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A guy friend and I, laying in bed with after getting fucked asked me if I remember my FIRST time. Well, FIRST time is kind of subjective.

Had a sister of a friend that I was getting it on, only to find out my friend was hiding and watching us. He came in and tried to get me to let him suck my dick, but I was too weirded out by it. I was a small town country boy, but it certainly did make me curious about it and what it would feel like to give and get from a guy.

Fast forward to a few years later. I was in the army and on my first leave. Missed my bus and decided to just hitchhike (70s) instead of waiting for two days. Had a guy that picked me up and he was heading not all but most of the way to my parents home. Plus he had some great smoke that made the ride awesome.

Late at night and I dozed off from the pot, only to feel his hand massaging my crotch as I snoozed. I just adjusted myself to give him better access. It felt good and I figured what the hell. I was okay to let him jack me off..

We stopped at a rest stop and he parked far back away from the lights and proceeded to give me a blow job instead. Which was fine by then as I was far too horny and far too stoned.

Wasn’t long before sadly a state trooper cruised thru the parking lot with his light on every car. The guy (Looked like Bob Ross) asked bahis firmaları me if I would like to go some place we could have a little freedom to do as we pleased.

We then went to downtown Columbus Ohio to a bath house (again 70s). He got us a little room there and gave me the best massage I had ever had with a happy ending blow job. My first from a guy and he knew what he was doing for sure.

I was laying nude on the platform bed thing again snoozing when I feel hand on me again and I look up and it isn’t the same guy at all. It is a tall semi chubby caramel skinned black man with the thickest cock I had ever seen at the time.

He started to give me blow job number two but with a twist. He was playing with my ass and slowly ran his finger inside of me. Hello prostate! That finger in my ass made me instantly hard! He was just slowly worked it in taking a a break on my cock. Keeping me from coming with a firm little squeeze. He stood up and slid my head over to the edge and laid his fat cock on my lips. Took me by the back of the head and put it in my mouth and demanded I suck his cock. . I was 5’6″ 135 lbs. young, naive and scared as well. Again, keep in my mind, small town country boy that until boot camp had never really been around a black man, much less a naked black man who let me know by tone, I was at his mercy.

I kaçak iddaa sucked him the best I could while he fingered my ass with one, two and three fingers, adding lube as he went. His cock getting harder and harder until it gagged me and I was afraid I would be drowned in a load of semen.

He slipped over top of me and laid down on the bed, his cock straight up in the air. He whispers that my ass is so tight, he would let me guide him in from on top. I said I didn’t know how, and he said he would help. And help he did.

With his fingers entering me and then he would spread them apart and hold them until I relaxed a little and applying LOTS of lube, Finger stretching being done, I am told to lower myself on his dick. Slowly, I let myself down on to his shaft and could feel that massive head stretching me more than the fingers. Slowly I let my weight guide me down and with a great deal of pain, his cock literally made a “plop” sound when it went inside of me. No matter the stretching, let me tell you it HURT. A burning sort of hurt.

He placed his hands under my thighs and literally held me in the air with my feet barely touching the bed and proceeded to fuck me like a doll very slowly. Moving me up and down. Allowing more and more of his gorgeous cock into my ass. After about 5 minutes of feeling that monster kaçak bahis inside of me, the pain subsided and pleasure kicked in. Oh did it ever! We did several positions. Kneeling, standing, from behind doggy style, holding me up with my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. And lastly, my personal favorite, probably because of this being my first, he had my legs on his shoulders, semi missionary style. I had my legs still oh his shoulders as he moaned and grunted cumming in my ass. He kept getting louder as his thrust inside me got harder. It felt wonderful and, that it felt so warm and was SOOO much it ran down my ass and legs.

Bob Ross never did come back, so I spent the night in the room, which by the way, back then, if the door was open and you were face down, it meant come fuck me. And a couple did. A tall skinny white guy with a tall skinny cock that lasted about 20 seconds. Another shorter black guy that was very dark and his cock was very wide. It would have been painful had I not have been just turned out by number one. And two others that were a blur. The others were easier to take as I was already stretched and WELL lubed with cum.

I have felt several cocks in my ass over the years. None like the caramel giant but that is ok. Was years later before I got to try it again but it was a great night that to this day makes me smile from ear to ear. I miss the 70s pre disease, pre-hangups…

Reading that, it sounds so phony, but was dead on to how it happened. Ok, there may have been some recreational drugs involved…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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