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True Story:

I just got out of a 3 year sexless relationship with a cheating no good bitch. Anyway, one of her friends was a really hot redhead with huge breasts. We had always flirted but never had any alone time, much less made any moves because of my ex. Well, one night while hanging with a lot my ex’s friends, Red and I had been sending sexy texts and we decided to head out and meet up in a parking lot. Of course, this leads to making out.

We have the seats laid down in my SUV so we’re all stretched out and all over each other. Not having sex in what felt like absolutely forever, I was so hard I was about to poke a hole through my jeans. She was laying beneath me with her legs spread and her skirt hiked up around her waist. Our kissing was getting heated as I was grinding my stiff cock into her hot pussy.

She moaned that she had been wanting me since she first met me as she thrust her pelvis up into mine. I told her I had felt the same way and didn’t think I could wait much longer. She then uttered two extremely simple words that completely made my night. “OK.” I ran my hand up her legs while she unfastened my belt and pants, desperately grasping for my dick. She pulled my dick out and stroked it. It felt so good in her hands. I pulled her panties to the side while she spread her legs further apart for me.

Still holding my cock, she lined it up and told me she was ready. I pushed forward, entering her. I felt her hand leave in order to allow me full access to her dripping cunt. I pushed in deep until I was bahis firmaları fully submerged into her opening. I love the feeling of a wet, hot pussy gripping the base of my cock as I push myself as far as possible, grinding our pelvises together. There I was, balls deep and grinding on the clit of my ex’s friend. It was sweet in more way than one.

I pulled out slowly and thrust back in deep and hard, forcing a gasp from her open mouth. Her back arched; her head tilted back; her mouth moaning my name. I continued to thrust deep into her womb.

Crap! Flashing lights! It wasn’t for us, but it was enough to scare us. We decided we had to finish what we started and she followed me to my house.

We can’t get to the bedroom fast enough. Our clothes are flying off on the way. I toss her naked, tight body onto the bed. I crawl between her legs kissing and licking my way up them toward my goal – a smooth pussy with a nice little landing strip above. She leans up on her elbows and watches me with her sexy eyes as I lick the wetness between her legs. I like to tease and start flicking that tender spot between her leg and labia – one side, then the other. I kiss her pussy, taking each lip in my mouth and sucking as I pull away, allowing it to pop out of my mouth. I then lightly lick up her moist slit and watch her eyes roll back. Next I lick my way up her slit again. This time deeper, sticking my tongue up into her hot fuck hole. I wiggle it around inside her then lick further up. my tongue flicks firmly past her clit. She moans loudly kaçak iddaa and falls backward.

At this point, it’s time to take it home. So, I focus all my sucking and licking and flicking on her sensitive clit. She runs her fingers through my hair as she pushes my head into her sweet spot. Soon, she’s bucking her hips up into my face and squeezing my head between her legs. She cums hard and releases me as I lick up her juices.

I crawl up on the bed and ask if she’s ready. She says she is and she wants it hard. Of course, I oblige. Her pussy is sopping wet and ready for me. I easily slide in to the hilt. All the teasing throughout the night has made me ready to explode. I usually last quite a while, but this time I didn’t make it longer than 10 minutes, giving her one more orgasm.

When I was ready to cum, I asked if I could shoot in her pussy. She said she wasn’t on the pill but I could cum in her mouth. Fuck! Girls, you have no idea what a turn on it is for you to say things like that. Wow! I could feel that wonderful tingle at the base of my cock and those words put me over the edge. I pulled out of her soak pussy and pushed up toward her head. She takes me in her mouth and shows me what an awesome little c0ck sucker she is, sucking all her juices off my dick and soon all of mine right out of me. All the on and off teasing throughout the night had caused me to build up a big load. I just kept cumming and cumming. She was doing her best, but some of it started leaking out her mouth! How hot is that?! She was a real trouper kaçak bahis though and licked it all up and swallowed every drop. Up until that point I hadn’t experienced anything like that and I couldn’t believe it.

It was fantastic. So much so, I was instantly ready for more. She loved it! So did I. I’m not going to lie. I’m usually ready to go pretty quick afterward, but even though it sometimes happens, it’s pretty rare for me to need no recovery at all. I was kind of impressing myself. haha. laugh

I turned her over and fucked her from behind, sinking my dick right back in her. She was still super wet. Come to find out, she was just as freaky and liked sex just as much as me. This time I lasted a bit longer. She came 3 more times on my thrusting cock and I finished all over her face this time. As we headed toward the shower, I knew I had something good. We stayed friends with benefits for quite some time. mainly because I just wasn’t ready for another serious relationship so soon.

There are many stories I could share from our times together, including many more from that weekend. To be honest, I wouldn’t believe me if I were you, but we actually had sex almost non-stop for the rest of that night and the next two days! Seriously. We only stopped briefly for naps, snacks, and showers. We definitely made use of our time together that weekend. After it was all over she was walking funny and I’m pretty sure my dick didn’t work again for the next week. laugh I’ve had some pretty great and even very long sex sessions since then, but nothing has been close to matching that marathon. That may be a good thing. It very well could kill me the next time! haha.

Maybe I’ll make this a series and write more later. Keep your eyes peeled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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