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It’s bad enough being in a strange land, but its even worse when you get sick. Travelling with all your belongings on your back, and coming to a strange town with nowhere to go apart from a guesthouse.

Well that was the situation; I’d been dropped off by my ride at the front door to a guesthouse. In a strange town on cold wet evening, next to leaden sea. The door opened and the first thing the landlady said was “you look real crook, you’d better come in I’ll put you to bed”. So not being in fit state argue with this wonderful suggestion. I submitted myself to Helen’s caring. Dosed up with flu remedy I fell in to a deep, and restful sleep. A sleep that was filled with the most wonderful dreams.

I was in the tropics sick and sweating in a large bed, when a woman came in and administered to my needs in a most agreeable manner…

The next morning when I awoke Helen, came into my room with a cup of tea and some more of her magic potion. She asked me how I’d slept and did I feel better. I told her that I felt much better, and didn’t know what was in the medicine she’d given me but I’d had the most wonderful dreams. Helen smiled at this comment and asked me to tell her more. But first she was going to get bowl flannel and towel to freshen me up. Helen left the room and I sat there drinking my tea letting it refresh me. When Helen returned she pulled back the sheets and proceeded to wash my face and upper body. As she started, she told me to tell her about my dreams during the night.

Well… I said. It was hot very hot. I was lying on a big bed with a mosquito net all around. I was naked accept for a single sheet covering my sweating body. The light was from candles that flickered in the gentle breeze that blew in from the sea. I could hear the waves breaking on the sandy beach only yards away, the breaking waves sounded like the gentle breathing of sleeping mermaids. Helen exclaimed at this description and encouraged me to continue my narration. Well… I said. There I was on this big bed, when in came a most gorgeous creature wearing nothing but a Frangipani flower in her hair and sarong of fineness chiffon which allowed her beautiful body to be seen through the gossamer like material. The air was filled with the intoxicating sent of exotic of tropical blooms.

The woman came over to the bed lifted the net and climbed onto the bed next to bahis firmaları me. She had bought with her a bowl of scented water and flannel. She then washed my body as Helen was doing at that moment. Helen asked me to go on… the woman washed my heated brow with the cooling liquid. She pulled the sheet off naked body and washed me from head to toe. Then she laid herself between my legs and administered her attention to my raising cock. Helen was now looking a little flushed as I told her of my dream. She pulled back the sheet and applied the flannel to my erect cock. And said like this. Yes I said. What did your dream woman do next Helen asked. Well… I said. When she had washed and dried me. The woman did a most unusual thing.

She pulled my hands and arms up behind my head. Produced a soft silken cord and tied my hands to the bars at the top of the bed. Helen then surprised me and said, like this as she pulled my hands and arms behind my head and tied them to the bars.

This was getting interesting. Helen took my swollen member in her hand and asked me to continue my story. Well… I said the dusky maiden took my cock in her hand and lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. Helen copied my description and took me her mouth. Oh boy this woman could give head I was in seventh heaven. As Helen came up for air she asked me to continue my story, what did the dusky maiden in my dream do next?

Well she straddled my shoulders and bought her pussy to eager tongue. So Helen turned her body to copy my dream. To my surprise Helen had a shaved pussy, which is my favourite dish. I’m not into organic dental floss. So what can a gentleman do when offered such a delectable dish, but oblige a lady? I breathed deeply on Helens scent and applied my tongue to her eager quim. My efforts were rewarded with little moans of approval at my licking nibbling and sucking. Helen didn’t forget her duties either and kept up rewarding me for the pleasures I was giving her. Then without warning Helen came she sat up and pressed herself hard down on my face and mouth. Her body shuddered with such force I thought she might pass out on me. Helen lifted her pussy from my face and turned round to smile at me and say thank you that was wonderful. Now I’m going to make you come in me.

Helen straddled my hips and lowered herself onto my hard penis. At first she rubbed herself back kaçak iddaa and forth along its length. The softness of her outer lips on my cock was just heaven. I asked her to sit still so I could relish the feeling of her most warmth on my cock. She just rocked back and forth ever so gently so as to apply pressure to her clit. She looked into my eyes with be devilment and said now I’m going take you into my body and you cant stop me (who said I wanted too?) She then slid forwarded and then back pushing my cock into her hot pussy. She pushed down hard onto my pubic bone and rocked back and forth again applying pressure to her clit, the most wonderful sensation to the head of my cock with her cervix, as the head my cock flicked back and forth over her most in opening. I wanted to lift her body to increase the feeling but was unable because of my tied hands and if tried to thrust into her Helen just pushed me harder onto the bed. Helen said NO I’m making you cum this time when I want.

Helen screwed me for what seemed like an eternity of bliss. Boy could this woman screw. I couldn’t stop myself from rolling my eyes in sheer bliss. I was in paradise… every time I got to the point of no return, Helen would relax and wait for me to calm down again. The she would start again riding my throbbing cock. Then the riding really started as she thrust up and down my full length. This was going to me volcanic as we both exploded in orgasm together. I thought my cock was going explode as it erupted into Helens womb. Helens pussy clenched and pulsed onto my throbbing member, as she collapsed onto my sweating body and lay there patting from her excursions. I lay there in the most wonderful after glow as my cock slowly softened in Helens body. We lay there for some time until Helen lifted herself off me and asked me if I would like to bath her. To which I agreed. Helen untied me and allowed me to get up from the bed.

Helen asked me if felt better after my medicine. I felt like jelly but one hell of a lot better.

When the bath was run and the bathroom filled with steam. I made Helen stand in the bath and then I soaped her body all over washing her most carefully from head to toe. Then she sat on the edge of the bath and allowed me to shave her mons Venus. So that it was as smooth as possible. After she had washed me we dried one another and Helen took me along the landing kaçak bahis to her bedroom. A large room with huge double bed, which four turned wooden posts. I laid Helen on the bed took the cords from my room and tied her to her own bed as she had tied me earlier. I made her lift her hips from the mattress and placed two pillows beneath her bottom.

Making her as vulnerable to my attentions as possible. Now that I was in control I proceeded to torture her in the most wonderful ways I knew how. I stroked and caressed her breasts with my fingers and tongue. Then working slowly lower and kissed my way down her tummy toward pussy. But just as she anticipated me to lick her mons Venus I passed it by and continued down her thighs. Helen tried to push me back to her pussy with her legs. Telling me I was naughty boy. Now, Now I said you cant do that. I looked around the room and found some more cord. Which I then used to tie her ankles to the bottom of the bed. Telling her if she couldn’t behave she had to restrained. Helen moaned at his and said she would be good girl. No.. I said you can’t be trusted not to squirm and so must be restrained.

So I continued with my torture taking even more time over stroking and kissing and licking her legs. When I got to her feet I licked and sucked each toe in turn. She was going wild with his treatment. Begging to stop. I knew what was doing and was getting the desired effect for her quivering body. I then went to the point of her desire and sucked on her button. I had made her so sensitive with my torture that she came within a second of me attacking her clit. I had to sit back as her body thrashed in orgasm. I sat on my heals and watched her lay there quivering and panting from her exertions. Fuck me you bastard she said. Pushing herself toward me like a bitch on heat. I positioned myself above and drove myself into her willing flesh, with such force that she gasped with surprise. I wanted to screw her fast and hard but not to hurt her. Exquisite pain yes but not suffering.

That would leave her saw afterwards, fast short strokes controlling my penetration. As approached my peek I pushed myself to the hilt to again apply pressure to her most intimate opening. Cum she begged please come. Then I came again and collapsed onto her panting body. We lay for a while. I then untied her pulled the cover over us and we fell into a blissful sleep. I awoke in the early evening, to find my wonderful nurse gone. I could smell food cooking. I got up and went my room to wash and dress. When I got down stairs Helen said well I hope the patient is cured…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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