough to move his cock around inside of Darling’s pussy, but not enough to actually be a thrust. Darling groaned, wiggling on the impaling cock and teasing tongue. Baby worked her hands between them and found Darling’s erect nipples. Teasing them with light pinches bayrampaşa escort and her nails, she worked them in time with the licking.

Darling suddenly cried out sharply, tensing, then panted, “I’m cumming.”

“I put my finger in your sister’s ass, Baby,” Daddy said huskily. “She loves getting fucked in the ass. I bet she’d love to get rimmed. Would you lick your sister’s pretty little rosebud so I can fuck it?”

Baby latched onto the jerking clitoris, trying to prolong Darling’s orgasm for her. When that proved impossible she lapped at all of the juices pouring out past Daddy’s cock. She discovered that the cream from Darling’s orgasm was a bit thicker and richer than the slippery wetness she had only given so far.

Growling, Daddy jerked his cock out of Darling. “Your pussy is so hot and wet Darling, you almost made me cum.”

“I just want to make Baby cum. Is it her turn?”

“Yes it is sweetheart. I know you want to see this.”

“Of course I do Dad.”

Daddy sat on the couch, resting comfortably in the middle. His hand went to his Darling anointed cock and slowly stroked it. “Come sit in Daddy’s lap, Baby. I have a present for you.”

“I want to suck you first Daddy.”

“No, not yet Baby. I’ll cum too soon. I want to cum inside of you and watch your sister lick all of my cum out of you. Then I want to see the two of you suck my cock back to hardness.” Daddy smiled, rubbing the head of his cock with his thumb.

“Okay, Daddy.” Baby had hoped to get into the same position they’d just done, to feel Darling’s talented tongue on her while Daddy fucked her. She straddled Daddy instead.

“No, Baby, face out. Let Darling watch me fuck you. She wants to see my cock going into your pretty little pussy.”

Diffidently, Baby turned around, putting her back to Daddy’s belly. Darling knelt between their legs and grabbed Daddy’s cock. Baby lifted herself up, closing her eyes when she felt the head of Daddy’s cock against her vagina. A set of deft fingers parted her lips and tickled her clit. They disappeared, replaced by the blunt head. After a moment, she started sinking down, the cock and gravity parting the tight confines of her cunt.

“Oh, Baby, I love fucking you. I love the feel of your pussy. Do you like Daddy’s cock?” Daddy groaned, his hand reaching up to caress her breasts.

The taboo naughtiness of it caught up to her. Her eyes flew open and she gasped at the rush of excitement that singed through her. She was fucking her own father. Her pussy responded by flaring then clamping down. Daddy’s cock slid halfway in. “I love your cock, Daddy. What does it look like Darling? What does it look like to watch Daddy fuck me?”

“It’s pretty Baby.” Darling’s fingers came back, pulling her lips away from the shaft of Daddy’s cock. They slid upward, seeking the clit that was nosing its way out of hiding. “You have the sexiest clit, Baby.”

“Lick her clit, Darling,” Daddy urged huskily. His fingers left Baby’s nipples and traced down her belly to pull on her mound. Her clit popped out in sharp relief, poking out into the cool air. “How many times can you make your sister cum?”

Darling’s tongue made contact with the clit, licking at it then dipping to touch Daddy’s cock. Baby looked down the length of her body. Daddy’s legs were spread widely and hers were on the outside of his, opening her completely. She couldn’t see the thick cock that was slowly working into her, but she could see Darling’s sleek head moving over her pussy.She closed her eyes and just felt.

Her sister’s seductive licking was making her cunt relax and ripple. She tangled her fingers in Darling’s hair and petted her gently, silently communicating how much she loved the softly sensual cunnilingus. Darling grabbed Daddy’s hands one at a time and threw them off of Baby’s body, replacing them with her own. Daddy clasped Baby’s hips and sinuously worked his ass, sinking his cock deeper into her clasping pussy. Baby and Daddy both groaned when he was fully sheathed.

“I love your pussy, Baby,” he murmured huskily in her ear. “I’ve dreamed of fucking you for so long. I’ve gotten off to dreams of fucking you for years. I love you, Baby.”

Baby shut his words out, concentrating on the feel of his throbbing cock instead. The thought of her Daddy getting himself off to thoughts of fucking her was a little uncomfortable. Instead, the thought about the lewdness of sprawling on her Daddy’s body, penetrated by his erection, and the incredible feel of Darling’s agile tongue.

“Have you ever thought about fucking me?” Daddy asked, gently licking her neck.

“A few times, in the past few months,” Baby admitted. Her hips were beginning to rock of their own accord, responding to the friction of a heavy cock and a knowledgeable tongue.

“Did you masturbate?”


“I did too.”

“I want to cum, Daddy,” she panted. “Darling’s tongue feels so good. I love the way she licks me.”

“I love watching her lick you, it’s a gorgeous sight.”

The tongue on her clit stilled for a moment, then resumed its gentle play. Baby opened her eyes and looked down at Darling. Her sister was lapping at her, her eyes shut. Something about her expression was wrong. Baby sighed and forgot about it, the entire situation was wrong. Daddies and sisters didn’t fuck each other. She vowed to herself that after this time, she wouldn’t do it again either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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