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Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This is the sixteenth chapter of the ‘Mating Rituals’ series – it is a standalone story but will make more sense if you read chapters 1 to 15 first (and why would you not want to do that?).


Ryan walked through the door trailing his case behind him and was almost knocked over by Sophie launching herself at him, throwing her arms around his neck, legs around his torso and kissing him hard and repeatedly. He dropped his case and wrapped his arms around his beloved fiancée, returning her kisses as his hands tried to pull her short clinging skirt over her ass cheeks to preserve some modicum of decency in public. Over her shoulder he saw the looks on some of those grouped together to meet returning travellers; shock on some faces, grins and smirks on others.

It took what seemed to be a long time before Sophie released her grip and slowly slid down Ryan’s body to regain her feet. She looked down, colored slightly and pulled her skirt down fully to just cover her bikini panties.

“I love you. darling,” she said as she looked up at him adoringly, “I’ve missed you so very much.”

“I love you too, honey, and I also have missed you.”

Hayley then stepped forward and the two women looked at each other silently for a few seconds. Ryan wondered what would happen; would Sophie turn into a hellcat and attack the woman who had been giving him so much joy and pleasure during his trip away, or could they agree to share him. He hoped the latter.

Sophie took Hayley’s hands in hers.

“Thank you for looking after my man while he was away,” she began, “Who knows what sort of situations he may have found himself in without your care, love and guidance. Like many men, he tends to be very impetuous at times.”

Hayley smiled. “Thank you,” she said quietly, “Thank you for your acceptance of me.”

They hugged for a few seconds, Hayley unaware of Sophie’s real thoughts, then Hayley and Ryan walked each side of Sophie to her waiting car. Once the bags were stowed and they were seated inside and travelling home, Sophie began explaining a few things to Hayley.

“We’re going home, to Ryan’s and my home, that is. We had a meeting last night and we decided that it was time to invite you to come and live with us all. Everyone agreed, so from now on you’ll share Ryan’s and my bed, and of course I’m sure Ryan’s told you enough about our extended family for you to know that once you’ve been fully accepted by the family you can share anyone else’s bed as well, with their permission. I’m sure there will be many eager cocks waiting to try out the new pussy.”

Hayley turned to Sophie and grinned, relaxing at last.

“Thank you, Sophie. I’m very happy that you’ve all accepted me. I was wondering and fearing what might happen when we returned. My worst fear was that you’d be irrationally angry and would never let me see Ryan again. I’m so pleased that’s not the case.”

Sophie looked away to hide the smirk on her face. How could Hayley really be so naïve as to believe that she’d get away scot free with taking her fiancé? She thought about her own feelings; jealousy? No, not really. Betrayal? Well, maybe a little bit. Revenge? No, not that either. She finally decided it was anticipation; eager anticipation of the joys that she would have in making Hayley pay for the stolen moments she’d had with her man. She suddenly realized that she had a sadistic streak in her personality. She grinned at this revelation and glanced back to Hayley.

“Well, I’ve learnt a lot and one of the things I have learnt well is that jealousy hurts everyone. So rather than cause hurt all round, I figured that the best thing to do was to invite you to join us. That’s not to say you won’t be severely punished for what you’ve been doing with my fiancé for the past few weeks; you will, as will Ryan. But at least this way we can have some great make-up sex after the punishment.”

“Yes, I thought you’d probably have a few sessions in the toy room in mind,” commented Ryan, inwardly extremely pleased with how the situation was unfolding. “What I’m looking forward to is seeing your clit bar and to fucking you to massive orgasms with your sensitive clit protruding and held against my body. That’ll be something worth seeing.”

Sophie was pleased the subject had changed and replied encouragingly. “Ooohh, yes, I’ve been eagerly anticipating that ever since you left. You’ll be the first for full frontal sex and I’m really looking forward to it, especially as my clit’s still quite tender. I’m sure that sitting on you with your cock fully inside me and my clit pressing atalar escort bayan into you will drive me sexually insane, assuming there is such a condition as sexual insanity.”

“Well, if there isn’t, I’m sure you can invent it and I’ll look forward to helping you research it,” replied Ryan.

Once they arrived home Ryan was greeted by all who were there at the time and Hayley was introduced to them. They greeted her like a long lost friend, having grown to know her a little from the emails Ryan had sent while overseas. The guys who were there seemed very appreciative of the prospect of getting to know her much better in the coming few weeks.

After lunch, Sophie took Hayley on a tour of the premises showing her the toy room in particular and pointing out some of the equipment and its uses. Both Ryan and Sophie had stripped naked, as was the custom at home, and had assisted Hayley to strip also. At first she had been hesitant, asking if she could keep her panties on at least, but after a short time she’d removed those as well, after noting that everyone was naked in the humid heat of the day.

Sophie gave Hayley an introduction to some of the things that could be done in the toy room. Within a few minutes of arriving there, Hayley had clips on each of her nipples and was bent over the caning bar with her ankles and wrists fastened to the floor.

“Now, once you’re in this position you can easily have your ass caned,” explained Sophie. “How many strokes do you think you should have for playing round with my fiancé for the time you were away?”

“No, Sophie, please don’t. I really don’t want to be caned. I hate pain. And maybe you should cane Ryan; after all he was the one who lured me into this relationship.”

“Oh he’ll certainly be punished, but I think a little taste of what’s to come might be just what you need. How about we start with 50 strokes. That’s only a bit more than two per day you were fucking my man.”

“Nooooo, please nooooo. I’ll leave him for you; I’ll leave here and never return, but please, not 50 strokes.”

In reply Sophie picked up the cane and swished it in the air. Hayley cringed as she heard it whistle, visualizing the damage it could do to her ass, the bleeding, flayed skin hanging off her in shreds as she was unable to sit, unable to have sex.

“No, please don’t,” she begged Sophie again.

In reply she heard the swish of the cane once again but this time it ended in a huge stinging pain across her ass cheeks. She felt her stomach lurch, her senses rebel as the pain seemed to permeate her whole body, then she felt a glow emanate from her ass cheeks and radiate through her. With absolute amazement she realized she wanted the next stroke; no, not wanted, craved for the next stroke.

It never came. Instead she felt Sophie unfastening her ankles and wrists and she stood up.

“How did that feel?” asked Sophie.

“It was amazing. At first it felt painful then it felt wonderful, indescribably wonderful. I have no idea why but I was disappointed when you untied me. I really wanted more.”

“Oh you’ll get more alright. Just not now. Sounds like you’re a pain slut in the making. Great. I love torturing women, and men for that matter. So, how about some more pain? You up for it?”

Without thinking, Hayley agreed. Sophie led her to the horse beam.

“This little device looks harmless but is really very painful. You simply straddle it, that’s all. Like to try it?”

“Yes please,” replied Hayley eagerly, hoping that she could experience the buzz she had from the cane stroke. She felt her ass, feeling a tender line across both cheeks where the cane had landed. Meanwhile Sophie set up the beam with the rounded corner at the top.

“I’ve made it so it’s not as painful as it could be seeing it’s your first time. Just straddle the bar and then I’ll set it up for you.”

Hayley straddled the bar, which was around knee height, then Sophie spread her legs wider apart and attached her ankles loosely to the floor. She then pulled on the chain to lift the beam. Once it was just in contact with Hayley’s pussy, Sophie stopped and parted Hayley’s labia, ensuring the rounded beam surface pressed lightly against her perineum and trench. Then she pulled the chain tighter and noticed with satisfaction that Hayley was pointing her toes to take the weight off her sensitive areas. Sophie gave a final tug until the beam was pressing against Hayley’s pussy as she stood on tip toe.

“I’m sure that Ryan would like to see you endure this so I’ll just go find him. Back soon,” said Sophie as she headed for the door.

Hayley felt her ankles and legs tiring as she bore as much of her weight as possible on her feet instead of her pussy. She tried leaning backwards and forwards but neither position eased the cramping of her tired muscles. Eventually it was too much and she relaxed. Immediately she felt painful pressure against her vaginal entrance and perineum as her entire weight came on those areas. She let out a shriek and ataşehir escort bayan made a greater effort to take her weight on her feet. That lasted for a few seconds only before her muscles again cramped and she was forced to relax. Oh, where was Sophie, she wondered. The pain from the beam shot through her; she felt her labia bruising as she wriggled her hips to try, unsuccessfully, to find a less painful position. Her life rapidly descended into a hell of pain from her sensitive nether area to her ankles and legs as she tried repeatedly to alleviate the pain. After what seemed to be a lifetime, Sophie walked in with Ryan.

“How’s it going?” asked Sophie cheerfully, knowing full well how it was really going.

“Oooohhhh, please get me off, lower the beam,” begged Hayley.

Sophie and Ryan looked at Hayley from the front, smiling at her obvious pain.

“I think we should ramp this up a bit, don’t you?” said Sophie.

“Yes, absolutely,” agreed Ryan.

“Noooo, get me off, please get me off.”

“Ok, listen carefully. If you really want anything to stop you can call ‘Red’, but if you do during the first week that will be thend; you will no longer be welcome to live here, no longer be able to share Ryan with me. Understood?” asked Sophie.

“Yes, understood. Just do what you must,” replied Hayley, fearing the loss of Ryan above all else and feeling determined to bear whatever was necessary to remain here.

Sophie fastened both of Hayley’s wrists together then pulled forwards on them, causing Hayley’s perineum to roll forwards on the beam until her weight was taken partly on her clit. Hayley screamed in pain, her body almost lying along the beam which completely supported her as her changed position lifted her feet clear of the floor, making it impossible for her to take any weight on them. She was now totally supporting her whole weight on her pubic bone. Her clit was wedged between that and the beam, causing her pleasure center to become her pain center. Hayley bit her lower lip in agony, determined not to use the safe word.

“Note the cane stroke I gave her before,” commented Sophie to Ryan, as they both felt the ridge on Hayley’s ass cheeks, apparently oblivious to her struggles and pain.

“Yes, only one?” asked Ryan.

“Just a taste. She loved it. I’m sure she’s a pain slut at heart so she should be lots of fun to play with.”

Sophie then returned to the front and told Hayley that she’d had enough for now as she lowered the beam and freed her wrists, allowing Hayley to again take her weight on her feet as she stood up. Hayley looked around in surprise at the sensations flooding her body.

“Why are you releasing me?” she asked, “I was enjoying that so much. Yes, it was very painful, but then I seemed to transcend the pain and went to another place, a place I’ve never been to. It was wonderful. I do hope I can do this again some time.”

“You’re right,” said Ryan, “She is a pain slut. I can see we’re going to have lots of fun together.”

“I feel soooo sexy,” continued Hayley, “Please, darling, will you fuck me? Right here and now? Please put that hard cock of yours into my poor mangled pussy and fill me with your cum, darling.”

“No. Ryan is not going to fuck you, he’s going to fuck me. And you’re going to watch while you’re strapped into the Sybian, cumming your little heart out,” said Sophie.

She helped Hayley off the beam and took her to the Sybian, positioning it until it was facing the bed where she and Ryan were going to make love for the first time in several weeks. She fitted the large dildo onto the machine, and showed Hayley how to position herself. Hayley slowly slid downwards onto the dildo, her face registering both surprise and enjoyment at the size. Ryan then fastened the Velcro straps to her legs to hold her in place while Sophie fastened her hands to the front of the machine. Sophie then turned it on slowly.

“Ooohhhh, yes, that feels so good. Mmmmm, I like this machine; I think it’s my new best friend,” said Hayley as she settled into the machine’s seat and felt the vibrations through her body, seeming to soothe her over-sensitized clit.

“Pleased you like it because you’ll be there for a while,” replied Sophie as she took the remote in one hand, Ryan’s hard cock in the other and led him to the bed. Once there she lay on her back, legs bent, knees wide apart and told Ryan to push her clit bar through the hood ring. Ryan admired her jewellery for a few moments, kissing her pussy lips and running his tongue through her trench, tasting her fluids. Then he examined the clit bar in detail, pulling it slightly, moving her labia away to gain a better view, then finally pushing one end right through the ring until the other end popped through. He centered it and saw how the bar pulled her clit forward and out from under the hood, exposing it to direct stimulation. He licked the small organ gently, feeling Sophie respond by thrusting her hips upwards, wanting more. He also heard the Sybian speed up and avcılar escort heard Hayley begin to moan as she sometimes did when she was approaching orgasm.

Ryan moved between Sophie’s legs and placed his rock-hard cock at her entrance while kissing her passionately. He then thrust his hips forward, penetrating her and then continued to move forwards, sinking his large cock deeply into his beloved. His cock head touched the end of her vagina before his pubic bone reached her clit, so he withdrew slightly and thrust in harder several times until he felt her clit nestle against his pubic bone.

“Ooohhh, honey, that feels sooooo good,” muttered Sophie as she nuzzled his neck, “Yes, darling, push harder, I want to feel you squeeze my clit hard even though it still aches just a little.”

From the Sybian they both heard Hayley give a scream as she came hard. Even above the machine’s sounds they could hear her deep panting breathing as the dildo and vibrating fingers did their work. Sophie lifted her head and Ryan looked around and saw Hayley writhing in ecstasy, enjoying every moment, every sensation of her first Sybian ride.

Ryan began withdrawing and thrusting into Sophie hard, her vagina adjusting to take his cock fully inside while allowing him to stimulate her pierced, exposed clit to the maximum.

“Ohhh, yes darling, like that, oooohhhh yessss, it’s so wonderful, yes, I’m going to cum, yes, darling, harder, faster, yessss, yesssssss, YESSSSSSSS, OOOHHHHH I’MMMMM CUMMMMMINGGGGGGG!!” screamed Sophie as her body thrashed around under Ryan while he struggled to hold on. Gradually Sophie relaxed and they became aware that Hayley was in the throes of another orgasm. Ryan reached for the remote and turned it up slightly before continuing his previous movements inside Sophie. The thought came to him that right here, right now, the two most wonderful women in the whole world for him were both having a series of beautiful, stimulating orgasms. That thought alone almost made him cum, but he held off and resumed his lovemaking with his darling fiancée, gently restimulating her, bringing her level of arousal higher and higher, hearing Hayley once again screaming in pleasure as yet another orgasm struck, the sounds obviously stimulating Sophie to her second release.

Once again he held on tightly as his darling writhed and moaned in pleasure beneath him. Then it had passed and she gripped him tightly, holding him deep inside her as her panting slowed until again she was thrusting up at him, wanting more. Ryan had been able to hold off his own orgasm during Sophie’s previous releases but it was becoming more difficult. Hayley’s regular orgasms behind them did nothing to make it easier, especially as Sophie now increased Hayley’s stimulation even more. Once again Ryan began thrusting deeply into Sophie, grinding his pubic bone against her protruding, uncovered clit, causing her to moan with painful pleasure. He gripped her nipples with his fingers and squeezed them hard while he thrust fiercely inside her flowing pussy. Another thrust, nearly there, another, another yes, he was there.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!” he screamed as he spurted a flood of cum into his darling. The feeling of his cum filling the end of her vagina was too much for Sophie and she came again, grinding her clit against Ryan as she bit his neck to prevent herself from screaming the house down. Amidst their combined orgasms, they both heard Hayley scream her next release, followed by her sobbing cries. “Stop it, no more, no more, I can’t take any more, stop it, . . . . ” Sophie reached out and turned the Sybian off.

It took them several minutes to come back to reality then disconnect, unfasten an exhausted Hayley from the machine, clean everything up and finally walk out of the toy room. They went to their room, now shared with Hayley as well, and showered together, Sophie inspecting Hayley’s pussy for any signs of damage, finding none except for some slight bruising.

“So how was your first adventure in the toy room?” asked Sophie.

“Absolutely wonderful. As you say, I’m a pain slut. I want more, of everything. I want to be whipped, beaten, tortured, pierced, everything.”

“Well, I’m sure we can arrange for that, eh, Ryan. I guess it’s your turn next, a bit of punishment for neglecting your poor fiancée while having weeks of fun with Hayley.” Sophie chuckled, as did Ryan.

“Oh, by the way, darling, I’ve just had my period and I’m not going back on birth control. I want a baby from you,” continued Sophie.

“Don’t you want to get married first?” asked Ryan.

“No, I want to stay engaged to you for the rest of my life; no marriage. If we’re married it’s as though we have a duty to each other; this way we have choice. You can get engaged or even married to Hayley if you wish, so long as you remain engaged to me and will be my lover through all eternity,” replied Sophie as they walked out to the kitchen for something to eat after their recent activities.

Ryan introduced Hayley to the people in the kitchen and they all pitched in to help prepare dinner, Hayley fitting in well and joining in the banter and sexual innuendo that passed for conversation in this household at such times. People entered and left and by dinner time Hayley had met most of the adults and many of the younger members of the household. This friendly, informal interaction continued during dinner and afterwards as they relaxed in the lounge.

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