Making a Maid at College


Chapter One

Being Ken and Sandra’s maid and sex slave was one of the happiest times of my life. But I came to realize that I should prepare myself for my future. Linda was ecstatic about my decision, assuring me that with a Business Degree she’d be more than happy to give me employment or at least help to get me started on my own. My present employers at first weren’t too happy of the prospect of having to find and train someone new. But they did concede, and gave me their blessings as long as I didn’t disappear entirely from their lives. Of course I could never even dream of forever going without the pleasures we shared over the last two or more years together.

But before I begin on the next chapter of my life I guess I should help you get up to date on all that has occurred in the last few years. Shortly after my mother went to see her sister she became ill and found she had a cancer. Sandra immediately took me to see her. The Doctor was very vague about her condition or about any possible cure. We all decided that she should stay with my aunt while she was in treatment. I stayed too, to be close to her. Fortunately, for my mother’s sake, she didn’t suffer for long and in less than a month I returned to my duties as a maid.

I was quite surprised to find out the extant of the nest egg my mother had saved and left me. I had no idea, growing up I had always thought we were poor. I guess my mother worked in principle rather than need. I found myself the owner of a few properties and a hoard of money. It couldn’t replace my mother, but it gave me the opportunity to be whom and what I wanted.

With mostly Linda’s help and guidance and Ken and Sandra’s blessing I found a good therapist and forever left the boy in me behind. Except of course for a penis, and I am still not sure if I ever will want the surgery at this point in my life. I began hormone treatment and legally change my name a year later. I still stayed employed as Sandra’s maid, though I never accepted payment for the job. At least not money, there was so many other rewards to keep me satisfied, both mentally and physically.

Linda helped me get into a school, her old alma mater. Even though I could have paid for a off campus apartment she assured me that I should experience dorm life first hand and that her old school would be perfectly suited to girl like me. The rooms of the dorms were large and each one had its own complete bathroom so I really only had a roommate to keep a secret from. If I wanted too she said with a wink and a grin.

The dorms were ready for occupancy a week before school started and I had hoped to get in early and unpack at least a few of my more personal things in private. You know, my toys and enema kit. So there I was with Linda, Sandra and Ken following behind with most of the boxes entering the dorm where I would be living for the next few years. As I stood at the closed entrance to my room nervously trying to insert the key with shaking hands when it popped open and there stood my new roomy.

“Hy,” She squealed with an excited farm girl accent, “You must be Kary? I’m Deborah Jones, your roommate, Debbie for short, but you all probably figured it out already, about the roommate thing not the name. Come on in and make yourself at home. It is your home away from home now.”

She continued on prattling away as we entered the room and within five minutes she had given us her life story, or so it seemed. She had a very bubbly personality, appearing to be around 19, around five feet tall and about a ninety pounds soaking wet. I found myself liking her at once. I noticed Ken rolling his eyes before setting down the boxes and slipping out for another load. Linda and Sandra both wore amused smiles as they listened.

“Well now, who are your friends?” Debbie asked stopping suddenly to hear.

Linda poked me in my side to wake me up, “These are my best friends, Linda and Sandra and Ken who must of snuck out back to the car.”

“I’m pleased to meet you all.” She said with hand extended and started off on another oration about having an aunt and cousin in town here by the same names. Ken reentered with the last box and Sandra interrupted Debbie to introduce Ken and before she could start again made their excuse to leave.

“I’m sure Kary, that Debbie won’t mind helping you unpack, this is lovely large room but the five of us would just get in each others way and I’m sure the two of you should take the opportunity to get to know each other.” Sandra said with smile.

“I wouldn’t mind one bit.” Jumped in Debbie and off she went on again on how roomies should always be willing to help each other in any way possible.

“Thanks awfully,” I said with a mock sneer, ” I’ll just walk down to the car with you to make sure that I’ve got everything.”

Ken burst out in laughter as we neared the car, ” I’m sure you two will have a great time together Kary dear, that is if you ever get a chance to say anything around her.”

Both Linda and Sandra responded by giving him slaps on the Avrupalı porno shoulders from opposite sides making him laugh louder.

“Be nice Ken,” Sandra admonished, ” She’s a lovely girl and Kary is lucky to have such an innocent and cute roommate.”

“That won’t last long with our Kary in the next bed I’m sure.” He said over more laughter.

“Quit teasing you Meany.” Linda said wrapping her arm around my shoulder protectively, “Don’t forget you promised us all to come home once a month at least or anytime you want or need too. Of coarse we’ll be expecting an occasional phone call also dear. Try not to forget us to quickly.”

That seemed to be the breaking point for us all and even big strong Kenny got a little teary eyed as we said our good-byes. I stood and watched the car drive away feeling a little lonely. Then, with a sigh, I turned and walked back to my dorm to face my new roomy, a new adventure and a new life.

As soon as the door opened Debbie’s mouth started to run. I didn’t mind at all, it seemed to fill the void the departure of my friends created. I took the opportunity to survey the room and noticed that except for a couple of pictures, there wasn’t very much in the way of Debbie’s personal items. Two beds, two desks and small fridge with a sign saying no cooking in the room, I laid my garment bag on one of the beds and turned to look at Debbie sitting on the other talking away. She exuded a very homey appearance, a perfect peaches and crème complexion and showed no signs of slightest bit of make-up. Natural, straight blonde hair fell to her waist. Smiling to myself I thought she make the ideal farmers daughter poster girl.

“I’m talking too much aren’t I” Debbie said in suddenly shy voice. Looking down at the floor I realized I must have embarrassed her, ” I do it all the time.”

“No, of course not, not at all Debbie,” trying to make feel at ease I added, ” I was just thinking how pretty you are.”

She dropped her head lower and those lovely blonde tresses fell in front to cover the flush that appeared on her cheeks.

Looking up at me shyly she said, ” That means a lot to me coming from someone as gorgeous as you are Kary.”

It was my turn to feel embarrassed and then we both laughed at each other’s discomfort.

“Well,” I sighed, ” I guess I should get this over with.”

“It’ll be all put away in no time at all with the two of us working together.” She suddenly stopped and looked down again and in a meek voice asked, “That’s if you’d like my help?”

“Of course I do,” I said lifting her chin with my fingertips, ” I think it will great fun to have you help. I just want to change into some work clothes first.”

The look in her eyes and the smile she gave me was like the sun coming up, Debbie may only have been a year or so younger than I was but I felt much more older. I felt an attraction start to grow for this innocent little country girl.

“I’ll wait to your changed and I don’t blame you for wanting to change out of those fancy clothes so you won’t ruin them.”

“Well, I’m not worried about that. I’m just more comfortable doing house chores in my uniform. I’ve had to wear for so long now it just wouldn’t feel right without it.”

“Uniform?” she asked with a puzzled look

“I’ll show you.” I said opening up the garment bag. It was the last thing I had put in because I had planned on making sure that everything was clean before I put my stuff away. I was slightly shocked at first, it seems that someone had added a surprise for me with a note attached to the hanger.

My dearest Kary,

I just wanted to make sure you had something special to remind you of us and all the good times we had, just in case you get a little homesick. I still remember the first time you wore this uniform. That sparkle it lit up in your eye and the smile at your own reflection.

Love you.

M. Sandra

“That looks so pretty.” Debbie sighed from beside my shoulder. ” Is it a gift, I wish some one would give me a pretty dress like that.”

“Kind of, I guess,” I replied with a slight catch in my voice, ” it’s the first dress uniform Sandra had given me. You know, to wear for serving at parties or special dinners.”

I pulled the satin maid’s uniform out and held it up in front of myself to show Debbie. At first sight she looked kind of shocked and then her eyes grew very round.

“You were a maid?” She gently touched the hem and looked up at me in awe, “If my Pa saw me in something that short he’d blow his top right off.”

The look on her face and conviction in her voice made me laugh and her blush.

“Would you like to try it on?” I asked.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t. It’s much to fine and wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.”

“Well you can if you want too, I really don’t mind and it is stronger than it looks. After all I did work in it.”

I hung it up on a coat hook on the back of main door in plain sight. Debbie just stared at it with her mouth open. Video porno I got out the light blue cotton uniform I had brought with me and went to the bathroom to change. I changed as quickly as I could and five minutes later I found Debbie still admiring the outfit.

She turned and watch as I finished buttoning up the front and stared at me for a moment, shaking her head she exclaimed, “Man, your work clothing is nicer than my church dress.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the look on her face. I went to the garment bag and started to lift out my clothing.

“How about I just hand you things and you can hang them in the closet, okay?” I asked.

“Sure, no problem.”

I just wanted to be in a position to see the look on her face as I unpacked some of the clothing I had picked out on some the shopping sprees Linda and I went on. We always spent a lot of money on the fanciest and daringest out fits we could find. The bigger my cleavage got the more daring the outfits got.

The first four that came out were business suits, I was in college after all, different styles and colors. The only thing they had in common was the very short skirts. I like to show a lot of leg and the lowest one was mid thigh. Next came two long gowns, both were full length and made of the same thin clingy material, but one was red and the other was black. The red was strapless, the black one had spaghetti straps and cut low enough in the front to show lots of cleavage and totally backless almost to indecency.

I listened to Debbie rant on about the suits, how the skirts could be swapped with tops to look like so many different outfits. Her eyes grew wide as she fondle the red gown with a sigh, the black one brought a slight flush to her face and she seemed for once at a loss for words. Debbie’s flush deepened to a crimson when she saw the next item. It was dark blue sequin mini dress, haltered, and split down the front all the way past the navel and of course, it too was backless.

“Your so lucky to have such nice things Kary.” She sighed with a look of envy in her eyes. She looked again at the sequin dress and a mischievous smile play across her face. She looked towards me and held it out.

“Have you really worn this thing out in public?” she asked incredulously.

“Just watch and see me some time little girl.” I replied in a poor Mae West imitation. “I even might let try it out some time.”

We both laughed and Debbie hung up the dress with the others. Then she turned and stepped towards me and squeezed me in a bear hug.

“I just know we’re going to be the best of friends Kary.”

“I couldn’t wish for anymore than that dear.” I answered, trying to keep the excitement I was feeling from my voice.

I could tell she was braless as her small firm breasts pushed into me. Debbie felt as hot as I did. My excitement started to build. I really wanted to kiss her right then there. But I didn’t want to chance breaking the bond of trust that was starting to grow between us. I certainly knew I didn’t want to scare her off. Linda once told me that it’s possible to seduce any one you put your mind to, you just have to figure out a way to make them want you and be persistent. I had already started on a plan to seduce this little country girl and I was sure it wouldn’t take too long to do, especially the way she looked at me with smoldering eyes and flushed cheeks as we broke off our hug and looked into each other’s eyes. We both sighed simultaneously, Debbie giggled at that and it got me more turned on then ever.

“What’s next?” She seemed to purr.

An instant collage of sexy scenes flashed in my head, I wondered if she liked girls or boys, or both, or if she even knew the difference yet.

“That one I guess.” Pointing the case that contained my lingerie. Hoping we might find something to peak Debbie’s curiosity inside of it.

“But first, how about some refreshment?”

“Sure,” Debbie replied quickly, ” But everything on Campus is closed until Friday. We’d have to go into town for it.”

“No we don’t dear,” I moved a couple of boxes and pointed, ” I came prepared, I was warned that I might want to bring some goodies or get use to walking for a few days until I had time to get my car.”

Together we carried it to one of built in desks and Debbie plopped down onto the chair while knelt to open up the cooler. I glanced up and I’m sure she was looking down my top. I sure hope that’s why she turned her face to the window so quickly with a look of guilt on it. I thought I might try to give her a show by twisting my hips to face her with my knees parted enough to show my stocking tops under the short skirt of my uniform.

Keeping my face downwards and to the side I watched her from the corner of my eye while I passed cheese and crackers up to her to set on the desktop. Her hands shook a little more each time her eyes darted down than back up to make sure she didn’t get caught looking again.

Finally standing up with a bottle of wine in one hand and two glasses in the other I looked around the room for the box I had put my utensils in.

“Ah, there it is.” I said emptying my hands I went to the box. Only this time I didn’t kneel. I placed one foot forward with my legs slightly parted and bent at my waist. Knowing that my hem would rise above my stocking tops. I was sure I heard a sigh while I was digging around looking for the corkscrew and a knife and when I turned to face Debbie and her head jerk back to the window. When I got to the desk I sat on the top and crossed my legs so that my knees where almost at eyelevel with her. I noticed how flushed she appeared to be again.

“Do you like wine dear?” I asked trying to sound innocent.

” I don’t know, my parents were against it so I’ve never had any before. I’m sure they wouldn’t approve.”

“Well now Debbie,” smiling as we made eye contact, “They’re not here and what they don’t know won’t bother them will it.”

“They did make me promise not to drink alcohol.”

“Don’t worry dear,” I replied with a sly smile and a wink, ” I’ll cover for you and they’ll never know.”

I filled both glasses and handed one to Debbie, “To close friendships.”

“Yes, to close friendships.” Repeated Debbie.

Looking over the brim of my glass, I watched as she took her first sip of wine. She made a face, as she seemed to swish it around her mouth, took another then smiled.

” It’s not what I expected it to taste like. It tastes good though.” She said and enthusiastically drank down half the glass.

“You should just sip it dear,” I told her, ” If you drink to much to fast it might make you sick.”

For the next half hour we ate and sipped and chatted. Debbie told me about how dull living on farm could be and about how overbearing her father was. He never let any of his daughters go anywhere unless it had something to do with church or school and than there had to be adult supervision. She said she missed her mom, brothers and sisters already, but was glad to be finally away, free.

“Did you have any boyfriends?” I asked

“No,” she replied sadly. ” I didn’t really have any friends in high school. I got teased a lot. Except for Miss Johnson the girl’s gym teacher, she was nice to me. Everybody called her Johnny the Dyke. She wasn’t very big but she was tougher than some of the football players.”

She seemed to brighten almost child-like as she started to tell me about her teacher.

” Miss Johnson even let me call her Marty, which is short for Martha. She’s the one who helped me get here. First she got me a scholarship to this school, and then she got my Pa to let me go. She said it didn’t matter if he’d of let me go or not. She’d have helped me run away if she had too she said.”

She sighed and looked down at her empty glass, ” He didn’t talk to me all summer long, told my Ma to tell what chores he had for me. I know now that he loves me in his own way though. The day I left to come here, he came up to my room with a brand new Bible and said make sure you read the good book at least a half hour a day you here, just like at home and find a good church to go to on Sunday mornings. Don’t you ever be afraid to come home if things don’t work out for ya’. Good luck daughter and make me proud. Then he hugged me for the first time I can remember and I think he was crying, because I saw him rub his eyes as he left the room.”

When Debbie looked back up at me I could see how sad she really felt. A tear glistened on her cheek. I couldn’t help but choke up a little myself and reached out to hold her. She cried on my shoulder for at least ten minutes before she managed to talk.

“I’m so sorry Kary,” She said between sobs, ” The first day we meet and I’m balling like a baby all over you.”

“It’s okay Debbie,” I tried to console her, ” I don’t mind, what are friends for, anyway?”

“Thanks,” she sniffled, ” You are a good friend to say so. Lets get back to it or we’ll be up all night.”

“Sure, if you’re up to it.”

“Of course I am,” she said all puffy eyed, “I want too, really.”

“So?” I asked.

“So, what do you mean Kary?”

“Have you been reading your Bible dear?”

Debbie started to giggle. ” Haven’t even opened it yet.”

I went to a plain cardboard box that Linda gave me for a going away present. It contained a wooden chest of six drawers about two feet wide and three high. Two of the drawers were the full width of the bottom and the four on top were two rows side by side. She told me laughingly, it would come in handy for my unmentionables since I had so many.

“What’s that for?” Debbie asked.

“Linda gave it to me for my underwear,” She looked at me questioningly, “So I can keep the different types all sorted.” I told her.

She looked a little confused so I grabbed the case I had used for my lingerie and went over to the bed and opened it, spreading the contents in neat piles over the bed.

“Wow,” I heard from just behind me, ” I’ve never seen so many different kinds.”

“Why would you need all these?” She asked in awe.

“It depends on my mood I guess.” I replied, ” They make me feel sexy and excited. It sometimes turns on who ever might see me in them too.”

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