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Chapter 7

Ann’s story

Lynn and I were sitting on the patio when Princess arrived with her guests. We had invited them over for cocktails after Princess told us how eager Ann was to meet us.

“Sit down. I’ll fix the drinks,” I said after the introductions were made all around. Ann was a little older than Princess and had a figure almost as good. Her son Gerry was a strapping handsome kid who looked older than his twenty-one years. I poured Glenlivet for everyone, rocks for most. We exchanged the usual pleasantries. Then Princess told us about Ann.

“Ann and I were great friends a dozen years ago. We ran around a lot together because we belonged to the same club.” Princess said. “Of course she didn’t call me Princess – it was Blanche then.”

“Blanche as in ‘Streetcar.'” I chuckled.

Princess laughed. “Yeah. Mom was a Tennessee Williams fan, I guess. Anyway I like my new name better.”

Princess went on to explain about Ann and I began to wonder what was in her mind. She had told me that Ann had a personal problem that she wanted to talk over with Lynn, but I had no idea what it was or why she wanted to talk to Lynn about it. Sometimes I think Princess had a higher opinion of Lynn’s understanding of personal problems than she really had. Probably she thought that working out the serious trouble that Lynn and I got ourselves into with Bill had somehow given us insight into how to deal with sexual dilemmas.

We had a second round of drinks and people were starting to feel loose. Princess hauled a joint out of her purse, lit it, and passed it around.

“This will loosen everybody up,” she said. She was right. We puffed a while, had a third Glenlivet, and then Princess says, “How about the hot tub?”

That was a real surprise! We were not a straight-laced group, but Ann’s son Gerry was here and Lynn and I had just met the two of them. Princess had a plan, I told myself, so let her be the lead. I offered them some robes and everyone went into the house to strip and get into the robes.

We came back out and I hung up my robe and got into the tub. Lynn followed me. Princess stood on the mat beside the hot tub, stark naked and strikingly beautiful in all her thirty-something years. She had gorgeous, large, milky white tits with only a slight sexy sag of maturity and a taut flat belly, tan down to her scanty beaver. Her legs were long and shapely and tan.

When Gerry and Ann walked out in their robes I thought Gerry spent a good deal of time with his eyes roving over Princess’ naked body. Well, after all, he was only twenty-one. He hung his robe up and Ann did the same. Ann’s body was almost the twin of Princess except she had shaved her beaver and showed the world a naked pussy.

“Stop staring at Princess, Gerry,” said Ann. Then turning to Lynn and me in the hot tub she said, “This is the first time Gerry has seen Princess naked. When he was a teenager he used to admire her figure in a bikini. I think he used to jack off looking at a picture of Princess in her bikini.”

“Mom! For God’s sake!” Gerry was obviously embarrassed. We couldn’t help laughing because his over reaction told us that Ann had hit the nail on the head.

Gerry’s cock had started to get a little hard looking at Princess and he quickly jumped into the hot tub to conceal it. Ann was not yet finished embarrassing her young son.

“Gerry is hung just like his father was,” she said.

“Mom! For God’s sake!” I looked over at Gerry and I could see he was really embarrassed by what his mother had said. He’s acting more like he’s seventeen, I thought.

“That was the first thing I noticed about Gerry,” said Princess. “You’re right Ann. Gerry is hung just like his dad.”

“It will come as no surprise,” said Ann, “that Princess became an expert on my husband’s equipment. She screwed him all one summer.”

“Mom! For God’s sake!” Gerry shouted, yet again.

All of us were laughing now at Gerry’s expense. I turned to him. “Gerry, that’s the way mothers are. They always seem to say the most embarrassing things.”

We all got into the water and soaked and had yet another Glenlivet to empty the bottle and passed one more joint around. What ever was in the minds of Princess and Ann it was certain that by the time we talked about it we would all be very, very loose. One more complication seemed to be developing. Princess had moved over to Gerry and had begun to cuddle with him, obviously playing with his balls and getting him aroused. Then she gave him a big wet kiss.

“Your teenage fantasy is about to come true Gerry,” Princess said. “You’ve turned twenty-one and you’re old enough to legally fuck. Let me help you out of the tub. I want to find out if you know how to use that equipment as well as your father did.”

Lynn and I were far from shy, but I think both of us were a bit shocked by what was happening. Still, I thought, let it happen. Princess helped Gerry beşiktaş escort out of the tub and it was no surprise to see he had a raging hard on. Princess embraced Gerry as they stood beside the hot tub and reached down to guide his hard cock up on her belly so they could stand close. It was at that moment that poor Gerry had the final embarrassment of his young and inexperienced evening. He started to ejaculate!

It was a tribute to the sensitivity of all of us that we controlled the laughter that almost erupted. Princess led Gerry quickly away toward the bedroom, where his fantasy would finally be fulfilled in blessed privacy. Lynn and Ann and I remained in the tub, smiling and chuckling softly.

The three of us got out of the tub, toweled off, and put on our robes. We sat at the patio table and I got a fresh bottle of Glenlivet and offered drinks but everyone declined. I had the feeling that we would at last find out what this was all about. Ann turned to Lynn and began a very serious discussion – talking as though she were stone cold sober.

“I need your advice, Lynn. It’s about Gerry.”

“I’ll help any way I can,” said Lynn. “Tell me your story.”

“It all began about three months ago,” Ann said. “I was living alone. Gerry and his friend Phil finished their computer training and moved back to town. They had been roommates and so, Gerry brought Phil home to stay with him and me till they got something else. We are a casual bunch of people, you know, and coming and going from the pool, and all, and well … well, there was a lot of nudity and drinking and grass.”

Lynn nodded. This was starting to make sense. “And what did that lead to?”

Ann hesitated. “Well, Ah … it led to … ah, what I’m asking your opinion about.”

“And that is what?” Lynn asked.

“Well, maybe I better just tell you. You see, I started to screw Phil.”

“Did Gerry know about that?”

“Well, Ah … it was worse than that.” Ann was obviously having a lot of difficulty telling Lynn what happened. Considering her story I could understand why.

“Worse than that?”

“Yeah. Gerry watched.”

“He what?” Lynn was jolted by what Ann had just said.

“He watched us fuck.”

“Your son watched you fuck his buddy?” Lynn’s seemed incredulous.

“Yeah. He watched and … ah … well, he ah … helped out.”

Lynn leaned forward and spoke directly in Ann’s face. “Just tell me what happened. Exactly what happened.”

“Well,” said Ann, “while the guys were away at school they got to playing these games – they called them ‘role-playing’ games. The would role-play things they heard about. Princess had told us the story of you and Bobby and that couple – Dave and Sandy. Dave was … you know … a cuckold and so Gerry and Phil started to role-play the cuckold game, with me doing Sandy’s part. Gerry would undress me and get me ready for Phil to screw me. Then he would watch us screw and jerk off.”

“Okay,” said Lynn, “I think I’m beginning to understand. This is pretty wild, you know. Actually really wild. You’ve got two grown guys and a grown woman acting more like seventeen year olds.”

Lynn looked over at me. I could tell that her mind was racing ahead and filling in the story. I had a good idea what she was thinking and where she was going next and Lynn’s next question confirmed my suspicion.

“Did Princess tell you about the last time Dave and Sandy visited us?”

Ann lowered her head and stared at the table. Then she nodded, not saying a word.

Lynn continued. “And now Gerry wants keep role-playing Dave in the continuing saga of Bobby, Lynn, Dave, and Sandy. Is that right?”

Ann kept staring at the table saying nothing. Then she nodded again.

“And you’re already worried about him playing the cuckold and jacking off over and over again like some damn pervert. You are wondering what kind of man he might grow up to be. You want him to stand up and be a man. That’s why Princess is screwing your son. You asked her to. Is that right?”

Ann just kept looking down for a few moments. Embarrassed. Then she looked up at Lynn and in a very quiet voice she said, “Yes.”

“But to stand up and be a man, to break out of the cuckold role he’s been playing for months now, he has to … well, … he has to fuck you – fuck his mother. Just like Dave replaced Bobby and fucked Sandy.”

Ann looked back down at the table and started nodding her head. Then she looked up at Lynn and I saw tears running down her cheeks.

“What the hell am I going to do?” Ann asked plaintively.

I sat there listening to Ann explain her predicament wondering what Lynn was going to say. Wondering what I would say. Asking myself when it is okay to break society’s rules to help a young man. We live in a fast moving and changing social milieu. We like it but sometimes don’t like the price we beylikdüzü escort have to pay for it. I looked at Lynn. She was looking off to the side away from Ann – like she always did when her mind was racing at light speed working on a problem. Suddenly she looked over at me.

“What do you think Bobby? Give us a man’s viewpoint.”

I turned to Ann. “Lynn always does this – asks me my opinion that is – when she has already made up her mind. She already knows what the answer is but she doesn’t like the answer.”

I turned back to Lynn. “Ann should never have gotten herself into this situation by fucking Gerry’s buddy. And even if she fucked him she should never have allowed Gerry to watch. And she sure as hell should never have role-played with her son and his buddy. No one can be sure that Gerry’s role in this will make him a voyeur-cuck like Dave, but stranger things have happened. Especially if Gerry and Phil get their own apartment and Gerry brings home his girlfriend for Phil.”

Lynn studied my face as she listened to my thoughts. “I agree,” she said.

“So,” I continued, “in this admittedly strange household, with admittedly strange customs, there seems only one thing to do. And that thing is admittedly, strange. Isn’t that so darling.”

Lynn nodded and turned to Ann. “Bobby’s right. I’d already made up my mind and I didn’t like the answer. And you have already decided what you’re going to do, haven’t you Ann? And you don’t like the answer either, do you?”

Ann wiped the tears away with her fists, nodding yes and shaking her head no at the same time. “Yes I’ve decided what to do and no I don’t like it,” she said.

“You didn’t need to ask me in the first place,” said Lynn.

“Oh yes I did. I needed some one to tell me I had to do it.”

“Does Gerry want to do it?” Lynn asked.

Ann nodded. “And he wants to do it in role-play taking over from Phil just like Dave took over from Bobby.”

Lynn shrugged her shoulders, as though facing the inevitable. “Then do it and do it as quickly as possible. But then quickly figure out a way to get them out of your apartment and off on their own.”

The timing was perfect. Princess and an exhausted Gerry walked out of the house just as Ann and Lynn had reached their decision.

“I need a drink,” said Princess. “This kid is younger than his old man was when I fucked him.”

I stood up and poured Glenlivet all around. “Oh to be twenty-one again.”

Lynn shook her head and laughed. “You’re only twenty-six you horny bastard and you have enough energy for me. Well, after that story I need a drink too. Let’s drink to a young man turned twenty-one. May he be a man like his father.”

After Lynn’s toast our guests said their good-byes and as she left Ann whispered a hurried thank you to Lynn. I wondered what the end to this story would be. It was some time before we found out.

Several weeks went by with no word from Ann. Lynn and I had almost forgotten the matter until Princess showed up completely unannounced one night as Lynn and I were enjoying Glenlivet on the patio. She shouted her message even before she said hello.

“Well she did it!” I knew instantly who “she” was and what she did.

“Did Ann talk to you?” I asked.

“No. It was Gerry,” Princess said. “He came over to my place this afternoon. Jesus, he likes to fuck!”

“And?” Lynn asked.

Princess sat down and took the drink I handed her. “He told me the whole story. I don’t think he knew that his mother had talked to you but he knew I was aware of the situation.”

“How did it happen?” Lynn asked.

“Well, you know about the role-playing game. I know she told you about that. Ann must have decided to let it happen because she finally agreed to play that game where Phil was fucking her and Gerry takes over – just like you all with Dave and Sandy. So the time comes and Gerry tells me he was nervous and he was sure his mother was too, but Phil was already fucking his Mom, so he says the lines and takes Phil’s place and he said ‘I just closed my eyes and shoved it in and started to fuck her like she was just another piece of ass.’ Of course he knew she wasn’t just another piece of ass – she was his mother.”

Lynn nodded. “What did Ann do?”

“Gerry says she fucked him back – pumping her ass big time. He said it took him a long time to come. I wasn’t surprised about that, but what surprised me was that Ann had an orgasm – a real one – and it was a big one.”

“Are you sure,” Lynn asked.

“I questioned him over and over and I’m sure. Besides, what happened later makes me certain. After he fucked her, he asked Phil to leave for the night and Gerry slept with Ann. He fucked her several times that night. They kept the room pitch black – not a speck of light – and they made love again and again and talked and kissed like lovers. The next morning beyoğlu escort when Ann was fixing breakfast, Phil came in the kitchen and he kissed her just like he always did – on the cheek – and told her he was moving out. And he did, along with Phil, that afternoon. That was two weeks ago and he hasn’t been back since. He’s called her of course, but he said he has no intention of screwing her again.”

“Is that the end of it, do you think?” I asked Lynn.

“Well, it sounds like it. But you never know. He sure fucked me hard. I’m just doing this for Ann and I think it’s time to stop. He wears me out and he can’t make me come. Of course I give him the porn queen big-O that Bobby knows all about.”

I laughed, remembering the first time I fucked Princess. “You have fooled a lot of guys with that,” I said.

“Not you,” she replied. “And that reminds me. I hope you two have no plans for tonight. I haven’t had an orgasm without my vibrator in … Jesus! … Since this whole damned Ann thing started.”

Lynn laughed. “Poor Bobby here, he wished he was twenty-one again, remember that Princess?”

“Yeah,” Princess said. “That’s a man for you. They have no idea of the difference between skill and strength. But I think Bobby was joking. He knows the difference. Lynn, can I have him once tonight?”

“Don’t ask me, ask Bobby,” said Lynn.

I stood up and walked behind Princess’ chair and bent down and kissed her neck softly, running my hands down and caressing her breasts. “If you behave yourself Princess, I will take care of you on the mat next to the hot tub after we have had a few drinks and soaked a while.”

Princess looked up at me and smiled. “And a joint,” she said opening her purse and producing a perfectly rolled example of her private high-grade stuff.

It happened that way exactly. Another drink and that smoke and a half-hour in the hot tub and I helped Princess out and laid her on the mat. Lynn moved over close – her face inches from Princess’ face. I stroked and caressed Princess’ body. I even gave her clit a touch or two with my tongue and licked her sweet spot till she moaned.

Lynn leaned over from the tub and sucked my cock till it was hard and slippery.

“The perfect wife,” said Princess with a chuckle, as she spread those shapely legs and raised her knees.

I mounted her gently. I slipped it in so easily she hardly felt it and began the gentle fucking that I knew Princess liked. She embraced me with her thighs and her hips responded, lifting gently to meet my thrusts. I kissed her lips and neck and whispered softly in her ear.

“Relax baby. Just relax and enjoy. You’ve had a hard time since you last felt this but it will be so good. Take your time and enjoy.”

I set the rhythm that I knew she liked. Lynn held her cheek near Princess and held her hand. Princess started to moan softly as she always did. She closed her eyes and it was as though she simply left our world and traveled through time and space. Lost in fantasy, her hips continued to hump softly and regularly for over five minutes and then her moans and movements changed very subtly. Lynn and I knew she was about to have her orgasm. When it came it was soft and gentle and her moans stopped as she held her breath while her pussy contracted strongly and regularly. Then the final big sigh as she let the air out of her lungs and rested.

She lay quietly. After a couple of minutes, she opened her eyes and looked up at me and turned her head and looked into Lynn’s eyes.

“Thank you Lynn. Thank you Bobby. God! That was good. You know exactly what I need. Oh shit! I forgot. You make me forget, you’re so gentle. What about you? You want to come?”

Lynn climbed out of the tub and laid on the mat beside Princess. “I’ll take him Princess. You rest.”

“I love you Bobby. You are the most considerate and wonderful man in the world. Oh, and you’re really a great fuck as well.”

Lynn spread her legs to receive me. “Okay Bobby, don’t spare the horsepower. Just pound that pussy like you owned it.”

I did what she asked and in no time at all I heard those familiar animal grunts that told me Lynn was working for her orgasm. She reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed them just the way I liked and before I realized it I felt my balls lift up out of her hand and my cock start to throb and I pumped a really big load. As I was almost finished Lynn started to tremble and then her contractions began and her loud moans told me she had enjoyed my efforts.

The three of us just laid there and rested. As we were getting back into the hot tub to rinse off a thought struck me. “I’m a lucky guy,” I said. “One gal likes it easy and one likes it hard – I don’t think I could handle two women who need to be fucked as hard as Lynn.”

The girls laughed. “Honey,” said Lynn, “You could handle us no matter what we asked you to do. I have an idea. Tomorrow maybe we’ll see Old Faithful again.”

“I can’t take that again,” I said, remembering that double blowjob the two had given me teasing me almost beyond endurance till my cum shot high into the air for them to catch in their mouths.

Then the girls laughed and nudged each other. “Yeah, lets do him that way tomorrow. Maybe we can set a new altitude record.”

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