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I am going to preface this by saying that if sexual acts that are, shall we say, beyond reality, aren’t up your alley, don’t bother going further. This is a purposely over the top story, since that is what I want to write 🙂 I decided to try other avenues in this one, so I understand if some don’t dig it. Fear not, it will continue back down other paths soon. Enjoy, and keep the feedback coming! And here are our players:

Mother, 43: Danni Ashe
Oldest sister Shyla, 25: Shyla Stylez
Younger sister Lindsey, 20: Lindsey Lohan (Mean Girls Era)
Youngest sister Bryce, 19: Bryce Dallas Howard

I awoke late the next morning to find Bryce wrapped around me. Not sexually, but cuddling me. She apparently wasn’t actually sleeping, as she sensed me wake and kissed me on the cheek. She was wearing cute cotton panties and a baby doll tee. I wasn’t used to her (or anyone for that matter) being clothed while in bed with me.

“Morning sleepyhead.” She whispered in my ear.

“What time is it?” It was hard to tell, being as my bedroom was in the basement.

“Pushing noon. Shyla is still out like a light. You really gave it to her last night. Mom and I could hear you two from the house. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Hartley next door heard you.”

That was an interesting thought. I wondered what our neighbor would think of that. I decided to just lay there for a while in my sister’s arms. As much as I loved sex, it felt wonderful to also share something more emotional and intimate. Bryce seemed to be happy with that, and she just lay there next to me, purring every now and then as I caressed her casually. I’m not sure how long we lay there before I heard the door to the upstairs open and mom called down.

“Get up you two. Lunch time!” She called down cheerily.

We got up, and headed for lunch hand in hand. Upstairs, mom was moving around the kitchen and Shyla sat at the breakfast bar. Mom seemed about ready to burst with happiness as she bustled around making a lunch far more intricate than any of us deserved, whereas my big sister looked practically hung over. She was never good at waking up. Especially not after being up well past midnight and then fucked harder than she had ever before. Bryce and I sat on stools next to her. She didn’t really look up, as she held her head sleepily in her hands, but she did reach over and squeeze my cock through my boxers. We looked like quite a group. Me in my boxers, Bryce in her cotton panties and baby doll tee, Shyla topless wearing a thong and mom fully dressed in an apron.

Once lunch was served, mom laid out her rules to Shyla. Shyla was ecstatic about mom leaving dad. I literally had to knock the phone from her hand as she tried to call and berate him. The other ‘rules’ I knew would be hardest for Shyla. She was never one for following rules to begin with. So I figured the rule about not making the family become only about sex would be hard on her. And sure enough, the next few days proved that to be true. At every chance she tried to get at my cock. Even when her pussy was too sore to take it, she still wanted to suck it or jerk it or have it between her tits.

Now, I am sure most guys out there would love to have that problem. But having my sister looking at me like I was just life support for a cock left me feeling cold. Until I realized that Shyla and I never had that much in common anyway. Her thoughts rarely left things like clothes, drinking, or sex. That helped me deal with it better. I still had to fight her off some. When you can pretty much have sex whenever you want, it becomes less of a priority. I looked forward to hanging with my family more.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t avoid sex. One night I watched a movie with my gals. I had my hands around Bryce and my mom, kneading mom’s big tits and tweaking my sister’s hard nipples. Shyla spent most of it kneeling before me, bobbing her head on my cock, trying her best to take it all. Every now and then, Bryce would pop it out of Shyla’s mouth and jam it down her own throat, taking the whole thing and burying her face in my balls. I think she liked showing Shyla that she was better at pleasing me. And frankly she was. Shyla’s sex was blatant and direct. Oh, it was still great. But sex with mom had an element of bringing out her inner slut. She was always so strait laced, that it was a huge turn on to have her gag on my cock trying to take more or beg me to fuck her harder.

Bryce was just amazing. From her ability to deep throat my whole cock, to the way she swiveled her hips while we fucked, or how she could contract her pussy muscles. It was also more than that. Shyla and mom were still fairly dominated by my cock. No matter how aggressive Shyla was, in the end I was in control. Bryce took charge. Like the day we were all out by the pool. I was applying lotion to mom’s back. Nothing overtly sexual. Bryce gets up, unties kadıköy escort mom’s bikini top and tells her to roll over. She squirts a bunch of oil on mom’s now bare breasts, and the calls Shyla (who always tans naked) over and orders her to lie on top of mom and rub their big tits together. Then she had me move up by their heads and stuff my cock between their rubbing oily breasts. As I tit fucked their combined cleavage with my massive dick, Bryce moved around behind and began manipulating both of their pussies. Eventually she had worked her whole hand into each of them (not that hard to do after both of them had taken my mega cock) and fisted them hard. They both came on Bryce’s fists as I shot a huge load over their tits and bellies.

That was the sexual side of Bryce. She and I still shared tender moments where her soft vulnerable side came out. Where she blushed and giggled. Kissing me softly and holding me tightly. Not to mention how we just got along in general. We connect mentally, so we can have long discussions about all kinds of things. That’s pretty much why I decided that I was in love with my sister. I mean, I loved all of my family, but I was actually falling for Bryce.

All of this happened over the next week. And then Lindsey came home. Everyone’s mood changed. Not just because we weren’t sure if the family ‘fun’ could continue with her around, but also just the stress she added to the house. You have Shyla, who is always bouncy and fun. Mom, who is sweet and kind. Bryce, who is cute and clever. And then you have Lindsey. She manages to find fault with everything and everyone. She used to be more fun, but high school really seemed to change her. She became snooty and distant. I was looking forward to testing Bryce’s theory that Lindsey had turned that way to deal with having the hots for her brother.

When Lindsey first got home she was pleasant enough. She was still a bit distant and had this air like she was holding her nose up at us. But that distance seemed to grow the more she was around me. Bryce and Shyla said she was better if I wasn’t around. And when I was, she kept her distance. The only sign of any hint of interest was that Bryce caught her looking at me a few times. Checking me out kind of looks. But I didn’t necessarily need specific clues. In the last few years I had learned that I had some kind of sexual instinct. When I was younger, I blew them off as an overactive mind. And when I first came back home I initially ignored them, feeling that certainly I must be wrong about family. But those instincts always seemed right. I could tell when a woman was sexually attracted to me (which seemed more and more often as my sexual confidence grew), but I also felt like I could tell sexual things that interested them. Like things to say or do to them to turn them on. And I was getting a signal from Lindsey. If I was right, things were going to get interesting. But I had to wait for the right time.

I put my plan into action by asking mom to leave and say she was visiting her Lawyer for awhile. And I asked Bryce and Shyla to go shopping. This left me home alone with Lindsey, whom predictably avoided me around the house. Eventually I let her know I was going to take a shower down in my bathroom and have some ‘me’ time. I hoped she would take the bait. I went down and took a quick shower. When I was done I shaved, but I used that as a cover. What I was doing was looking at my closet through the mirror. Sure enough, there was a gap. And I could make out Lindsey crouching inside. Jackpot! She had snuck inside, hoping to catch a glimpse of me. I remembered when Bryce told me of the video Lindsey had taken of me masturbating my mammoth cock and figured she would take the chance to watch me again, given the opportunity.

I went out to my bed, and began stroking my cock to full size. I put on a good show for her for a few minutes. Then looked around and said “Damn, where’s my lotion”. I got up and moved to the side of the room where she couldn’t see me, and then came around silently next to the closet. I readied myself for the next part of my plan then jumped in front of the closet and quickly slid the door all the way open. There, crouched on the floor with her hand slipped into her shorts was Lindsey. Her hand continued to move in her shorts for a brief second before she realized what had happened and looked up to see me standing there with my huge cock looming over her.

“AAHHH, MARK!” She shrieked. “I-I-um-” Before she even start to stammer an explanation, I grabbed a handful of her long red hair and wrenched her into the room. I didn’t pull so forcefully as to actually lift her bodily, but enough that she followed my forceful lead. I pulled her to the foot of my bed and pushed her to the floor. She looked up at me with fearful eyes, filling with tears,

“Mark! Mark, I’m sorry. I-” She babbled, kartal escort but I didn’t let her finish. I smacked her in the check with cock, making a meaty slap sound.

“Shut up you slut!” I bellowed. She looked up at me, stunned. “I don’t need some lame excuse! I know what you were doing! I saw your hand rubbing your pussy. You were masturbating to your brother’s big cock weren’t you?”

“No, I-” I cut her off with a cock slap to her other cheek then I reached down and twisted one her nipples, which were hard as rocks. I was right, she was enjoying this!

“Admit it whore, you get off on your brother’s huge meat!”

She tried to deny it again *slap* and again *slap* and again *slap slap*. She sobbed and her cheeks turned red. She finally broke down.

“YES! YES! I’M OBSESSED WITH YOUR HORSE-COCK!” She finally shouted, tears running down her face.

“Of course you are, cunt! Here, why don’t you take a closer look at your obsession?” With that, I grabbed the back of her head, and jammed her face into the base of my dick and my balls. I smothered her with my swollen sack. She took in deep breaths through her nose, reveling in my scent. She started working my balls with her mouth and tongue, tasting them and bathing them in saliva. As the minutes passed while she worshiped my balls, my precum began to drool out and down my shaft, reaching her and covering her nose and cheeks.

I pulled her away forcefully, but keeping her hair in my hand. I pushed my cock down and guided her mouth to the head. She greedily wrapped her lips around the end. But I suddenly jerked her head off of my dick.

“No, slut! You don’t get to suck my dick. You’re just here for me to use. Do you understand?”

She nodded and whispered: “Yes master.” She said it almost reverently. I was somewhat taken aback. But I regained my composure and grabbed both sides of head in my hands and jammed my cock past her lips. I didn’t give her any time to adjust; I just shoved it back into her throat. Her eyes bugged and watered as I continued to force more and more of my member down her throat. Her throat swelled as inch after inch crept down her throat, and I could see the muscles working in an attempt to deal with the thick intruder. Her face began to turn red as she ran out of air from my cock blocking the passage but she made no attempt to stop me. I pulled out of her throat long enough for her to get a couple lungs full of air through her nose and then I started seriously fucking her throat.

She started making groaning noises as I fucked her harder. “gaaauu—gaaauu—gaaaaaaaug” sounds came from her throat. Her chin and shirt became soaked with the combination of her spit and my copious precum. She wasn’t doing anything, just sitting there taking it. Everything was from my pounding hips and my arms ramming her head up and down my shaft. I felt her stiffen and her eyes rolled back slightly as she moaned. She had cum just from me fucking her face! She loved that I was owning her.

I roughly pulled out and she gasped for breath and coughed. I bent over, my cock casually sliding across her face and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off. Then I ripped of her bra, exposing her milky white tits. She too had my mom’s boob gene, just not the extent that Mom and Shyla did. I gave each one a couple of whacks with my dick and then I grabbed her, threw her on the bed, and roughly removed her soaked shorts and panties. Her eyes shone with fear, lust, and awe all at the same time. Fear of not knowing what I would do and if she could survive it. Lust from finally being in the presence of something she had lusted after for so long. And awe at the pleasure that she had already felt.

I pressed the base of my cock roughly into her clit and ground it roughly against her. She jumped from the pain, but again made no attempt to pull away or stop me. Her pussy gushed over my hanging balls, mixing with her saliva.

“Are you ready to have this rip you in half, cunt?!” I growled as my dick pointed towards her face. She didn’t speak; simply nodded. I pulled back and brought my member down hard onto her clit. She yelped.

“Yes, Master! Please fuck me!” She sobbed.

I quickly lined my cock head with her opening. She began to repeat “ohmygodohmygodohmygod.” At such a speed I thought she would hyperventilate. Something she had probably fantasized about hundreds of times was about to actually happen. I jammed myself in without the slightest bit of gentleness. Her eyes bugged at the sudden intrusion as I drove the breath from her lungs. I gave her no time to adjust. I could tell that despite her obsession with my member, she hadn’t taken the path that Bryce had, and prepared herself for it. She instead had fought her urges as best she could. As such, her pussy was a tight vice. But I was an irresistible force. I simply drew kurtköy escort back and slammed more inches in. Luckily she was so wet, or there was no way I could have even gotten the head in. I kept going until I was hammering her cervix on every thrust.

Fresh tears began to roll and she did her best to stifle her cries of pain. Normally I could never have been so cruel to someone. But despite the pain, I saw her eyes roll back and she shook as though having a seizure. More juice gushed and her pussy went wild around my cock. She was cumming so violently she couldn’t make coherent words. She just babbled with a glazed look on her face. Once she stopped shaking enough, I continued my assault. I grabbed her breasts harshly, filling my hands with them, and practically used them as handles to pull myself into her. She continued to come, her head thrashing, obscenities flying from her mouth.

“Fuck me Mark! Fuckfuckfuck, oh sssshhhhiiiit!” I grabbed her legs and bent them back, her knees crushing her breasts, and collapses onto her, growling.

“When my cock is out, you call me master, bitch!” I kissed her forcefully, and bit her lip as I pulled away and began brutally bouncing her into the bed. Squelching sounds filled the room as I plumbed her depths, coaxing more and more juice from her battered hole. Pinned like this she could thrash and move like her body wanted in response to the pleasure induced pain coming from her cunt. This further domination of her body only seemed to add to her sexual pitch, and she came harder. Her teeth were clamped in an attempt to hold back the torrent of wails and screams.

Minutes and orgasms rolled on. The bed and her body were slick with her own secretions and my constant stream of precum being forced out of her cunt. I decided that this would give me plenty of lube for the next part. I didn’t let her move, as I pulled my hips up enough to let my cock slide out with a *plop*. She tried in vain to move herself enough to keep me inside. I could see her abused pussy gaping at me, her swollen lips slowly trying to close. I pushed my cock down slightly and shoved it hard against the bud of her anus. With my full weight behind it, the head popped in. Her body tried to retract from the pain, but I could see her do her best to keep from moving. To allow me to continue to own her body. To continue the glorious pain. But more to continue to be dominated. To lose control. Something she had never let herself do. To have someone stand up to her and put her in her place. Her body may have been torn between pleasure and pain, but her mind was in heaven.

She wasn’t able to take much, but I continued feeding her the inches she could take. I was relentless in my assault. I lost count of the times that her face screwed in orgasm as her toes curled by my ears. The only way I could tell the passage of time was how her body got wetter and wetter from out various liquids and how her voice got raspier and raspier from the near constant shouts and screams. Her body became less and less tense, as her muscles gave out from exhaustion. I knew there wasn’t much reason to continue beyond her body being able to respond so I began to let my own orgasm approach.

I pulled out and stood over my sister, letting her body lay there limply. She looked up through tired eyes, but I could sense her excitement at the finale to her brutal fuck. My colossal cock continued to drool precum as the real load worked its way from my balls, which felt more swollen than they ever had. When the first blast came, I angled down, and fired unto Lindsey. Volley after volley rained down on her. For over a minute I let loose with my load, covering her from her cunt to her face, before I knelt and deposited the last few spasms directly into her mouth. I couldn’t be sure, as her body lay there unmoving, but it seemed as though she had cum one last time just from me cumming on her. The last chapter in my owning of her.

She laid there, eyes half closed, covered in sweat and the mix of her cum and mine. Despite my own exertion, I scooped her dripping body in my arms and carried her up to her room. Bryce and Shyla were there, waiting. Lindsey noticed them, but could do little to respond aside from turning her head away in shame. My sisters had a look of sadistic glee. None of us hated Lindsey. But that didn’t mean we didn’t like her getting her comeuppance for the hundreds of times that she made us all feel like crap. She had been such a royal bitch. But at the same time, she was our bitch. So, we enjoyed seeing her beaten down like this. Yet, we all had hope that we would see a new, better Lindsey after today.

Shyla scooped up some of slimy love juices and licked her fingers clean. Bryce bent down to Lindsey’s ear and whispered: “Welcome back to the family, Lindsey.” She kissed Lindsey on the cheek and then made a small lick, tasting my cum. Lindsey slowly turned her head, and saw Bryce’s sweet smile. She smiled weakly back, and glimmer of happiness I hadn’t seen in years, in her eye.

Well folks, should I do more? Are there characters you want to see more or less of? Mark has quite a few aunts and cousins he could visit. Let me know what you think!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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