Maria’s Marvelous Feet


Hi, visitors of .com (the biggest place to discuss about sex, I have every seen). I am from Pakistan. I am quite new in this site, I have read at most stories of this site, and I was amaze. after spending some month on this site, I also decide to join the community of .com. I have written a fantasy in an Asian sex site. I have good response from my story but the response come from the Asian only (As that site is popular in Asia). But when I found this site then I think that why I not send my stories on it, so I am sending my story. If you like my story then I am my requesting you that please comments on my story and if possible and have time to write then mail me on my mail box. I will be eagerly wait for you comments / views.

My English is not so much good. So forgive me if I written wrong (spelling, grammar, sentences).

Before reading my story I want to tell about a lady who is one of the best in the world. She is the only one who have beautiful feet and beautiful heart too. She is my feet queen for the last 3/4 year, through mails I given the owner of queen and she became my feet queen). Her sweet name is “Leidy”, she is very beautiful model of a site and she grab my heart with her sweetest, sexiest, marvelous, glorious feet. I become hungry lover of her. She has much contribution in my writing. She given me a chance to write. If you want to like to see my Feet Queen (Leidy) then you can check her personal site, I love her site very much and I love her beautiful feet, soles, ankle, toe, knee, calf, thighs, abdomen, breast. Especially her toenails are very beautiful and her trade mark. I became her slave, but now she is not responding me so regularly.

My feet_loving started in my childhood. I enjoyed myself from my Cousins and Aunts. Until then now I enjoyed my self with at least all type of women, in which the girl of 10 years, girl of 20+ years, woman of 30+, and even I have experience with an aunt her age is now 45, she is such beautiful woman with marvelous feet, in the age of 45. You can say that I have experiences all type of females, and all type of feet big, small, silky, ugly, wrinkled, black, white, softest and hardest. But I enjoyed and take taste from all type of feet, I found the beauty in the feet of females. A story of my childhood (age 12) is in progress and I will sent if I got good response from this story. That story is with my an aunt, my feet loving with her in the age of 12 and still going on, that story have many chapters.

This experience is with my neighbor, at that time before that experience many times I held her feet in my hands and kisses them a lot, rub her feet. At that time I was 18 years old. My Feet_Princess (whom I loved very much), her age was 16.

She was very cute (I used past tense). She was very beautiful from her face to toe. Her color was ultra white, with wonderful pair of feet and beautiful cutted nails and polished with brown nail polish most of the time. Then I inquired then he tells me that brown and pink is my favorite color since childhood. Her feet was so silky, softest and the tongue can not be stayed in one place due to her silky skin. Her name was Maria. She was first become my feet_lover properly, because before this I never exposed myself as feet_lover but near her I exposed myself as a feet_lover. This experience was my first time with her in my life.

The story started from here. One morning I was alone at home. Maria was my neighborhood. She was oftenly come our home for domestic matters. That day I decided to tell her about my love. That day she was looking much beautiful then before with light make up, Black cloths. She was wearing black pumps in her whitest feet in which her white feet was looking very sexy. She followed me to my bed room as she want to ask about mathematics questions. She sat at the chair besides me and crossed her legs, I could better appreciate the attractiveness of her feet from my seat. I could clearly see, peeking from the side of her shoe.

Her shoes was draggling in her feet her feet was killing me at that time. She ask me some questions, I tell her about the question. During the answering, my eyes was caught her feet’s view. Suddenly her feet was get off from her feet then I could view her full view of Uzun porno feet on that time her nails was painted with brown color and cutted beautifully. When I end giving her answer. I admire her feet with fear that Maria your feet are very very beautiful and sexy, and the nails are beautifully painted, the toe nails was her special appearance. How you maintain them? I was not expected from her that she will answer me. But I was surprised when her thanks comments and tell me that I washed my feet two times a day and apply cream daily and cover them in socks and use closed shoes, I wear less open shoes.

Then she tells that one of my cousin also admire my feet one time. After that I care much of my feet, because then I come to know that men must see the feet of girls to attract them I care of my feet more. Due to more care, it looks so beautiful and soft. But I was shocked when she tells that you can feel its softness. I was reached on 7th sky. She up her feet on to my lap, her sole was touching my thighs, I placed my hand on her feet and she was right to say her feet was much much softest, I have ever touched like Maria’s feet before. Her feet much softer then my thinking.

Then she tell that I observe many times that you pointed my feet when I come to your home and meet outside the home, are your lover of feet, I answered “yes”. Her feet was still in my hands. Then I down my head to her feet and placed my lips over her sole. I kissed inside of her calf, over her ankle to her foot. She had a very cute, with big toes, and a sexy arch. She was seeing me surprisingly that what I am doing. She said to my I think that you like my feet very much. I said yes and continue to kiss her feet, all the feet, her toe was small I took her toe in my mouth. She laughed softly, but the laughter turned to moans more pleasure when I began sucking her toes. She enjoyed it, as most girls/women do. Her toes wiggled in my mouth in response to my licking tongue. I ran my tongue over her arch, dwelling on the sexy, wrinkled soles for a while. During kissing and licking, I wet her feet with my tongue. She was also enjoying a lot. Then I left her and reached to her juicy lips. I kiss her lips and cheeks. She also response my kiss. The moment was such great for me and her.

My arm around the back of her shoulders. Capturing the moment once more, I embraced her with both arms, and continued kissed her lips long and passionately. I felt her arms around me in response. During kissing my hands started rubbing her breast. Her breast was not so big but remarkable softest. As she was posing as a good fresh kisser. I could sense her excitement, mingling with my own, as her tongue responded to mine. Afterwards, we looked at each other and smiled, silently.

Now I can see her feet more closely, as she have very lovely feet, soles and knee. As we talked, I began to rub her foot lightly with my hand. When I grasped her foot in my hand and started massaging it, she extended her leg toward me and said, “Oooo, I love foot massages. You can do that.” I sat at the end of the bed, as she extended both legs toward me, and massaged her feet, vigorously. “Mmmmm, that is so nice,” she said as I massaged her toes. I massaged her soles firmly. I had never experienced before because her feet was absolutely softest.

I massaged the balls of her feet vigorously, I found it very erotic. I tried to position myself so she could not see the bulge that my burgeoning manhood was causing. As I rubbed her ankles, she continued. She told that you would be amazed at what he would do with my feet. I said her that I want to massage and fuck your feet. She answered that yes why not. Then I kissed her feet many times. Then she placed her now bare feet in my lap. I would pay extra attention to her aching feet. I worked on each leg separately for 15 minutes then both together for 30 minutes. I was in heaven! My skillful muscular hands knew just how to work out all of the tension in her aching body. All the tension was going to her feet. It felt great to be able to wiggle her toes and relax her arches. With both of her feet in my lap. I very gently began to massage her left foot, starting at the heel and slowly working her up my arch to her toes. I was kneading her soles Öğrenci porno with my thumbs and moving them in a small circulation with light pressure. I slowly worked her way up her arch, and when I got to the ball of her foot, I put my thumbs together and slid them onto her toe slightly tugging on it.

Then I slowly slid my hands down the side of her foot, using my palms to knead the outside edges of her foot, until I got to the heel. Then I held the heel with both hands and with slight pressure, I squeezed her heel with my palms and moved my way to the base of her arch. Then I put my thumbs together in the middle of her arch. Using my palms, moving my thumbs and palms in and up, and then with an out motion using a little more pressure than before.. “Ooh, KHAWAR, that feels great. Don’t stop!” she requested. When I got to the ball of her foot, I pressed into it with my palms and began to knead. Then I moved to her toes and did the same as before. “Ooooh!” She moaned again. I was getting hot. After I were done with her toes, I worked her way down the side of her foot the same as before, and then back up starting at the heel, using my thumbs in a small circular motion and with slightly more pressure than before. I repeated the process, alternating after each cycle. I kept this up for 30 minutes before switching to her right foot for another 30 minutes. Then I massaged both of her feet at the same time for another 30 minutes. At that time I feel her nipples were hard as a rock. She was breathing heavy and my heart was racing.

Then I picked up her left foot and began to kiss her foot. I kissed her entire foot from heel to toe. I even kissed the little pads on the bottoms of her toes, making sure that not one spot went un-touched. Then I took her first 3 toes, starting with her pink toe, and put them in my mouth. I started sucking them and swirling my tongue around them. I sucked every toe on of her left foot and then I switched to her right foot, giving it the same special attention as her left. She grabbed my belt and quickly undid my pants. Then I picked up both of her feet by the ankles and began to worship them again, this time kissing the tips of her toes and the tops of her feet until I got to her ankles. Then I spread her legs, working way up gently kissing on the inner side of both legs until I reached my eager beaver. She was going wild, panting, moaning and digging her nails into my back. It was making me even hotter. I was going crazy. After sometime I lie besides her and started kissing her lips and checks a lot. I asked that you enjoyed as I enjoyed with massaging you. During chatting I hold her prettiest feet in my hands and rubbing with love.

I held her right foot firmly in both hands, wrapping my fingers around the top of her foot, as my thumbs massaged her soles slowly. Her beautiful foot felt so soft and sensuous in my hand. As I rubbed her succulent toes between my fingers and thumbs, they flexed and separated. When I bent down to kiss her toes, I caught a faint whiff of perfume coming from them. Perfumed feet have always excited me for two reasons. The odor of perfume itself, is very sensual when applied to feet, and I find her, that she was aware of the attractiveness of her feet, because she put enough perfume on them, very erotic. My lips pressed against the tips of her toes, as my tongue rolled over them lightly. Parting my lips, I slipped her toes into my mouth, my tongue lashing underneath and between them. Her low moans indicated that she was enjoying that a lot, so I continued licking and sucking her sensitive toes, as they twitched with pleasure in my mouth. As I worshipped her foot with my lips and tongue, my hands continued their massage. I, then, traced my tongue over the ball over her foot, slowly across the soles to the arch. Placing my mouth over her arch, I sucked it passionately, while my tongue darted wildly over it. Massaging her toes with my fingers, while I sucked her arch, caused more moans of pleasure to escape her lips. I placed that foot in my lap, and began focusing on her other one, massaging and orally stimulating it the same as I did the first. Her head was back, her eyes closed, as she completely succumbed to the erotic pleasures that I was giving her through her feet and toes.

After thoroughly massaging and worshipping Maria’s feet, I began venturing into other territories. I planted a series of kisses along the inside of her leg, starting from her ankle, and moving upwards. My kisses continued up the inside of her thigh. As I pressed my face between her thighs.

We kissed passionately, enjoying the feel of each others’ warm, naked body. Our lips pressed passionately together.

she brought her toes to my lips, which I began sucking and licking with relish. With one hand she stroked my shaft. The other hand kneaded my balls until they ached with pleasure, all while I orally worshipped her toes. My body was at the peak of arousal, and filled with sensual excitement. My tongue lapped at her toes hungrily, as her mouth continued sucking me to incredible bliss, and her hands fondled me to ecstasy. When I felt her tongue kneading my testicle inside her mouth, I became delirious with pleasure, responding by licking my tongue back and forth along the length of her sole. I sucked her arch with passion, my tongue lashing over it feverishly. I Hold her foot with both hands, I lashed my tongue over her toes wildly, as I felt the climactic wave approaching. She could sense that I was on the brink of eruption. One hand gripped my shaft firmly, making long, steady strokes. The fingers of the other hand kneaded my aching balls.

I was kissing her on the neck. As my kisses traveled from her neck to her breasts. My lips closed around her nipple as my tongue licked it sensously. With my hand, I fondled her other breast, rolling her nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger. They became hard within seconds, and so did I. As my lips and hands were stimulating her breasts, my manhood was growing, pressing against her leg. She felt it burgeoning next to her and brought her foot up to massage it with her toes. As I slipped her nipple in and out between my lips, I felt her hands caress the back of my head, pressing it tightly to her breast. Her toes squeezed my firm member, as she pressed it between her foot and leg. I rocked my hips back and forth, sliding my throbbing shaft between her foot and leg, as I sucked her tender nipple passionately.

My hips continued their motion, even faster as my excitement built to climax. I could feel my eruption building, the dull ache in my balls, the churning feeling in my groin. Just as I reached the peak of ecstasy, I withdrew my manhood, slid my body toward the foot of the bed, pressing her feet together under my ready to explode cock. She gripped my shaft between her toes, as I thrust it back and forth between her soles. The first powerful orgasmic surge ripped through my body, spewing a hot, thick stream of cream on her soles and arches. I continued thrusting my manhood between her feet frantically, her toes gripping it tightly as a second and a third wave coursed through my loins, spurting more cum over her feet. Her toes milked the last drops from my drained member, after which I collapsed in blissful exhaustion.

I kissed her thighs, tracing kisses down her legs, as I slid my body towards the foot of the bed. As my lips reach her ankles, I saw her sexy feet, still pressed together, drenched in rivers of creamy cum that my erupting manhood had deposited. Starting with her succulent toes, My lips moved further down her feet to the gracefully curved arches, licking them lustfully, probing my tongue between her feet, savoring the issue of my loins. Returning to the head of the bed, I kissed her lips softly, pressing my tongue into her accepting mouth. She quickly entangled her tongue with mine, sharing the juices that it had retrieved from her feet. We laid in each other’s embrace for several minutes. Then this marvelous time ended with the bell at door. This story not ended here I am still writing more my experiences with Maria and also with. Dear readers I request you again that please send me message regarding my experience. I have experiences with Maria (young), three some old woman of 30+ and one woman of the age of 45, I have experienced with that woman of 45, she is the one of the best woman in my life. I will continued to write if I response better.

Okay this time the story is ended with endless love for the feet of Maria. I never forget her feet in my life. I request again to all visitors (female and male) comments on my story and especially that girls who have beautiful feet, they are most welcomed by me, I want to make them my friend.

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