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Max thought that Melrose Arch was just splendid! A little city within a big city; everything you need to survive for the rest of your life – at a fair price, of course – on a couple of acres of designer paving. Max meandered through the open air mall, occasionally raising his eyebrows at some of the prices in the shops. It wasn’t hard to find the building where he was due for his interview in 6 hours, and then he looked for a cafè where he could just relax with a long black espresso, and watch the people.

Max’s waiter seemed extremely friendly and extroverted, and thought that maybe it was because the coffee was good! His nameplate said TOBIAS, and he quickly got Max’s story out of him, that he hailed from the Vaal Triangle, seeking his fortune in the City Of Gold, that his appointment was only at 2pm, that he had 6 hours to kill in the meantime, and very little about how his morning had gone thus far, except that it had been far more physically taxing than keeping track of unnecessarily long sentences, and that he would love to put his head down for a while before the interview.

“There’s a very nice park just up the drag,” Tobias said. “if you okay to just get down on the grass under a tree or something?”

“Oh, really? I think I might do just that. Have you got half litre mineral water?”

“Still or sparkling?”

“Still. And 2 cans of Minute Maid.”

“What flavour?”

“Oh, I’ll just choose two out the fridge on my way out… Is that okay?”

While Max nursed his coffee, he sent Scott a message with his mobile phone: “Very (!) successful ride. 6 hours early :-/ tx 4 cumming”

And to Deek: “Your bed STINKS bru what do you do in it haha just joking thanks for your room i’m in Joeys” [meaning Johannesburg].

Max groggily drained his coffee – he just wanted to go somewhere quiet and try and doze a little. He used the café’s restroom to change back out of his interview clothes. A pair of shorts was more appropriate as summer was in full swing on the highveld. If Max had been a little streetwiser, he might have established that Tobias was also gay by the way he reacted when he popped from the restroom showing off a lot more arm and leg than before, and looking rather dashing, actually. Tobias was hard-pressed to not jeopardise his job by playing truant to stalk Max in the park. He grabbed a “FREE LUNCH up to R25.00” coupon out of the cash register drawer and galloped after him.

All he said was, “Here,” and handed over the coupon with a big smile. “See you later, Max.”

Max thanked him and carried on walking, briefly examining the lunch ticket – a nice surprise! – before folding it into his bag of belongings.

The park was flanked by the M2 motorway on the east, but there was a sign declaring it a bird sanctuary, so nature didn’t seem to mind! There were a lot of trees, although one could not determine where the park ended, for the trees stretched out all the way to the horizon on every side.

A river snaked through the park, and Max found a shady spot under a fairly young Drakensburg yellowwood tree next to where the reeds grew tall in the river shallows. He took a drink of water from the bottle Tobias had sold him while he determined where the sun was and where it was going to – he canlı bahis didn’t want to end up in the full wrath of the African sun whilst fast asleep! He laid his sweats out on the ground to lie upon, and then turned to face the reeds, snaked his content cock out of his joggers, and had a relaxed wee while he savoured the smell of the river, and the sun beating down upon him. Then with his head on his bag and a hat over his face to keep the insects out, he napped.

Oliver enjoyed spending a nice Monday morning at the bird sanctuary. He was a hairdresser at a small nearby shopping mall; most hairdressers are closed on Mondays in South Africa because the work normal business hours all day Saturday. He had recently imagined he had heard the call of the lourie around town; he had never seen a lourie this deep into the city.

As he crossed the threshold into the park, Oliver broke into a jog. The wind in his hair and the sun on his face were therapy for his soul. He jogged up to the lake and ran along the paving flanking it. There were no people about in this oasis of serenity between the humming motorway and the city.

He came to a stop at a drinking-fountain, then sat down on a park bench under weeping-willow to watch the ducks and just enjoy the nature. As he gazed dreamily out over the sparkling water, his gaze followed the line of the bank to a waterfall, and the river snaking off to the north. He took another drink at the drinking-fountain and urinated on the grass before striding off again.

He stepped over the wooden railing that keeps the traffic in the parking lot and carried on alongside the river. The sun was very enthusiastic already, and he headed off toward a copse of trees canopied by a big yellowwood. As he got closer he saw another figure lying in the shade. Half-expecting the sleeper to turn his head toward the sound of his footsteps approaching, Oliver considered the possibility that he was actually asleep.

When he was close enough to distinguish Max’s breathing patterns, he approached with a little stealth. The gentle snoring confirmed the man was asleep. He stepped closer quietly to get a better look. The man had a very sexy body, but his face was concealed by a cap. He softly padded right up to Max and slowly lowered his ass to the ground in a squat and just sat admiring him quietly for a few minutes.

He wanted to touch his body.

Just a quick feel, just once.

He considered the pros and cons, and then bravely stretched out a hand and placed his palm on Max’s body below his navel and stroked downward over the bulge of his penis in his shorts. Max didn’t stir.

Oliver’s naughty smile watched his index finger slide up the leg of Max’s shorts and hook his underpants elastic over from one side of his cock to the other, so that Max’s dick and testicles were bare to the breeze. Still, Max didn’t stir.

Oliver lifted Max’s shorts a little to peep at his tools, and then quietly rose to his feet and stood lingering over Max’s body a little while longer as he pawed at his own erection, then slipped his hand inside his pants to move things around.

He looked around him and up in the tree for a place to hide from Max, so that he could watch him until he woke up, and see what he looked like. He wasn’t big on tree-climbing, and wondered toward the river to see if the reeds could offer some cover. The bed was dry there at the edge, so he could wander a ways into the reeds before it got too muddy. He glanced back at Max for a moment before melting into the reeds as quietly as he could.

With occasional backward glances to see how much the reeds were obscuring his view, he found a spot in the reeds from where he could watch Max for at least a while before he finally saw him. He stood facing the sleeping man, and then unpacked his dick and his balls from his trousers and slowly masturbated.

It felt like an age that he had been standing there. The heat was stifling and his ass and behind canlı rulet his balls was so sweaty and he gradually lost his erection. He needed water! He didn’t want to go all the way back to the drinking-fountain near the willow and he had noticed that the sleeper had a bottle of water with him.

Back out of the reeds Oliver clambered. He tip-toed up to Max and helped himself to his water, and returned to the reeds. He didn’t venture in as far this time, but he dropped his pants to his ankles before squatting down with his hard-on pointing at Max, wondering whether he would sleep longer than he was prepared to wait. It didn’t really matter. He looked at the time on his mobile phone and resolved to wait another 20 minutes and then re-assess.

An elderly man walking his dog came past twirling a walking stick. The dog also looked a little long in the tooth, though it loped along happily, making a short trip to piss on Max’s tree and sniff his body, walked around him in a circle with his nose to the ground, and then suddenly looked up in Oliver’s direction, wagged its tail, thought again of it and trotted away.

Oliver’s heart raced when he thought he was imagining that Max was getting an erection. He giggled softly to himself when he realised that it was indeed so, because he had liberated the thing from its underpants, and it was not small, and had anyone else passed by where the old man had, they would be sure to spot Max’s hard-on venturing a peep at its surroundings through a teary eye.

Max’s mouth was dry and tasted like crap when he awoke after a 2 hour nap. It was very hot although he was not lying in direct sunlight, but his clothes were soaked through. He lifted his head to look around for his water, sat up, and took a drink.

“Hello. What are you doing out?” he said telepathically to his dick.

It nodded knowingly with an evil glint in its eye, but offered no reply.

Max took another long drink and finished the water, then rose to his feet to empty his bladder. He walked up to the reeds with his cock still pointing up at the sky. A little groggy from his sopor, he should have noticed Oliver hiding in the reeds long before he did. His urine-jet was already arcing from his piss-cannon when his brain tapped him on the shoulder and pointed out that they were looking at what resembled a human face near the ground a little to the right. His first reaction was in self-defence: he aimed his pee at Oliver’s face as he gasped, then stole a quick glance at his belongings under the tree so he could grab them in hasty retreat.

Oliver gasped and choked, he had wee in his mouth and nostrils, but the look on his face was one of delight and wonder.

“Fucking yes!” he spluttered, loud enough for Max to hear. Apparently, Oliver liked to be pissed on! “Piss me wet, man,” he pleaded, the corner of lip curled into a snarl, and rocked back to land on his bare buttocks with his pants around his ankles in the air in front of him. His chest got wet, his cock got wet, his pants got pissed on, and his shirt got wet; it got all over his face – in his hair and his ears – he thought it was Christmas!

Max realised Oliver meant no harm, but he was still a bit shaken and defensive. “Hey! What the fuck are you doing?” he inquired.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Oliver shrugged. “I…I was watching you sleep.”

“How long you been watching me?”

“About an hour. Maybe more?”


“I … er … I wanted to see what you looked like? You’ve got a GREAT body, ” Oliver assured him “and…” Oliver’s eyes slammed shut as Max summoned the dregs of his bladder to one last squirt that struck Oliver square in the face. Oliver gave a little choke, and a laugh and rolled onto one elbow. “This is so cool man,” he grinned, half to himself. “Thanks, mister. I’ll … just be going then.”

He clambered to his feet, moving away from Max, while he hastily stuffed himself back into his pants, but Max said, online rulet “Wait!”

Oliver turned to him. Max’s shorts were off now, but he just stared into the other’s face, suggestively stroking his hard cock. Oliver approached with a question in his eyes, lowered himself to his knees and opened his mouth toward Max’s cock. Max gave a wry smile and stepped in to his offering. Oliver closed his eyes as his mouth embraced Max’s manhood.

“Aaaah!” said Max as the nerve-endings in his dick elated. “MAN! That’s good!” he murmured as he took hold of Oliver’s head, gently ruffling his hair while they he sucked Max’s cock wet all over. Oliver took hold of Max’s hips and worked his dick lovingly. Max moaned and massaged his own chest and trunk while Max kneaded his ass muscles. The breeze blowing on his naked bum and testicles was sensational. Oliver seemed to be TRYING to force Max’s massive cock down his throat, so Max tried to help: he took hold of Oliver’s head more firmly, and at what seemed like the right moment, he thrust it hard onto his cock.

The stranger seemed to relax when he did that, and he stayed stuck on his cock while his tongue squirmed around in the tight hole of his mouth alongside it. It was VERY tight, and Max was amazed at what Oliver could do with his mouth! Oliver panted heavily as he sucked the length of Max’s cock, all the way in, and all way out, his tongue beating out the sweetest symphony on the underside of the cockhead whenever it could reach.

Max was setting the rhythm now, and Oliver made ready to hold on tight.

Max clawed at his breast muscles and Oliver rubbed his buttocks and legs. Sex was undeniably, heavenly! Max wondered at this scene, and imagined watching it from a distance. He also fancied that just out of sight around the next tuft of reeds, another couple of horny studs could be fucking passionately too.

“Ah fuck!” he groaned as his ball-sac began to reign his nuts in. “You ready to take my come?” He replaced his hands on Oliver’s head to feel whether he was fighting to get off or fighting to stay on, and then held it fast as he fed Oliver oxygen in short one second bursts.

Eventually he drew back so just his dickhead was fucking Oliver’s lips. “Take a deep breath, boy. I’m gonna come.”

Oliver could just say, “Mmh-mph! Mmh-mph!”, his nostrils flaring widely – it sounded enthusiastic enough.

“Now!” Max whimpered. Oliver took a deep breath and released control of his neck into Max’s hands. He held Oliver’s head dead-still while he fucked his gism deep into his gullet. Oliver’s throat grappled for control – if he didn’t gag he would swallow everything. He fought the gagging bravely until his throat gulped at Max’s cockhead while Max almost squealed with delight. If anyone was within 100 metres, they would surely be discovered by Max’s caterwauling!

Max’s buttocks clenched and unclenched as he squeezed the last of the seed out of his pipes, moaning until he couldn’t stand the sensitivity any more, and then slipping his dick free from Oliver’s lips. They lowered their bodies to the ground and lay against each other for a while as they caught their breath.

“Fucking! Amazing!” giggled Max. “Wow!”

Oliver giggled too. Then he said, “Very selfish, you are!” Max wasn’t sure what Oliver meant. He was right ready to go down on whatever Oliver wanted to offer him, … although he didn’t yet know that Oliver had had a spontaneous orgasm inside his pants simultaneous with Max coming. “You planted it all so deep, that I didn’t get to taste any of it!”


“I didn’t taste your come!”

“Oh! I’ll have to make you some more one day, then,” laughed Max. “Let met at your cock, man. Come on!”

“I’m done already, hey! When you came I came too,” he explained with a shy grin.

“You’re kidding!… Really?” Max couldn’t believe it!

“Yeah.” Oliver rose to his feet and opened his pants. He peeled back his black briefs to show Max a big wad of snotty wetness messing things up. Max brought his face closer; he could smell his own piss on the man mingled with the smell of Oliver’s cream matting his pubic hair. Max licked Oliver’s groin and clothes clear of come, and he didn’t miss a drop!

• o O o •

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