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This is where you are. From here you can edit your options and profile and well, basically change your life. The woman in front of you in line has dropped her change and has bent over to pick up each and every penny while you stand gazing down at the whale tale of a thong as it wedges itself deeper between her two firm buttocks.

You look to the right and to the left but all you see are shelves featuring an assortment of impulse items, you know those things you suddenly see and just have to have and then you get home, toss them in a drawer and never use them. Yeah, like that two-pack of condoms in their own special carrying case. You grab them, toss them on the belt and then glance behind you.

No one is behind you so you take a half step forward hoping to catch a glimpse deeper down the canyon in the woman’s jeans. Just as you move she steps back reaching for one last penny and in the process, bumps into you. Well she bumps into a part of you, the part of you that is protruding outward from the front of your pants.

This is the submissions page. From this page you must submit to your fate as she abruptly abandons that last penny, stands up and whirls to face you. As you wince in preparation for the obligatory slap across your face, you notice her smile and say, “I guess I really didn’t need that penny after all.”

You quickly murmur, “Excuse me,” as you see her draw her tongue across her lips just before glancing up and meeting your eyes with hers.

“That’s forty two thirty seven,” a voice interrupts, drawing you back to the store and the haunting computer beeps and hisses as the woman in front of you counts out her change into the chubby hand of the cashier. Then the whale tale swishes away, turning sharply and then diving out into the parking lot.

From this link you can edit your options relating to… “…is that cash or charge?” you hear.

“Excuse me?” You’ve been saying this too often you realize.

“That’s eight fifty, cash or charge?”

“Eight fifty? Why so much?”

“Well, the drinks are a dollar each and the condoms…” the word condoms seemed to echo through the store as you glance behind you and see your pastor’s wife with her two children now standing behind you, “…are five twenty five. It’s the fancy packaging I guess.”

You mumble, “Cash,” and toss down bursa escort a five, three ones and two quarters. Grabbing the bag you begin to rush away when…

“Sir, what about your receipt?”

You look bag at the cashier and then over to your pastor’s wife. Both await your answer. Shaking your head side to side you turn and dizzily wander out into the parking lot.

Hint: Whenever you see the? icon burning in your mind you can be sure help is on the way. “You weren’t robbing the store so I guess you were happy to see me.”

“Excuse me?” There you go once again.

“Back there, in line. I backed up and ran into you, into your ah… well, it’s certainly not a gun.”

“Oh yes,” you answer feeling it begin to rise once again.

“Look,” she says reaching out and gently touching your arm, “I don’t normally… I mean I’m not… well I am that type of… I have a van over there. Would you like to come inside and talk and stuff?”

Not sure you heard her you ask, “Excuse…” but stop short and simply nod your head.

Following the tight little wiggle of the whale tale you quickly find yourself climbing into the back of a midnight blue van with dark tinted windows. Soft carpet lines the floor of the van and in just moments you hear the door close behind you.

Nervously you reach out and run your fingers over the exposed skin just above her jeans. The fine, soft hairs part beneath your fingertips as you hook a finger under the thong. She quickly grabs your hand and holding it says, “Listen, here are the ground rules…”

You nod and whisper, “Okay.”

“First, I have a boyfriend and he has told me that only he and I can touch my breasts or my pussy. I love him and I fully intend to follow his wishes. So my breasts and pussy are off limits, but hey there is still something we can do if you are game.”

Fully appreciating the loophole, you quickly begin unfastening your pants watching her as she does the same. Once out of you jeans, you pause and simply watch as she works the thong from between her firm ass cheeks. Only when she places the thong atop her jeans do you pull off your underwear.

“Oh I see you have condoms,” she says, pulling the two pack from your bag. All you can do by now is simply watch as she unwraps on and expertly works it on your cock. Damn, it wasn’t that bursa escort bayan easy the one time you put one on before.

“Have you ever done this before?” she asks.

You nod.

“I mean in the ass.”

You shake your head from side to side.

“Okay, don’t worry, I’ll help you along. First we need some lube.”

After rambling through her purse she returns with a small plastic bottle. Turning it upside down she pours it directly on your cock and then works it around with her fingers.

Gritting your teeth you immediately feel the sensations shooting through you. Thinking quickly you begin to repeat the square roots of numbers counting backward from one hundred, finally gasping in relief when she finishes.

“Oh my, were you that close just from me spreading on the lube?”

You nod.

“How long has it been… you did say you’ve done this before?”



You nod.

Reaching down between her legs she says, “Well I hope you don’t mind me getting a head start here.”

You watch as she slips her fingers into herself and then moves up to her clit. Trying to maintain your composure you see her slowly toy with her clit while moving her hips forward and back in a slow fucking motion.

“You hang on there, I’m feeling it some now,” she says. “Now when I get up on my hands and knees, you push your cock up to my asshole and then wait a moment. Let me move back onto you until we get it in okay?”

You nod, feeling your cock throb as you watch her lips begin to swell and open up. You long to slip a finger inside her but refrain, remembering her rules.

Finally she says, “Okay, get ready,” and turns and moves onto her hands and knees.

Leaning forward, you feel your cock come to rest against her tight hole.

“Now hold yourself steady as I back onto you,” she says.

You flex your muscles and hold your ground as you feel her pushing against your cock and then slowly opening to you. Sliding into her tight ass you feel an intensity of sensation like you’ve never felt before. So tight, but with the lube so slippery you feel her close over you, easing down your shaft.

Then, you come to a stop as you seem to come to the end. She moans, “Wait, let me come back to you some more.”

Once again, after some pushing, she opens escort bursa again, this time taking all of you. You bump against her cheeks as she cries out, “Yes, yes, now fuck me.”

You oblige, sliding out just a ways and then pushing back in. Her tightness squeezes you as the sensation of her climbs up your shaft, working you with a firm, but so soft grip. You withdraw again and then push back into her as she moans, “Yes, yes, I’m coming.”

Glancing down between her legs you see her hands working furiously and then suddenly feel her ass grabbing you, squeezing you tight and then releasing you. Damn it’s so good, you withdraw and then plunge back into her feeling your balls swell.

You explode in an incredible jolt of pleasure spurting your come into her ass… well into the condom deep in her ass. But you spurt again and again completely lost in the immense pleasure of her.

Collapsing down on her back you wrap your arms around her waist and hold her tight as you cock slowly begins to shrink. Finally, her tight muscles pinch you out and, grabbing the end of the condom, you back out of her.

“That was nice,” she says turning and sitting down while pointing to her breasts and pussy, “no harm no foul.”

Smiling, you nod and ask, “What about this?”

Looking at the condom dangling in your fingers she replies, “Yeah, we need to get rid of the evidence.” Rolling over to one of the doors, she opens the window and nods, “Just toss it out.”

Flippantly you toss the condom out of the window as she quickly begins to put on her clothes. You follow suit and in just a few moments you find yourself standing at the driver’s side door. “Goodbye,” you say as she leans out the window and kisses you on the cheek.

Backing up you watch as she backs the van out of the parking space and pulls away. Only then do you notice the used condom dangling from the antenna of a pure white Volvo station wagon. Completely frozen you then see your pastor’s wife balancing shopping bags from several stores walk past you followed by her two children.

Quickly rushing to your car you glance back to see her spotting the dripping decoration on her antenna and dropping her bags to the ground. Hiding your face you climb into your car as suddenly a phrase comes to your mind: If you need even more help, you can email Laurel and she’ll be happy to work with you personally on specific problems.

Starting the engine and backing out of your parking place you wonder just who this Laurel is and how is she going to help you get out of this mess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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