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I knew that he was already in my bedroom, watching me under the cloak of darkness. I was lying on my stomach, with my arms tied behind my back, and he had taken off all my clothes hours before. I was breathing hard contemplating the next move made by him. My long blonde hair covered my face causing much difficulty for me to see him. It was painful for me to move by body, especially my ample young tits that had been under my sweaty body for a very long time. I did not dare move my body much, because I felt that he was watching me all the time. I feared him and yet I wanted him. I suddenly could feel the mattress under me shook, I could feel that he was at the edge of the bed, on my right. Now I could hear his breathing, slow labored breathing. Still, he did not move a muscle. It was as if he was looking at me, studying me, raking my young body with his eyes. My skin tingled and I used all my senses to focus on him.

I felt him move between my trembling legs and he used his rough strong hands forcing me to open them. He then simply sat there on the bed, kneeling between my quivering legs. He was staring at my exposed pussy. I could feel his gaze penetrating into my soaking depth. I swallowed the lump forming in my throat and tried to relax my aching body. He had tied me up for at least three hours. My arms throbbed with pain and my throat was parched. I realized that he was trying to subdue me, to defeat me, to humiliate me, to torment me and to show me that I could not run away from being his slut.

I waited for his next move. It was a torment. He was still behind me, not doing anything to me, not saying a word into my ears, not moving even a muscle. My heart began to beat faster; my breathing was becoming more erratic. I started to perspire even more, causing my body now to glisten with my sweat. I cringed when I felt the betrayal of my vaginal wall. It quivered and shuddered with the anxiety and trepidation of his action. My nipples too puckered under my damp body. It was agonizing. Meanwhile, my vagina pumped more of my juices out of its sopping canal. It trickled down my pussy lips and onto my unshaven mound. I felt humiliated and degraded as my body gave away to lust.

“Daddy’s little slut.” I could hear his voice reverberating in my small bedroom.

He came between my legs forcefully and without any warming, I felt him shoved his thick cock into my drenched pussy. His strong fingers were digging into the flesh of my hip holding my soft body as he impaled his cock into my wet pulsating core. He was pumping his cock incessantly into my quivering pussy and I felt extremely hopeless with my arms still tied behind my back. I wanted to touch him, to feel his damp muscular body under my fingers. He continued to fuck my core again, and again, and again. I moaned and thrashed on my bed, as it shook with every thrust that he made in my pussy. I could feel my tits quake and shuddered with the movement as well, and I want his hands to be on them. Kneading, squeezing and tormenting them. I could not bear with the agony.

“My tits…please! Please…rub them.” I begged.

He continued ramming his cock into my wet sheath again and again without moving his hands on my hip. I trashed and twisted my damp body in disappointment; meanwhile my rage was beginning to build in my veins. The tied arms behind me were becoming a torture. He was giving me pleasure with his thick cock but I wanted more and he was refusing to give me what I wanted. From the anger and frustration, the pleasure I was experiencing in my pussy intensified. My lust was fueled by the discontent that I felt. The man behind me sensed it as well. He too increased his movement in my cunt. He repeatedly rammed his cock into my pussy and I raised my hip each time he forced his engorged shaft into me. He was building, bringing me nearer to my climax. The wall of vagina quaked and shuddered even more, I moaned and screamed for this man to shove his cock into my soaking depth. My hip too moved to its own accord, I had no control over it. I moaned and whimpered louder and louder. At last, we came together. I arched my back relishing the pleasure given by this glorious man. I could feel his seeds filling up my vagina, making me his. Filling my womb with his warm semen, making me his.

* * *

It was near dawn when I felt him untying the rope around my red bruised wrists. He slept on my bed that night; usually he would leave my room after I had satisfied him. That night was different; mum was not home that weekend. Daddy could be in my room at anytime he wanted. At other times, dad could fuck me when mum was not at home and as she was a nurse, working at night most of the time, I became my daddy’s little lover. He flipped my naked warm body so that I was at last lying on my back. I stared at him and gave him a faint smile. I loved my daddy. He had these mischievous blue eyes and at 48 years-old, he looked damn good. His light brown hair with a speckle of gray made him irresistible to me. Mum did not know that daddy was fucking my pussy; she would die if she knew. I was daddy’s good daughter, who was willing to do anything beylikdüzü escort to make him happy. And he in turn would give me what I wanted, his thick long cock! He had sex with me for the first time on my 18th birthday on the floor of my small bedroom. I never felt happier in my entire life.

I could still remember that night vividly. He was slightly drunk that night, and I simply could not help the urge to touch his cock. Actually, I was the one who seduced my old man. I could help myself because he was the world to me. He was always there for me, and without my daddy, I would still be lost. I lusted for him for quite sometime, and on that night, that beautiful night of my 18th birthday, daddy fulfilled my birthday wish!

He was checking my room that night after the birthday party that I had with my friends. I was already sleeping with my tight black dress on when he came into my room. I could feel him taking off my shoes softly, not wanting to wake me up. Then, he rubbed my feet and he then wrapped his arms around my young soft body and carried me further, up the bed, I was sure that he was trying to make me comfortable. He then pulled my dress that was already exposing my luscious young thighs down, covering his little young daughter. I could not stop myself, I was lusting over my daddy; I simply put my small hand on his cock when he was bending forward trying to cover my body with the thick blanket.

He froze and sucked his breath. He then staggered a few steps back before stopping with the bedroom wall behind his back. I could see my daddy’s cock stirred under his cotton khakis. I raised my body from the bed, put my feet on the carpet and stood in front of him. His blue eyes were wide looking at the feverish me. I peeled the tight black dress from my body and threw the material away. I was standing there with only my black lacy push-up bra and black lacy panties. My dad could not stop staring at my generous tits where my nipples were peeking just at the edge of the bra cup. My tits were literally spilling out of it. He licked his lips nervously.

I touched my right tit first and bared it with my hand revealing to my handsome daddy my pink puckered nipple and I pushed my right tit up towards my warm lips. I licked my nipple and closed my eyes with the desire it created. I then unclasped the front of my bra and with great pride bared both my tits to him. I purposely shook my soft long blonde hair making my tits shuddered and jingled for him. He was still there standing with his back on the wall, but his cock grew and lengthened in his now straining pants. I rubbed my tits together and saw him swallowed hard.

“Daddy…please touch me…,” I begged him.

“Please daddy… touch me.” I insisted.

He did not move. I took a step towards him and took another step. He was about 6 feet tall while I stood at a mere 5 feet 3 inches. I was the shortest in my family. I was daddy’s little girl. That night, daddy’s little girl wanted her pussy to be fucked by her daddy. I removed my bra from my hot body. I was small built, but I was blessed with my ample tits and my tight ass. For a small girl, my tits were a D-cup and my ass was full and luscious. My friends called me a pigeon sometimes, yet I was so proud of it.

“Lick my nipples daddy…I know you want to.”

I touched his face tenderly and he groaned, closing his eyes. I slowly brought his head lower and lower towards my heaving young tits. He licked my right nipple and shuddered. He then turned his head to my left tit; he then licked and sucked it. I moaned arched my body. He little by little raised his head and he looked dazed. Lust crept into my daddy’s blue eyes. I pushed one hand into my panties and rubbed my pussy hard. I whimpered with the pleasure my hand was creating on my wet pussy. When I took out my hand, the palm of my hand and my fingers were covered with my sweet glistening juices. I put the wet fingers on his lips, trailed my wet fingers on them and inserted them into his warm mouth making sure they touched daddy’s tongue. I wanted my daddy to taste me.

I knelt on the floor in front of my daddy. My small delicate fingers shook when I tried to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. I pulled his trouser down and my daddy’s cock was encased tightly in his brief. My face was mere inches from his thick cock. It was throbbing, pulsating for me. I pulled his brief down and my daddy’s glorious cock was revealed to me for the first time. I touched his soft pubic hair and relished the feeling of it on my fingers and I could see my daddy’s pre-cum at the tip of his throbbing cock. I drew myself closer to his pubic hair and laid my face there, smiling as his hair tickled my face. Then, I raised my head from his pubic hair and stared at his cock. I used my wet tongue and licked it slowly, savoring his taste.

“You slut!” I heard my daddy say.

He then grabbed both of my hands and pushed my body to the floor. I fell on my side to the right and immediately I felt my daddy’s hands spreading my legs while his cock was nudging my pussy. He rammed bostancı escort his cock into my pussy and I moaned loud. His hand covered my mouth forcing two of his long fingers into it. I sucked my daddy’s long fingers while he shoved and thrust his cock into my wet canal. As I kept sucking his fingers on his right hand, his left hand enfolded my big tits. I shuddered with the pleasure of his rough hands on my tits. Simultaneously, I could feel my daddy’s warm cock filling my pussy and every time he forced it into my vulva, I shuddered even greater. As I was laying on my side, his cock touched my vaginal wall that I never knew existed. He kept on thrusting into my body and I flinched as he hand on my tits were relentlessly kneading and squeezing them hard.

“What…do you…want?” my daddy asked from behind me.

“What…do you…want?” he asked more vehemently.

“Fuck…me…daddy…I …want…your….cock! Fill…me…up…with…your…cock!”

Daddy was incessantly thrusting and ramming his cock into my pussy. His hands on my tits pinched and squeezed fiercely. I cringed and cried with the sweet pain, my cries fueled daddy’s movement on my soft body. I moaned and trashed on my bedroom floor and I could not believe that my handsome daddy was willing to fill my womb with his thick cock. It felt so much better than the sex I had with my boyfriends. This was different; this was my daddy’s warm engorged cock.

“Yes…daddy…fill me…with…your cock! Harder…more. Make me yours daddy! Make me yours!”

I could not help myself from begging my daddy to fuck my pussy harder and deeper. It was beyond my control. My vaginal wall relished every time he shoved his cock into me. I greedily sucked and licked his lean long fingers and the painful sweet torment that my daddy’s hand had been doing on my tits, were vaguely remembered by me. I had begun to treasure the pain. My vaginal wall convulsed more violently. I knew that I was about to cum with my daddy inside me. Daddy too intensified his movements in my soaking cunt. I moaned and shuddered even more. I could feel every time daddy shoved his cock into my dripping pussy, and I could sense that my climax was near. I screamed when I came. Daddy continued to thrust into my quivering sopping pussy. He rammed, he thrust, he shoved and he forced his cock into my pussy. At last, my handsome daddy convulsed on my body and I could feel his cock trembled and quaked inside me. I loved the feeling of my daddy’s cum in my vagina. I felt complete that night. I was truly my daddy’s good little daughter.

The memory of my first fuck with daddy always made me smile. Daddy and I had been lovers for nearly two years. Now it was dawn and daddy had slept in my room. Mum would be back on Monday and that would give me, approximately 48 hours to let daddy do anything he wanted with me. My pussy began to drip my warm juices with the idea. I wanted to make daddy happy and I turned my face towards him. He was sleeping on his back, naked with his limp cock. I raised myself and straddled his body with my back towards him.

My already soaking pussy was on his abdomen and my hands began to fondle his cock. I pushed my hip further up his body, now my sopping pussy relished the feeling of his hairy chest. The hair on his chest tickled my pink wet pussy and I squirmed on his body. In that position, it allowed me to use my big tits to trap my daddy’s cock between them. My daddy’s cock instantly became rock hard between my big warm tits. I squeezed and pressed my large tits together, creating a warm cocoon for my daddy’s engorged cock. My tight ass was hovering just above my daddy’s face and I moaned when I felt daddy’s mouth and fingers on my wet pussy. He had woken up from his sleep and he straightaway licked and lapped my pussy. He sucked the lips of my pussy first, then licked and lapped the juices that began to leak from my core. He sucked hungrily on the juices that was dripping from it. After that, I felt my daddy inserted his tongue into my wet vulva. I arched my back and whimpered each time my daddy thrust his tongue into my soaking depth.

As daddy continued to eat my sopping pussy, I in turn squeezed and pressed my tits while sucking the tip of his cock that was protruding at the top of my cleavage. I moved my tits, grinding his cock between them, making my daddy buckled his hip and groaned. Both of us carried on with what we were doing. Daddy’s hip quaked and buckled with my ministration on his throbbing cock. I pressed; I squeezed and ground my tits, creating velvety frictions on my daddy’s cock. He thrashed under my body and his cock suddenly spurted his cum all over my large tits and my face. His cock pumped his seeds on me and I ravenously licked the creamy sticky liquid on his cock, on my chin and on my tits. I then suddenly felt my climax too was near. Daddy repeatedly thrust my pussy with tongue and I yelped when he unexpectedly inserted his long lean fingers into my wet sheath. I moved my hip up and down following my daddy’s movement in my pussy. The feeling of my daddy’s fingers çekmeköy escort in my soaking sheath was wonderful. Daddy used his other hand to rub my clit; I moaned and thrashed on my daddy’s body as I experienced such heightened sensation. He gyrate his fingers inside my pussy and I thrashed on his damp body. I came with my handsome daddy licking, lapping and sucking my juices afterwards. I was transported to another world, I fell on his sweaty body with my damp face on his thigh and with his lips, and still nibbling on his daughter’s soaking pussy.

* * *

“Daddy? Are you sure about this?” I asked.

“I want to watch you this time honey,” he answered with his already labored breathing.

Daddy had invited a man that Monday and he had convinced me to let the man fuck me while he watched. I refused vehemently at first; I only wanted my daddy’s cock. Nevertheless, daddy asked me whether I wanted to make him happy. I wanted to make daddy happy, definitely! In the end, I relented with daddy’s request.

My daddy called the man Ralph and he looked slightly younger than my daddy did. I was relieved that he was not ugly or had bad breath. He had sandy blonde hair, slightly taller than my dad, and he was not muscular. He was lean. My daddy asked Ralph to shed his clothes off and in seconds, he was standing there naked in my living room with his throbbing cock in his hand. I drew in a shaky breath, as his cock was different from daddy’s. It was thicker than my daddy’s was and that got me excited.

Daddy instructed me to be on my hands and knees, facing him; he then took the seat on the sofa. Daddy wanted me to face him while Ralph would fuck my pussy from behind. Daddy took out his cock and it sprang out from the confinement of his trousers. My young supple body was already damp from my sweat and my soft blonde hair was sticking on my wet back. Ralph moved my hair to one side so that my back was bare, he took the time to collect all my soft hair from my sweaty back and let it fall on my right shoulder. Then, I noticed my daddy signaling Ralph to start.

My pussy dripped vehemently even before Ralph made any move. He slammed his thick pulsating cock into my wet pussy and I twisted my body with the sensation he brought deep in me. My pussy was stretched to its limit, as he was so thick. I felt him moved in my sopping pussy. My vaginal wall felt deliciously gorged and I moved my hip welcoming Ralph’s cock in my pussy. Daddy was rubbing his cock as well, his blue eyes looking me with so much lust in him. I whimpered involuntarily with the pleasure brought by Ralph and his hands began to knead and squeeze my dangling sweaty tits. His rough fingers tweaked my sensitive nipples and I thrashed even more on the carpet, facing my daddy who was jerking himself off while watching me being fucked this strange man.

I could feel Ralph intensified his movement behind me. One of his hands moved lower towards my abdomen and it brushed my mound, then he went lower to my stretched clit and he began to rub it. I cringed and buckled on the floor violently, the spasm that I felt was too much making vaginal wall contracted even more. I whimpered and arched my damp back to feel this man filled my soaking warm core. He moved his cock even more vehemently in my sopping canal. Daddy too increased the movement of his hands on his engorged cock; I could see his pre-cum at the tip of his cock. Ralph held my waist so tight with one hand while his other hand was still rubbing my stretched clit.

Daddy suddenly rose from the sofa and he staggered towards where I was. I knew what he wanted to do. I raised myself slightly from the floor, shuddering from Ralph’s incessant thrusts while I opened my mouth and he inserted his cock into my sweet warm depth. I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue. I raised my body more to accommodate my daddy’s entire warm thick cock into my mouth while holding his sweaty thighs and with Ralph still ramming my pussy, I felt full, complete, satiated. Then, I could feel my vaginal wall began to convulse to a higher level. My daddy too held my head and shoved his cock into my mouth again, and again, and again. Ralph too rammed his cock incessantly into my soaking depth. Daddy came in my mouth first, I gagged a bit but I tried to swallow his creamy cum. My eyes watered because of it. Then, I came together with Ralph. He groaned from behind me and I could feel his cum filled my vulva. The orgasm that I felt was so intense that even when Ralph had taken out his cock from my pussy, my vaginal wall still shuddered and quivered with the aftermath of our sexual orgy spilling out more of my warm juices from my core.

Daddy lifted me from the floor and put me softly and tenderly on the sofa. He kissed me on my forehead and then on my slightly swollen lips. Then, I saw him waited for Ralph to put his clothes back on and both of them left me in the living room. I drifted into sleep, as I felt so sated and peaceful. I woke up when daddy touched my shoulder and I could see his smiling face hovering above me. Even though daddy was smiling at me, I could see in his deep blue eyes the lust that he had for me. My body shivered thinking about what daddy would to me and my pussy could not help but trembled with apprehension. He put his big strong arms behind my shoulder and under my thighs, and he carried me up the stairs. When he arrived on the first floor of our house, he turned right heading towards my bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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