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She couldn’t believe how fucking big his cock felt inside her, and it didn’t matter that it was her Uncle’s cock fucking her so good. She could hear him grunting, and groaning his pleasure when she heard a scream. His stopped fucking, and they both turned to see his wife looking at them.

“Oh shit, sorry have to go see her.” he told her.

He quickly pulled on his robe, and ran after his wife. She reached over, and pulled on her clothes. Dressing quickly, she started packing her stuff. Knowing full well that she’d have to leave now. She just closed the trunk lid when her Uncle walk out. She waited there for him.

He still wanted her, his cock was still hard, and hungry for that tight pussy of hers. Thoughts of grabbing her, sitting her on the hood of the car, and pounding his cock repeatedly into her till she screamed she was cumming. As he walk toward her he knew he couldn’t to anything right now.

She watched him slowly walk to her, she also noticed that his cock was still rock hard. She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. He stop just a hair’s length between kozyatağı escort them.

“Yes baby, he wants you as much as you want him right now…., but your Aunt would like you to leave.” he told her sadly.

“I figured she’d want that. Is she okay now?” she asked.

“She says she’s not mad about me fucking, just that she wasn’t happy about it happening in her home.” he said.

She nodded that she understood. He watched as her hand slide up to her chest,cupping one of her tit’s. Not realizing she did that till…

“Oh god baby! stop!, your making me harder, and I’m going to cum in my pants.” he groaned.

She pulled her hand away, and told him she was sorry, she didn’t know she had done that.

“Get in, and I’ll drive you to where you’ll be staying.” he said.

She gave him her keys and got in. They drove in silent for a long time. She watched the tree’s, and buildings fly by.

“Where are you taking me Uncle?” she asked him.

“To a cabin I have in the woods, it secluded and know one will küçükçekmece escort be there.” he told her.

Just then her cell phone rang, picking it up she said hello. It was her Aunt telling her not to say anything to Uncle….

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m not mad at you in anyway, I’m glad it was you that he was with. I can’t help him in that area any more. So if you’d like to finish what I interrupted you have my blessing. Are you there yet?” her Aunt said.

“Yes I’m just pulling in now.” she told her.

“Okay I’ll call him in a few minutes and tell him it’s okay.” she told her then said bye and hung up.

He stop in front of a rough looking cabin. She got out and grab her overnight bag and he walk her inside. She pressed her back against him making him groan deeply. His hands grabbed her hips and he grinded his hard cock into her ass. His hands slid up, cupping her titties, squeezing them together.

“Oh god!!! I want to buried my cock so deeply in you that you don’t know where I end, and kurtköy escort you begin.” he grunted in her ear.

“DAMN IT!!!” he groaned as his cell phone rang. “I’ll take this outside I’ll be back as soon as I’m can.” he told her.

She undressed and strip the bed and threw the pillows back on it. She laid in the center to wait for him. She started squeezing her nipples with one hand, and her other hand move to play with her pussy, which was still wet from before. She was moaning so loud she didn’t hear him coming back inside.

“I see that you couldn’t wait.” he told her smiling as he undressed.

She watched as his clothes fell to the floor, his hand wrap around his rock hard cock, stroking it as he walk towards her.

“I can’t wait to put this into you baby, he’s so lonely sense he had to leave earlier.” he told her as he laid between her thighs.

He touched his cock head to her hot, wet pussy and sighed with pleasure. Slowly he pushed into her.

“Oh my god baby!!, yessssssssssssssss!, I’m going to fuck you so hard.” he groan into her ear.

She grabbed his ass pulling him deeply into her. She heard him grunt his pleasure as his cock slid in.

“YES!!!, OOOH GOD UNCLE!!!!, FUCK ME!!, FUCK ME HARD!!!!” she cried out.

“OH MY YES!!!, I’M GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU BABY, HERE IT COMES BABY!!!!, OOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M CUMMINGGGG!!!!!” he screamed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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